The Fountain: Breaking in the New AO

Workout Date: [08/14/17]


YHC arrived a full 30 min. early to get a feel for the lay of the land and scope out the new digs before his F3 brethren arrived.  The new site has a great ambience; the sound of falling water from the two fountains that are bookends to cobble-stoned meeting area along with the old, university red-brick buildings that make up the surrounding landscape spark a pang of nostalgia for college days of old.  Hopefully we can rekindle that youthful vigor as we strike out with this new AO.  We will be pushing to EH college guys…no KU student FNG’s today, but we haven’t really begun to advertise yet and classes don’t start on campus for another two weeks.   Four more PAX joined up, all nice and early and we started on-time at 530.

Disclaimer given


SSH IC x 20, Arm Circles forward/ backward, Mountain Climbers IC x 15….gather up by west fountain for

The THANG (Part 1):  ATMs

This is a brutal chest workout…..A (alternating shoulder taps x 15)  T (Tempo Merkins:  3 count down slowly, up quickly to plank makes 1…x 10 reps)  M (fast merkins, 1 count x 10)    going for 5 sets….after 3 sets we needed a chest break so YHC called for a mosey around parking lot and back to finish final 2 sets

Thang (part 2):  Dora 123s……between fountains

gathered up by West Fountain (big splash pool fountain)  and partner up

PAX 1:  works on exercise and keeps cumulative count  (100 burpees, 150 dips, 250 WW1s/ LBCs)

PAX2:  -for burpee round did bear walk from West to East Fountain, Bobby Hurleys x 3, Crab Walk back to West fountain to flap jack with PAX 1 and keep count going…..

-for dips and situp round did lunge walks from West to East Fountain, Bobby                        Hurleys x 3, broad jumps back to East fountain


Announcements:  looking to get a team together for Jersey Spartan on Nov. 4

Prayer requests


great first workout at the Fountain, looking forward to many more to come

Bogey out

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