Throwing Caution to the Wind

YHC had no problem getting up for this workout.  The wind was howling all night.  I said a little prayer before I left the house.  Lord you are King over all the wind.  If it be possible and your will calm the winds in our area so we can get a good workout.  It turns out, the winds calmed immediately at my house, all the way up until I left the house.  Are you kidding me?  True story.

It turns out, I forgot  the importance of praying continuously.  By the time I got to the AO, the winds had picked up again.  None the less, the Lord provided strong winds for the added benefits of our workout.

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Welcome & Disclosure:  Flame welcomed the Pax to the Trojan our new Thursday morning AO.  he disclosed the PAX and he introduced YHC. Spirited mosey ensued as the charge to “Unshackle  the Modern Day Warrior” was given.

Warmarama –  All in Cadence – Sungods, Goofballs, Merkins (30), Monkey Humpers (The Monkeys are going to hump themselves), Alabama Ass Kickers, Abe Vogoda, Dolly, Flutters, WWII, SSH, Mountain  Climbers.

The Thang  

Part 1 – Partner Up A+ B (Size Doesn’t Matter – Speed Does) = Flap Jack

  1. A – 20 Derkins B – Hold Air Chair – Arms Out
  2. A – 20 Dips  B – Hold Air Chair – Arms Over Head
  3. A – 20 Step-Ups B – Balls To the Wall – Flap Jack
  4. A – 60 seconds roof hangs  B Balls to Wall
  5. A – 20 Roman Chair Sit-ups – B Lower Legs (Picnic Table Needed)

Mosey down the paved running trail.  Scope out the paved path.  Recon it’s about a .5 to .75 mile loop back to shovel flag.

Part 2 –  Modified Jail Break Catch Me if You Can.  One man gets on back of other.  Q picks out a tree and we race to that spot on the trail.  Usually a tree without leaves.  Hold plank until 6.  When size arrives 5 Burpees.  Throw in some sprints and some backwards runs to recover as needed.  Everyone had a chance to carry each other.  All in each Pax carried each other. 8 total stops of 5 Burpees; which deconstructed gives us (40 merkins)

Mary – mosey to shovel flag.  Plank for six.  Each Pax calls out an exercise for 10 reps. In light of Merkin March.  10 regular merkins, 10 diamond merkins, 10 super-wide merkins, 10 staggered merkins. (40 merkins)

Announcements:  Saturday Workout Bee Hive (Emmaus Community Park) and Pot Luck Dinner at Cooters Saturday evening.

CORama & NORama – 4, no new FNGs.

COT – God thank you for bonds of friendship.  Especially, for these men who threw caution into the wind, launching a new AO.  Please bless the Trojan AO and bring more men so that more men would be called to your purposes of leading in their families, workplaces, and the community.

Total Merkin Count = 130