Block Party

The Block Party

Seven Pax showed up on time and two were tardy. We start when we start men.

1/2 mile mosey


SSH x 10 ic

Abe Vagodas x 10 ic

Grass Pickers x 10 ic

Peter Parkers x 10 ic

Merkins x 10 ic

Tha Thang part uno

What goes up must come down, in reverse

Lunge to the top, backward lunge to the bottom

Shuffle left up, right down

Shuffle right up, left down

Bear Crawl up, Crawl Bear down

Crab Walk up, Walk Crab down

Mosey to the park for

Tha Thang part deuce

One man at each station, six pull up stations and three swing row stations

Two pull ups and you move one station to the left. Swing Rower moves when relieved until everyone is back at their original station.

People’s Donkey Balls

– One minute People’s Chair, 10 Donkey Kicks and 5 count each Balls to the Wall

Back at park for round two, three pull ups at each station until one round completed.

Long mosey back to the shovel flag for the Block Party.

Block Party

Block Rows two handed x 10 oyo

Single Arm Block Rows x 10 oyo per side

Single arm flys x 10 per side oyo

Two handed overhead press x 10 oyo

Single hand overhead press x 10 oyo per side


LBCs with block x 10 ic

WW1 situps with block x 10 ic

American Hammers with block x 10 ic

Six inches and hold with block on shins x 20 count


Remember to check in on those around you not engaged. Loneliness is a disease and we have an avenue to battle against it. ABH – Always Be Headlocking.



The Philadelphia 76ers are in the playoffs so this mornings beat down was based around the number 76.

Disclaimer given and accepted.

Mosey to the basketball court for the …


Morrocan Nightclubs x 10 ic

Abe Vagodas x 10 ic

Grass pickers x 10 ic

Plank x 1 minute

Peter Parkers x 10 ic

Merkins x 10 ic

Forward Fold x 1 minute


Starting at one baseline perform 38 repetitions, travel to other baseline, 38 repetitions, travel back. Total of 76 repetitions each round.

  1. 38 Squats / Sprint / 38 Squats / Sprint
  2. Slow Butt Kickers x 19 each leg at each end / Sprint
  3. 38 Merkins / Bear Crawl / 38 Merkins  / Sprint
  4. Tricep Dips / Sprint up and back
  5. Partner Rows / Crabwalk

Round of the Motivator from 8 reps down to 4 reps

Round of Crucible Merkins 5 each

  1. Werkin
  2. Merkin
  3. Ranger Merkin
  4. Staggered Right
  5. Staggered Left
  6. Diamond

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for a little Broga

High Reach, Forward Fold, Mani’s Stretch (Child’s Pose), Cobra, and Downward Dog


Praise from Clyde for the group and all the Pax.

Prayers for Venezeula

Prayers for Neon and his full plate

Praise for the blessing of living in a free country

Neon’s Presentation

One of our pax, Neon practiced his presentation in front of the Pax. The presentation was very timely for me and on point. Neon told us the story of the Bible in 30 minutes. He gave an interesting presentation that captivated us and reminded us of our purpose. Good job Neon and I know you will do well.

Hamburg 1st Manniversary

Saturday, March 30, 2019 / Hamburg, PA  / 50 degrees, calm winds, and only one car fire on the side of the road.

Showing up 20 minutes early for a workout is a good idea, says no one ever!  Flame, Dr. Seuss, and I enjoyed arriving before Beaker; however, couldn’t manage to sneak in before Longhaul.  The mumble chatter in a clowncar makes getting up extra early well worth it.  The excitement for this day had been building for quite some time.  In truth this Q was having trouble sleeping the night before in anticipation of over 20 men to lead through the gloom for a beat down they wouldn’t soon forget.

Today we also honored Dial-up from the Lehigh Valley Pax with Log of Fame (a.k.a Laddy Glitter Sparkles).  The challenge was made to our Hamburg Pax to get 50 workouts in by next year so we can celebrate by burning their name on the Log and allowing them the honor of torturing each other by carrying the log the entire workout without letting in hit the ground.  If hits ground, 10 penalty burpees each time it hits.

DISCLAIMER  – provided by Dr. Seuss, he was spouting off about his disclaimer being lame and not getting hurt, modifying as need so you can’t pursue the Q for legal damages. It rhymed and made everyone laugh!  I clapped at the end.

WARMARAMA – mosey from the shovel flag to the middle of the park’s grassy field. Circle up for SSH, Abe Vogada, Grass Pickers, Merkins, Alabama Ass Kickers, Monkey Humpers, High Knees, Mountain Climbers, and maybe a few other things to get the heart rate up.

The Thang

YHC ranted for a few moments on F3 is as much about Fitness is it is about Male Community Leadership.  In addition to physically pushing each other our secondary aim is to bring men into more leadership experience, training, and influence. So today’s workout was CUE’d on FOUR aspects of leadership worth remembering.

1.)Listening – which no PAX ever heard their wife say he needed to work on this.

(aka 21s or Simon Says) Timothy Says :  4..8  SSH – 2 count 1 – 4 loud, and then stop exactly after doing 8 more, for a total of 12.  We need to stop exactly at the same time.  Every time we don’t all stop at the same time, there will a group penalty exercise called, starting with 4 reps, progressing to 8.

2.) Perseverance

Timothy’s Pyramid Building – 4 Diamonds 8 Blocks (aka 7 of Diamonds).  At each corner of the diamond, do stated rep count of selected exercise below, progress by 8 each round.  First guy to complete the pyramid picks a card from the F3 deck of pain to do until 6 completes

  1. Burpee x 8
  2. Flutter Kicks x 16
  3. Merkins x 24
  4. Monkey Thrusts x 32

Here is where we reached the base of the pyramid and instead of offering additional beating, we offered some physical and spiritual healing to mediate over.

1 Timothy 4:8 – For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

  1. Head Tappers x 24
  2. Pickle Climbers x 16
  3. Bonnie Blairs x 8

3. Team Work

Block Brigade (also can be done on Stairs or Long Hill) – 4 to 8 guys standing shoulder to shoulder in line.  Man at end passes Paver to guy at the end one man at a time.  Once hand off, race to end of line to receive the block going all the way to designated finish line.  To make extra challenging and ridiculously funny ask guys to Chinese fire drill around the group before taking the brick at end of line.

4. Fun

Rochamburpees Tournament– Rock paper scissors – while in low plank (chillcut) Best out of 3!  Whoever beats you, get become their alliance and cheer them on, as they go against the next challenger.  There was supposed to be some burpee consequences for the losing alliance; however, time was the enemy and we already owed some burpees for a dropped log.  FNG (aka Fumble) was crowned Rochamburpee Tournament Champion taking Long Haul in 3 rounds.


Mosey back to the shovel flag and pay up on the one drop of the log of fame.


CoRama = 25

No Rama = Fumble, Waterboy, Kubota, and Suds

Announcements – Coffeeteria at 412 with full-on cinnabon and grumb cake war between Elli and Jan!  Hiking to top of Pike’s Peak!  Flame urging each man to tell another guy about F3 because they don’t know they need it yet.

P&P – Neon took us out in prayer praising God for all these men of Hamburg and asking continued guidance, protection, wisdom, and growth for all of us.

Number of FNGs: 4

Pulpit Rock

Saturday, 30-Mar-2019

In conjunction with The Grill’s one-year anniversary, we planned to launch the first OCR training in preparation for a Spartan race.  Originally, Sensei was going to Q this event and planned to have us carry sandbags up the road to Pulpit Rock.  Unfortunately, he had suffered an injury, so we didn’t follow through on the original plan.  Nonetheless, six PAX opted to make the hike, albeit, without sandbags.

Following a thorough beatdown by Uptown Girl at the Grill, the PAX overran Four Twelve coffee shop.  After 25 men were served and we had time to socialize, 5 PAX drove to the Pulpit Rock/Pinnacle trail head at the Hamburg Reservoir where we were joined by Boo Boo.

It turned out to be a beautiful day — partly cloudy with temps in the 60s.

After a quick change of shoes, spray down for ticks and YHC being maligned by Dr. Seuss for my skinny legs, we hit the trail.  The goal was to make our way up the paved road to Pulpit Rock as quickly as we could.

The trail has an elevation gain of 830 feet and is 3.8 miles round-trip.  Pocahontas was the most familiar with the trail and became our guide.  You can see him scouting the terrain at the overlook in the attached photo.  We may have to rename him “Sacagawea”.

We were rewarded with a spectacular view of Berks county from the top including the boulder field with Blue Rocks compound at the base which is owned by Teardrop.  YHC can foresee future F3 expeditions such as a hike to the Pinnacle from the campground.

After some time to take in the view and some photo ops, Uptown Girl, Neon, and Boo Boo headed back down the road to the parking lot to meet other commitments.  Beaker, Dr. Seuss, Flame, and Pocahontas, took the more leisurely but circuitous rocky trail back down the mountain.

The hike was fun and thoroughly enjoyable (especially since we weren’t lugging sand bags).  We will have to plan more events like this in the future.

Pulpit Rock 2-1.jpg Pulpit Rock 1-0.jpg

Bear crawl through the swamp

The pax huddled around the shovel flag lamenting the unrelinquishing grip of winter.


Mosey, side straddle hops, a circles, merkins, squats and calf raises. Mosey

The Thang:

Bear crawl repeats which include a set of an exercise, 50-yard bear crawl, jog back and repeat three times.

Inperial squats, sprint-jog-sprint, bobby hurleys, donkey kicks, shoulder taps, peter

parkers, and merkins.

Mosey, 2 sets of pull-ups, lunges, bonny blairs amd back rows. Mosey and Mary.

COT: Prayers for Manny’s M, Longhaul’s

co-worker, Knievels house, Pedros family amd more

Snurpees and more

As the mercury crawled towards 10 degrees the PAX tentatively gathered around the shovel flag. The Q was tasked with keeping the blood circulating yet not leaving a man behind in the tundra.


Mosey, arm circles, abe vagodas, grass pickers, squats, bonnie blairs, and calf raises. More mosey.

The Thang:

Eighth mile caterpillar, imperial walkers, and SSHs. The PAX did six sets of 10 burpees with eighth mile runs between each. Mosey to jungle gym for max pullups and back rows. Mosey to time check, crab cakes, mosey, bobby hurleys and donkey kicks and a round of Mary.

Countarama, Namearama and COT

Tuesday 2/19/19

Warm up…. Mosey, Grass pickers 15, monkey humpers 10, mountain climbers 10, plank Jacks 10, Huggy Bear’s 10, Sun God’s 10,

The Thang

12 to 1 push-ups….12 Mosey 11 Mosey 10 mosey 9 Mosey 8 mosey 7 Mosey 6 Mosey 5 Mosey 4 Mosey 3 Mosey 2 Mosey 1 mosey

Between the poles… lunge walk, bear crawl Frankenstein walk,  bear crawl, sideways lunges both sides, reverse lunges

To the jungle gym 10 Pull-Ups, 10 rows on the swings, jungle gym 4 pull-ups with 4 second hold each,  8 Rows on the swings, Round of Mary

Count off, namorama, praises prayer requests


This morning a single Pax walked the lonely streets of The Bee Hive with a Ruck on his back in hopes of seeing someone for fellowship. They never came. Of shaming is over now.

Disclaimer given and the Pax moseyed to the Bandshell for the:


SSH x 20 ic

Sealjacks x 15 ic

Plank x 1 minute

Peter Parker’s x 20 ic

LBACs x 10 each direction

BBACs x 10 each direction

Huggy Bears x 10

Plank x 1 minute

There was a lot of good conversation around the idea is the #getright. After listening to the #43feetpodcast the realization hit me the Get Right is a continuous process that will never end. The analogy of tending a sail boat or piloting an airplane was brought up. Even though you have set a course there must be a consistent adjustment to counteract the outside forces of the wind and waves to maintain the course to the destination. If you leave it to chance you may end up in Perry county, not a place you want to go, trust me.


First Pax calls out an exercise for the remaining Pax to complete while they go to the truck (~ ⅛ mile) to retrieve their coupon for the workout. When Pax one returns Pax two goes back with Pax one to retrieve their coupon. Then Pax three goes to get his coupon with Pax two while Pax one stays with the group. We continue until all Pax has a coupon.

The exercises were:

  1. Squats
  2. Alternating Lunges
  3. LBCs
  4. Calf Raises
  5. Toy Soldiers
  6. Big Boys Sit-ups
  7. Overhead Claps
  8. Merkins
  9. ?

Once all Pax has their coupons we used the coupons to do:

  • Squats x 20 ic
  • LBCs x 20 ic
  • Chest Presses x 10 ic
  • Lunge Twist x 10 oyo
  • Big Boys Sit-ups x 20 ic
  • Skull Crushers x 10 oyo
  • Calf Raises x 20 ic
  • American Hammers x 10 ic
  • Back Rows x 10/side oyo

All Pax moseyed to the truck to return their coupons and then back to the shovel flag.


Prayers: Venezuela, the Doster family, and Knoevel’s friend.

Announcememts: St Luke’s Half and 5K, Run in Coplay, Virtual Bible Study, Newsletter Submissions, Poker Night

Romper Room

It started out like a normal workout, but then quickly devolved into a kids playtime.

Warm-up:  Abe Vigodas, grass pickers , SSH, side lunge, Merkins, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers, shoulder taps.  Bear crawl to “dug-out.”

The Thang: Nine innings of “baseball” – teams of three.  Partner A – weights, Partner B – jump rope, Partner C -runs the bases.  Rotate after Partner A finishes 15-20 reps of the weights exercise.

Inning 1: curls and home run jog around the bases.

Inning 2: shoulder press and bear crawl to first,  jog to second, bear crawl to third,  jog home.

Inning 3: back rows, and crab walk/ jog/ crab walk/ jog.

It was at this point that the group split.  Uptown took the kids on one half of the gym for games such as red rover and steal the bacon, while the guys stayed on the other half doing more reps of weight exercises.

15 lbs weights in each hand, exercises included: skull crushers, overhead press, chest fly, chest press, tricep extension aka “donkey kicks,” curls in squat position, squats, lunges, and more back rows.

Mary: Dealer’s choice – American hammers, crunchy frogs, big-boys, scissor kicks, box cutters, half superman, and Dollys.

COT: COR, NOR, prayer.  See Uptown’s video for more details.Number of FNGs: 12

Nine Innings

A balmy 70something degrees inside

Disclaimer accepted by all

Warm-up: IC – SSH, grass pickers, side lunge, Abe Vigodas, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch, Merkins, Peter Parkers, Mayweathers, shoulder taps, mountain climbers.  Lunge walk to “dug-out”

The Thang: “Baseball,” definitions of and distinction between a “team” and a “club/activity.”  F3 is a team operation.  We have a mission.  PAX start in “dugout”= people’s chair.  Each inning begins with an exercise in the “dugout” position.  Then PAX complete a circuit of the bases.
Inning 1 – 20 Shoulder presses while in people’s chair.  Circuit = homerun jog around the bases.
Inning 2 – 20 curls in people’s chair. Circuit = homerun jog.
Inning 3 – 20 back rows. Circuit = bear crawl to first, jog to second, bear crawl to third, jog home.
Inning 4 – 20 skull crushers. Circuit = crab walk to first, jog to second, crab walk to third, jog home.
Inning 5 – 20 chest flys. Circuit = alligator crawl to first, jog to second, alligator crawl to third, jog home. -Killer!
Inning 6 – 20 more back rows. Circuit = sprint to first, jog to second, sprint to third, jog home.
Inning 7 – 2 minutes of jump rope. Circuit = “base chase.”  PAX line up at home base. First PAX gets a head start to first base, and then second PAX chases him, third PAX chases second, and so on.  Around the bases we went until one PAX caught another.
7th inning stretch – huggy bears, Morroccan sun gods, and neck and trunk rolls.
Inning 8 – 20 triceps presses. Circuit = imperial walkers to first, toy soldiers to second, imperial walkers to third, toy soldiers home.
Inning 9 – 10 more military presses. jog to “outfield.”=stage.  Prep catching the homerun ball.  10 Derkins, 10 dips, and 10 step-ups each leg.  Jog home.
Pitching change – weighted lunge walk to shovel flag =”pitchers’ mound” and back.  Prep for “the Closer.”

Mary: Dealer’s choice. weighted American hammers, weighted LBC’s, weighted big boys, weighted flutter kicks, toe-touches, windshield wipers, and crunchy frogs.

COT: cor, nor, announcements and prayer requests.Number of FNGs: 1


Saturday, February 2, 2019 @ 7am

Special workout location this weekend moving from the normally scheduled time and place Bee Hive (Emmaus Community Park @ 6:30am) to Faith Church parking lot 7:00am to help increase exposure to F3 as 300 men show up for the annual Men with No Regrets Conference.  Seriously one of the most dangerous workout conditions our PAX has encountered this year.  Starting temperature around 4 degrees and the lines in the parking lot were frozen over.

Disclaimer Q – Uptown

Free, Outdoors, Men Only, Rotational Lead, End with a Circle of Trust.  We are not professional, you assume all risk, be careful it is slippery,  this is not a competition,  modify to your ability level to include not even doing the exercises suggested.  By stating “Aye” and continuing on from this point you accept all risks.

Warmarma Q –  Zena

SSH, Abe Vagoda, Goof Balls, Grass Pickers, Sun Gods, Monkey Humpers, etc.  Mosey shuffle to meet up with Dr. Seuss.

The Thang Q – Dr. Seuss

  1. Form single file line for Pax Indian Run.  Last guy in line drops for 5 merkins, sprints to front of line.
  2. Sprint Hill Repeats – Partner Up.  P1 – Sprints up hill, jogs back down.  P2 – Squats or some other recover exercise. Flap Jack x 5.
  3. Line Dancing – Mosey to double yellow line, quick feet back and forth to Shovel Flag.
  4. Circuit Training – Partner Up for various coupon work on the Mary mats, Jump Rope, Plank, Flap Jack
  5. CSAP – jump rope sprint race across the parking lot.  Winner of race calls out 10 rep exercise for PAX; while he recovers.  Pick up the pieces of Knievel’s back after he slammed the pavement and repeat.

6MOM Q – Beaker

American Hammer, Scissors, Flutters,  LBC’s, Freddie Mercury.

CoT Q – Neon

Thanks and praise for F3 community, blessing of 2 FNG’s today, (Bravo & Kumbia) praying for injured PAX, men conference, and planting more seeds for the God as we all strive to live Third.  Prayers for Bravo’s job search.


Relentless F3.jpg

Number of FNGs: 2

Restoring the Glow

It was Neon’s first time Qing and bringing the pain to the Swamp in 6 weeks. Despite the physical punishment, the PAX’ biggest challenge was the spiritual goal if identifing one new thing that they could do to enhance themselves as men.


Mosey, arm circles, sun gods, abe vagodas, grass pickers, side squats, shuffle and mosey.

The Thang:

Plank work: back to back with no rest plank jacks, merkins, peter parkers, and shoulder taps.

Max set if pullups, back rows, mosey to people’s chair, ankles hops, and squats.

Another round of pullups, back rows, bobby hurley’s, and donkey kicks.

Mosey to flag for mary.

COT: Pray for Knievel, Cougar and other injured PAX.

Balls Out

Tuesday, January 29, 2017 – Gloom weather report near 30 degrees with 100% chance of perspiration.   Winter Storm Jayden knocking on the door last night and this morning robo calls blazing this morning at 5:05am announcing schools closed.   YHC was a little surprised their wasn’t more ski traffic on the way to AO.

Disclaimer – free, men only, no professionals, modify as needed to include not doing suggested exercises, rotational lead, end with circle of trust.  By stating “Aye” and continuing on from this point you accept all risk of injury.

Warmarama  – grabbed a sack of basketballs and mosey to the court about .25 mile away.  Circle for some dynamic stretching.  SSH, arm circles, abe vagoda, high knees, merkins, world war I.  (balance on basketball for extra credit) Finish warm-up with some old school progressive suicide drills with a few wrinkles.

Round 1 – Sprint to Foul Line, Mid-Court, End Line with 1 merkin on each turn.

Round 2 – Sprint to Foul Line, Mid-Court, End Line with 4 count mountain climber on each turn.

Round 3 – Sprint to Foul Line, Mid-Court, End Line with burpee on each turn.

The Thang –  Partner, odd man out is Exercise Shot Clock.

P1 runs half way down the court, P2 throws basketball – catch and run in lay-up.  P1 sprints down for rebound. (flip flop) return.  Repeat for as long as it takes the odd man out to do 25 burpees. Rotate all the way through, switching partners until everyone has chance to be shot clock.

6MOM – mosey back .25 to shovel flag for only 2 minutes of abs.  Mountain climber for the six.  American Hammer and LBCs.


Announcements – No Regrets Men’s Conference this Saturday 7am workout at Faith Church.  Push-up contest always need help counting and getting guys fired up.  Neon is working on 3rd F resources to share.

TAP – prayers for YHC’s buddy getting the help he needs in rehab, prayers for Knievel’s co-workers wife with major surgery.  Neon want to give thanks for an awesome 30 day vacation and mission trip with family down to Chile.


Balls Out.jpg


Five Pax enjoyed the smooth voice work on the Sworkit app as it led us through a guided workout. Sworkit (a.k.a. the Q’s assistant, errr “Lazy Q’s assistant) is smart device app that will design and guide a workout for a specified amount of time on whatever muscle group you choose.



The guy inside Sworkit had us doing some weird stretches and exercises. Don’t want to remember that!



The Sworkout was divided into three segments: Upper Body, Lower Body and Core. Each segment lasted 10 minutes.



We took the last few minutes to perform some cool down stretching, which was also led by the Sworkit dude, and weird.


TAP for the family of co-worker Roger Smith who went home to be with the Lord suddenly last night. Roger was a great guy with a positive attitude and a believer. Rest In Peace brother.

Twas the Tuesday Before Christmas

Verse of the day: Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength,  an ever present help in trouble.

Round of: pick-your-favorite-stretch

Recite verse

Short Mosey

Recite verse

Warm-up: (20)Side Strattle hop’s (20)Imperial walkers (20)plank Jacks (20)shoulder taps (20)squats

Recite verse

The Thang: 50ft side hops left, 50ft side hops right, 50ft bear crawl, 50ft backwards run, 50ft jog, 50ft lunge walks, 50ft crab walk…

Recite verse

Mosey…(10)pull-ups (15)rows (40)step-ups….do it again  (10)pulls (15)rows (40)step-ups…Lightning round (5)pulls (10)rows (20)stepups

Recite verse

Mosey… (10)pushup in cadence  (10) dips in cadence… Balls to the wall

Recite verse

Round of Mary

Mosey back to the shovel flag

Circle of trust…count off……..prayers, praises, prayer requests


Cards for Days

Running late into the Bee Hive, rushing to get the Shovel Flag in place, finding my gloves, dropping my keys, and forgetting to remove my glasses. No one noticed. As we go through life there are speed bumps we must go over and mud puddles we need to drive through. These things suck but the fact is they do exist, and there is nothing we can do about it. Or is there?


“Getting ready for the expected while being ready for the unexpected. (F5).” There are many ways to be prepared from smartphone apps to pen and paper. The fact about those guardrails we put in place to try to control our life is they can not predict the unexpected. So what should we as men do? Expect the unexpected? Well, that is a nice saying that hardly ever come to fruition. Getting prepared has a component that forces you to know how you will react when things go bad.

If you were to have to get your family three miles to the nearest gas station because your car broke down in the middle of now where, could you do it? What if you needed to carry your 40 pound daughter? She is just 40 pounds, right? Fourty pounds, three miles, sounds like a CSAUP we should try. The key is putting yourself into challenging situations on purpose to KNOW how you will react. This will prepare you for the situation you were in but also will prepare you to react to the situation you could be in. Don’t get caught in a monastery with your pants down, I hear there is a draft.



Quite simply I was not prepared for the workout this morning. Good thing F3 created the F3 Workout Deck!  After warming up we took a shot at the workout deck. Each PAX picked a card from the deck and led their respective exercise. After the first round, which included the 25 Burpee card and the 100 SSH card,  Flame changed the game. Picking two card and flip flopping them. Card A’s exercise was performed for the amount of reps on card B, and vice versa. The change up made things interesting but there were no big surprises, this time. I couldn’t imagine doing 100 diamond merkins or monkey humpers.



Flame left early for basketball practice. Prayers for the Socci family for the pending birth of 2.3


Big Chill

The mercury stretched to 17 degrees at 5:30 am. Disclaimer was issued and the PAX was off to the races.


Mosey, arm circles, sun gods, grass pickers, monkey humpers, goof balls, plank, peter prkers, plank jacks and shoulder taps.

The Thang:

Circuit workout: mosey, 15 dry docks incadence, 15 pullups, 15 merkins in cadence, 10 dips in cadence, mosey to statue amd 10 burpees. Repeat for two more times and finish with a round of mary.

Count/Nameorama: 8

COT: Prayers for new baby and friend dealing with cancer

MNF Review

The Eagles’ win the previous night was the talk of the Swamp. It was the Q’s job to battle the banter and keep the PAX out of breathe.


Qurtee mile mosey, ssd’s, goof balls, arm circles, squats, bonnie blairs, abe vagodas and grass pickers.

The Thang

Mosey to starting line. 50 yard near crawl and sode shuffle back. 50-yard cran walk and shuffle back, 50-yard broad jump burpees and job back.

15 recovery squats, 13 dinkey licks. Mosey to swings for 13 swerkins, 13 back rows. Mosey to bandshell for 15 derkins, 15 inclned merkins. mosey to pavilionn for 15 dips and 40 steps up. Mosey to jungle gym for max out pullups amd mosey to parking lot for partner work; 100 cummulative dry docks and shuttle run. Hold plank, peter parkers and Mary

COT: prayers for those going through tough time in holidays, prayers for Uptown’s M and family as they expect third child soon.




6 PAX posted to the Swamp for a Beaker experiment in building up one another.  We were exhorted to be intentional with encouraging and building each other up.

The disclaimer was roughly given and accepted.

As we moseyed to the flag pole, we were challenged to memorize 1 Thessalonians 5:11 by the end of the workout: “So, encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”  We recited the verse throughout the workout and had it down by the end.

Warm-a-rama: Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Monkey Humpers, Grass Pickers, Calf Raises, Hamstring Stretch, Best Stretch Ever, Calf Stretch, Side Planks, Motivators (10 down to 1)

The Thang:

Catch Us If You Can – PAX mosey around loop; one drops for 5 Burpees and sprints to catch up; 2.5 loops ~ ½ mile

Mosey to playground

 B – BTTW (10-count each)

U – Underdogs (10 OYO)

I – Imperial Squat Walkers (20 IC)

L – Lt. Danger (Lunge, Lunge, Squat, Merkin) (12)

D – Dips (20 IC)

Pull-ups: 3 rounds of AMRAP with recovery doing 10 IC of Diamond Merkins, Merkins, and Werkins (one set between each round)

We finished off with a lap around the loop and ended at the shovel flag for Mary.

Mary: Dealer’s choice: Flutter Kicks, Rows, Parker Peter, Big Boy Sit-ups, American Hammers

COT: YHC is always encouraged by my F3 brothers; praise for a good health report for Flame’s M; Thanks for our seasons of life and seeing our shorties grow up as Neon’s oldest celebrates his 10th birthday today; Prayers for friends of Uptown Girl as their daughter is suffering blindness; prayers for Cougar’s friends as they deal with family strife and addiction; and prayers for Knievel’s family as they adjust to a new work schedule.


As Advertised

Black Friday. Clear, dry, 19 degrees.

Not all Black Friday advertisements live up to the hype.  Judging by the mumble chatter at coffeteria, this one did!

Disclaimer verbally accepted by all.

Warm-up:  IC  – SSH, Monkey humpers, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, Merkins, Mayweathers, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, side lunge.  Stretching OYO.

Mosey included side shuffle, butt kickers, and snake the hill.  Brief stops for Derkins and dips.  Pain train back to The Thang.

The Thang:  LAA, LAA, LAA.  4 lanes of legs, abs, and arms.  Each PAX selected a lane, each lane had 3 stations. Leg stations included 30 squats, 20 lunges each side, 10 Bonnie Blairs,  and 30 calf raises. Abs stations included 30 Freddie Mercuries, 30 LBC’s, 30 half-superman, and 30 flutter kicks. Arms stations included coupons for 10 back rows each side, 12 deadlifts, 15 military presses, and 15 curls.  Once each PAX progressed through a lane, he jogged back to the start and began the next lane.

Mary: Dealer’s choice included: crunchy frogs, LBC’s, scissor kicks, American hammers, and windshield wipers.

COT: NOR, COR, announcements and prayer requests.  Pray that Mani’s colonoscopy would be “clean.”  Welcome Butterfingers.