The Maltz Challenge…..Lehigh Valley Style

The arctic temperature felt especially brutal in the wake of a Spring-like February heat wave in the Lehigh Valley. Twelve of the most die-hard Lehigh Valley PAX, along with two FNGs,  posted to the tundra of the Beehive in the early morning gloom to usher in March with a Maltz Challenge smackdown that left us physically drained but standing strong together.

The Maltz challenge was created to remember Mike Maltz, a decorated Airforce para-rescue jumpmaster who gave his life for his country. Men across the F3 nation were challenged to push their bodies to the breaking point and contemplate the sacrifice of our military for our freedom and way of life and to challenge ourselves to sacrifice for those in our own circles of influence: for our M’s, 2.0s, and fellow brothers)   The men of F3 Lehigh Valley showed up and left nothing on the field. (except for YHC who left his jacket behind)  We pushed each other through a grueling test of will and strength and left no man behind.

We pulled up, pushed down, dipped, and carried buckets of ice across stretches of Emmaus for no discernible reason.  (one PAX in particular carried buckets for even further stretches for additional punishment) This “exercise in futility” even prompted two weary PAX to muse over the importance of that same task in the poorest parts of the world in order to transport water.

Yes, we are incredibly blessed to live where we do, when we do,  with the opportunities we have afforded us by our God.  That is why it was an honor for YHC to stand beside these men at the completion of this ordeal and remember the ultimate sacrifice by our one true leader, who gave his life so we could live eternally.

The challenge went a little something like this:

The Welcome of YHC as a VQ by the esteem Uptown girl, followed by the Disclosure and mosey tothe upper ball field home plate for the..


Side-straddle-hops   (20 in cadence)

Baby arm circles (on your own, forward and back)

Monkey Humpers (17 in cadence)

Ankle rolls (left and right, both directions on your own)

Bobby Hurleys (12)

….we moseyd to short right field and circled up for a fire drill (high-knees then dropping to ground, rolling right with one merkin, rolling left for one merkin, back on feet for high knees..rinse and repeat until all 14 PAX have signaled “Fire”   Total Merkins:     28

The Thang:

400 meter run (AYG) around perimeter of ball fields meeting at Playground in rear of Park, circling back for the six.

50 pull ups (split into two, 25 pull up sets)

50 Merkins (split into two, 25 Merkin sets) …mosey to 1st base of lower field to row of 16 buckets of frozen water

200 meter ice bucket carry (approximately 50 lbs) around left field light post and back……Pax left behind doing big boy situps until buckets were available

50 dips on bleachers….mosey back to playground

50 knees-to-elbows (two , 25 sets)

100 sit ups (2, 50 sets)

Finish off with 400 meter run (AYG) back to shovel flag (Sensei with buckets)

COR and NOR= 14  (2 FNGs)

Announcements: Cooter’s Garage for Potluck dinner, Dropbox announced breakfast and talk by Dr. Ireland in Bethlehem

Prayers: Flame: work for school

Parting Thoughts: we need to look outside of ourselves and always be striving to help meet the needs of others; building them up and supporting them.  God has called us men to be on-mission for him.

Bogey out!