The Gift

68 degrees this morning, mild, little wind. Dark when the 4 of us started. Mani handled the warm up, then YHC took the workout. We had one FNG, discussed and agreed on the disclaimer, and hit it.

Warm Up
Grass Pickers, Neck stretches, Trunk Roll, Broadway Hops (?), Abe Vigodas, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Parker Peters

Mosey: Winding through the Black Rock Retreat compound 1/3 of a mile, incorporating a Pain Run along the way, arrived at the main field. On the far side was a 20 foot incline, at the top of which were 3 crosses. The horizon had become a faint purple. It was a beautiful morning.

The Thang: Inversion
Beginning at the bottom of the incline,
10 merkins
Bear crawl to the top
1 Squat
Crab walk down…
9 merkins/2 squats, 8 merkins/3 squats…

As we finished, we were awestruck by an awesome sight: The 3 crosses silently silhouetted a now bright orange glow across the horizon. Mani moved to praise His Creation in prayer, kneeling at the foot of the crosses. The rest of us followed. We spent the next few minutes on our knees thanking the Lord for all he has given us. The experience was the gift we were given at that moment; the image of those empty crosses against the dawn sky a stunning representation of the Lord’s gift to all of us.

Mosey back to the main lodge for Mary
Mary (dealer’s choice)
Flutter kicks
Crazy cockroaches
J-Lo planks

Naming of the FNG: Please welcome Bjorn!
Closing prayer praising the great morning.

Number of FNGs: 1

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