Twice the trust at the Hive

Disclaimer given,Warmara:neckrolls,trunk rolls,arm rolls,arm circles,Abe vigodas, cotton pickers,merkins,left plank,right plank,calf stretch,side straddle hops.                                           The Thang,we did a cot after the ruck to include our fng, Quadzilla,named for his quadruplet 3 year olds.We we’re all in awe.We prayed for Dan the meatman,and our kids.We then moseyed to our first trial.One group did pullups,dips,step-ups and derkins while the other half did burpees,ran with coupons,lunges,ran and dry docks.Then the groups reversed.We then did a second round.The first group hung from the rafters,did flutter kicks,calf raises and inclined merkins.The second group again ran with coupons but increased reps on exercises.Again groups switched and completed second round.Next we moseyed to flag area and bear crawled.Then motivators,led by Uptown which kicked our butts.Then to the stage for an epic performance of Bttws,chair sits, Australian Bttws and Freddie Mercuries,also imperial Walker’s back with the motivators.Next we moseyed to the parking lot and did a crap walk up the hill and lunged walk down.Next slow mosey to next stop where we did six wolverines,time up, moseyed back  to the flag no time for Mary.We finished with our second cot.I prayed for my wife’s health, Knievel prayed for his oldest boy who opened up to him about what he was going through and had kind of shut down.We prayed for Open Houses boy who was disappointed by not having his special birthday at home with his family.Then we prayed for all our kids and asked God our Father for his guidance to us as father’s.We had 2 great cots with extra trust and also plenty of sweat.Uptown Girl graciously hosted koffeteria where we continued discussing the confusion of todays youth with great input from our fitness champ, Lucky Puck.It was a privilege to Q today,thx to all,Long haul.

Number of FNGs: One