Pea Soup in Fleetwood

Workout Date: [08/15/17]   Arrived at The Pond to a landscape shrouded in heavy,  thick fog.  There was a bunch of running in the works for this workout and YHC was a bit concerned about visibility and navigating the early morning terrain.  The London-like conditions were not enough to scare away four of Fleetwood's hardiest PAX … Continue reading Pea Soup in Fleetwood

The Fountain: Breaking in the New AO

Workout Date: [08/14/17] Introduction: YHC arrived a full 30 min. early to get a feel for the lay of the land and scope out the new digs before his F3 brethren arrived.  The new site has a great ambience; the sound of falling water from the two fountains that are bookends to cobble-stoned meeting area along … Continue reading The Fountain: Breaking in the New AO

Bears….Bats…Battlestar Galactica!

Workout Date: [08/04/17] Introduction: Okay well there weren't many bats, and definitely no Battlestar Galactica, but there was plenty of Bear Crawls, Crawlbears and I love to use an Office reference whenever humanly possible. Another unseasonably cool August day in the early gloom of Fleetwood PA and four PAX showed up to better themselves and spur … Continue reading Bears….Bats…Battlestar Galactica!

4 corners in Fleetwood

Workout Date: [08/02/17] Introduction: When YHC rolled in at five till there were four other PAX stretching, chatting, and readying their beastly bodies for some early morning craziness. Warmuparama: SSH x 20 IC (pretty standard...then YCH went off the rails a bit and got creative with by introducing 4x4s)  4x4s are comprised of arms in the … Continue reading 4 corners in Fleetwood

Carnival Fun in Fleetwood

Date: [07/21/17] Qic: [Bogey] Introduction: [The Fleetwood Carnival is in town and have taken over our AO.  That's okay, that didn't stop 5 intrepid HIM (high impact men) from challenging one another with a solid workout in the Friday Berks County Gloom.   The verse of the day was 1 Peter 5: 8-10 8 Be alert and of … Continue reading Carnival Fun in Fleetwood

Treehugger’s Second Q

The pax of 5 gathered and included an FNG with Glass to join part way through. YHC is finding the urge to continually modify the disclosure too tempting to resist…   Warm-O-Rama: Trying to add a bit of new into the initial get-the-blood-moving, the pax enjoyed Don Quixotes, Imperial Walkers, Moon Gods, and Hillbillies in … Continue reading Treehugger’s Second Q