Knievel’s 100th Workout Celebration!

Kept it simple!!! No warm up. Jumped right in.  I picked 7 of my favorite exercises. Merkins, Plank Jack's, Lbc's, Crab Cakes( in cadence), Squats, Imperial Walkers(in cadence) and Side Strattle Hops....... we did 10 reps of each of these at 10 different stations(total of 100 reps per exercise) with a mosey in between.  I … Continue reading Knievel’s 100th Workout Celebration!

Shield Lock

Beautiful conditions. Disclaimer accepted verbally Warm up:  IC x 20- Moroccan night clubs, overhead claps, Imperial walkers, toy soldiers, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, SSH, Merkins, shoulder taps, Mayweathers, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers, Freddie Mercury. Running: mile of pain train. Indian run when last man in line drops for two Merkins and then sprints to the … Continue reading Shield Lock

Front or Back of Pax Always a Good View

Near perfect running weather dry and 30°. Your humble corespondent arrived at 6:15 to do a 45 minute out-and-back course. I headed out of the Cedar Beach pool parking lot across the street to the Rose Garden. Headed out all the way over to Trexler Park up the hill and almost ended up at Wegmans. … Continue reading Front or Back of Pax Always a Good View

1000 Merkins

Labor Day, Sept. 3, foggy and warm.  Three shovel flags. Disclaimer initialed by 11 new PAX.  Dr. Seuss explained the mission of F3 verbally. Warm-up: SSH, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, monkey humpers, mountain climbers.  PAX separated into two groups - runners and 0.0.  Runners moseyed to front of church. Movement #1 - 30-30-30's ten reps. … Continue reading 1000 Merkins

Bridge Buolders

Saturday, July 28 - finally, no rain! Disclaimer presented and accepted. Inspirational QOTD: "The problem with Christianity is not that it has been tried and found wanting, but that it has been found difficult and left untried by many," -G. K. Chesterton. At F3 we want to encourage each other to try difficult things, like … Continue reading Bridge Buolders

The Bigger Picture

Welcome and Disclaimer by Uptown Warm-a-rama: Snap Crackle Pops, Chinooks, Reach for the Stars, Pendulums, Mountain Climbers, Lunge Stretch The Thang: Mosey to Gaga Pit, Incline Merkins, Jump Overs (only one shin banger), decline plank hold, spring boards, goofballs, and other abs while 1 PAX circled 2x. What is your bigger picture? Mosey back to … Continue reading The Bigger Picture

Slog ‘N The Fog

Warm Up SSH Abe Vigoda Grass Pickers Monkey Jumpers Mountain Climbers Arm Circles Mosey to Football Field Parking Lot The Thang Burpee Mile Shuttle Slog Run to 10 yd line 10 Shoulder Taps, run back to goal line 10 Shoulder Taps then run around area from goal line to sideline to 10 yard line to … Continue reading Slog ‘N The Fog

Road to Emmaus

Saturday, March 30, 2018 Disclaimer invoked by the Q. Seasonal and geographical inspiration from Luke 24:13, 32.  The road from Jerusalem to Emmaus is 7 miles.  At average walking speed a 180 pound man burns about 770 calories covering that distance.  PAX were promised to burn at least that many calories during the one hour … Continue reading Road to Emmaus

Three-Alarm Workout

24-Mar-2018 7 PAX posted to the Beehive for a three-alarm workout. The disclaimer was given by Uptown Girl and the PAX circled up for warm-a-rama of SSH, Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Hillbillies, Plank Jack, Peter Parker, Best Stretch Ever, Hamstring Stretch, and Side Squats. Thang 1: The PAX traversed across the slick lot and climbed … Continue reading Three-Alarm Workout

Beaker’s 50th St. Patty’s Day Workout

A very special workout in store on this St. Patrick's Day, Saturday March 17, 2018.  Lady Glittersparkles failed to show up in her shamrock green beads, but none the less there will be plenty of time for BELCHING! Disclaimer: Only men over the age of 18 can participate in the workout and accept this disclaimer. I am … Continue reading Beaker’s 50th St. Patty’s Day Workout

Abundant Life

Saturday, March 10, 2018, 6:30 AM Disclaimer read by Uptown, no PAX got in their cars. Warm-up: cadence work -Abe vegodas, side-straddle hops, grass pickers, Freddie Mercury, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers, shoulders taps, merkins, and arm circles.  Stretches- Quads, hamstrings, and calfs. Movement #1 - 30-30-30 X ten. Mosey to pavilion. Movement #2 - Arms, … Continue reading Abundant Life

Uptown Girl’s 50th Log Celebration Workout

YHC showed up 6:27am to find Beaker, Boo Boo, and X-Man.  The decision was made that 50th celebration log carrying ceremony would need to be postponed.  Lady Glitter Sparkles was packed back in my car ready take in a celebration on another day.  Then as if a flash of light appeared; within 10 seconds of … Continue reading Uptown Girl’s 50th Log Celebration Workout


February 10, 2018 6:30 - 7:30a.m. Disclaimer read by Uptown. Warm-up exercises included: side straddle hops, abe vagodas, grass pickers, arm circles, huggy bears, and a few stretches for quads, hamstrings, and groin. Movement#1: Mental exercise: Teams of three appointed a captain who memorized Ecc. 4:12 - "Though one is vulnerable to attack, two can defend … Continue reading Trifecta

Good Neighbor Workout

Date:  January 13, 2018, Special "Log of Fame" edition F3 disclaimer and LOF rules Warm-up: PAX Moseyed to pavilion.  On the way they did side shuffles, high knees, butt kickers, touch the ground, and backwards jog.  Upon arriving at the pavilion, PAX completed sets of 20 side straddle hops, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, huggy bears, … Continue reading Good Neighbor Workout

Strength, Speed, Power, & Pain

Dynamic Warm-up Strength/Power Jog to pavilion  Pull-ups max reps followed by box jumps-20 reps Pull-ups max reps followed by step-ups 20 (4 count) Chin-ups max reps followed by single leg pistol squats (10 each leg) Pull-ups any variety max reps followed by lateral jumps over partner holding plank hand plank position.  Each left right jump … Continue reading Strength, Speed, Power, & Pain