Hundred Dollar Bill, Y’All!

Today’s workout will be led by 2 Qs. The first Q is Checkmate who is leading the 0,0 workout (No Running) and the second Q is Flame who is leading the boot camp workout.

There was no 0.0 PAX.
We revisited a workout led by YHC early in his Q career. Fond memories danced in the Qic’s head as he dreamed about this workout again. Only this time there will be “Modifications”.
After a quick warmup with both groups, we completed a Wilt Chamberlain in honor of the only 100-point basketball game in NBA history.

WARM-O-RAMA (Together)

  • Arm Circles forward and backward
  • Abe Vegodas
  • Trunk Twist
  • SSh
  • Hip rotations

THE THANG — Wilt Chamberlains
Each exercise is separated by 100-yard sprint and Bear Crawls or Crab Walks then a mosey back to the start.

  • Squats x 100 – 100 yrd Sprint – Bear Crawls
  • CDD x 100– 100 yrd Sprint – Bear Crawls
  • Burpees x 100 {50/side} – 100 yrd Sprint – Crab Walks
  • Dips x 100 {50/side} – 100 yrd Sprint – Crab Walks
  • Lunges x 100 – 100 yrd Sprint

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag for Mary

  • Crab Cakes for the six and then added 20.
  • Plank variations for 2 minutes.
  • Cool down Yoga to stretch the lower back and hammys.

COT/COR/NOR (Together)

Welcome FNG JP whose F3 Name is Nox.

Praises for the return of Neon from illness and prayers for Colombia and family during tough transitions. Prayers for those unspoken and praises for those unspoken. Reminded the PAX to be grateful for their blessings.