Thought Leadership

Today’s workout was largely stolen from Dark Helmet.  My brother from Fort Mills, SC PAX.  Thank you for the words of wisdom that have now been transplanted in the Lehigh Valley.

Twelve PAX met this morning in Macungie’s Kalmbach Park.  One of Macungie’s secret private parks.  Some  how YHC always finds a way to cross the line (un-intentionally of course)  So in violation of the dawn to dusk policy our workout started 27 minutes before sunrise.   Disclaimer given.  Mosey to Warm-up.

Warmarama: 10x ea. IC: Sungods, Goofballs, Air squared,Merkins, Dolly, Flutters, WWII, Abe Vigoada, Monkey Humpers, Alabaman Ass Kickers, Mountain Climbers, SSH.

The Thang

PART 1 – Five leadership cache’s (coffee containers) have been planted between Kalmbach Park and Macungie Park (.40 miles apart).  On the way to find these treasures we uncovered playgrounds of workout areas.

  1. Stop Sign To Stop Sign (Sprint) – SSH until 6
  2. Stop Sign To Stop Sign (Run Backwards) – SSH until 6                          LOOK A WALL !!!
  3. Balls to Wall – 10 count IC (Hurricane)
  4. Australian Mountain Climbers – 10 count IC (Neon)
  5. Sprint to next Stop Sign – SSH until 6                                                              PAIR UP – TWO LINES FACING EACH OTHER.
  6. Side Shuffle to Stop  Sign (wave to people watching in Diner)
  7. Side Shuffle (flap jack) to Stop Sign
  8. Mosey to Park Bench next to Jungle Gym.

PART 2 – Let the THOUGHT LEADERSHIP workout out begin.  Within each Cache is one pound of salt and envelope with each thought below.  A Pax member was selected to read the thought aloud to the group.

NEON reads: The hard work of this world will not be done by weak men. It will require physical, mental, and emotional strength and sobriety. We cannot execute the work we have been given by SkyQ unless we are willing to push past limits. We also can’t let the men around us be weak. (So get to EHing!) Leader Thought 1: As a leader, going it alone is a terrible idea most times…
Each PAX will need to get to 75 pullups. You will work until you can’t anymore, then you will call for your partner. He will lift you for as many as you can, then you will switch, and keep switching until each of you hits 75. If one of you isn’t doing anything, SSH.

FNG Reads: Leader Thought 2: A leader doesn’t stop until it’s over.

1 minute AMRAP burpees. Push the entire minute. DO NOT slow down, DO NOT rest, DO NOT stop. Two lines facing each other.  One line times and counts the other side.  Sensei wins his line with 30 burpees and Short Cake wins with 26 Burpees.  Mosey to road.  Sprint to Stop Sign.  SSH until 6.

ROCK STAR reads: Leader Thought 3: When you are a leader, conflict will arise. It may be between two of the people you lead, it may be between you and someone you lead. Leaders know that there are 2 sides to EVERY story – which means you aren’t always right. As Grandma would say, you can’t slice cheese so thin that it doesn’t have 2 sides.

Partners Up – Back to back squats x 25  • Mosey to bridge and hop back and forth over the line until 6.

Indian run from bridge uphill to break in the double yellow lines. Mosey into Park for the final two leadership thoughts.

Cooter Reads:  YOU CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY – The things that keep you from doing what you want are largely in your mind. They are the BS stories that you tell yourself as to why a thing can’t be done. Can’t is a BS word. It usually means “won’t” or “am afraid to try”. Practice telling your 2.0’s, “I am yet unable” is a fine answer, but don’t EVER tell me can’t.

Leader Thought 4: Choose the harder thing. It’s almost always the right answer.

• In one hand, I have a harder exercise. In the other, an easier one. • Grand Old Duke of York – bear crawl up the hill, 5 jump squats, crawl bear down, 10 merkins (supposed to be 5 rounds of that, but time only allowed 1)

Zena reads Leader Thought 5: The difficult people in your life are difficult for a reason. As a leader, your job is to find out their story and then offer lots of grace. Take a chance on those people and on being able to make it work with them. Think of how much grace and what a chance God took on you being their leader…

• Find out the age of the oldest guy (sorry FNG 59) – do that many flutters in cadence (59)

Counterama – 12

Namerama – 1 FNG (Tim Woodbridge – now F3 “Streaker”)

Announcements – Tuesday 1/3 workout Macungie Park @ 5:30am. Coffeeteria at Bear Swamp Diner immediately following workout.

Circle of Trust – thanking God for his example of leadership.  Love for your brother is why you do F3.  Loving  your brother is F3’s most important rule, if you don’t agree that’s o.k., we will love you anyway.

2 thoughts on “Thought Leadership

  1. Thanks Chappie! F3 is the gift that keeps on giving. DH gifts to his PAX, then I get to modify for F3Lehigh Valley, now you take it. Keep kicking the ball down the road brother. It’s the only way the good news get’s spread.

  2. Awesome workout brother! Aye love the creativity, and I’m genuinely inspired to do more like it! Great work up there in the Lehigh Valley Mustard Seed.

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