The Test

The Test 1/17 &1/21

The lowdown:  It was time for the Lehigh Valley Pax to go back to school and take a test this morning.  It was not a paper and pencil test, but rather a physical one.  The idea was for everyone to take a few physical tests to determine a baseline for the future.

The Thang

Warmup- Light jog was then followed up with arm circles, truck twists, hip rotations, side to sides, knee rolls, and ankle rolls to loosen all the joints up.

Then the pax partnered up.  One person counted while his partner did as many reps of the exercise for that round.  Then they would switch.  Each partner was to check for good form and was motivating each person to do his best. This went back and forth for all five exercises.  The exercise were as followes:

  1. push-ups
  2. squats
  3. burpees
  4. situps (bent knee and unassisted)
  5. pull-ups
  6. 15 min run (this will be done on Sat 1/21 due to time at the end of the workout)  The goal here is to run as fast as you can for 15 min. to do as many laps of the predesignated area as possible until time runs out.  The pax can then determine min. per mile pace.  The results are below:
Name Push-ups

Max in

2 min.


Max in

2 min.


Max in

2 min.


Max in

2 min.


Max in

2 min.

15 min. Run

(run as many laps as you can)

To be completed 1/21

Uptowngirl 70 97 32 67 16
Shortcake 45 82 26
Dropbox 78 101 23 48 5/30 assisted
Bogie 38 56 17 37 3/17 assisted
Columbia 60 72 25 35 20
Xena 70 90 27 40 31
Neon 84 87 39 59 29
Sensei 67 97 38 63 21
Flame 58 96 28 51 18

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