Friday in Fleetwood

Kudos to Site Q Bogey on reminding the workout Q Neon of his impending responsibilities. It was on the calendar but off the radar. From time to time we all need reminders, and encouragement, to fulfill our responsibilities and do what should be done. That’s why we are part of F3 Nation.


Mosey from shovel flag over to the basketball court and circle up: arm circles, Louisiana Squats, lunges, plank jacks, SSH, Abe Vigodas. Side shuffle, run and back peddle around basketball court

The Thang:

15 burpees. Mosey to the amphitheater for plyometrics: box jumps, jump squats, scissor jumps, donkey kicks. Mosey back to court for broad jump burpees. Mosey to field.

PAX lined up for the strength in cadence + endurance work. Merkins, wind sprint across field for crab cakes, sprint back, mountain climbers, sprint up, squats, sprint back, Carolina dry docks, sprint up, hold plant, spring back and abs. Mosey to shovel flag.

Announcements: various prayer requests for family and friends

Name-o-rama / Count-o-rama: 7 in attendance


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