4 corners in Fleetwood

Workout Date: [08/02/17]


When YHC rolled in at five till there were four other PAX stretching, chatting, and readying their beastly bodies for some early morning craziness.


SSH x 20 IC (pretty standard…then YCH went off the rails a bit and got creative with by introducing 4x4s)  4x4s are comprised of arms in the air, followed by dropping to plank position for 4 merkins, then immediately followed by 4 count mountain climbers in cadence, then back up to standing and arms raised to complete rep.  YHC did not spend ample time developing a sensible cadence count so the exercise devolved to a confusing and unrepeatable progression of random reps and confused PAX.  YHC had to call it when I became winded shouting out the nonsensical rep count…….Mosey to band shell

for 20/ 20s  ( 20 jump ups and 20 dips) repeato x 2

mosey to upper baseball field (by main entrance) for 4 corners escalator:

home plate:     10 merkins…bear crawl to first base

first base:         10 merkins +  20 squats….crab walk to second base

second base:    10 merkins +  20 squats +  30 plank jacks…..lunge walk to third base

third base:        10 merkins + 20 squats +  30 plank jacks + 40 WW1 situps….backward run                                 to home plate

home plate:    repeat third base exercises to begin de-escalation process…bear crawl to                              first

first base:       drop situps from rotation…crab walk to second:  drop plank jacks from                                    rotation…lunge walk to third:  merkins only, backwards run home

mosey to bathroom building for human donkey (peoples chair/ balls to wall) mosey

to pullup bars for pullups/ pushup circle…mosey to shovel flag for Mary (dealer’s choice

announcements:  talked about adding AO/ workout on Mondays at Kutztown University


Bogey Out




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