Another Day In Paradise

Tuesday, August 15, 2017            QIC – Uptown Girl

It was a clear morning in Las Vegas, Charles Frias Park.  I have come to find that the official meeting place for F3 in the park is at the Flag Pole. Don’t be alarmed if you see some people camped out there sleeping on the benches.  The official F3 shovel flag could be incorporated at some time in the future; however, now  the flag pole is the perfect starting and ending spot for each workout.

One of the guys’s I was EH’ing last week showed up today early (5:30am) and we talked all the way up to 5:45am.  Interestingly enough no on else showed up, so I disclosed him and we were on the mosey.  While we had the path we ran into two more guys we didn’t know and got them to join us.


I gave the new guys the disclosure and taught them how to count and call back during the warm-up.  Arm Circles, Abe Vogoda, Grass Pickers, Monkey Humpers, SSH, Alabama Ass Kickers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and may a few more things I can’t remember.

The Thang

  1. High Knees 25 yards,  Butt Kickers 25 yards
  2. Lunge 25 yards, Bear Crawl 25 yards
  3. Crab Walk 25 yards, Backwards Lunge 25 yards
  4. Bermuda Triangle: 25 yards apart: Round 1 – 10 merkins at each point, bear crawl between.  Round 2 – 10 world war II sit-ups at each point, lunch between points.
  5. Partner Up Facing Each Other – Shuffle Left 25 years, Shuffle Right 25 yards.
  6. In Partner Formation:  Hold Plank.  10 count one hand slaps, Hold Plank.  10 count plank jacks, 10  count merkin down, up hand clap with partner.

Mary –  these guys were praying for the finish, but glad they did it.  One FNG needed to pick up his kids and another FNG had a series of attempt to splash merlot.  Your Humble Companion (YHC) ended workout at 30 minutes because all Pax reported visible sufficient beating.

CoRama – 4

NoRama –  Porter, Rictor, and MoTown

CoT – Thank God for opening these men’s heart to go for workout with some crazy dude from Allentown, PA named Uptown Girl.  Grateful for the larger nation of men that want to put other people first, including God, our families, and our community.

Reflection  – while working out in the park I could see mountains off on the horizon and also this giant canyon that is built into the side of the park.  I declare this AO (Area of Operation) will not be referred to as “The Canyon”.