And on the 2nd day…

Warm up: mosey to the basketball court on the other side of the pool . SS HOPS, Arm Circles , Abe Vagotas, Grass pickers in cadence followed by Murkins, Mountain climbers, and  Peter Parker’s then moseyed back to the shovel flag. The “ Thang” Descending Burpees starting with 7 and Bear crawling 15 yards to … Continue reading And on the 2nd day…

Patriot games2: The clown car took our Pax!

The Trojan was temporarily renamed The Flying Camp. (Reserve regimen mostly from PA that protected NY and NJ during the revolutionary war) Warm-A-Rama: 10 SSH, 10 Abe Vigodas, 1776 run (one mile loop with 1-7-7-6 burpees at each of the quarter miles. The Thang: Began with Independence Ladders: (Jacob’s Ladder starting at 7/4) Squats then … Continue reading Patriot games2: The clown car took our Pax!


"Highlights" F3 5/25/19  11 PAX for a Glorious morning at the Beehive! Welcome.  Disclaimer. Warm-a-rama: Scissor Jacks, Chinook Squats, Pendulums, Carioca, James Bonds, Shoulder Taps.  Mosey. Clock Merkins, Rockette Hillbillies, Plank Jacks, Squat Potato.  Snake Run. Hanging Leg Lifts, Morning Call, Canoes, Motivators.  Bag Brigade. Wave Derkins, Highlights, Peoples Chair,  Growing Pains, Stations.  Simon Says … Continue reading Highlights

In God’s Bosom

Stretching Arm circles, Huggie Bears, Abe Vigodas 50 Squats to get the blood going on a cold morning! Now that the muscles are warm, Yoga to stretch- Warrior 1, Warrior 2 into a plank, downward Dog, Cobra, plank, Repeat other side. The Thang Mosey to the pavillions: pull ups. Lunge to next pavillion Partner up … Continue reading In God’s Bosom

LEADing 219

Happy New Year! Today is January 1, 2019.  The starting temperature for our workout was 52 degrees.  Yes, the year is already off to a great start.  Eleven PAX gathered at the Lehigh Valley Road Runners Club house, planted three shovel flags by 0900 for a special New Years Day workout and CSAUP.  It turns … Continue reading LEADing 219

Rocky XXVII.2

Saturday, 12/29.  Damp but clear. Preruck attended by two. Disclaimer accepted by all. Warm up:  OYO - neck rolls, trunk rolls, Casey Kasem, bending and stretching.  IC- SSH, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, side lunge, imperial walkers, Merkins, shoulder taps, Mayweathers, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers. Calf stretch and arms circles-OYO.  2 for 0.0 walk to pavilion. … Continue reading Rocky XXVII.2

The Devil made me do it.

Today’s lesson, gents, is don’t plan an outdoor workout with the expectation that Pennsyl-tuckey won’t drop 6 inches of snow on your workout space 3 days prior leaving you with a slushy instead of concrete. Warmarama SSH x 20 IC Imperial Walkers x 20 IC Abe Vigodas x 20 IC (Anyone know why this exercise … Continue reading The Devil made me do it.

Workout Deck

We showed to the darkness Saturday morning after torrential downpours on Friday evening. The road next to the creek was covered with mud and debris from flooding. We safely navigated the mess to the other parking lot. Warm-a-Rama SSHs, LBACs, Huggy Bears, Monkey Humpers, Abe Vagodas, Grass Pickers, Plank, Merkins, and Peter Parkers Mosey to … Continue reading Workout Deck

Bee Hive Hindenburg

Disclaimer:All men 18 and over,free, outside,not professional, modify as needed, assume all risks, accept with Aye.                                                     Warmarama:part partner up,high steps,butt kickers,jog, skip while partner does various exercise.Then circle up.. Sungods,Abe … Continue reading Bee Hive Hindenburg

Saturday morning Bliss

Warm up: 20 Burpees followed by some Abe Vagotas, Grass pickers, Huggy bears, Arm circles Murkins in cadence Mountain climbers in cadence 15 Freddy Mercury’s and LBCs in cadence.   The THANG! Partnered up for Pull ups, Push ups and Big Boy sit ups  2 sets, one man doing 40 push-ups while his teammates did … Continue reading Saturday morning Bliss

F3 IronPax Challenge 4 at the Bee Hive

The F3 IronPax Challenge - Week 4 The 4th and final week of the F3 Iron Pax challenge has come and gone. For those who participated, whether you completed the whole challenge or not, great job. These past four weeks at the Bee hive have been very challenging, especially week two. But we made it … Continue reading F3 IronPax Challenge 4 at the Bee Hive

F3 Iron Pax Challenge Week 2

YHC arrived  little early to the Bee Hive to setup the scene. At that time I met Joe from Charlotte, Aka, Shooter. Always great to host DR Pax for a workout. Warm-a-rama  We moseyed to the other side of the park then: LBAC, Huggy Bears, Abe Vagodas, Grass Pickers, Plank, Merkins, Peter Parkers, Monkey Humpers, … Continue reading F3 Iron Pax Challenge Week 2

IronPAX Challenge Week 1 – Bee Hive

The F3 IronPAX Challenge - Week 1 YHC arrived early to the Hive to place signs and measure the 400 meters. With a close ear to the sky’s for thunder and lightning, YHC carefully laid out the course that we would take to complete the challenge. Upon arrival Dr. Seuss informed YHC this could not … Continue reading IronPAX Challenge Week 1 – Bee Hive

Charles Barchetta … who?

After Cougar was done messing with his shoes and niceties were discussed with downrange PAX from Roswell Georgia, Scar we moseyed to the football field and then all hell broke loose. Charles Bronson ... the not so famous Chuck Norris wanna be. Red Barchetta ... unknown song by an unknown band named Rush. Charles Barchetta … Continue reading Charles Barchetta … who?


Welcome, 7/14/18 Disclaimer Warm a rama: Arm circles, snap crackle pops, reach for the stars, happy feet, pendulums, hulk hogans. Mosey Scissor jacks, quad stretch, plank jacks, calf stretch Mosey Stations: Full Pull- weighted backpack, each PAX shared thoughts on being bold, side shuffle Block Walk, backwards run 4 Square, carioca Bucket Curls, front run … Continue reading Boldness

The 1776 Workout

This workout has been modified from last year. Improvements included taking reps from 1576 to 1776, pushing back start time to 07:00, and increasing workout time from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Suffice to say after almost 2 years of working out with this group of men, this was the toughest workout YHC participated and … Continue reading The 1776 Workout

The F3 Alphabet – Flame Style

Arrived at the AO early to setup the props and noticed some logs laying on the side. They may be relocated some time in the near future. This workout is brought to you by Sesame Street and the letter Q! Today we will learn the F3 Alphabet, Flame style. Mosey ~1/4 mile to the location … Continue reading The F3 Alphabet – Flame Style