November Rain

Though Slash and Axl’s agents were contacted for them to attend the workout, they were no-shows. The clouds and rain were present for the last November workout. The late fall chill was replaced by mild temps and a steady mist as the PAX assembled at Macungie Memorial Park for another Tuesday morning man vs. self battle.



butt kicks – 30
high knees – 30
shoulder taps – 30
jumping ankles – 20
low and slow:
  • merkins spin ups – 20
  • side squats – 20
  • imperial walkers – 20
  • crab cakes – 20
Walking lunges through lot
Partner up for laps and exercise:
  • 50 yard side shuffle / wide grip merkins 100 cumulative
  • 50 yard run backwards / close merkins cumulative
  • 50 yard sprint / Carolina dry docks cumulative
circle up, 10 reps of favorite exercise each PAX member lead and count
Announcements: Saturday 7AM at Cedar Beach Uptown Girl has Q. Colombia requested prayer for wife who is not feeling well. PAX reminded to use Slack for communication and sign up for emails.
Uptown Girl, Flame, Colombia, Sensei, Cooter, FNG, Hawkeye, Zena, Neon (Q). FNG was christened with the name Boo-boo (Yogi Bear’s little buddy)

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