Hourglass Ball Buster


Run to the light

Little arm circles

Arm hugs

Monkey Humpers

Abe Bagoda

Quad Stretch

Inch worms- focus on calf stretch

The Thang

100 walking lunges

90 second plank

80 squats

70 second  plank

60 crunches

50 second plank

40 partner up- 1 do push up w/ your partner holding your feet and doing squat while you do pushup, do 20 then switch

30 second plank

20 burpees

10 second plank

20 inch worms

30 second run to playground

40 jumping pull ups

50 second  run to parking lot

60 jump squats

70 second  run around parking lot

80 bear crawls

90 second  run around parking lot

100 jumping jacks

Counterama:  9


Prayers and praises

Checkmate, Columbia, UpTownGirl, Zena, Dropbox

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