Under Pressure

Sat. July 22, 2017

Welcome:  Fitness, Fellowship, Faith.   Free, All Men, Outside, Rotationally Led, COT


Side Straddle Hops in cadence, arm circles in cadence, quad stretch 10 count switch, reach for the stars with bar 10 count, side lunges 3 count 5 each side, pendulums with bar in cadence, hold plank stretch calves.

Mumble Chatter:  Under Pressure- clamps apply pressure to hold wood under pressure, amazing power to line up, 3rd hand, what do we do when the pressures of life squeeze us?  Run from God and do things our own way, or run to God and ask for his help and strength.

Shoulder Taps in cadence.

Side shuffle mosey to near bull pens:

Circle Up- Large.  Piece of Resistance : hold squat with bar out.  1 PAX bar down, shuffles around circle pushing down on bars of other PAX, next PAX goes.

Trunk Twist in cadence.

Straight leg march mosey to hill by 3rd base:

Legs up hill: Canoes in cadence, big boy sit ups in cadence

Regular mosey to Pavilion:

2 minute drill: 30 second hang, 30 second shoulder presses, 30 seconds arm curls, 30 seconds shoulder shrugs

Backwards mosey to sand volleyball:

1-legged dead lifts in cadence 10 each leg, squat jumps up count 15 to 1, skewed merkins over bar in cadence, switch, flutter kicks while holding bar count 15 to 1.

Bar line sprint to Soccer Board:

2 minute drill: Jump Taps 30 sec, Arm Curls 30 sec, Popeys 30 sec, Rollups 30 sec.

Careoke mosey to pavilion:

10 pullups, bicycles in cadence, side planks with bar, switch, AYG to the shovel flag.

Cool down stretch, share, announcements, FNG’s, counterama, namerama, COT, 2nd F?