Who’s Got the Q?

F3 is all about invigorating male leadership. As the anti-establishment skeptic that I am, I often question the correlation of counting push-ups to leadership. As my participation in F3 unfolds, leadership lessons are slowly revealed to me. In the military spirit with which F3 was founded, Qing a workout involves establishing a mission, creating a strategy, communicating objectives and executing. Applying these fundamentals to something as rudimentary as leading a “dudes workout at the park” builds the experience and confidence to apply the same intentional structure to other areas of life — family, career, and community. Thus, we have leadership.

Epic Failure. The issue of this particular morning of 25 April was that there was no workout Q. The shovel flag was firmly in the ground and the Site Q arrived 4 minutes early, but the Workout Q was nowhere to be found. Actually, he was among the PAX, but he did not know it (the guilty Q is revealed at the bottom).

The Site Q’s responsibilities is to ensure that workouts are well run and that the PAX and FNGs feel the F3 love. This includes the Site Q prepping the Workout Q for a successful workout and reminding them of their responsibility. It also means knowing who the heck is Qing. At the end of the day, Neon received a self-assessment as the Site Q of an F, but received a B as Workout Q (filling in for the “no-show” Q). To his knowledge, Neon has not been voted off the Swamp as Site Q. Armed with the lessons learned Neon hopes to earn a few As and Bs to improve his Site Qing grades. Thank God for second chances.


After speculating who the Workout Q might be, everyone deflected responsibility. Neon jumped in to start the workout on time doing what most men instinctively do in a jam — run.

The PAX went for a mosey and circled up for arm circles, sun gods, SSDs, and mountain climbers.

The Thang

The PAX performed three sets of side shuffle burpees which include a side shuffle 100 yards down the road, doing 15 burpees and shuffled in reverse back. They shuffled for two more rounds doing 10, and 5 burpees respectively. At the starting point 15 imperial squats and 15 crab cakes were done.

The PAX mosied over to the amphitheatre for jump squats to the top of the stage followed by another exercise that is being Neon’s recall.

A set of Mike Tysons, dips, pull-ups and dollies occupied the PAX before heading up the steps to the back of the community building for a circle of ab merkins. One final mosey led the boys back to the shovel flag for one last round of pain in holding plank for a 10 count for each man.

Announcements: the PAX are stoked for the arrival of F3 fat cat C-SPAN on Saturday who will venture across the Mason-Dixon to lead the yankee brethren.

Name-O-Rama/Count-O-Rama: 6 (+1 with NOx who had to leave at 6 am, something about a mani/pedi appointment)

COT at 6:14

At 7:28 AM Neon receives text from Uptown Girl “Dude sorry I was the Q on the schedule. I just saw it now.”

No harm no foul. The ultimate responsibility falls on the Site Q.