Dogwood Festival Workout

Saturday May 18, 2019

Conditions :  58 degrees and partly cloudy, sun had just risen, big, red and beautiful in the sky.. Surrounded by the annual Dogwood Festival, which invades Reeves Park in Phoenixville once a year.  We had some interesting backdrops as we worked out – plenty of rides, hot dog stands, sausage carts, funnel cakes and the smells that go along with any large fairs like hay and leftover french fries!  While the rides weren’t running and the stalls weren’t selling, the PAX was surely moving!

Plenty of walkers with their pets came by and saw us working out, and we had the chance to converse with a few of them.  YHC met a guy when we were first arriving doing pull-ups, but I couldn’t convince him to stay for the workout. Maybe next time!  Gotta work on my EH’ing skills.

The ground was still a bit damp from the morning dew, and the rain shower we had the day before, but a beautiful morning and place for a workout!


YHC was having trouble this morning with all sorts of things – remembering nicknames, mis-counting during the workout, forgot to count-a-rama (thanks Boyant for the reminder), and other mis-steps along the way.  But the PAX didn’t complain (much) and the workout proceeded as planned.


Pre-Ruck :  3 PAX showed for a few mile warm-up pre-ruck (5:30-6:30a)

Beatdown  :9 PAX posted for a bootcamp workout led by Spike. (6:30-7:30a)

DISCLAIMER :  F3 : Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

Mission Reminder : Plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to invigorate male Community Leadership.

FROM (Free, Rotational, Outdoor, Men Only) – volunteer, peer-led, NOT a professional.  

Each person understands the responsibilities of their own fitness, MODIFY AS NEEDED.


Warmup : 

  1. 10x arm circles – IC
  2. 10x circle arms – IC
  3. 10x Abe Vigodas  – IC
  4. 20x Imperial Walkers  – IC
  5. 15x Daisy Pickers – IC
  6. 10x Sprinklers – IC
  7. MOTIVATORS – countdown from 5 – IC  (YHC kind of / sort of / totally mis-counted this)

Mosey to bandstand area (about 0.3 mile).


The Thang :

Team up :

One PAX performed exercises while other ran around Mr. Reeves statue.  

Return and tag your partner, switch running/exercises.

Total your exercises until completed, then move onto next exercise.

  • 100 inclined Merkins / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 200 air squats / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 300 LBCs / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 200 lunges / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 100 derkins (declined Merkins) / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 50 box jumps OYO
  • 50 Hip Slappers OYO


Instead of a weak mosey back to the flag, the PAX carried each other in a rotating partner carry back to flag.  Carry your partner for 10 seconds, switch.  10 seconds, switch, until we all arrived back at the flag with plenty of time for some ab work.


6MOM / Mary / Abs / Core :

  1. 30x Flutter kicks – in cadence
  2. 30 second Superman hold – in cadence
  3. 10x American Hammers – in cadence
  4. 10x V-Ups – in cadence
  5. 10x windshield wipers – IC
  6. 5x X’s and O’s – IC
  7. Tunnel of love


Count-o-rama : 9


Name FNGs  :0

Announcements :  Convergence coming up in May for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  Mark the date : 05/25/2019 Saturday. Guest Q’s will be here!  Woohoo!


Words of Wisdom from : 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Here are three lessons God is teaching us in his response to Paul:

  1. Talk to God when you are hurting.
  2. God may allow us to hurt so that we can remain humble.
  3. God can use your physical weakness to show off His power.

God’s glory and message is infinitely more important than our comfort.


Circle of Trust / Ball of Man

PAX : Boyant, Burgundy, Chowdah, Gandalf, Hanger, Retail, Sharkbait, Spike, Winklevoss

Closing Prayer

2019-05-18-F3-VF-Dogwood3-1.JPG 2019-05-18-F3-VF-Bootcamp-1-0.JPG

If we die, we die

Remember that time in middle school where you wanted to wear shorts yet  your mom said it was too cold? Saturday felt just like that… except we all mature-ish should now to know better better to take wind-chill into consideration.

10 PAX showed up for Saturday’s beatdown at the Blast Furnace. The beat down was a 1/4 mile mosey and a series of warm ups on the stage of the park, followed by:

  • A hamsting / yoga inspired stretching sequence… I heard a few “twangs” from everyone’s frozen-rubber-band hamstrings being worked like they were never worked before.
  • Partner time! Everyone grabbed the closest man to them for the superset of the century. Each pair had to total: 100 derkins, 200 dips, and 300 LBC’s, all while one of the pair sprinted around the statue of Mr. Reeves. Once the partner returned, the pair switched. Continue until all exercises complete.
  • A short Mosey to the Field of Dreams was followed by a partner ab-destroyer – 3×20 rep leg throw downs. Rumor has it Spike has had trouble going back to normal life after the core destruction
  • With plenty of energy left, it felt like the perfect time for some Burpee suicides: 25 yards, 5 burpees, 25 yards back, 5 burpees; 50 yards, 10 burpees, 50 yards back, 10 burpees; 100 yards, 15 burpees, 100 yards back, 15 burpees.
  • We capped off the morning with some lower back supermans, Nemo’s, and Dori’s, followed by some partner curls-for-the-girls, and partner over-head-tris-for-the-guys.

Good work gentlemen!

Coming to a court near you, ‘Basketball on Ice’


2 PAX for pre-ruck — pace was faster than normal without Hops present to slow us down.  Overnight snow and ice didn’t deter



9 PAX  from arriving bright, early, and full of energy for an ice bath of sorts.  Warmup on the Reeves Park (RP) stage introduced the group to a Circle Burp (burpees with cadence rotating around PAX) before moseying through the ice and snow to the park Flipper dubbed “Da Club” during a prior workout.  On the basketball court, we did about every suicide/exercise combination known to mankind…including bear craws, lunge walks, Bobby Hurleys, ascending squat jumps, ascending burpees, ascending merkins, and another new one… the Pacman chase.  We returned back to the stage at RP for 6MOM in the ice — exercises included flutters, snow angels, superman swims, to name a few.  COT at the flag – thoughts from Hershey around that fact one never really knows the impact that he/she is having on others and while during tough times, “Why did this happen FOR me” rather than “Why did this happen TO me”, keeping in mind others are learning from how you respond and the resilience you display.  Prayers and praise – Tuck 2.0 arrived on Wednesday, happy and healthy, Spike’s mom on the mend after a fall, and Flipper for a bounce back of health this week.



Number of FNGs: 1

Excel more up Boyant Hill

10 PAX accepted and blew away the F3 Twin Cities Challenge by having more PAX than degrees on the thermostat.  Post-beatdown car temp was 5F.  2 PAX pre-rucked the usual Phoenixville path successfully avoiding hitting their 6 on ice.


Warm-up at the flag/in the street
Bat Wings
Failed attempt at Baba O’Reilly so Imperial Walkers x 60 (IC)
Abe Vigotas x 12 (IC) Avoided care #1 of many faced this morning

The Thang
Mosey to Boyant Hill
Partner up
1) Partner 1 does 25 burpees while Partner 2 bearcrawls up Boyant Hill and marks distance traveled with cone or extra clothing, switcheroo with the call to “Excel still more” based on Paul’s comments to the Thessalonians in chapter 4 and then repeato so each partner did two sets of each
2) Partner 1 does 50 air squats while Partner 2 lunge walks up Boyant Hill and marks distance – “Excel still more” for total of 2 sets each
3) Partner 1 does 75 merkins (50 on round 2) while Partner 2 Frog Jumps up Boyant Hill and marks distance – “Excel still more” for total of 2 sets each
4) Partner 1 does 100 Flutter kicks while Partner 2 Crab Walks up Boyant Hill and marks distance – “Excel still more” for total of 2 sets each

Mosey to the Flag
Announcements – Failed to mention 2/9 CSAUP in Phoenixville, Dial-up wants Q next week
COT – prayer for Retail’s wife 2nd week of returning to work and balance with the kids


Edwards vs Spartacus HIT

9 PAX posted in the abnormally warm and muddy conditions of the Blast Furnace for the last beatdown of the year.  YHC went with a 0.0 style workout intended to also provide fodder for your New Year Resolutions.


Short mosey to the baseball field
SSH x 25 (IC)
Grass Pickers x 15 (IC)
Arm Circles x 15 (IC)
Circle Arms x 15 (IC)
Low Slow Squats x 15 (IC)
1st base to 2nd-3rd base
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Side shuffle – chatter about Coach’s perfect form
Side shuffle back

The Thang
11 stations, 1 minute at each, ~15 sec rest, 2.5 rounds
Air Squats
Mountain Climbers
Kettle bell swings w/ coupon
Daft Punk
Flutter Kicks
Bentover Rows w/ Coupon
Curls w/ coupon
American Hammers
Push Press w/ coupon
Topped it off with 10 burpees OYO
Included lots of mumble chatter about Dan&Dan’s perfect form and Pebbles flow of chatter dropping off after the 1st round of exercises.  For some reason after a couple of inches of rain, the footing for burpees and mountain climbers inspired quite a bit of chatter too.  It’s safe to say that we left our mark on that part of the park.

Welcome Pebbles and Bam!Bam!
Prayers for Dial-ups brothers surgery
Hershey’s wife job situation
Bam!Bam!’s father-in-law
Unspoken medical concerns for Hops’ wife and SFx’ Daughter


Bridge over Troubled Fog

It was a rainy and foggy morning that saw 7 PAX arrive at the Blast Furnace in Phoenixville for a tag-teamed workout by Mr. Feeney and Spike (YHC).  A balmy 43 degrees with light rain greeted us as we arrived on-site.  We couldn’t see much more than a 50 feet in front of us due to heavy fog, but all the PAX were quite pleased that it wasn’t snowing instead, as we started out.


YHC reminded everyone that he was no professional trainer (has anyone ever mistaken him for one?  Highly doubtful.), what we were there for, and to modify as needed!

Mosey to the (seasonally decorated) light post in the center of Reeves Park.


  • 10x arm circles IC
  • 11x circle arms IC
  • 12x Abe Vigodas IC
  • 15x side straddle hops IC
  • 13x Imperial walkers IC
  • 16x monkey humpers IC
  • 15x mountain climbers IC

YHC wisely tried to keep the PAX guessing as to when they would halt each exercise (or was it the lack of sleep from the night before made him forget what number he was on? You be the judge.)

Jog to Gay Street Bridge (approximately 0.6 miles, which somehow seemed further in the light rain).

While on the bridge, we did The Thang.  It turns out there are 15 light posts along the length of the Gay Street Bridge (also known as the High Bridge).  On your own :

  • Lunge walk to each light post (x15)
  • At each light post perform 10 merkins (x15)
  • At each light post perform 30 side straddle hops (x15)

For those of you who are math challenged, that ended up being 150 merkins and 450 side straddle hops by the time we reached the end, not to mention about 0.25 mile of lunge walks!  YHC believed that Mr. Feeney was trying to take revenge on the PAX for some perceived slight, but this was not spoken of.

We did “side crossover” walks all the way back on the bridge, and then jogged back to Reeves Park, where we stopped at the bandstand.

6MOM  / Core at the bandstand :

  • 30 flutter kicks IC
  • 30 superman swims IC
  • 25 American hammers IC
  • 20 reverse sweat angels IC (yes they do exist!)

Some mumble chatter about YHC had been working out his core recently.

Mosey back to our starting point, when Flipper pointed out “where’s the flag and shovel?”  Made mental note to poke Side Effects next time I see him about this oversight.

Count-o-Rama  = 7


  • Included an FNG brought out by Hershey (woo!) who we named Easy Rider

Mission reminder by YHC as to our purpose.

Words of Wisdom :

  • YHC brought a few quotes out to remind everyone about manly things, which included :
    • “You spend time with your family?  Good. Because a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”  – Don Vito Corlene, the Godfather
    • “The stronger a man is, the more gentle he can afford to be.” – Elbert Hubbard, American Writer
    • “A real man can’t stand seeing his woman hurt.  He’s careful with his decisions and actions, so he never has to be responsible for her pain.” – Anonymous
    • “Men are like steel.  When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.” – Chuck Norris
    • “Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity.”  Apostle Paul, Titus 2:7

Announcements / Prayer Requests :

  • Prayed for Hershey’s wife who is looking for part time employment.
  • Prayed for this season of Christmas, and help us to remember what it means.
  • We have a guest Q (Dunphy!) in the Blast Furnace next week!

Throw Back and Throw Up on PHS Football Field

2 PAX for a pre-ruck and 10 (ish) PAX showed for an infamous Boyant Beatdown in the Blast Furnace on 12/1/18.  The temperatures were quite cold but it took no time to feel quite warm.


Run to PHS High School Football Field (.8 miles)
Side Straddle Hops (IC)
Hillbillies (IC)
Daisy Pickers (IC)

The Thang – A ladder plus on the football field
20 yard Broad Jump out and back (OYO)
20 Burpees (OYO)
40 yard bear crawl out and back (OYO)
40 Hip Slappers (OYO)
60 yard lunge walk out and back (OYO)
60 Monkey Humpers (OYO)
80 yard backward run out and back (OYO)
80 merkins (OYO)
100 yard sprint out and back (OYO) – many comments here about Mr Feeny’s gazelle like gait
100 air presses

Run back to Reeves Park (.8 miles) where we found Dos Equis doing a solo workout, because as he knows, we start on time.

Mary – planned but did we execute?
Flutter kicks (IC)
Leg lifts (IC)


CSAUP followed at Side Effects, Swedish pancakes for all HIMs, Ms, and 2.0s.  7 PAX joined, including Matt Foley and his 2.0.  Nice to see him after a few months.

4 Corners of Pain in the Furnace

7 PAX on 11/24/2018 included :

Mr. Feeney gave us a great workout by using the 4 corners of Reeves Park for “The Thang,” which consisted of (at each corner) :
Lap 1 : 40 pushups, 30 pushups, 20 pushups, 10 pushups
Lap 2 : 40 squats, 30 squats, 20 squats, 10 squats
Lap 3 : 40 mountain climbers, 30 mountain climbers, 20, then 10

After that 1.5 mile excursion around Reeves Park (during which I was of course, at the ever-present “six position” for all 3 laps), we ended with two rounds of upper body work at the jungle gym equipment,  including 7 stations :
1. pull-ups
2. dips
3. sit-ups
4. suspended leg raises
5. raised merkins
6. hip slappers
7. one other exercise I forgot.

We ended with a good amount of core exercises.

Route 66 Bridge to a Zen Deck

3 PAX for a pre-ruck around Phoenixville and the main event with 7 PAX for a beatdown in the snow (well more accurately surrounded by snow as YHC steered clear of burpees and crossfit merkins in the snow/mud).

The Disclaimer

Mosey to the VFW
Abe Vigotas (IC) x 24
Sprinklers (IC) x 30
Peter Parkers (IC) x 25
Parker Peters (IC) x 16
Imperial Squat Walkers (IC) x 16

Mosey to the foot of Bridge Street
Route 66 – 1 squat and 2 lunges at each light post to 11 and 22

Mosey to the Kiwanis Kids Benches (by Zen Village)
Deck of Death – Clubs – Merkins, Diamonds – Dips, Hearts – Plank Jacks x2, Spades – Air Presses x 2, Joker – 75 yard sprint up the hill (dodging traffic, because if you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball, next time YHC will bring wrenches)

Mosey out to next light post
Route 66 back down Bridge with Hip Slappers (numerous comments about catching the attention of traffic by slapping our you know whats while people looked on)

Mosey back to the Flag
Al Gore for the 6 at the VFW
Plank for the 6 at the Flag
Crunchy Frogs (IC) x 20
Hello Dolly (IC) x 40
100’s (IC) x 30

Namerama – Welcome DeVito from F3Alpha

The Major Conflicts Remembered

6 PAX (1 for pre-ruck) enjoyed the ever cooler weather in the still wet park, but the added sunshine from Daylight Savings was a welcome addition.

Introduction to 8 Major Conflicts


Mosey around to the baseball field
Imperial Walkers
A Flipper-style stretching exercise

Revolutionary War – Honoring George Washington
10(+2) sets of 10 repetitions on legs, including such favorites as
Air Squats
Monkey humpers
Toe Raises
Jump Squats
Daft Punk
Curtsey Squats
Sumo Squats
Al Gores

Civil War – Pushup routine
It lasted 4 years ending in 1865 so represented with 4 sets of:
18 merkins, 6 werkins, and 5 diamond merkins (two lower body only PAX modified with core and more legs)

WW1 – Chemical Warfare (which brings on the nausea and vomiting)
4 sets of 25 Burpees with 10 Peter Parkers between sets (Some PAX modified with Jump Squats)

Mosey to the fitness bars for WW2
The war concluded in 1945 so 19+4+5 = 28 pullups

Korean – most forgotten of the wars and was therefore forgotten in this workout

Vietnam War – most miserable war
V-situps if YHC remembers correctly, but he probably doesn’t

Gulf War
Partner bi – tri work: 2 sets of 12 reps each on curls and overhead extensions

War on Terror – the longest and continuing war
2 laps around the park

11/17 Side Effects Q
11/24 Mr Feeny Q
12/1 Pancakes at Swenson’s
Spike is looking for a holiday season service project

Animals and Tooth Fairies Bring the Pain

9 PAX posted in the beautiful gloom for a winter is coming warm-up beatdown with Side Effects at the helm.  5 PAX still feeling the effects of the 3.6 mile pre-ruck were shown no mercy.

Mosey around the park to a well lit spot near the baseball field, avoiding the construction areas, except for CSPAN who could not be contained by simple caution tape.

Imperial Walkers x 25 (IC)
Imperial Squat Walkers x 20 (IC)
Angle Grinders x 15 (IC)
Carolina Winemixers x 15 (IC) – had the PAX groaning at the start, will have to circle back and make this one a staple

The Thang
We let the animals loose to roam from the first base line to the left field fence:
Duck walk lunge style
Duck walk back low squat style
Frog jumps – we quickly learned the importance of keeping our feet under us when landing on the wet grass
Alligator crawls

Back to the light for a quick COP:
Bear crawl ring of fire including: Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears, Booboo Bear Crawls with each leg
Total Merkins: 90, total trips around the circle, about 4, but it was a big circle

Mosey to the stairs in front of Holy Ghost Catholic Church
1-2 PAX perform Ascending Tooth Fairy up the steps – perform merkin on first step and increase number of merkins on each step by one as you go up
Remaining PAX alternate between Wall Sits and Rocky Balboas until someone calls quits
One round of Balls to the Wall
Dirty Hook-Up x 15 (IC) to wrap it up

Mosey Back to the Flag
Quick rendition of Bruce Lees: American Hammer x 20 (IC), Leg Raises x 15 (IC), LBCs x 20 (IC), Heel Touches x 15 (IC), Crunchy Frog x 10 (IC) – Dial-Ups form was so spectacular all PAX wanted to stop and stare, 100’s for 30 seconds

City Ruck Tour in Philly on 10/13
Baer Trappe AO on Wednesdays, 10/17 Hops Q
Lancaster Convergence 10/20
F3 Philly Launch 10/20
Blast Furnace 10/20 – 5:30am Ruck, 6:30 Bootcamp with Boyant VQ
End of October S’mores at Swensons – this is begging for a S’mores themed workout – “Thank you Q can we have S’more!”

Homecoming night in Phoenixville – safety of the kids and smart decisions made
Hops mother-in-law praise for successful breast cancer surgery and prayer for benign results

Phoenixville Suck Fest

YHC was humbled and honored to guest Q for the Valley Forge Pax this morning at Reeves Park (aka the Blast Furnace).  Flame and I jumped in the clowntruck at 5:15am this morning equipped with coupons, cones, and gifts.  Side Effects promoted this workout as a Q school.  I a not sure what that means; however, I was in a fraternity 20 years ago and recall “getting schooled” was part of the initiation or hazing process.

Here were the tools used in this schooling:

  1. Wearing F3 Special Edition T-Shirt – “If its’ not in the backblast it didn’t happen.”
  2. Signed Copy of Freed To Lead  (F.T.L. aka F3 bible) – Flame and I signed right next to Dread and OBT.  Please read and share with the PAX, this entire F3 thing will make perfect sense.  Unlike Side Effects you don’t have to memorize before the end of the workout.
  3. F3 Lehigh Valley T-Shirt – gift for Side Effects in hopes of return guest Q in the Lehigh Valley.  More shirts available for Valley Forge Pax who make the trip to LV for guest Q.
  4. Laddy Gliddy Sparkles – this is our Log of Fame used to celebrate each PAX’s who complete their 50th workout.  Today she was used a dance partner for the odd man out.
  5. Coupons -x 10 = 25 lb Pavers
  6. Cones  x 10  = each with a different exercise written on them.

Disclaimer – Free, Rotational lead, Outdoors, Men Only, (F.R.O.M.) end with CoT.  I am not a professional, you assume the risk of injury, modify exercises up to and including not even doing the exercise.  Be careful it is dark, uneven surfaces, we will do risky and stupid things. All those in favor of accepting risk say AYE!


Mosey half way around the park to meet up with David Reeves in the center.  Circle up.  SSH, Sungods, Abe Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Monkey Humpers, Spider Man Merkins, Alabama Ass Kickers, Pickle Pushers, Motivators 10 to 1, Deconstructed Burpees 10 to 8.  Sufficient complaining and sweating achieved to wake the Pax up to realize this was going to get real soon.

The Thang

Mosey back to the shovel flag.  Hang on the monkey bars until 6.

Part 1 – Iron Pax Pavers 25

Place Pavers at one end.  Put Laddy Glitter Sparkles 25 yards away. Partner Up.

  1. P1 – Arm Curls x 25 – P2 – Sprint 25, turn around bear crawl back (Flap Jack)
  2. P1 – Kettle Bell Swings x 25 – P2 – Sprint 25, turn around bear crawl back (Flap Jack)
  3. P1 – Man Makers s x 25 – P2 – Sprint 25, turn around bear crawl back (Flap Jack)
  4. P1 – Bonnie Blairs – P2 -Donkey Kicks – Partner Carry 25, Flap Jack, Partner Carry Back.

Odd man out, gets Laddy Glitter sparkles and does Hole Diggers.  Replace any partner at any time or after 25.

Part 2 – Uptown 50 (This was a gift from Dark Helmet given to YHC)

Take Ten Cones.  Partner up,  5 cones on each side.  Take other 5 cones out 50 yards. Everyone PAX (both partners) does 10 burpees, read the cone which gives you a mode of transportation to the next cone.  Once Pax returns to starting cone, slide to the set of cones the right.  Continue through the cones until someone splashes merlot or sufficient complaining is received.  We made it through about 3 rounds.

Utilize Laddy Glitter Sparkles for odd man out and carry for 50 yards and return or switch with any partner at random.

RECOVERY Truth Nugget – “If this workout is not hard enough I am sorry.  If this workout is too hard I am sorry.  It’s not about the workout.” – Dark Helmet

It’s about being surrounded by men who are willing to be better today than yesterday, unashamed of who they are and understanding what they stand for.  Learning to live third and lead from where they are.  F3 Mission is to reinvigorate male community leadership through planting, growing, and serving up a workouts for men that include Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.


Mosey back to flag. Heavy Freddies for 10 count from each pax.  We made it through 5 pax.  Captain Thor!  Big Boys 1: 4 American Hammers.  Increase by 1 to 4 until get to 10:40.


CoRama = 11, No Rama (FNG’s = 0)

Prayers & Praises:  Life up a long time friend (Jim) who is getting clean from Crystal Meth.  Flame mentioned praise for our Veterans and Active Duty.   CSPAN took us out with BOM asking we settle our hearts recognizing we are too tired to be honest with our struggles right now.  Praying for the men of PA that we haven’t met yet, calling on God to open more doors for F3.


Wednesday workout at New AO. I think Boyant said he is going to take the Q.  Dial-up soft commit to Q next Saturday.

Oct. 20 – Convergence in LANCO.  (join Spike and Side Effects / Uptown and Flame)

Go Ruck / Light Ruck Event with CSPAN coming up soon.   More details to follow.


Turn up the Moby and the Pain

8 PAX posted for the long-awaited split VQ from Mr Feeny and Dial-up!  Started with a CSPAN inspired last minute pre-ruck for 4 PAX and then the pain ensued.

Disclaimer – Coaching by CSPAN – always include “you assume responsibility”

Mosey around to the baseball field
SSH x 25 (IC)
Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC)
Nancy Kerigans x 20 (IC)
Al Gore-ish Low Slow Squats x 15 (IC)
Plank arm circles x 20 (IC)

Microphone (Q) Handed to Dial-Up
Rounds of Exercises OYO on the 1st base line, run to the left field fence repeato exercises and return
Round 1:
5 Burpees
10 Merkins
15 Peter Parkers

Round 2:
5 Burpees
10 Merkins
15 Parker Peters

“Break” – Lunge out to left field fence and return with backward lunge to 1st base line

Round 3:
5 Burpees
10 Elbow plank to high planks (Can’t find the real name)
15 Plank shoulder touches

Mosey to the Grand Stand and benches
Step-Ups Right x 10 (IC)
Step-Ups Left x 10 (IC)
Wall Sits x 60 sec?
Bench Dips x 15 (IC)
Planking butt touches to the wall x 10 (OYO) – Need a catchy name for this torturous exercise
Russian Twists x 15 (IC)
One side crunches to raise knee x 20 (IC)
“Rope Pull” variation of Dying Cockroach x 20 (IC)

Microphone handoff back to Mr Feeny

Mosey to the Fitness Gym
Partner up – Partner 1 planks while Partner 2 does Tricep Dips x 20, switch, and repeat

To the Flag for COT…nope, Mr Feeny is getting a speaker out of his car, this can’t be good
Plank and merkins to Moby’s Bring Sally Up

Real COT
Namerama – Welcome Lindros

 A Word from Hops

Prayer for Martha’s Family as she passed away and those facing the Hurricane in the Carolinas

9/22 – Retail VQ w/ Side Effects Warm-up
9/29 – 5:30am Pre-Ruck followed by CSPAN Q followed by Q School at Soltane
10/6 – Q School at Soltane post workout
10/20 – Clown Car to LanCo for their convergence – Spike and Side Effects are in so far



Climbing the Tower in the Rain

10 PAX (well 9.5) floated in to Reeves Park for a YHC led, 9/11 Firefighter inspired beatdown.


Mosey to the baseball field for a warm-up
Plank jacks x 15 (IC) – YHC
Parker Peters x 20 (IC) – Hops
Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC) – Mr. Feeny
Side Straddle Hops x 20 (IC) – Spike
Something amazing (IC) from Boyant
Knuckle Squats (the ugly cousin of monkey humpers) x 15 (IC) – Dial-up
Crossfit Merkins x 15 (IC) – Retail (soak the front)
Toenails to God x 20 (IC) – Flipper (soak the back)

Mosey to the Fitness Station for The Thang
YHC reminded the PAX that 2977 people died in the Twin Towers on 9/11 and 343 were firefighters.  The WTC buildings were each 110 stories.

Rotate as needed with a partner for:
Set 1: 396 Step-ups or 22 stories (combined w/ partner) and 100 merkins (OYO)
Set 2: 396 Step-ups or 22 stories (combined w/ partner) and 100+ LBCs (OYO)
Unfortunately, we only had time to make it 44 floors up and to honor 200 of the fallen firefighters.
Fortunately, Hops sustained the sole shin injury, but he was reassured that the wood was obviously sanitary to any respectable hospital’s standards.

6MOM around the flag
Mr. Burns x 15 (IC)
Dying Cockroach x 15 (IC) – Mr. Feeny
Big Boy Sit-ups w/ partner x 10 (IC) – Hops
Planks x 15 (IC) – Boyant
Flutter Kicks x 20 (IC) – Spike
Hello Dollies x 15 (IC) – CSPAN
Wrestling Sit thrus x 16 (IC) – Dial-up
Freddie Mercurys x 17 (IC) – Retail
Knees to Chest x 15 (IC) – Flipper

Num-o-rama: 10
Nam-o-rama – Welcome FNG: Wolfpack
Special intentions: Martha, future mother-in-law of Flipper’s brother
F3 Philly – that CSPAN would find willing and open hearted men

COT by Spike focused on being a man and how the Bible defines manhood versus how society dubs us a man simply when we reach a certain age.

Q schools for 30-45 minutes on 9/29 and 10/6 post workout at Soltane
LanCo Convergence on 10/20 – we will have a workout in Reeves Park for those that can’t attend LanCo and Side Effects will take a car “full” to LanCo
Launch of F3 Philly – TBD this fall

Mogadisu Mile for Durability

9 PAX posted for the last of 4 IronPAX Challenges shared by F3 Greenwood, SC and built durability while the world slept on its fat 6.


Mosey about 50 yards and back
SSH x 20 (IC)
Windmills x 16 (IC)
Peter Parkers x 20 (IC)

Mogadishu Mile (OYO)
Explanation and commentary on modifications for pull-ups
1 mile run
50 pull-ups (modified as necessary)
25 lunge walk steps + 25 air squats x 4 sets
25 merkins + 25 yard “sprint” x 4 sets
100 hip thrusters
50 pull-ups (modified as necessary)
1 mile run

T-claps to Mountie for not only knowing the name for Windmills (fail by YHC), but also giving us a quick history behind the Mogadishu Mile being tied to Black Hawk Down and those troops that had to huff it out of the crash zone – Remember Everyone Deployed!

T-claps to Boyant for leading the pace to the finish and then running an extra half mile to bring in the 6!

Convergence in LanCo on October 20
T-shirt order achieved minimum order, but still get yours until 9/5

Short COT on how fatigue makes cowards of us all – during workouts we doubt and make excuses to make it easier and in life when its late or when we get worn down we cowardly lose our cool, diverge from our principles, or generally do something we regret.  Working hard in the workouts builds durability and discipline to overcome physical fatigue and strengthens are hearts and minds for the other situations we face in life.

Arm Relief and IronPAX Week 3

8 PAX surfaced with arms still recovering from IronPAX Challenge Week #2, but even when given the opportunity to opt-out for a running workout option, they each selected the challenge.  T-claps for choosing to do hard things and accelerate in the gloom!


Haul gear to baseball field

Mosey around the park

SSH x 20 (IC)
Peter Parkers x 20 (IC)
Low Slow Squats x 10 (IC)

Iron PAX Challenge
Repeating sets of:
Descending Burpees block jumps starting and 15
CrossFit Merkins x 50
Broad Jumps 20 yards
Burpee block jumps x 14
Goblet Squats w/ cinder block x 50
Broad Jumps
Burpee block jumps x 13
Leg Raises w/ cinder block overhead x 50
Broad Jumps
Burpee block jumps x 12 and continue rotating AMRAP in 30 minutes

Plank and hold at Q’s discretion
One arm plank left hand with right arm raises
Flip flop
Dancing Chillicuts x 10 (IC)
Flutter Kicks x 25 (IC)
LBCs x 30 (IC)

Haul gear to the flag
Namorama – Welcome FNG Balut
A word from Isaiah 63

IronPax Challenge #2 in the Furnace

8 PAX showed for the IronPAX Challenge Week #2, proving to YHC that the challenge didn’t scare them away last week, but vacations took precedent.  Much pre-workout chatter about the search for the perfect cinder block for the workout and, of course, Boyant’s newest fashion statement.


After hauling all equipment and supplies to the baseball diamond, we started the thang:

Mosey around the park

COP for
SSH x 20 (IC)
Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC)
Arm Circles x 10 (IC)
Circle Arms x 10 (IC)

Explanation, demonstration, and practice for IronPAX Challenge, then all exercises with a cinder block:
8 min of Thrusters, 50 yard “sprint” after every 25 reps
2 min break
8 min of Curls w/ “sprint”
2 min break
8 min of kettle bell swings w/ “sprint”
2 min break
8 min of man makers w/ “sprint”
FNG: Head and Shoulder showed us how to finish strong – t-claps to you brother and hope you can connect with F3 in Greenville, SC during the school year

YHC tried to sneak more exercises in until realizing that the hour had already elapsed

Equipment haul back to the flag

Namorama – 21 yo FNG dubbed Head and Shoulders based on his performance and his affection for the Pittsburgh Steelers (Troy Palamolu (sp?))
A word from YHC on the expectation that leaders step up and serve and since we never know what that serve will entail physically we must strive to continually accelerate in preparation
Intentions – Matthew with nerve condition, Retail’s married friends going enduring death of mother, kids returning to school, and something else that YHC forgot, but the sky Q did not

T-claps to Head and Shoulders for showing the veterans a thing or two about grit and not quitting
T-claps to Boyant for continuing the fashion trend and displays of excellent fitness
T-claps to Spike for focus on workout prep this week and delivering cinder blocks in a world that apparently does not have 25 pound cinder blocks despite what F3Greenwood says

Bearing the Rain in Style

8 PAX bear’ed the slight rain and soggy conditions in the Blast Furnace, which is a bit ironic, but then how much more ironic will it be when its snowing. We all know it doesn’t refer to the temperatures anyway, it refers to what happens to the men when they enter in, they are refine and fashioned into usable implements as they grow stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Flipper has Side Effects give the disclaimer, because he apparently is quite eloquent.

The Thang
Mosey around the park to the baseball field
Arm Circles (IC) x 20
Circle arms (IC) x 10
Imperial Squat Walkers (IC) x 20
The Flipper reach and crunch (IC) x 10

Walk to the first citronella candle, yes SFx put out candles to mark the distance for the IronPAX Challenge. Next time we should just steal cones from the street construction.
IronPAX Challenge (OYO) for time
100 yard bear crawl
25 crossfit merkins
100 yard bear crawl back
25 crossfit merkins
Mountie finished in 4:54 and Flipper finished in 4:59

Mosey to the big stage
25 Step-ups (OYO)
36 Box Jumps (OYO)

Tagged SFx for 6MOM
Flutter kicks (IC) x 55
Reverse crunches (IC) x 21
LBCs (IC) x 26

Mosey to the fitness bars for 2 rounds of
Low bar rows
Bar kicks/knee-ups
Hip Slappers
Decline Merkins (some mubble chatter about putting slappers and decline merkins together)

Announcements – t-shirt design agreed upon and will know next steps for weekly email
Prayers – Terry (Retail) parent of the couple that just got married being placed in hospice; Matthew (Flipper) 2 y.o. boy with a disease that has made him unable to use his arms and legs, getting care and expected to regain function

8-4 PAX photo.jpg

Four Square of BLIMPS

PAX of 8 posted for a Side Effects return from family vacation Q to enjoy the beautiful pre-rain cool temps in Reeves Park newly named the Blast Furnace (t-claps to Dos Equis on the AO name suggestion).

The Thang:
Mosey the short way to the baseball field
COP for a group Q’d warm-up:
Arm circles x20 (IC) SFx
Circle arms x20 (IC) SFx
Lt. Dan to 10 Squats and 20 Lunges (OYO) Flipper – several complaints about this not being a warm-up, but too painful. YHC remoniced about OBT’s trip to NOLA when he had the PAX do a latter of 11 burpees down to 2, then back to 11.
Merkins x 15 (IC) Ma’ne
SSH x 20 (IC) Spike
IW x 20 (IC) Mr. Feeny
Overhead arm stretch and hold FNG – several comments about this being a real warm-up exercise and how the new guy already knows what he’s doing better than the vets.
Low Slow Squat (Al Gore’s in motion) x 20 (IC) Retail
YHC can’t remember what Mr. Glass Q’d, but it was definitely epic

Mosey a few yards over to the sidewalk behind the bandstand
Long description by YHC on this new routine
BLIMPS at the 4 corners of half the park: 10 Burpees in place, 20 Lunges at next corner, 30 Imperial Walkers, 40 Merkins, 50 Peter Parkers, and 60 Squats at subsequent corners

Hello Dolly x 25 (IC)
Superman x 10 (IC)
American Hammer x 25 (IC)
Dancing chillicut x 10 (IC)
V Situps x 8 (IC)
One legged wife pleasers x 10 (IC) each leg
Crab cakes x 25 (IC)

Mosey to the fitness center for 1 set each of:
Low rows
Merkin Bulldogs
Knee Ups
Hip Slappers

PAX Hanging bar hang with arms at 90 degrees – t-claps to Retail for setting the standard

Discussed Ultimate Convergence in Lehigh Valley on 7/28 – no takers this time
Named the AO – the Blast Furnace in recognition of Phoenixville’s steel making history and the fact that it is where raw materials are added to create liquid iron. Also symbolic of iron sharpening iron and the refinement of sad clowns and fartsackers into HIMs (High Impact Men).
T-shirt ideas – settled on a buff George Washington front and center – discussed tattoos of Red Coats killed and a heart with Martha. Suggested the iconic Valley Forge tents in the background.

Shout Outs
Dominick – Retail’s friends father
Those impacted by duck boat tragedy and other storms in the Mid-west this week (Marshalltown)

7-21 PAX photo.jpg

A 17-76 Partnership in Pain

A VF PAX of 11 gathered for a Side Effects Q within the friendly confines of Reeves Park. As the PAX would soon find out Reeves Park would not be so friendly on this beautiful Saturday morning even though the temps in the 60’s gave us some relief.

Disclaimer and F3 Introduction

Mosey to a random patch of grass in the park
Q around the COP
Cheerleader (IC by Side Effects) x 20
Zombie Crawl (OYO by Chemex) x ~15 yards – FNG warns about dog poop, followed quickly by YHC expression of concern for the substance imbedded in his shoe laces
4 x 4 (OYO by Flipper) x 11
Merkins (IC by Ma’ne) x 10
Imperial Walker (IC by Retail) x 20
Dr W (IC by Spike) x 8
Random Hersh exercise forgotten by YHC

Mosey to the Diamond and partner up
The partners ran together and performed the following exercises alternating between the left field fence and the first base line:
1) 17 Guantanamos (each) – 76 Austin Ass Kickers (combined)
2) 17 Dr. W’s (each) – 76 Jump Squats (combined) – Spike remorsefully wished that he hadn’t warmed us up with Dr. W’s
3) 17 American Hammers (each) – 76 Spilt jacks/lunges (combined) – Ma’ne inquired as to special rituals when someone splashes during a workout, was relieved to know we didn’t have any
4) 17 Snow Angels (each) – 76 Donkey Kicks (combined)

Tag in Flipper as the Q
Bear crawl to the flag (several comments regarding splashing merlot at this point, but no evidence. 1 FNG departed due to feeling sick)
Partner circuit at the outdoor fitness center (reps AMRAP up to 30)
Low rows
Jump to bar
Hip Slappers

COP around the flag for some hip and quad stretches

Tag to Side Effects – immediately expressed that it was a mistake as next exercise ruined all hip stretching
Flutter kicks (IC) x 40

Welcome FNGs: Dial Up (based on being in the software industry for 30 years – RESPECT!) and Jack Jack (based on being a direct descendent of Mr. Incredible – HATE!)
Announcements: AO name and t-shirt design ideas, Convergence in Reading being planned for 7/28-more details to follow
Prayers: Ma’ne’s father having heart surgery on Monday

20180707_Donkey Kicks.jpg