Hamburg 1st Manniversary

Saturday, March 30, 2019 / Hamburg, PA  / 50 degrees, calm winds, and only one car fire on the side of the road.

Showing up 20 minutes early for a workout is a good idea, says no one ever!  Flame, Dr. Seuss, and I enjoyed arriving before Beaker; however, couldn’t manage to sneak in before Longhaul.  The mumble chatter in a clowncar makes getting up extra early well worth it.  The excitement for this day had been building for quite some time.  In truth this Q was having trouble sleeping the night before in anticipation of over 20 men to lead through the gloom for a beat down they wouldn’t soon forget.

Today we also honored Dial-up from the Lehigh Valley Pax with Log of Fame (a.k.a Laddy Glitter Sparkles).  The challenge was made to our Hamburg Pax to get 50 workouts in by next year so we can celebrate by burning their name on the Log and allowing them the honor of torturing each other by carrying the log the entire workout without letting in hit the ground.  If hits ground, 10 penalty burpees each time it hits.

DISCLAIMER  – provided by Dr. Seuss, he was spouting off about his disclaimer being lame and not getting hurt, modifying as need so you can’t pursue the Q for legal damages. It rhymed and made everyone laugh!  I clapped at the end.

WARMARAMA – mosey from the shovel flag to the middle of the park’s grassy field. Circle up for SSH, Abe Vogada, Grass Pickers, Merkins, Alabama Ass Kickers, Monkey Humpers, High Knees, Mountain Climbers, and maybe a few other things to get the heart rate up.

The Thang

YHC ranted for a few moments on F3 is as much about Fitness is it is about Male Community Leadership.  In addition to physically pushing each other our secondary aim is to bring men into more leadership experience, training, and influence. So today’s workout was CUE’d on FOUR aspects of leadership worth remembering.

1.)Listening – which no PAX ever heard their wife say he needed to work on this.

(aka 21s or Simon Says) Timothy Says :  4..8  SSH – 2 count 1 – 4 loud, and then stop exactly after doing 8 more, for a total of 12.  We need to stop exactly at the same time.  Every time we don’t all stop at the same time, there will a group penalty exercise called, starting with 4 reps, progressing to 8.

2.) Perseverance

Timothy’s Pyramid Building – 4 Diamonds 8 Blocks (aka 7 of Diamonds).  At each corner of the diamond, do stated rep count of selected exercise below, progress by 8 each round.  First guy to complete the pyramid picks a card from the F3 deck of pain to do until 6 completes

  1. Burpee x 8
  2. Flutter Kicks x 16
  3. Merkins x 24
  4. Monkey Thrusts x 32

Here is where we reached the base of the pyramid and instead of offering additional beating, we offered some physical and spiritual healing to mediate over.

1 Timothy 4:8 – For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

  1. Head Tappers x 24
  2. Pickle Climbers x 16
  3. Bonnie Blairs x 8

3. Team Work

Block Brigade (also can be done on Stairs or Long Hill) – 4 to 8 guys standing shoulder to shoulder in line.  Man at end passes Paver to guy at the end one man at a time.  Once hand off, race to end of line to receive the block going all the way to designated finish line.  To make extra challenging and ridiculously funny ask guys to Chinese fire drill around the group before taking the brick at end of line.

4. Fun

Rochamburpees Tournament– Rock paper scissors – while in low plank (chillcut) Best out of 3!  Whoever beats you, get become their alliance and cheer them on, as they go against the next challenger.  There was supposed to be some burpee consequences for the losing alliance; however, time was the enemy and we already owed some burpees for a dropped log.  FNG (aka Fumble) was crowned Rochamburpee Tournament Champion taking Long Haul in 3 rounds.


Mosey back to the shovel flag and pay up on the one drop of the log of fame.


CoRama = 25

No Rama = Fumble, Waterboy, Kubota, and Suds

Announcements – Coffeeteria at 412 with full-on cinnabon and grumb cake war between Elli and Jan!  Hiking to top of Pike’s Peak!  Flame urging each man to tell another guy about F3 because they don’t know they need it yet.

P&P – Neon took us out in prayer praising God for all these men of Hamburg and asking continued guidance, protection, wisdom, and growth for all of us.

Number of FNGs: 4

Hard Easy


Five PAX posted to the Grill but failed miserably at their assignment of coming prepared with a portion of the workout to Q.  They simply stated they new YHC would be prepared…yeah, YHC is an enabler…gotta work on that.

So, off we went on a mosey down the street and YHC was reminded that the disclaimer was not given (at least they are picking up on the necessary structure of the workout).

Warm-a-rama: SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Side Squats, Angle Grinders, Mountain Climbers, head back to shovel flag via Butt Kickers, High Knees, Side Shuffle.

The Thang:

Belching — lay flat on grass, then sprint ~ 20 yards and drop; 10 Peter Parkers/ 20 Pickle Pushers; sprint and drop; 20 Shoulder Taps/ 20 Crunchy Frogs; sprint and drop; 20 Crab Cakes/ 20 WWI Sit-up; sprint and drop; 10 Parker Peters.

Mosey to hill for a Rampage — Bear Crawl up the hill; 10 Bobby Hurleys; Bear Crawl down; 10 Squats; Repeat

During the rampage we talked about living life hard/easy vs. easy/hard — take on the hard stuff in life rather than passively avoiding it so life gets easier over time as you build resilience (as opposed to avoiding the hard stuff which eventually catches up with you and overwhelms — easy/hard).  This was from a recent F3 podcast by Agony on the way of Adam, rejecting and overcoming passivity — highly recommended.

Mr. Clean mentioned he had some coupons in his truck (2 cinder blocks and some 35-pound weights) so we thought we should take advantage of them.  Mosey to the truck to collect the coupons and then partner up — P1 did overhead Triceps extensions while P2 ran ~ 100 yards out and back; cumulative total of 100 extensions.

Ascending Curb Crawl — Bear crawl across the street, do 1 Merkin, Bear crawl back and do 2 Derkins off the railing; repeat until we reach 12 Merkins; halfway through the complaints got loud enough that we switched to a duck walk instead of a bear crawl.

Lt Dans to mid the field — 1 Squat: 2 Lunges; ladder up to 5 Squats: 10 Lunges

Next we tried a new exercise — Swirleys — Partner up; P1 holds P2’s legs up in the air while P2 does pushups (5 at 45 degrees, 5 at 60 degrees, and 5 in a full hand stand).  YHC learned what a real swirley was (yeah YHC was a bit sheltered and was neither a participant nor a victim of a swirley in high school unlike the other delinquents in the PAX).

Mosey to the band shell to wrap up

10 Newton’s Cradles, Febreeze (2 BigBoy sit-ups: 10 Air presses while holding six inches; ladder up to 8 BB sit-ups: 40 Air presses/6 inches), Dealer’s Choice for Mary: Hollow Body Rocks, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 6 inches for 15-count around by each PAX, 2o Leg Raises while holding on to the railing.

COT — Thankful for the time we enjoyed sweating it out; prayers for PAX who coach and for the influence they have in the lives of their teams; prayers for Beaker as he leads a men’s Bible study on friendship starting in a couple of weeks.


Share my Troubles

Six PAX posted to a rare sunny morning at the Grill.  The disclaimer was given and we moseyed to the end of  the street for warm-a-rama: Arm Circles, SSH, Abe Vigoda, Best Stretch Ever, Plank Jack, Side Lunges.

Mosey to basketball court for line hops down the court; return via Frankensteins.

Suicides runs — foul line, center court, foul line, full court; plank for six, 10 Diamond Merkins IC.  Repeat followed by 10 Wide Merkins IC.  YHC had planned to do 3 runs but since could barely breath to count the reps decided two was enough.

Mosey to the Shovel Flag for the Thang:

Share my Troubles (Philippians 4:14): one PAX start count of squats in center of circle while others start at one of the surrounding stations.  When PAX complete a set of the prescribed reps, he relieves the man in the center and continues the count of squats.  Keep going until 600 cumulative reps completed.  Stations: 15 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Peter Parkers, 15 Bonnie Blairs, 20 WWI Sit-ups, 20 Flutter Kicks, 20 Half Superman.

Mosey to Playground: Pullups (AMRAP), Underdogs (AMRAP)

Mosey to Bandshell: One PAX named an exercise for the rest to do while he ran ~ 70 yards out and back.  Exercises where: BTTW, Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Wall Sit, Mountain Climbers, Six Inches

Mosey to Pavilion: 10 Abyss Merkins, Step Ups, Abyss Merkins (AMRAP), Reverse Crunches, Six Inches, Freddie Mercuries, LBCs, Starfish Crunch.

COT: Prayers for people in the Carolinas during the storm, specifically for Teardrop’s nephew and his family.  Prayers for Wichita’s sister-in-law who is in the Peace Corps in Fiji.  Beaker will be leading a Men’s Bible Study on Friendship starting October 2nd.

Another Soggy Slog


2 ½ inches of rain overnight on top of already water-logged ground…the Grill was sodden. YHC arrived ~ 15 minutes early and searched for the driest 100-yard stretch on the field for the IronPAX pre-challenge. Not much luck, the stretch still had areas of standing water. Oh well, we would just have to resign to being soaked.

Five PAX arrived, disclaimer was given and we started the workout in the only dry spot – the band shell.

Warm-a-rama: SSH, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Plank Jacks, Best Stretch Ever

Off to the middle field of the park while taking some detours around pools of water

The Thang:
Preseason IronPAXChallenge: Time Scored 1 round:
• 25 hand-release Merkins
• 100 yard bear crawl
• 25 hand-release Merkins
• 100 yard bear crawl
All PAX finished strong with times ranging from 6 to 7 ½ minutes. We were all now thoroughly soaked.

Mary Mile – run ~ 1 mile along the Schuylkill River, stop every 1/5 mile for Ab exercise: 50 LBC, 50 Flutter Kicks, 50 Imperial Walkers, 50 Freddie Mercury, 50 Climber Taps

Mosey to playground
• Morning Call – 1 PAX in turn does Pullups (AMRAP), other PAX do squats for each pullup
• 20 Dips
• Zombie Walk back to shovel flag
• WMD – 10 each Werkin, Merkin, Diamond Merkin

COT: Announcements – next week is campout at Blue Rocks Campground and Boulder Scramble, Praise/Pray Requests – prayers for our pastor (F3-General) who experiences health issues this past week; praise for Wichita’s sister who is responding well to her treatment , Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Prayer

Ladders and Fire


A foggy morning broke following the torrential rains the night before leaving a soggy park for our workout.

Seven PAX including one FNG vacated the fartsack despite various plausible reasons why they could have skipped the workout including a 12-hour drive the day prior, working late into the night in the rain to keep the lights on for the rest of us, and managing a sodden campground.

The mission and principles of F3 were explained to the FNG and the disclaimer was given and accepted by all except Teardrop who arrived late but just in time for Warm-a-rama: SSH, Arm Circles, Abe Vigoda, Monkey Humper, Peter Parker, Plank Jack, Carioca, Butt Kickers, High Knees, Frankenstein

The Thang:
• DMC – markers set at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards (YHC intended to set markers to 50 yards but didn’t realize that one needs 6 markers not 5…duh). Duck walk 10 yards; 5 Merkins; Crawl Bear back; Repeat for each marker and ladder up 5 Merkins each time. The final crawl back convinced YHC that it was fortunate the markers were miscounted.
• Indian Run around the park (~ ½ mile)
• Randorama – 10 each in rapid succession: Squats, Side Planks, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Imperial Walkers, Burpees
• Fire Drill – PAX in circle, high knees. Each in turn calls out Fire and all hit the ground, roll right Merkin, roll left Merkin and back up. Following this exercise, we were all thoroughly wet with both sweat and dew along with a coating of grass clippings. We figured we’d make a great impression at coffeeteria.
• Suicide Shuttle Run – 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard markers.
• Deconstructed Burpees – 10 Squats, 10 Leg Thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 Leg Thrusts; ladder down from 10 to 1. This was a favorite of the PAX. YHC feared a rebellion would break out except they lacked the energy to do so.
• Captain Thor (1:4 ratio of Big Boy Sit-Up: American Hammer; start with 1:4 ladder to 10:40)
• People’s Chair for a 10-count from each of the PAX

Mary: Dealer’s Choice – Imperial Walkers, Box Cutters, Freddie Mercury, Hollow Body Rockers, Side Plank Dips, Parker Peters. Wichita had the privilege of calling the final exercise and decided to challenge us with a strong finish of 50 reverse crunches. These new younger PAX are going to push us to new heights (or kill us older guys in the process)

COT: Announcements – Boulder Scramble 11-Aug, Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama: welcome Mr. Green into F3. He got his name from his nursery business and it rhymes with Mr. Clean (such is the logic of F3 names). We also had to re-name Wooly since YHC realized there is already a Wooly in the Fleetwood PAX so after much deliberation; he was officially re-named “Ditto”. Prayer – Wichita’s sister as she battles some health issues; thanksgiving for the privilege of coming together as men to motivate each other to accelerate in our fitness, fellowship, and faith.

Grilled Barchetta


Seven men took the daily red pill this morning to accelerate their fitness, fellowship, and faith. Once Mr. Clean and, finally, Teardrop rolled in on the dot we were able to start. Since we had two FNGs, F3 core principles were explained and the disclaimer was given. The alternative to accept the disclaimer was to head directly to Four Twelve and savor some good coffee while waiting for the rest to show up after the workout. Surprisingly, no one opted for this. The one FNG showed up for F3 since his tennis partner ditched him this week and he didn’t want to endure any jibes for not doing physical exercise during our weekly gathering at Four Twelve (YHC predicted he would post to F3 in last week’s back blast).

Mosey to the tennis court for warm-a-rama: Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Slow to Fast Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks.

The Thang:
Start off with Ascending Testicles – feet at 15 degrees for 10 Merkins, then 45 degrees for 10 more, and then full BTTW (or in this case, balls to the chain link fence).

Mosey to the far side of the park for Red Barchetta. Disclaimer – Flame and I did not coordinate our workouts today. I read his backblast from the Beehive and laughed that we had similar plans for inflicting pain on our respective PAX.

Red Barchetta: cones were set at ~ 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards. Run to 100 yards and do 100 Squats, run back and plank for the six; run to 75 and do 75 Mountain Climbers, return and plank, 50 yards/50 LBCs, 25 yards/25 Merkins, 10 Yards/10 Burpee, then do a staggered Merkin crawl back to the start.

Mosey to playground for Morning Call – all PAX in Dip position, in turn, each runs to the pull-up bar to call out 10 pull-ups while the PAX do one dip for each pull-up.

Plank Hurdles back to the shovel flag for some Global Warming – hold Al Gore position and shuffle around in circle; stop for 15 Bobby Hurleys, 15 Hillbillies, and 10 Burpees in cadence. There was mumblechatter about looking silly during this but not as silly as last week when we drew attention from a friend of Mr. Clean who saw us doing Walk Like an Egyptian along the highway.

Following Global Warming, Apollo starting whining about not running like we did last week so over complaints from the PAX, YHC lead a run around the baseball field – first half mosey, second quarter Nur, and final leg a sprint.

Mary: Dealer’s Choice – American Hammers, Six Inches, WWI, Hollow Body Rockers, Freddie Mercury, LBCs, and an arched back leg up dip something or other that our FNG lead which turns out to be a good back exercise.

COT: Announcements – Convergence next week, Cruise Night at TBC on Thursday, plans for Boulder Scramble on August 11th. Prayer request – Ringworm’s and Teardrop’s families during the loss of their grandmother.
We welcomed our two FNG’s into F3 with names of Wooly due to his flock of wool-bearing livestock and of Wichita (think Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell)

Following the workout, all of the PAX recuperated from the beat down at Four Twelve for various caffeinated beverages (or juice, in Apollo’s case). The mumblechatter was lively and uplifting.

Trail Run


Four PAX posted to the Grill this morning to partake in a trail blazing adventure. The disclaimer was given on the run and was necessary as we traversed uneven trails, dodged poison ivy, dog land mines, lay in tick-infested grass, and attempted new exercises.

Warm-a-rama: SSH, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Quad Stretches, Mountain Climbers, Best Stretch Ever

The Thang: Trail Run – cross Schuylkill River to Wetland Trail (~ 2.5 mile loop)
This workout was fluid as we adapted to whatever the trail offered us. Between stretches of running we did the following:

• Nur across bridge (which goes on further than anticipated)
• Crowd Pleaser (1 Merkin:1 Groiner, increase to 5:5 and back to 1:1)
• 20 American Hammers
• 10 each Panerkins/Power Merkins (both decline and incline)
• 20 Squats
• 20 Flutter Kicks
• Plank Hurdles for ~ 50 yards (and up hill)

We arrived at the parking lot for the Bartram Trail and conveniently found a metal gate across the road to the dam. As YHC has not yet experienced Cliff Hanger Merkins, this was a great opportunity. Mr. Clean lifted my feet up while I tried out the exercise. It worked great and even better when Mr. Clean decided to modify up by doing overhead presses with my legs. Each got a turn and we continued on our trek with the following stops:

• 20 Star Fish Crunches
• 10 Sphinx Merkins
• ~ 10 Side to Side Merkins

We arrived at Industrial Drive and to catch attention of passing motorists, traversed ~ 50 yards with Walk Like and Egyptian (Lunge and hold with twist into the lunge, last in line jail breaks to front of line and all take next lunge step). We continued our run to the Schuylkill River Trail and found an embankment that called out for us to do 4 rounds of Clock Merkins. For the final leg of our journey, Ringworm challenged us to a sprint back across the bridge, which, of course, he won due to his jackrabbit tendencies. He then further distinguished himself by pointing out that the ramp down from the bridge offered a prefect spot to do 20 Dips.

We all arrived back at the shovel flag with ~ 6 minutes to spare so we ended the workout with Dealers Choice of 6 minutes of Mary: Freddie Mercury, Six Inches, Side to Side Crunches, Dolly.

COT: Announcements – upcoming Convergence in Reading, plans to do a Boulder Scramble at Blue Rocks Campground. Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Prayer

The workout was followed by our usual coffeteria at Four Twelve Café where we met up for the second week in a row with Bones and another future F3-guy (he just doesn’t know it yet) who had a tennis match. The coffee and camaraderie where excellent, of course.

Four Corners Escalator


Disclaimer: Welcome to F3. There are some things you need to know about F3 and we always need to remind each other:
1. Only men over the age of 18 can participate in the workout and accept this disclaimer.
2. I am not a professional, which points to our core principal of being volunteer peer-lead.
3. The exercises I suggest are just that – suggestions. I am not compelling anyone to do anything. If I suggest something you are not comfortable with, modify as necessary to include even NOT doing the exercise. This is not a pass fail workout or group.
4. From continuing on from this point, and going on this workout with us you are accepting the very real risk of injury. Please note we are exercising on public domain and you will be traversing uneven ground, its dark, and some spots may be slippery, you could lose footing quickly.
Now is the time to either get in your car or state “Aye” affirming acceptance of risk of this workout.

Day’s Thought: I am Third – “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Mosey to end of street
Warm-a-rama: Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Slow to Fast Mountain Climbers, Plank Jack,
Mosey to Basketball court

The Thang:
Four Corners Escalator: travel to each corner of basketball court do prescribed exercise/reps, next corner add exercise/reps:
Round 1
Side shuffle; 1) 10 Burpees, 2) 10 Burpees/20 Merkins, 3) 10 Burpees/20 Merkins/30 LBCs, 4) 10 Burpees/20 Merkins/30 LBCs/40 Jump Ups
Round 2
Carioca; 1) 10 Squats, 2) 10 Squats/20 Shoulder Taps, 3) 10 Squats/20 Shoulder Taps/30 Crab Cakes, 4) 10 Squats/20 Shoulder Taps/30 Crab Cakes/40 Bobby Hurleys
Round 3
Nur; 1) 10 Donkey Kicks, 2) 10 Donkey Kicks/20 Flutter Kicks, 3) 10 Donkey Kicks/20 Flutter Kicks/30 Imperial Walkers, 4) 10 Donkey Kicks/20 Flutter Kicks/30 Imperial Walkers/40 Star Jacks

Mosey to Playground
• Pullups (AMRAP)
• Under Dogs (AMRAP)
• 20 Dips
Mosey to Shovel Flag

Mary: American Hammer, Homer to Marge to Mr. Burns, Freddie Mercury, Superman, Rockers, Parker Peter

COT: Prayers for Waldo’s upcoming travels, Mr. Clean’s friends recent loss of father/husband, and Apollo’s health issue

The PAX were good sports with this workout and all finished well. In the spirit of efficiency, since the workout went well, YHC will use this as the weinke for tomorrow’s workout at the Swamp (this is one of the benefits of straddling two AO’s with different PAX). So, if anyone from the Macungie PAX is reading this, be forewarned.

Soggy Slog


Four PAX swallowed the DRP this morning and demonstrated that they have been taken by the F3 insanity as they posted to the Grill in the rain. Even YHC found it hard to vacate the fartsack as the rain outside tried to seduce me into pulling the blanket up, rolling over, and drifting back off to sleep.

The disclaimer was given. We took advantage of the rain letting up to a light drizzle and ventured off to the tennis court for warm-a-rama: Abe Vigoda, Sun Gods Sobriety Style, Carioca across court; Butt Kickers back, Grass Pickers, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jack.

Mosey to Playground
The Thang:
• 5 Pullups then run ~ 150 yards to pavilion by shovel flag
• 10 Dips then run ~ 150 yards to playground
• 20 Merkins then run ~ 150 yards to pavilion
• 40 Reverse Crunches then run ~ 150 yards to playground
• 80 Squats
Repeato for 3 sets – during the last set, the drizzle turned to rain so we modified as follows:
5 Psudo Planche Merkins, High Knees for 1 minute, 10 Dips, 20 Step Ups, 20 Merkins, 40 Reverse Crunches, 80 Squats

The band shell was off limits due to a group setting up for a 2.5, 5, and 10 K race registration, so we modified the planned workout (after all, it is just a guidance…)

• 10 Donkey Kicks
• 10 Mike Tysons
• 10 Flutter Kicks
• Plank for 1 minute
• 10 Derkins
• 80 Overhead Presses
• ~ 10 Superman
• Alphabet
• 10 Windshield Wipers

Finished off the workout with a damp lap around the ball field

COT: Announcements, Praise/Pray Requests, Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Prayer – continued prayers for Mr. Clean and family as they host and minister to their friend’s family during their recent loss.



Three PAX posted to the Grill on this glorious June morning for mutual pain and encouragement.

The disclaimer was mentioned briefly but that was due to significant mumblechatter that was deemed more important at the time.

Mosey to the end of the street for warm-a-rama: Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Goofball, Grass Pickers, Carolina Dry Docks, Peter Parker

Mosey back to the shovel flag via the river trail with a stop at YHC’s truck to pick up a coupon – one concrete masonry unit (CMU) per PAX.

The Thang:
Flora 1-2-3: normally for this routine, we would partner up but with just three of us we each did a set of reps while the other two held the prescribed position. This resulted in twice the burn we would have otherwise.
1) While each in turn did sets of 10 Derkins off the CMU, the others held plank (not too bad); combined total of 120 Derkins
2) Each did sets of 20 LBC while holding their CMU on their chest; others held legs at six inches while holding their CMU up over their chests (burn baby burn); combined total of 210 LBCs
3) Each did sets of 30 Goblet Squats with their CMU; others held a squat position while holding their CMU (major burn!!!); combined total of 300 Goblet Squats

Recovery run around the field. Return to shovel flag

10 Blockees (Burpee with CMU – do Merkin on CMU, return to stand and press CMU overhead)
10 Elf on Shelf – on six with CMU at side, lift CMU high over body and set on the other side; return to original position for one rep.

Recovery run around the field.

Colt 45 – CMU curls; 15 reps from bottom to ½ way; 15 from ½ way to top; 15 full range

Mary: Dealer’s Choice – Freddie Mercury, Dolly, WWI, Under-leg Claps, Box Cutters

COT: Prayer to our Lord and God for wisdom, strength, and comfort as one of our PAX ministers to the family of his friend who committed suicide. We as men need to be connected in order to support one another as we go through storms of life. We do not have to bear burdens alone. Our own minds can be a downward spiraling trap without a caring brother to add perspective and speak life into another.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests, but each of you to the interests of others. Phil 2:3-4

Construction on Route 66

Saturday, 02-Jun-2018

Four PAX arrived at the Grill for a trip around the park. The morning was beautiful but as the heat was turned up the humidity built or was that just more intense sweating?

Warm-a-rama: Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Hillbillies, Monkey Humper, Peter Parker, Plank Jack

The Thang:
Route 66: Run lap around the entire park (~ ¾ mile); stop at each corner and half way on each block (11 stops) to do exercise: start with 1 burpee and increase by one at each stop for a total of 66 burpees

Mosey to pavilion

Mucho Chesto/Abs – series of 10 Merkins/ 10 Abs:
• Werkin/Dolly
• Diamond/Flutter Kicks
• Ranger/Freddie Mercury
• Derkin/LBC
• Stagger Right/WWI
• Stagger Left/WWII
• Irkin/American Hammer
• Carolina Dry Dock/Crunchy Frog
• Merkin/Box Cutter
• Shoulder Taps/In and Outs

20 Step Ups each leg

King of Hearts – Suicide Runs: Carioca, Nur, Run, Side Shuffle

Mosey to the Band Shell for People’s Chair with 10 counts of air presses and alternating punches followed by 10 count per PAX for BTTW.

Finished off with a lap around the park with a stop off at the playground for a round of pull-ups.

COT: Announcements, Praise/Pray Requests, Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Prayer

Memorial Workout


YHC pulled up to The Grill on this Saturday morning to find the AO overrun with carnival rides and booths. I’m sure we could have found some fun ways to incorporate the ferris wheel or tilt-a-whirl into the workout but opted to stick to the weinke. YHC originally planned a modified Murph workout for Memorial weekend but Mr. Clean convinced me to join him on Memorial Day for an actual Murph challenge so the workout was quickly re-tooled. The Exicon was referenced and military-themed exercises without too many pull-ups or merkins were chosen.

The disclaimer was read and accepted.

Warm-a-rama: Arm Circles, Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Side Squats, Grass Pickers, Imperial Walker, Best Stretch Ever, Calf Stretch, Hamstring Stretch

The Thang:
• 1-mile Scout Run along the river trail; moseyed to the playground
• Morning Call: Pullups/People Chair – a few rounds of one PAX running to the pull-up bar to knock out several pull-ups while the remaining PAX held a wall sit against the concession stand.
• 20 Prisoner Squats
• Slalom-style run – a few rounds of running between cones with a Bear Crawl back
• 10 PCMB – Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpee (1 Merkin, bring Rt knee in and back, 1 Merkin, left knee in, 1 Merkin, both knees in and jump up)
• Stairway to Seven: 1 Burpee, 1 Irkin, Run up the stairs, 1 Squat, return; repeat 6 times with increase by 1 each time
• Another round of the slalom-style runs with Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear
Mary: American Hammer, Hundreds, WWI Sit Up, WWII Sit Up, LBC

Throughout the workout we had a lot of good mumblechatter about the sacrifice of military who gave their lives in active duty. We also talked about some of the essence of manhood being protectors of family and country. We not only workout to keep ourselves fit but to also better serve others.

Announcements: PAX invited to join Mr. Clean at Crossfit Fluid gym on Memorial Day for a Murph Challenge
Count-a-Rama: 3
Name-a-Rama: Beaker, Mr. Clean, Ringworm
Praise/Pray Requests: Thanksgiving for our county and the freedoms we enjoy by God’s grace and the sacrifice of many men and women who gave of their all for our country. Father, help us to live our lives sacrificially by living third.

Burps and Suicides at the Grill


Another glorious spring morning broke on the great metropolis of Hamburg as three PAX and an FNG gathered for another griller.

Disclaimer: Welcome to F3. There are some things you need to know about F3 and we always need to remind each other:

  • Only men over the age of 18 can participate in the workout and accept this disclaimer.
  • I am not a professional, which points to our core principal of being volunteer peer-lead.
  • The exercises I suggest are just that – suggestions. I am not compelling anyone to do anything. If I suggest something you are not comfortable with, modify as necessary to include even NOT doing the exercise. This is not a pass fail workout or group.
  • From continuing on from this point, and going on this workout with us you are accepting the very real risk of injury. Please note we are exercising on public domain and you will be traversing uneven ground, its dark, and some spots may be slippery, you could lose footing quickly.

Now is the time to either get in your car or state “Aye” affirming acceptance of risk of this workout.

Warm-a-rama: Huggy Bears, SSH, Grass Pickers, Goofballs, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Best Stretch Ever

The Thang:

  • The PAX enjoyed running a Burpee Mile along the Schuylkill River trail, stopping to knock out 12 burpees every ¼ mile.
  • They then returned to the park and partnered up for some Doricides: Cones were placed at ~ 10, 20, and 30 yards. Each pair completed a cumulative exercise rep total. While Partner 1 began the exercise, Partner 2 ran suicide runs to each of the cones and back in turn. Flapjack until the total reps were achieved: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs
  • Mosey to Band Shell for People’s Chair with Punches and Air Presses

Mary: Dolly, Flutter Kicks, and Freddie Mercury

COT: Announcements: opportunity to challenge ourselves with “The Murph” on Memorial Day at the cross fit gym that Mr. Clean goes to; Praise/Pray Requests: Prayers for Matt, a 7-year old boy who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and his family as they adapt to the challenges of the disease, Praise and prayers for Jonas Jr (Mr. Clean’s son) who graduates from Penn State today. Count-a-Rama (4), Name-a-Rama: we welcomed our FNG with the name “Apollo” into the F3 brotherhood! Prayer

The Test IV

I had the opportunity to meet some new men at the workout at The Grill in Hamburg. Locking shields with these men is trully an honor. I love spending time with the HIM of F3 and getting it done. You all inspire me to be more.

As the leader of the workout this morning I decided to do The Test. We should pay attention to what we are doing and where we are at. Every so often we should measure ourselves. This is all about being a better man than you were yesterday. If you do not know who you were yesterday you can not know if you are better today. Hence, The Standard Physicals Fitness Test.

The Test

The PAX partnered up. While partner 1 exercised, partner 2 counted and vice versa.

Each PAX had two minutes to perform as many repetitions as possible of each exercise.

  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Burpees
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • 1 mile run

Here are the results:

PFT Results - 04/21/2018

F3 NameMerkinsSquatsBurpeesSit-upsPull-upsMile
Mr. Clean76873650338:03

River Walk


5 PAX posted to the Grill for a pleasant stroll along the river on the most Spring-like day this year.  The disclaimer was read and the workout commenced.

Warm-a-rama: SSH, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Hillbillies, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Calf Stretch, Monkey Humpers, Hamstring Stretch

The Thang:

Mosey to river path.  Travel ~ 20 yards, exercise

  • Broad Jump Burpee/ 10 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Bear Crawl/ Sprint/ Plank for 6
  • Crab Walk/ Sprint/ Plank for 6
  • NUR/ ATMs (15 Alternating Shoulder Taps, 10 Tempo Merkins, 10 Fast Merkins)
  • Carioca/ WMDs (10 Wide Merkins, 10 Merkins, 10 Diamond Merkins)
  • High Knees/ Butt Kickers
  • Lunge Walk Indian Run

Mosey to Band Shell

  • People Chair for 10-count each
  • BTTW for 10-count each

Mosey to Pavilion

  • 2 PAX per Rotation of Pull-ups (AMAP), Reverse rows on swing set (AMAP), Squats
  • 20 Dips
  • 10 Pistol Squats each leg

Mosey to Band Shell

Mary: LBC, Freddie Mercury, Flutter Kicks, American Hammer, Imperial Walkers, Climber Taps

During the workout we continued the discussion of the DRP and talked about the importance of laying bricks to build guardrails in our lives – form and build upon positive habits (bricks) in order to allow increasing action with decreasing thought which gives us the freedom of predetermined “what” in order to focus on the “how”.  The stronger the guardrails the more momentum you can achieve in life on our journey to be high impact men (from F3 Q Source).

COT: Welcome Teardrop, our FNG, to F3!

Stations of the Cross Workout

It was a beautiful 33 degree gloom at 6:45 am as the sun started to come over the horizon.  Boo Boo and YHC rolled up in my half clown car for the Hamburg inaugural workout on this Holy Saturday, March 31, 2018.  As a man it is easy to get too familiar with our situations and routines forgetting what it’s like to step into the unknown AO (Area of Operation).  Some might be a little apprehensive about meeting a dozen or more guys in a dark park in a town 30 miles from home.  Truth is YHC found a man named Beaker who made a similar journey on August 10, 2017 when he crossed his fears to receive a Spinal Tap from Rock Star on his very first F3 workout.  Now over 8 months later Beaker takes another monumental step to serve the men in his community by planting a new AO in Hamburg which will now be referred to as “The Grill”.   The PAX at the Bee Hive will miss you Saturday mornings, but all will be smiling knowing you are locking shields with other men to fill a real need in the world.   It is my honor to bring your PAX this divinely inspired workout I call “The Stations of the Cross”


Only men over the age of 18 can participate in the workout and accept this disclaimer. I am not a professional, which points to our core principal of being volunteer peer lead.  The exercises I suggest are just that suggestions.  I am not compelling anyone to do anything.  If I suggest something you are not comfortable with, modify as necessary to include even NOT doing the exercise.  This is not a pass-fail workout or group.  From continuing from this point and going on this workout with us you are accepting the very real risk of injury.   Please note we are exercising on public domain and you will be traversing uneven ground, it’s dark, and some spots may be slippery, you could lose footing quickly. Now is the time to either get in your car or state “Aye” affirming acceptance of risk of this workout. 


Mosey to the middle of the park. SSH, Abe Vogoda, Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Sungods.

The Thang

Experienced Pax asked to partner up with Friendly New Guys (FNG’s).  Fourteen index cards handed out.  Each index card has written on the front of it a #1 through #14 along a significant incident that happen as Jesus carried his cross to Calvary.  On the back of each index card is the name of an F3 exercise routine that will help you remember that station of the cross a little better through self inflicted pain and or laughter.

If you are not familiar with the exercise routines below, please refer to the F3 Exicon located at

Station 1 – Jesus Condemned to Death – Bataan Death March – 1/2 mile.  Burpee until the 6.

Station 2 – Jesus Carries His Cross – Partner Carry – 200 yards.  Plank Until 6, Flap Jack

Station 3 – Jesus Falls the First Time – Duck Jousting – last man standing

Station 4 – Jesus meets his mother  – “Mary” circle up ab exercises.  Demo gave us 6 inches to flutter kicks for 2 minutes; followed by Freddie Mercuries.

Station 5 – Simon Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry His Cross  – Wheel Barrow as far as you can (200 yards).  Plank until 6.  Flap Jack

Station 6 – Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.  – Little Orphan Annie’s. 5 count each arm, repeat 5 times each arm.

Station 7 – Jesus Falls Second Time – Balls to the Wall – count across 17 and count back 17.  Everyone in position count off.  It seemed like we missed a couple guys on the way back.  Repeat a second time.

About halfway through, Flame took some time to encourage some extra recovery while explaining to the PAX F3 is about way more than a workout.  It’s about living 3rd and being a better father, husband, friend, and most importantly for a man of God that makes a difference.  This kind of group can only happen if guys get on board with the mission, EH (emotionally headlock) another guy, and everyone continues to show up every week.  YHC reminded everyone that they are faster than the guy on the couch and if you think the workout has too many burbes, push-ups, or running there is one way to solve that.  Take the Q at the next workout.

Station 8 – Jesus meets women of Jerusalem – Pickle Pushers and Alabama Prom Dates.  (No cameras or video please – refer to excicon for explanation)

Station 9 – Jesus falls a 3rd Time – Ascending Testicles into Australian Mountain Climbers

Station 10 – Jesus clothes taken away – AYG sprint like you are naked.  used the tennis court, sprint two courts touch end line and return to start line.  Repeat 3 times, with recovery plank and merkins until 6.

Station 11 – Jesus nailed to the Cross – get into human cross position on lying belly down in the grass.  legs resting on the guy behind you shoulders.

Station 12- Jesus dies on the Cross – on Q’s command push up and hold.  repeat 10 times or as many time as possible.

Station 13 – Jesus take down from the Cross – Bearway to Heaven

Station 14 – Jesus laid in tomb – partner up, two lines facing each other, hands out.  Guy on end trust falls backwards into arms of guys.  Guy is moved backwards on arms of all PAX.  Repeat until everyone is buried in the tomb.


NoRama =  7 FNG’s – Hemi, Mr. Clean, Bones, Ringworm, The General, Lyft, and Bow

CoRama = 17

Praising the Lord for this great day and group of guys who have stepped up to better themselves and the guys next to them.  Asking God to continue to work in the heart of Beaker and inspire the men of Hamburg to embrace the gift of F3.


Go to for all the details.


Sometimes God seems far away and invisible in your life. This morning was the opposite of that. The High Impact Men of F3 Lehigh Valley converged on the Allentown Rescue Mission for a Labor Day morning to remember. The purpose of this workout is to raise money for the Allentown Rescue Mission who helps so many men get back on their feet. The very light of this organization in this dark world is a reason for hope and encouragement.

Twenty six men, 8 of which are FNGs gathered for a workout to introduce F3 to the men at the rescue mission. Some men showed up early with workout gear to give to those men that showed for the workout. The rest of the gear was collected and distributed to men who signed up for a future workout.

Uptown Girl started the event on time with an introduction to F3 that included the mission, core principles and disclaimer. At the point Flame took over for the warm up that started with a mosey to a nearby soccer field. The warm up then included SSHs, arm circles, huggie bears, monkey humpers, and merkins. The Q torch was then passed to Neon for the Thang.

The Thang

Mosey to the sideline of the field. A series of traverses across the field included bear craw, crab walks and backward run. We then circled up for some more punishment including plank jacks, shoulder taps, and merkins. We moseyed back to the shovel flag for a few minutes of Mary.

Uptown Girl then closed up with announcements, Count-A-Rama (26 PAX) and Name-A-Rama.

The whole group then joined the rescue mission for breakfast and fellowship. We offered F3 to some guys and 8 guys signed up for future workouts. These workouts will be setup with the rescue mission according to their schedule.

After breakfast raffle tickets were sold for a chance at prizes. The winners were:

Allentown Rescue Mission T-Shirt: Hurricane

Allentown Rescue Mission Sweatshirt: Cooter

F3 Shirt: Billy Ray

Wawa shortie gift cards (4): Sensei

Wawa shortie gift cards (2): Thing 1

Burpee Challenge winner (Allentown Rescue Mission Sweatshirt): Sensei


Burpee Challenge

We then conducted the burpee challenge. The men were asked in advance to get sponsors for their burpees with a suggestion of $1/burpee. The challenge lasted for 15 minutes and 14 men participated. By the looks of some of the pictures it was joyful. When it was all said and done these 14 men completed 1909 burpees in 15 mintues. Amazing. For those counting here is the tally:

  • Thing 1: 155
  • Dr. Suess: 100
  • Cooter: 108
  • Colombia: 171
  • Sensei: 223
  • Uptown Girl: 157
  • Drop Box: 100
  • Neon: 201
  • Tree Hugger: 205
  • Mulligan: 75
  • Zebra: 115
  • Tiny Bubbles: 101
  • Capone: 138
  • Slim: 60

The total raised by the burpee challenge, ticket sales and donations is $3119!

At the end of the day men will be helped in a big way by the event this morning.