Oh, Beehive!

Workout Date: 08/19/17


Surprised about this one since I thought I was Q-ing on 8/26, not 8/19. A reminder that we all need to be prepared and ready for action. Like the Minutemen of the American Revolutionary War. These guys were civilian colonists who independently organized to form well-prepared militia companies self-trained in weaponry, tactics, and military strategies from the American colonial partisan militia. They were also known for being ready at a minute’s notice, hence the name. Are we ready, or will we be caught asleep at our posts?

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.


Capri Lap, Sun God, Abe Vigoda, Copperhead Squat, Doggie Paddle


  1. 4 x 4s: Burpee, 4 Merkins and 4 Mountain Climbers
  2. Six Pack: 1 pull-up, 5 dips, 2 pull-ups, 4 dips, etc. Then reverse.
  3. Route 66: 1 Burpee, run, 2 Burpees, run, etc. until we reached 11 Burpees (for a total of 66)


Around the circle we’re each PAX (x13) chose our favorite ab ex.


Neon, NOx, Phase 1 (FNG – NOx proud pappa), Tiny Bubbles, Dr. Seuss, Beaker, Luigi, Cooter, Mulligan (FNG – Zebra proud pappa), Zebra and Rock Star (plus 2 more PAX I can’t remember right now). Repeated announcement for the Lake Champion men’s retreat for this October where F3 will be doing its Thang. Sign up for Manniversary and soup kitchen.


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