Tug of Wars and Cinder Blocks

F3 Valley Forge @ Reeves Park Blast Furnace, Thursday 8/29 @ 5:30AM
Conditions  : 60 degrees, dark and gloomy, but dry
Q : Pebbles
 : 5

At 05:23AM, YHC and Pebbles were at our AO looking at each other thinking, “Its just going to be the two of us, I guess?” and then in another 7 minutes, Gracie, Retail and Boyant rolled in!  Hot dog, we got ourselves a workout!

Warmup :
– Arm Circles IC x20
– Abe Vigodas IC x15
– Mosey around Reeves Park (about halfway, 0.25 miles)
– Along the way we did some additional warm-ups including a “squat and punch” maneuver, not sure what Pebbles called it, pretty sure it isn’t in the Exicon!

The Thang :
Back to our starting area where each PAX picked up their favorite Coupon.

Round 1 with partners :
– 15 Manmakers and 50 mountain climbers with coupons
– while partner did box-jumps-step-ups
– then tug-of-war!  45 seconds where a partner got on each end, leaned back, and used those muscles to pull as hard as they could.

Round 2 with partners :
– 10 manmakers and 50 mountain climbers with coupons
– while partner did box-jump-step-ups
– tug of war for 45 seconds on each side.

Round 3 with partners :
– 10 manmakers and 50 mountain climbers with with coupons
– partner doing box-jump-step-ups
– tug of war for 30 seconds on each side.

30 curls with coupon
30 overhead press with coupon
30 kettle-bell swings with coupon

Final tug-of war for another 45 seconds before moseying back to the flag.

6MOM was more like “2 minutes of Mary,” to make sure we were good on time :
– Freddie Mercury IC x20
– V-Ups IC x10

Counterama : 5
Namerama : no FNGs

YHC mentioned how Ecclesiastes 7:8 says “Finishing is better than starting.”  Lets make sure we FINISH whatever we’ve started – at work, at home, at play, and when exercising.

Pebbles mentioned how we need to be able to forgive each other, weather its your kid, your spouse, or a stranger on the street.

Announcements :
Saturday 8/31 – F3 Valley Forge will perform IronPax Week 0 Warmup!  Bring a watch.
Monday 9/2 – F3 Valley Forge will be heading to F3 Lehigh Valley for their 3 year Manniversary!  Some mumble chatter about how epic it will be!

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