Grilled Meatloaf

14-Sep-2019 Four PAX posted for a modified Iron PAX workout. Mosey to basketball court for Warm-a-rama: Arm Circles, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Seal Jacks, Best Stretch Ever, Slow to Fast Mountain Climbers, Zig Zag Hops, Imperial Walkers Mosey back to shovel flag The Thang: Meatloaf’s Massacre – with a 35-lb cinder block: 10 Manmakers 20 … Continue reading Grilled Meatloaf

Then there were two

10-Sep-2019 Conditions: Dry and mild Four PAX arrived in the morning gloom for a mid-week beat-down. Mosey to end of street for Warm-a-rama: Huggy Bears, Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Side Squats, Hillbillies, Plank Jacks, Cobra/Downward Dog stretches, Dive bomber Merkins Mosey to basketball court The Thang: Wilt Chamerlains: 100 LBCs, run length of basketball court, … Continue reading Then there were two

Trail Run to Pulpit Rock

17-Aug-2019 Conditions: low 70s, foggy, damp, very humid A men's breakfast was being held at Blue Rocks Campground so we moved our workout from the Grill to the campground. It is always fun to switch things up a bit. Last week Wichita suggested we try a trail run up to Pulpit Rock from the campground. … Continue reading Trail Run to Pulpit Rock

The Grill Gang

06-Aug-2019 Conditions: ~70F; Started dark, blessed to see the sun rise. Started the workout with some joint warmups (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows & neck) Warm-a-Rama The warm-a-rama consisted of Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and Toy Solider. The Thang Mossey to NE corner of park (.25m) Pullups, reverse pullups (on swings) & … Continue reading The Grill Gang

Hamburg 1st Manniversary

Saturday, March 30, 2019 / Hamburg, PA  / 50 degrees, calm winds, and only one car fire on the side of the road. Showing up 20 minutes early for a workout is a good idea, says no one ever!  Flame, Dr. Seuss, and I enjoyed arriving before Beaker; however, couldn't manage to sneak in before … Continue reading Hamburg 1st Manniversary


12-Jan-2019 18 degrees, clear, no wind YHC arrived at the Grill and began to have that sinking feeling that I would be solo.  7:00 came and went.  I was beginning to do stretches and warm up in preparation for a solo run when Mr. Green pulled up a few minutes later followed by Wichita.  I … Continue reading Brrr

IronPAX Challenge Week 3 at the Grill

25-Aug-2018 Two PAX (including YHC) posted for this third challenge.  Not sure if the others were still recovering from last week, scared off, or had valid excuses (several supplied seemingly legitimate excuses). Warm-a-rama: mosey to end of street for SSH, Abe Vigoda, Frankensteins, Butt Kickers, and maybe some other stuff that I can't remember. Return … Continue reading IronPAX Challenge Week 3 at the Grill

IronPAX Challenge #2 in The Grill

YHC woke to two text messages -- Teardrop and Wichita were at the shore and would not make the workout and Mr. Clean had two football scrimmages and a double graduation party to prepare for so he would also not make it.  Nonetheless, four PAX showed up in the morning gloom at the Grill.  However, … Continue reading IronPAX Challenge #2 in The Grill

Ladders and Fire

28-Jul-2018 A foggy morning broke following the torrential rains the night before leaving a soggy park for our workout. Seven PAX including one FNG vacated the fartsack despite various plausible reasons why they could have skipped the workout including a 12-hour drive the day prior, working late into the night in the rain to keep … Continue reading Ladders and Fire