The Burpee Mile

5 PAX showed in the gloom for what would become an interesting experiment in upper body endurance.

We started with the usual disclosure and moseyed to the top of the drive for warm-a-rama.

Ssh, arm circles, huggy bears, monkey humpers, Merkins, and Abe Vagodas

the Thang:

We started an Indian run. The last man does 5 Burpees and then sprints to catch the PAX. The next man does the same. We made it through 2 rounds before arriving at a swing set.

1/2 PAX completed inverted rows on the swings while the others completed 20 dips. Flapjack

1/2 the PAX completed swing merkin and crunch, or SMCs if you will, while the others performed 20 step ups on a nearby picnic table.

We completed 2 rounds.

The next set involved partners pushing down on each end of a sea saw while the odd man completed 10 pull ups or 5 second hangs. We rotated until all PAX completed 10 pull ups.

Back to the Burpee Mile. We ran the Indian run until all PAX completed 1 set of Burpees. Back to the missing shovel flag.

Side story: it seems iteration 2 of the Trojan shovel flag was lacking some Trojan strength and is in need of some TLC (Tools, Loctite, and chicken bands).

At the location where the shovel flag would be we completed ~8 minutes of Mary which included 50 continuous crunches.


Count-a-rama Nam-a-rama

Announcements: need a new site Q for The Trojan.

Prayers for healing of some PAX on IR and those effected by severe weather recently.

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