The nominated Q was not present, so scramble start for this Q.  Off for a 0.5 mile warm up run.  The main event was set with teams of three men.  Each man picked a style of merkin and each man in the team did it to max together.  After each team had done three sets, then each team sprinted a lap (~ .2 miles).  First, second, and third place from each team were then separated to form three new teams.  Rinse and repeat merkins/sprint 3x.  Tough.

Finished with a round of Mary.  The twist was that the rotating Q had to serenade the Pax with a Christmas carol of their choice . . . because the best way to spread holiday cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.

Fleetwood Tough

The Q was voluntold due to an unexcused absence.

Theme of the day was elevator: I., 5, 10, 15, 20.  It seemed better in theory than reality, especially when it was Burpee time.  Sets included: calf raises, SSH, v-sits (the 1, 2, 3, 1 count was a bit much), American hammers, incline merkins, box jumps, dips, decline merkins, squats, and Bobby Hurleys.

Finished with some wall sits plus arm raises and punches.

Continued prayers for Joel’s surgery recovery.

Chippendales Go 105%

YHC (Uptown Girl) is honored to recap this beautiful gloom at the Pond.  The humidity was very present that made you think the extra layer added for the recent cool and rainy morning was a dramatic wardrobe flaw.  YHC took of his long sleeve under-layer but for the safety of the PAX put his other shirt back on.

Disclaimer – men, not professionals, modify, you assume risk, stay together, don’t get hurt. well said!

Warmarama – SSH x 20, One Leg over other Stretch,  Mountain Climbers, Monkey Humpers,  maybe more or less but it was early.

The Thang

Part 1 –  Sprints and Push

  1.  Merkins – diamond, normal, wide x 15×3, rinse with 50 yard karaoke and 87% sprint return.  (HOLD ON TREEHUGGER DECIDED IT’S CHIPPENDALE TIME)
  2. Mountain Climbers, Diagonals MC, and Wide MC 15×3, rinse with 50 yard karaoke and 88% sprint return.
  3. Squats, Bicycles, Flutters,  rinse with 50 yard skipping and 95% sprint.


Part 2 – Four Corner Partners on Basketball Court

  1. Merkins x 15 Bear Crawl to next corner.  Visit all 4 corners.
  2. Crab Cake x 15 – Lunge Walk to next corner. Visit all 4 corners.
  3. Merkin to Air Press Medley 5 count ladder – bunny hop to next corner.  Visit all 4 corners.
  4. Burpee x 6 – Crab Walk to next corner.  Visit all 4 corners.


American Hammers x 20, Peter Parkers x 20, In&Out Abs x 50, 6″ Hold to Flutter kicks x 20, Monkey Ball Scratches x 20.  Finish with a push up contest lead by Doubtfire and Treehugger.  Push to failure!


CoRama = 9, NoRama

Announcements – Sat. Oct. 6 – Doubtfire has annual Hope Rescue Mission dinner at the Double Tree in Reading https://www.hopeforreading.org/events  Still a few seats left!  Also same weekend Treehugger has one seat left for CSAUP man’s weekend to hike Appalachian.  Note there will be no tents involved, it will be intense as the man himself.  Exactly one seat left, don’t miss this opportunity.  Lastly, Saturday, Oct. 20 – Lancaster is celebrating their  one year Manniversary and we are planning a convergence to celebrate with them.  This does involve a stop at Shady Maple!

Prayers & Praise

Thank you Lord for this great group of men.  We lift up to you all needs of each of these men and ask that you be with Chopper who’s on a hunting trip right now.  Keep him safe and may he return healthy.  Also lift up all the work of the men of F3 especially Doubt Fire at the Men’s Rescue Mission, Treehugger CSAUP, Sunspot@F3LANCO.

Unbroken or maybe broken


The Thang:

It was Slowbear’s big day and the log arrived. To help celebrate each PAX received a 2′ 6×6 block.

A short mosey to the basketball court for a round robin of block exercises followed by a “brotherhood of the traveling log” run

Next was the block staring contest followed by another log run

Wrap up was another short round robin with the blocks


Demo out


15 in 15 (The Scroll)

15 in 15 (The Scroll)


Indian run around Fleetwood Park (approx. 1/2 mile)

1 minute exercise / 10 second break

  1. Suicides (1, 2, 3, to the side, touch ground, 1, 2, 3 back…)
  2. Basketball Drills
  3. Squats
  4. Squat Pulses
  5. Side Straddle hops
  6. Heisman (or speed skating)
  7. Frog Jumps (Jump front, jump back. Butt low, touch ground with hands)
  8. Butt Kickers
  9. High Knees
  10. Switch Kicks
  11. Ab In/Outs
  12. Ski Abs
  13. Merkins
  14. Stance Jacks
  15. Sprint (1, 2, 3, 4) Scissors (1, 2, 3, 4)

Run around Fleetwood Park again

Repeat 15 in 15

Got through 10 exercises before time was up.

The Scroll.jpg

Corruption log relays

33, snowing

warmarama:  SSH, Mountain Climbers

Log sprints:  take turns sprinting to end of parking lot and back while

rest of PAX perform variety of merkins (wide, reg, diamond, offset left, offset right)

mosey to playground

-Sprinters Choice: split into two teams:

pick an ab ex. And all do together, then one team picks

exercise for other team to perform while they run with log around track

-ab exercises done (bicycles, dr Ws, side plank taps, singlet crunches, lbcs, protractor, box cutters)

-exercises: fence derkins, bodybuilders, clock lunges, mountain climbers

good times for Corruption’d 50th!




-20 Side Straddle Hops

-15 Monkey Humpers

-20 Grass Pickers

-15 Mountain Climbers

-Moroccan Night Clubs


Minutemen Workout –

One guy doing wall sits while pressing the Log to a 60 count.

7 guys doing clock merkins as the minute hand (Wide merkin, standard merkin, wide merkin, standard merkin, etc.) moving in clockward fashion keeping feet in place. Do this to the 30 count of the log press then flip over to do LBCs for remaining 30 count.

Switch Log to next guy, repeat clock merkins and LBCs.


Sprint with Scissors –

Partner in groups of 2

1 guy sprints hill 5 times while partner does scissor jumps (left foot front then right foot front equals 1 rep). After 5 sprints partners switch. Group does combined 200 Scissor Jumps.  (Pass Log around for extra fun)


Squat Jumps, Squats, Squat Pulses –

Each guy does 20 Squat Jumps, then 20 Squats, then 60 Squat Pulses.  3 sets


Dealers Choice Abs –

Freddie Merks

Dr Ws

Flutter Kicks


Running with Scissors

PBAM challenge

36, wet, no rain

warmarama: x jacks, mountain climbers

sprints across parking lot and back, 3 exercises each round when return

round 1: 20 merkins, 20 squats, 20 lbcs…round 2: 40 of each, round 3: 60 of each

-mosey to band shell

PBAM 2 min to win it:

2 min plank

2 min burpees AMRAP

2 min American hammers AMRAP

2 min merkins AMRAP

bear crawl to snack stand, crawl bear back

-PAX choice abs: bicycles, flutters, vsits, leg to opposite elbow, WW1s, side plank taps, alphabet

Circle of Failure

Seven men, seven stations.  Stations included burpees, v-sits, merkins, squats, plank, flutter kick, American Hammer, fast feet.  There were also three unknown stations that anyone could opt to select if they did not like the current station that they faced.  The terror of the unknown!

Each of the pax start at a different station and did that exercise until any one person fails.  The one that fails must broad jump around the pax.  The second time that an individual fails they must do two laps of broad jumps–continue increasing per failure.  After each failure, the rest of the pax immediately rotates so that everyone gets a new exercise with no rest.  Repeat for 45 minutes!

post Super Bowl burner

3 fearless PAX posted to celebrate the Eagles win F3 style…icy roads/ trail so stuck inside pavilion


Dora 1-2-3

Round 1

pax 1:  bear crawl down, crawl bear back

pax 2: works toward cumulative 100 burpees…flapjack when pax 1 returns

round 2

pax 1:  lunge walk down, broad jump back

pax 2:  cumulative 200 push-ups in sets of (10 derkins, 10 irkins, 10 merkins)…flapjack

AB workout:

bicycles, dr Ws, VSits to fail



Juarez valley on ice

28 degrees, started to snow at end

Warmarama:  SSH, sprints down parking lot and back/ 20 burpees….down and back/ 10 burpees…down and back/ 5 burpees

mosey to bandshell for…

Ring of Fire: Everyone starts with SSH, then Q does 1burpee, starts Mountain Climbers, next guy clockwise does one burpee, starts MCs..once everyone is
Doing mountain climbers, Q does burpees and starts next
1.) SSH 2.) Mountain Climbers 3.) High Knees 4.) Imp. Squat walker 5.) Butt Kickers 6.) SSH

String of Pearls: Run around track, stopping periodically to do 10 merkins, 15 squats, 20 LBCs….finishing back at bandshell

Juarez Valley Method: (Merkins) 1. 20 reps rest 2. 1 rep rest 3. 19 reps 4. 2 reps 5. 18 reps…. 20.10 reps (see rep breakdown below).  Did reg merkins odd rounds and diamonds even rounds
1. 20
2. 1
3. 19
4. 2
5. 18
6. 3
7. 17
8. 4
9. 16
10. 5
11. 15
12. 6
13. 14
14. 7
15. 13
16. 8
17. 12
18. 9
19. 11
20. 10


finished with some post-COT pull-ups on way back to parking lot Continue reading Juarez valley on ice

Super Bowl Circuit

Super Bowl Circuits

15 Side straddle hops in cadence
10 X Jacks in cadence
15 Monkey Humpers in cadence
20 Moroccan Night Clubs

Parking Lot Circuit
– Sprint up/karaoke back x3 (merkins for 6)
– High knees up/quick feet back 10ct juke left, 10ct juke right, repeat. X3 (merkins for 6)
– Bear crawl 1/2 way up/3 point stance, 4 step explosion, repeat. X3 (merkins for 6)

Pavilion Circuit
3 sets, 20/15/10 reps
– Box jumps
– Dips
– Decline merkins
– Incline merkins

Band Shell Circuit
3 sets
– Sprint in place to 4 scissor jumps x10
– Elbow Plank, knee to side x15 per leg
– 20/15/10 Merkins, (diamond, wide, military). Call out number when done but continue military merkins for 6.
– 10 log jumps in cadence