Post Mudder 2018

62, sunny Warmup run, full loop basketball court for Tabada: 45 seconds each interval, 2 seconds between Round 1: Burpees, mountain climbers, jump lunges, flutter kicks, x jacks, ski abs, speed skaters, v sits, merkins, plank to pushups baseline to baseline runs: 30/ 20/ 10 interval ( jog, run, sprint) Round 2 tabada Interval run … Continue reading Post Mudder 2018

30-20-10 runs!

42 degrees, light breeze -warmups: SSH, x jacks -jog around upper loop - tabada circuit: (40 second exercise/ 10 second test) lunge jumps, merkins, burpees, flutter kicks, box jumps, ski abs, speed skaters, plank to push-up, Carolina dry docks - air press cool down -basketball court sprints, baseline to baseline (30 second jog, 20 second … Continue reading 30-20-10 runs!

It’s worth the weight

Weighted vest and rucksack rotation. 9 guys chose a number between 1 and 9 #1 would wear weighted vest (floor to ceiling squats) #2 would wear rucksack (diamond, standard, wide, girl merkins to failure in that order) #3 through #9 would do the workout that the weighted vest chose. #1 would choose an excercise that … Continue reading It’s worth the weight