Q4: Leave right

Today’s theme is the humbling reminder that TODAY we’re all 1 day closer to ‘leaving’ than YESTERDAY! My younger son’s friend lost BOTH grandfathers within a week . . . also, day of workout I failed to make the connection with Pearl Harbor Day that made our theme even more fitting! Warmuparama: OYO: head rotations, big arm … Continue reading Q4: Leave right

Fleetwood Tough

The Q was voluntold due to an unexcused absence. Theme of the day was elevator: I., 5, 10, 15, 20.  It seemed better in theory than reality, especially when it was Burpee time.  Sets included: calf raises, SSH, v-sits (the 1, 2, 3, 1 count was a bit much), American hammers, incline merkins, box jumps, … Continue reading Fleetwood Tough

We Are Still Here – Even if the Backblast is somewhat iffy

Normal warmup (SSH, Grasspickers, run). Then the Pax divided into two groups of 5 men.  Entire Pax did round of Mary and then one half ran a lap (1/3 of a mile) while the other did an exercise/punishment of the runners choice.  Then flapjack.  Punishment included dragonwalk, BTTW with mountain climber legs, broad jumps, box … Continue reading We Are Still Here – Even if the Backblast is somewhat iffy

6 rounds of knockout

37, clear skies -warmup lap around upper track -introduce Tabata style high intensity circuit:  6 cycles of the following: (No rest between exercises) burpees 20 sec, right arm plank 20 sec, punches 40 sec burpees 20 sec, merkins 20 sec, overhead punches 40 sec burpees 20 sec, left arm plank 20 sec, punches 40 sec … Continue reading 6 rounds of knockout

Unbroken or maybe broken

Warm-a-rama The Thang: It was Slowbear's big day and the log arrived. To help celebrate each PAX received a 2' 6x6 block. A short mosey to the basketball court for a round robin of block exercises followed by a "brotherhood of the traveling log" run Next was the block staring contest followed by another log run Wrap … Continue reading Unbroken or maybe broken

Return of the Scroll

39 degrees, pouring rain, windy warmarama:  SSH, grass pickers, goof balls the scroll ( 11 exercises, 1 min/ 10 sec rest tabada)....we did the scroll twice with abs between and after  Burpees mountain climbers american hammers squat thrust to frog jump spider man lunge jumps merkins speed skaters x jacks lunges high knees —break for … Continue reading Return of the Scroll

It’s worth the weight

Weighted vest and rucksack rotation. 9 guys chose a number between 1 and 9 #1 would wear weighted vest (floor to ceiling squats) #2 would wear rucksack (diamond, standard, wide, girl merkins to failure in that order) #3 through #9 would do the workout that the weighted vest chose. #1 would choose an excercise that … Continue reading It’s worth the weight

Baseball at the Pond

What’s object of baseball:  get HOME, one of the key objectives of our Christian faith is to get to our ETERNAL HOME! Mosey to bandshell Warm-up in:  head rotations, arm circles, trunk rotations, Abe Vigodas,  Monkey-humpers 9 innings in a ML baseball game?  index cards with 'inning #'s: 1      God:        “You must not have … Continue reading Baseball at the Pond

15 in 15 (The Scroll)

15 in 15 (The Scroll) Warmarama Indian run around Fleetwood Park (approx. 1/2 mile) 1 minute exercise / 10 second break Suicides (1, 2, 3, to the side, touch ground, 1, 2, 3 back...) Basketball Drills Squats Squat Pulses Side Straddle hops Heisman (or speed skating) Frog Jumps (Jump front, jump back. Butt low, touch … Continue reading 15 in 15 (The Scroll)

Stations of the Cross Workout

It was a beautiful 33 degree gloom at 6:45 am as the sun started to come over the horizon.  Boo Boo and YHC rolled up in my half clown car for the Hamburg inaugural workout on this Holy Saturday, March 31, 2018.  As a man it is easy to get too familiar with our situations … Continue reading Stations of the Cross Workout