Best of Iron Pax

Incredible gratitude to a group of men that chose the harder thing this morning!  It's great reminder that pressure is what makes diamonds.  19 degrees this morning to start the pressure at 0530 for Ruck up 10th Street Hill.  Some took weight vests and others just carrying more weight than they want.  Great mumble chatter … Continue reading Best of Iron Pax

Dawn’s Early Light

It was 66 degrees at 5:30, dark, cool, dry, no wind. Disclaimer dispatched. Fine conditions for Friday morning F3. We did eventually see the sun during some post-workout mumblechatter at 6:30. Fall is close. I welcome and enjoy the change of seasons, especially at that early hour with good brothers. Warm Up (OYO) Neck stretches, … Continue reading Dawn’s Early Light

Knievel’s 100th Workout Celebration!

Kept it simple!!! No warm up. Jumped right in.  I picked 7 of my favorite exercises. Merkins, Plank Jack's, Lbc's, Crab Cakes( in cadence), Squats, Imperial Walkers(in cadence) and Side Strattle Hops....... we did 10 reps of each of these at 10 different stations(total of 100 reps per exercise) with a mosey in between.  I … Continue reading Knievel’s 100th Workout Celebration!

Splashin thru the Swamp

June 18, 2019 Mid 60's, humid, pouring rain. Welcome to my 1st Q. Sitting in my car, waiting for 5:30 to roll around, my thoughts were no one in their right mind is coming out this a.m. in this nasty, pouring rain. Well I was wrong. Totally encouraged by the 9 PAX who showed up … Continue reading Splashin thru the Swamp


"Highlights" F3 5/25/19  11 PAX for a Glorious morning at the Beehive! Welcome.  Disclaimer. Warm-a-rama: Scissor Jacks, Chinook Squats, Pendulums, Carioca, James Bonds, Shoulder Taps.  Mosey. Clock Merkins, Rockette Hillbillies, Plank Jacks, Squat Potato.  Snake Run. Hanging Leg Lifts, Morning Call, Canoes, Motivators.  Bag Brigade. Wave Derkins, Highlights, Peoples Chair,  Growing Pains, Stations.  Simon Says … Continue reading Highlights

Murph Gauntlet

YHC arrived at The Bee Hive at 6:15am to a glorious sunrise and perfect 55 degree temperature to lay the ground work for today's beatdown.  A series of cones and coupons were strategically placed throughout the Bee Hive for want would follow. Cones and  Coupons - placed forty yards apart on un-even grass surface across … Continue reading Murph Gauntlet

New Math at the Trojan

Disclaimer given.Warmarama:Neck rolls,arm circles,trunk rolls, Casey Kasems,sidestradles, Abe vigodas,grass pickers, imperial walkers, merkins, cobra stretching, world's greatest stretch.                          The Thang: Mosey,10k pace,5k pace, sprints, around outside loop with many exercises at intervals.I tried to mix it up with different exercises emphasizing some glute … Continue reading New Math at the Trojan

Climbing 25 Foot Ladder

A beautiful 52-degree Gloom. Disclaimer given Warmarama ensured The Thang Inspired by yesterday's fire station run. Today we climb they similar ladder. 20 reps descending at each turn of.the run. 5 reps ascending at each turn of the run. Round 1 - 5k pace run to first speed bump.  5 burpees and 20 scissors Round … Continue reading Climbing 25 Foot Ladder

Hamburg 1st Manniversary

Saturday, March 30, 2019 / Hamburg, PA  / 50 degrees, calm winds, and only one car fire on the side of the road. Showing up 20 minutes early for a workout is a good idea, says no one ever!  Flame, Dr. Seuss, and I enjoyed arriving before Beaker; however, couldn't manage to sneak in before … Continue reading Hamburg 1st Manniversary

Sharing Trouble at the Trojan

28-MAR-2019 One of the advantages of working out in different AOs is that I can occasionally repeat a workout.  That is what I did this time -- repeat the Grill workout from last Saturday (with some modification)  Day’s Thought: Focus on Mental Health Awareness in support of F3 Louisville initiative #F3MentalBattle Anxiety, Mood disorders, Schizophrenia … Continue reading Sharing Trouble at the Trojan

In God’s Bosom

Stretching Arm circles, Huggie Bears, Abe Vigodas 50 Squats to get the blood going on a cold morning! Now that the muscles are warm, Yoga to stretch- Warrior 1, Warrior 2 into a plank, downward Dog, Cobra, plank, Repeat other side. The Thang Mosey to the pavillions: pull ups. Lunge to next pavillion Partner up … Continue reading In God’s Bosom

Romper Room

It started out like a normal workout, but then quickly devolved into a kids playtime. Warm-up:  Abe Vigodas, grass pickers , SSH, side lunge, Merkins, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers, shoulder taps.  Bear crawl to "dug-out." The Thang: Nine innings of "baseball" - teams of three.  Partner A - weights, Partner B - jump rope, Partner … Continue reading Romper Room

Love Training

Some might say the Love Train never pulled out of Trojan Station this morning due to ice on the tracks.  The theme for this Valentines Day Workout is LOVE!   The workout routine planned was a Route 66 with assorted rep counts of different exercises.   It is fact that God laughs at man’s plans.  According to … Continue reading Love Training

Nine Innings

A balmy 70something degrees inside Disclaimer accepted by all Warm-up: IC - SSH, grass pickers, side lunge, Abe Vigodas, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch, Merkins, Peter Parkers, Mayweathers, shoulder taps, mountain climbers.  Lunge walk to "dug-out" The Thang: "Baseball," definitions of and distinction between a "team" and a "club/activity."  F3 is a team operation.  … Continue reading Nine Innings

Balls Out

Tuesday, January 29, 2017 - Gloom weather report near 30 degrees with 100% chance of perspiration.   Winter Storm Jayden knocking on the door last night and this morning robo calls blazing this morning at 5:05am announcing schools closed.   YHC was a little surprised their wasn't more ski traffic on the way to AO. Disclaimer - … Continue reading Balls Out