Total Body Burn

It was a beautiful, wet, cold day at 38 degrees with a light mist and winds out of the north, northeast at 8-10 mph.  It was supposed to be pouring but God gave us a beautiful morning.  Showed up with 2 huge tires in my truck!!  I arranged stations at the upper parking lot.

Warmarama: Run 1 lap and meet back by the flag.  Started with little baby arm circles, big arm circles, monkey humpers, Abe Vigoda, Hamstring stretch and quad stretch.

The Thang: 1 minute rounds at: Merkins, Rolling burpees, sit ups (after a few went, there was a dry spot for me to use), jumping lunges, plank, crab cakes, Carolina Dry docks, tire flips (definitely one of the favorites) , tire pull (the wet pavement did not make it any easier), mountain climbers, 40 lb, Vest squats.  Then back through with 30 seconds rounds. End with 1 lap run. Mumblechatter while stretching and cool down.

Counterama: 7

COT: I mentioned that there were a few guys at the gym who seemed lost, like they were missing something, not very happy and alone, even though they are married with kids… just how we are all here for different reasons, to possibly fill a void.  Some are here for the fitness, some for the fellowship, and some for the faith.  We push ourselves at our own paces and set our own goals.  We get out what we put in.

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