Hamburg 1st Manniversary

Saturday, March 30, 2019 / Hamburg, PA  / 50 degrees, calm winds, and only one car fire on the side of the road.

Showing up 20 minutes early for a workout is a good idea, says no one ever!  Flame, Dr. Seuss, and I enjoyed arriving before Beaker; however, couldn’t manage to sneak in before Longhaul.  The mumble chatter in a clowncar makes getting up extra early well worth it.  The excitement for this day had been building for quite some time.  In truth this Q was having trouble sleeping the night before in anticipation of over 20 men to lead through the gloom for a beat down they wouldn’t soon forget.

Today we also honored Dial-up from the Lehigh Valley Pax with Log of Fame (a.k.a Laddy Glitter Sparkles).  The challenge was made to our Hamburg Pax to get 50 workouts in by next year so we can celebrate by burning their name on the Log and allowing them the honor of torturing each other by carrying the log the entire workout without letting in hit the ground.  If hits ground, 10 penalty burpees each time it hits.

DISCLAIMER  – provided by Dr. Seuss, he was spouting off about his disclaimer being lame and not getting hurt, modifying as need so you can’t pursue the Q for legal damages. It rhymed and made everyone laugh!  I clapped at the end.

WARMARAMA – mosey from the shovel flag to the middle of the park’s grassy field. Circle up for SSH, Abe Vogada, Grass Pickers, Merkins, Alabama Ass Kickers, Monkey Humpers, High Knees, Mountain Climbers, and maybe a few other things to get the heart rate up.

The Thang

YHC ranted for a few moments on F3 is as much about Fitness is it is about Male Community Leadership.  In addition to physically pushing each other our secondary aim is to bring men into more leadership experience, training, and influence. So today’s workout was CUE’d on FOUR aspects of leadership worth remembering.

1.)Listening – which no PAX ever heard their wife say he needed to work on this.

(aka 21s or Simon Says) Timothy Says :  4..8  SSH – 2 count 1 – 4 loud, and then stop exactly after doing 8 more, for a total of 12.  We need to stop exactly at the same time.  Every time we don’t all stop at the same time, there will a group penalty exercise called, starting with 4 reps, progressing to 8.

2.) Perseverance

Timothy’s Pyramid Building – 4 Diamonds 8 Blocks (aka 7 of Diamonds).  At each corner of the diamond, do stated rep count of selected exercise below, progress by 8 each round.  First guy to complete the pyramid picks a card from the F3 deck of pain to do until 6 completes

  1. Burpee x 8
  2. Flutter Kicks x 16
  3. Merkins x 24
  4. Monkey Thrusts x 32

Here is where we reached the base of the pyramid and instead of offering additional beating, we offered some physical and spiritual healing to mediate over.

1 Timothy 4:8 – For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

  1. Head Tappers x 24
  2. Pickle Climbers x 16
  3. Bonnie Blairs x 8

3. Team Work

Block Brigade (also can be done on Stairs or Long Hill) – 4 to 8 guys standing shoulder to shoulder in line.  Man at end passes Paver to guy at the end one man at a time.  Once hand off, race to end of line to receive the block going all the way to designated finish line.  To make extra challenging and ridiculously funny ask guys to Chinese fire drill around the group before taking the brick at end of line.

4. Fun

Rochamburpees Tournament– Rock paper scissors – while in low plank (chillcut) Best out of 3!  Whoever beats you, get become their alliance and cheer them on, as they go against the next challenger.  There was supposed to be some burpee consequences for the losing alliance; however, time was the enemy and we already owed some burpees for a dropped log.  FNG (aka Fumble) was crowned Rochamburpee Tournament Champion taking Long Haul in 3 rounds.


Mosey back to the shovel flag and pay up on the one drop of the log of fame.


CoRama = 25

No Rama = Fumble, Waterboy, Kubota, and Suds

Announcements – Coffeeteria at 412 with full-on cinnabon and grumb cake war between Elli and Jan!  Hiking to top of Pike’s Peak!  Flame urging each man to tell another guy about F3 because they don’t know they need it yet.

P&P – Neon took us out in prayer praising God for all these men of Hamburg and asking continued guidance, protection, wisdom, and growth for all of us.

Number of FNGs: 4

Listless Hands and Weak Knees


24 degrees and sunny!

Three high impact men posted to the Grill for a gloriously sunny morning.  My M pointed out the following verse she came across this past week and YHC thought it would be fun to build a workout off if it.

Hebrews 12:11-13: “Now all discipline seems painful at the time, not joyful. But later it produces the fruit of peace and righteousness for those trained by it. Therefore, strengthen your listless hands and your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but be healed.”

Mosey around park ~ ½ mile

Warm-a-rama: Arm Circles, Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Monkey Humpers, Alabama Ass-Kicker, Best Stretch Ever

During the warm-a-rama, the garbage truck drove by as we were doing Monkey Humpers so I waved to him.  He then returned back down the street while we were doing Alabama Ass Kickers and honked at us.  I think he liked Mr. Green’s backside.  At least we weren’t doing pickle pushers or prom dates!

Mosey to pavilion

The Thang:

  • Strengthen listless hands: Slugger – 20 Diamond Merkins, 20 Merkins, 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Strengthen weak knees – 20 Step Ups each leg; 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • Make Straight paths: Burpee Mile – full lap around park, at every intersection or corner do 5 Burpees (40 total); end at playground
  • Strengthen listless hands: Pullups (AMRAP); 20 Dips X2
  • Strengthen weak knees: 10 Bonnie Blairs
  • Make Straight paths: Indian Run long way around park to the bandstand

YHC estimates we ran a total of ~ 2.5 miles.

Mary: Dealer’s Choice — Catalina Wine Mixers, Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercuries, Star Fish Crunch, Side Planks, LBCs

All agreed it was a good beat down.

COT: Announcements, Praise/Pray Requests, Prayer and off to coffeeteria!

Exponential Exercises


30 degrees, clear

3 PAX arrived at the grill to hear a recitation of Dr. Seuss’s rhyming disclaimer.

Warm-a-rama: run ~ ½ mile lap around the park. Arm Circles, Trunk rolls, Abe Vigoda, Monkey Humpers, Seal Jacks

The Thang:

Exponential Exercise

  • Run to playground
  • 5 Pullups
  • Run halfway to bandstand
  • 10 Dips
  • Run to bandstand
  • 20 Merkins
  • Run to playground pavilion
  • 40 LBCs
  • 80 Squats

Return to playground; repeat 2X

Prior to the last round be took a break by doing 10 Underdogs on the swings

Mary: Dealer’s choice — Freddie Mercury, Duck Walk, Crunchy Frogs, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, WWIs

COT: Announcements (5K opportunity next Saturday, Maniversery coming up end of March – EH FNGs), Praise/Pray Requests, Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Prayer — thanks for another beautiful morning to be outside and moving, prayers for men of F3 Hamburg, prayers for wisdom as Mr. Green and Apollo manage their respective businesses.

Following the workout, Beaker and Mr. Green went to Four Twelve where we met up with some Starskys — Ditto and Pocahontas.  It was good to catch up with more of the PAX even though they skipped the workout (smart sacking).

Workout Deck at the Grill


20 degrees, 14 mph wind, clear

7:00 AM arrived with Ditto and YHC in attendance. We dutifully took off for a mosey around the park. Once we were on the other side, we saw a car pull in so we took the short route back to pick up Mr. Green.

Warm-a-rama: Arm Circles, Huggy Bears, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Imperial Walkers. Another full lap around the park for a total of ~ 1 mile.

Return to the band stand which was somewhat sheltered from the wind. YHC recently bought an F3 workout deck and wanted to try it out. We each took a turn picking a card and Q’ing the exercise. It turned out to be good practice for the guys to practice their cadence calling. We got a good mix of cardio, upper body, core, and leg exercises and made it through over half of the deck.

COT: thanksgiving for a beautiful, albeit chilly, morning to workout. Prayers for the PAX some of our shorties.

Following the strenuous part of the workout we headed to Four Twelve for the best part of the workout — coffeeteria.




18 degrees, clear, no wind

YHC arrived at the Grill and began to have that sinking feeling that I would be solo.  7:00 came and went.  I was beginning to do stretches and warm up in preparation for a solo run when Mr. Green pulled up a few minutes later followed by Wichita.  I had planned an ALARM routine but already had it in my head to run the trail so, being the Q, I exercised my prerogative and changed the plan.

Short warm-a-rama (SSH, Arm Circles) then moseyed to the bridge over the Schuylkill River.  10 Dips IC then Calf stretches, Hamstring stretches, Butt Kickers and High Knees across the bridge.

The Thang:

~ 2 mile run along the river trail.  The air was brisk and cold but as the sun came up and we progressed along the trail it became downright comfortable and turned out to be a beautiful morning as we loped along the river and through the woods.  We stopped at intervals for exercises which included Diamond Merkins, Squats, Plank Hurdles, Carolina Dry Docks, Flutter Kicks, Step Ups, Lunge Walk, Declined Merkins, and maybe some other stuff.  Lots of good mumblechatter along the way.

After crossing back over the bridge, we sprinted to the shovel flag and YHC was left in the dust of Wichita’s long legged stride with Mr. Green close behind him.  So, not to be shown up I lead them to the playground for a round of AMRAP of Pullups and Underdogs.

We finished off the workout with Pistol Squats and a round of Mary: Reverse Crunches, Crunchy Frogs (Mr. Green’s current favorite), Dolly, and Alabama Prom Dates.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for COT.

COT: Thanks for Mr. Green’s 2.2’s birthday today, prayers for a classmate of Wichita’s 2.1 who was in a bad car accident and is undergoing surgery and recovery along with his mother.



~ 40 degrees and light rain.

3 PAX posted for another rainy day workout.  The disclaimer was given and we started off by moseying down the street and back (almost had to outrun a german shepherd).  We returned to the band stand where the rest of the workout took place due to the rain.

YHC decided to start off the year with reviewing a Q Point at each workout.

 Q Source: F1 – Disruption – Disturbance to the status-quo

Matthew 10:34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Warm-a-rama: Arm Circles, SSH, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Best Stretch Ever, Slow to fast Mountain Climbers, Plank Jack

The Thang:

The workout was planned for partners which is difficult with 3 PAX.  However, we adapted accordingly.

  • Lazy Dora: Partner up – Cumulative total of exercises: P1 exercise; P2 stationary
    • Total 100 Merkins: P1 10 Merkin; P2 Plank
    • Total 200 LBC: P1 20 LBC; P2 6 Inches
    • Total 300 Squats: P1 25 Squats; P2 Al Gore
  • Partner up:
    • P1 Plank while P2 hops over partner 10X; flapjack
    • P1 Side Plank while P2 hops over partner 5X; switch sides/hops 5X; flapjack
    • P1 6 Inches while P2 hops over partner 10X; flapjack
    • 10 Declined Merkins off Partner; flapjack
  • Bear Crawl across stage
  • Lunge Walk across stage
  • Wheel Barrow across stage (partners)
  • Partner Carry across stage
  • BTTW
  • Flying Squirrels across stage

Mary: Dealer’s Choice: Flutter Kicks, WWI, Freddie Mercury, American Hammers

ATM: Alternating Shoulder Taps (15 IC), 10 Tempo Merkins, 10 Fast Merkins

Crunch Frogs and Star Fish Crunches

COT: Prayers for Lyft who will have triple bi-pass surgery this coming Tuesday, prayers for family and Mr. Green’s 2.1 recovering from Lyme.

IronPAX Challenge Week 3 at the Grill


Two PAX (including YHC) posted for this third challenge.  Not sure if the others were still recovering from last week, scared off, or had valid excuses (several supplied seemingly legitimate excuses).

Warm-a-rama: mosey to end of street for SSH, Abe Vigoda, Frankensteins, Butt Kickers, and maybe some other stuff that I can’t remember.

Return to the shovel flag for the Thang:

AMRAP in 30 minutes:

  • 15 Burpee Block Jump overs
  • 50 Hand Release Merkins
  • Broad Jump 10 yards and back
  • 14 Burpee BJOs
  • 50 Goblet Squats with coupon
  • Broad Jump 10 yards and back
  • 13 Burpee BJOs
  • 50 Leg Raises while holding coupon over chest
  • Broad Jump 10 yards and back
  • 12 Burpee BJOs
  • Repeat sequence starting with Hand Release Merkins decreasing Burpees by 1 each round

We were able to complete 2 full rounds (down to 10 Burpee BJOs) within the 30 minutes for a total of ~ 375 reps (we lost count during some of the sets).

We had ~ 20 minutes to kill so we ran a lap around the park (~ 1/2 mile), then did some ab exercises, and dips before calling it a day.

COT: prayers for men in our group and us to be better husbands, fathers, leaders.

IronPAX Challenge #2 in The Grill

YHC woke to two text messages — Teardrop and Wichita were at the shore and would not make the workout and Mr. Clean had two football scrimmages and a double graduation party to prepare for so he would also not make it.  Nonetheless, four PAX showed up in the morning gloom at the Grill.  However, even Ringworm announced that he had a bicep injury that would preclude him from full participation in the challenge.  T-claps to him for showing up and modifying the workout around his injury.

The disclaimer was given and all moseyed to the tennis court for warm-a-rama: Sun Gods, Arm Circles, Abe Vigoda, Monkey Humpers, Best Stretch Ever, Plank Jacks, and SSH.

Mosey back to the truck to pick up our coupons — being a frugal dutch man, YHC used what was available, old 40 pound cement blocks.  No wimpy 25 pounders for the Hamburg PAX!  Just a short way into the first round and YHC had serious doubts about his stubborn decision not to acquire the prescribed blocks.  Ringworm proved to have better foresight and brought several 12 pound plates.  He and Ditto opted to use 2 each of them.  Mr. Green and YHC toughed it out with the crusty old cinder blocks.

Eight minutes each of AMRAP of Thrusters, Curls, Kettle Bell Swings, and Manmakers using the coupon of choice with 2-minute rest between sets.  Run 25 yards up and back after each 25-rep interval.

I’m sure we didn’t break any records but put in a commendable effort to be proud of.  We were totally gassed by the time the final alarm rang.

During our COT, YHC received a text from Teardrop with a photo confirming that he and Wichita had just completed a workout at the campground they were staying at, so YHC decided to give them credit for an F3 workout.  Good work men!

COT: prayers for Mr. Green’s family during the loss of a grandfather; praise for a friend of Ditto who came through heart surgery very successfully.


Image 8-18-18 at 1.25 PM (2).jpg

Ladders and Fire


A foggy morning broke following the torrential rains the night before leaving a soggy park for our workout.

Seven PAX including one FNG vacated the fartsack despite various plausible reasons why they could have skipped the workout including a 12-hour drive the day prior, working late into the night in the rain to keep the lights on for the rest of us, and managing a sodden campground.

The mission and principles of F3 were explained to the FNG and the disclaimer was given and accepted by all except Teardrop who arrived late but just in time for Warm-a-rama: SSH, Arm Circles, Abe Vigoda, Monkey Humper, Peter Parker, Plank Jack, Carioca, Butt Kickers, High Knees, Frankenstein

The Thang:
• DMC – markers set at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards (YHC intended to set markers to 50 yards but didn’t realize that one needs 6 markers not 5…duh). Duck walk 10 yards; 5 Merkins; Crawl Bear back; Repeat for each marker and ladder up 5 Merkins each time. The final crawl back convinced YHC that it was fortunate the markers were miscounted.
• Indian Run around the park (~ ½ mile)
• Randorama – 10 each in rapid succession: Squats, Side Planks, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Imperial Walkers, Burpees
• Fire Drill – PAX in circle, high knees. Each in turn calls out Fire and all hit the ground, roll right Merkin, roll left Merkin and back up. Following this exercise, we were all thoroughly wet with both sweat and dew along with a coating of grass clippings. We figured we’d make a great impression at coffeeteria.
• Suicide Shuttle Run – 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard markers.
• Deconstructed Burpees – 10 Squats, 10 Leg Thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 Leg Thrusts; ladder down from 10 to 1. This was a favorite of the PAX. YHC feared a rebellion would break out except they lacked the energy to do so.
• Captain Thor (1:4 ratio of Big Boy Sit-Up: American Hammer; start with 1:4 ladder to 10:40)
• People’s Chair for a 10-count from each of the PAX

Mary: Dealer’s Choice – Imperial Walkers, Box Cutters, Freddie Mercury, Hollow Body Rockers, Side Plank Dips, Parker Peters. Wichita had the privilege of calling the final exercise and decided to challenge us with a strong finish of 50 reverse crunches. These new younger PAX are going to push us to new heights (or kill us older guys in the process)

COT: Announcements – Boulder Scramble 11-Aug, Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama: welcome Mr. Green into F3. He got his name from his nursery business and it rhymes with Mr. Clean (such is the logic of F3 names). We also had to re-name Wooly since YHC realized there is already a Wooly in the Fleetwood PAX so after much deliberation; he was officially re-named “Ditto”. Prayer – Wichita’s sister as she battles some health issues; thanksgiving for the privilege of coming together as men to motivate each other to accelerate in our fitness, fellowship, and faith.