Wilson Returns

Beautiful 50 degrees in Allentown this morning.  The Gloom was not so Gloomy especially when Wilson showed up with Mr. Brady.  (Castaway reference)

DISCLAIMER – free, open to all men, rotational lead, outdoors, end with CoT, modified as needed.  Accept with Aye!

WARMARAMA  – mosey around tree of life loop to playground and back to shovel flag. Circle up for IC -SSH, Imperial Walkers, Abe Vagoda, Daiser Pickers, Goodmornings, Merkin Plank Twists and take another mosey lap.

The Thang

Part 1 – Four Cones Box Drills – around the outside of cones, shuffle left, high knees, Broad Jump, Nur, Shuffle right.

Part 2 – Spartan OCR: Carry # 9 – Workout
Line up along one side of cones. Each pax at station.  10 minute AMRAP, keep rotating stations when you feel like your can’t do any more.  Switch on 4 laps around the outside of the 20ft x 20ft box carrying 55lb dumbbells.
  • 1. Heavy farmers carry (left) – 
  • 2. Heavy farmers carry (right)
  • 3. Walking lunges
  • 4. Bear crawl
  • 5. Crab Walk

Part 3 – Progressively Worse 1 Man Maker with 20lb dumbbell, 3 Medicine Ball Sit-ups, and 10 second hold.

  • Man Makers (25/15)
  • Sit-ups (x3)
  • Dead Hang (x10)

Next set, was 3 man makers, 6 sit-ups, and 20 second hold.  That’s about all the time we had.  Mosey bag to the flag for finish.  Mr. Brady and YHC tossed the Wilson (25lb) medicine ball back and fourth only dropping him on his head a couple of time.

CoT – prayers for Sunny, Chase, and Barry’s Family.  Praise for Mr. Brady’s Mother In Law.


New Math at the Trojan

Disclaimer given.Warmarama:Neck rolls,arm circles,trunk rolls, Casey Kasems,sidestradles, Abe vigodas,grass pickers, imperial walkers, merkins, cobra stretching, world’s greatest stretch.                          The Thang: Mosey,10k pace,5k pace, sprints, around outside loop with many exercises at intervals.I tried to mix it up with different exercises emphasizing some glute work for knee health but mostly mixed up myself.If I called ten ,we did 20,if I called 20 we did 10.Counting is hard,we need to include it in Q source.I may ask Mani for a refresher course.Anyway we had fun and Fun is the unspoken f in f3.The only important number was 9 pax who posted and it was a great workout because of Hawkeye’s fng…. Traveling Man.                              Circle of trust,we prayed for, Traveling Man who lost his mother,Heavy load, Pottstowns new AO and more.I am personally thankful for our leaders help and dedication,our fellowship and the privilege to lead this awesome group of men today.

Number of FNGs: One


4 pax posted for a really beautiful morning at the Trojan. We did a few new exercises. Most successful. Some may need to stay in the r&d department.

WOR-short mosey and IC ssh, abe vigodas, grasspickers, imperial walkers, prom dates off 2 feet (and single leg as suggested in recent boot camp article),  Alabama ass kickers, merkin back to prayer position stretch

the thang

Footwork drills along line with burpees at the end-ladder of even number burpees from 2-10

to the playground for max pull ups/leg exercise/underdogs 2 times

partnered up – one group back to back heavy ball passes, other group did glute ham raises x 10 and flap jack

Had planned for plank exercise with all pax feet on next guys back, 4 pax group forming a square formation but didn’t turn out as planned at this point in the workout, plus a little tough on the back, may need to keep that in r&d permanently.

cot, nor

prayers of thanks and for our loved ones in need of healing

Climbing 25 Foot Ladder

A beautiful 52-degree Gloom.

Disclaimer given

Warmarama ensured

The Thang

Inspired by yesterday’s fire station run. Today we climb they similar ladder.

20 reps descending at each turn of.the run.

5 reps ascending at each turn of the run.

Round 1 – 5k pace run to first speed bump.  5 burpees and 20 scissors

Round 2 – 5k pace run to 2nd speed bump. 6 Bonnie Blair and 19 monkey jumpers

Round 3 – 5k pace run to 3rd speed bump. 7 Apollo Creeds and 18 side straddle hops

Round 4 –  fartlek  run fast slow between speed bumps finish at old speed limit sign. 8  Bonnie Blair jumping into Prisoner Squats four count and 17 second plank rotating on all four sides.

Recovery sprints forward and backwards around the circular parking lot.  16 merkins in cadence.


Starfish crunches



Easter, Mr. Brady Mother in law,  Clay Smith, Fleetwood Anniversary






Woke this morning with intense sinus pressure and a massive headache. After some therapy I decided to give it a go and lead the workout. In the midst of the warmup I had an idea.

Two Pax were responsible for lower body, two for upper body and two for abs. Sharing is caring, right?

The rotation:

Uptown Girl – Lower Body

Long Haul – Upper Body

Dial Up – Abs

Flame – Lower Body

Mr. Brady – Upper Body

X-Man – Abs

We completed three rounds with different exercises led by each man.


The end end of the workout was led by YHC in a ManBroGa session. A few stretches were performed by the Pax to loosen any tight muscles or joints.



Fleetwood Manniversary on April 19th – Good Friday

St Luke’s Half and 5K next weekend

Valley Forge Manniversary on Memorial Day Weekend

Early spring sunrise Trojan beatdown

Disclaimer by Uptown,long mosey around the outer loop,modified up by Mr.Brady and Uptown to include sprints and burpees.Great cardio and a good sweat achieved by all.Next to the playground with pull ups,underdogs,knee ups,tricep dips,lots of ww ones with lots of mulch chips.Then a short mosey to the little or inside loop.There we did bear crawls,crab walks,lunges, squats…too many,push ups,lbcs.At this point, I was having do much fun working out with these brothers llost track of time and Uptown kept us on task.Then a strenuous Mary as cool down.We ended with our circle of trust…we praised the beautiful weather,our health,being together.We prayed for Downsizes bruised ribs which he soldiers through,Drop box’s work challenges and frustrations,Mr.Brady’s health and upcoming test,his mother inlaw’s health and my in law Dan who is in hospice and needs God’s help and peace. I have enjoyed every minute of every workout but today was even better, thanks guys,it was a privilege to Q. Long haul

Number of FNGs: Zero

spring thaw

Beautiful morning at the Trojan. Great seeing the sun coming up during the workout and thawing out the PAX. 3 PAX posted initially which had YHC recalculating the planned partner workout a bit, thankfully Mani made a clutch Trojan appearance which brought the group to 4.


Short mosey to bball court for stretching and then IC ssh, abe vigado, grass pickers, goof balls, mountain climbers, Alabama ass kickers, Australian snow angels, prom dates, crab cakes

The Thang:

Partner up – Power Merkins (reversed) – Partner 1 planks and partner 2 puts feet on his back for 6 merkins down to 1 jumping over to other side of partner at end of each set. Flap jack.

Mosey to playground – pull ups and underdogs x10 with partner squerkins x 10 in between – 2 sets each

Mosey to circle for a take on catch me if you can –

Partner 1 –starts a lunge walk: Partner 2 – does 10 OHClaps IC and 5 burpees and then sprints to catch partner 1 then a short recovery run to the beginning and flap jack

Repeated with – P1- crab walk: P2 – 10 peter parkers and 10 mt climbers IC

P1 – bear crawl: P2 – 10 LBCs and 10 Dry docks IC

P1 – burpee broad jump: P2- 10 plank jacks IC and 10 diamonds


Prayers for several people who have lost loved ones recently and thanks and praise for the hope we have in God.


Running in the rain,at the Trojan

Started with a brief reading of the scripture Luke9:32 about the transfiguration of Christ and how it relates to our continuing transfirmation to better men which aligns with F3.If you get the man right, you get the world right.                  Warmara included stretching side straddle hops,Abe vigodas,grass pickers, merkins,Parker Peters.               The Thang included mosey,sprints around loop three times interspersed with burpees,ranger merkins,side planks,planks,dips,step ups,bear crawl,crab walk,walking lunges,high knees, balls to the wall .We cooled down with the world’s greatest stretch and cobra.                                       Praises and prayers We prayed for Beakers work environment,his wife’s trip to North Carolina,his cooking while she’s away.We prayed for Mr.Brady’s sick kids,passing around a bug,fever etc, especially his sons fever.We talked about Louisville f3 dedicating March27 to mental health and how we have people in our lives suffering.We discussed Hamburg’s one year anniversary with Uptown s return at Q.Beaker called Q at the Trojan next week.Personally I am very grateful for everyone and every workout.It was great working out with you today,thx Long Haul.

Number of FNGs: Zero


40 workout for the beginning of Lent

Disclaimer given and accepted with “aye”

WOR – mosey, misc stretching, arm circles, huggy bears, ssh IC, seal jacks IC, goof balls IC

The Thang – workout consists of 4 stations with 4 exercises for a 10 count and 5 Burpees before and after each station for 40 reps per station and 40 burpees by the end of the workout

station 1 – 5 Burpees – 10 count of dry docks, merkin, peter parker, jump squat – 5 Burpees

#2 – 5B- 10-Air overhead press IC, diamond merkin, plank skiers, bonnie blairs – 5B

#3 – 5B – 10- feet elevated dry docks, derkins, catalina wine mixer, jump ups – 5B

#4- 5B – 10- pull ups, underdog, hanging knees to chest, walking lunges – 5Burpees

2 Rounds of Mary

Good mumblechatter this morning about dealing with tech and kids, cutting out distractions, and living our calling boldly.I’m thankful to get some thoughts from these guys who have been around the block.  COR, NOR, Prayers for Uptown Girl.  I shared this hymn I came across which made me think of F3. I did not sing it though b/c no one deserves that penance.

The chariots of the Lord are strong,

Their number passeth ken ;
Mount them and fight against the wrong,

Ye who are valiant men.
Where, unabashed, the power of sin

Vaunts an unhindered sway,
Ride, in the strength of God, and win

Fresh laurels in the fray.
Where hands are weak, and hearts are faint,

Through conflict sharp and sore ;
Where hearts that murmur no complaint,

Shrink at the thought of more :
There let the power of God be shown,

To quell satanic might ;
To rescue those who strive alone,

Despondent in the flight.
For freedom wield the sword of might,

And cut the hands that bind ;
Strike boldly in the name of right,

And still fresh laurels find.
Where unabashed, the power of sin

Vaunts an unhindered sway,
Ride, in the strength of God, and win

Fresh laurels in the fray.



Love Training

Some might say the Love Train never pulled out of Trojan Station this morning due to ice on the tracks.  The theme for this Valentines Day Workout is LOVE!   The workout routine planned was a Route 66 with assorted rep counts of different exercises.   It is fact that God laughs at man’s plans.  According to Google it is also fact that God gave us 106 scripture verses to teach us about love.

DISCLAIMER – free, rotational lead, outdoor, men only, end CoT.  No professionals, modify to include not even doing the exercise, by stating Aye and continuing on from this point you accept all risks.


Warmarama – circle up under the pavilion.  Arm Circles, Abe Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Leg Swings, Quad Stretch, SSH, Monkey Humpers, Alabama Ass Kickers, Pickle Pushers, Low Slow Squats, Merkins


The Thang  

The Pax train travels to each station via a different mode of transportation.  (Jog, Nur, Side Shuffle, Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Lunge Walk, backwards lunge walk)

Station 1:  1 Corinth 13 (Merkins):4 (Burpees) 

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Station 2:  1 Corinth 16 (Lunges) -14 (Squats)

Do everything in love.

Station 3:  Psalm 143 (Overhead Claps):8 (Bonnie Blairs)

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for to you I entrust my life.

Station 4:  Colossians 3 (BTW) :14 (Human Chairs)

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Station 5: 1 John 4 (Jump Squats) :16 (Crab Cakes)

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Station 6:  Ephesians 4 (LBCs) :2 (Big Boys) 

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Station 7:  1 John 4 (Durkins) :16 (Dips) 

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

Station 8:  1 Corinth 13 (American Hammers) :13 (Crunchy Frog)

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Station 9: 1 Peter 4 (Mountain Climbers) :8 (Shoulder Taps) 

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Station 10:  John 15 (Flutter Kicks): 12 (WWI)

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.


We lift up all the mentioned pray concerns to the God of Love and who is Love.  Asking for strength, courage, and vulnerability to act in Love today.  May we be a light of love into our families, workplaces, and communities.  Lord help these words condition our hearts as these exercises condition our bodies.



love train.jpg

Restoring the Glow

It was Neon’s first time Qing and bringing the pain to the Swamp in 6 weeks. Despite the physical punishment, the PAX’ biggest challenge was the spiritual goal if identifing one new thing that they could do to enhance themselves as men.


Mosey, arm circles, sun gods, abe vagodas, grass pickers, side squats, shuffle and mosey.

The Thang:

Plank work: back to back with no rest plank jacks, merkins, peter parkers, and shoulder taps.

Max set if pullups, back rows, mosey to people’s chair, ankles hops, and squats.

Another round of pullups, back rows, bobby hurley’s, and donkey kicks.

Mosey to flag for mary.

COT: Pray for Knievel, Cougar and other injured PAX.

Slippin’ and sweatin’

The cold snap broke in a major way this morning but we were stuck under the pavilion the whole time since the rain was coming down hard.

Disclaimer covered and accepted

WOR – huggy bear, neck and trunk roles, best stretch ever, abe vigado, grasspickers, ssh, seal jacks, bird dog , Alabama ass kickers, prom dates, and some other back stretches then snaking up and down the rows of picnic tables high knees/butt kickers, complete one 4×4, then bear crawl/lunge walk, and 2 4x4s

The Thang – based off a Dial Up Q at the beehive. 1 minute strength station and 20-30 sec rest while rotating, 3 rounds of 5 stations using –

5lb dumbells         bodyweight             medicine ball              5 lb dbs                       25lb dbs

rd 1   T Merkin               burpee                      wall ball                       lunge w lat raise        deadlifts

On rinse lap Downsize hit a severely slippery spot but thankfully was able to pop back up and complete w/o so we scratched the lap for a round of bttw

rd 2   speed rows           burpee                       clean and press         rotational punches   back lung curl

rd3     punches               bonnie blairs            pass ball back to back      sweat angels         –

cor, nor

Prayers for our wives and families and for strength and humility to be better husbands, fathers and friends. Continued prayers for freedom for friends dealing with addictions and thanksgiving for progress. Prayers for Dropbox to heal up soon.


Blowin’ in the Wind!

How many roads must a pax mosey down until you can call him a man?? The answer was blowin’ in the wind this morning. Feeling more like winter this morning, and a few times we were blowin, and suckin, wind too.

Principles and Disclaimer

WOR  – mosey to bball court then butt kickers, high knees, shuffles, skips. Circle up for SSH, Seal jacks, abe vigado, grass pickers, goof balls, Alabama ass kickers, prom dates, merkins, and peter parkers

The Thang –

On basketball court start on baseline- Bear crawl full ct, sprint back and complete 1 4×4; lung walk to 3/4 court, sprint back and 2 4x4s; broad jump to 1/2 ct, sprint back and 3 4x4s; and burpee broad jump to foul line, run back and 4 4x4s

Mosey to Pavilion for a little cover – 10 dry docks, 1 min parker pater, 10 elevated dry docks, 10 each side catalina wine mixer IC, BTTW 50 count lowering down a little as we went, and 20 Spider-Man push up IC

Mosey to playground – split up – one group max underdogs (swing rows), the other 20 jump ups and then flap jack. Repeat with pull – ups and 10 jump ups.

Mosey back to shovel flag for Mary

Prayers and praises – Thanksgiving and prayers for 3 PAX new family members Kate, Naomi and Emma. For safety for Beaker’s upcoming trip out to MI to visit his granddaughter. Prayers for friends struggling with addiction and for the ability to be truly good friends to them.



LEADing 219

Happy New Year! Today is January 1, 2019.  The starting temperature for our workout was 52 degrees.  Yes, the year is already off to a great start.  Eleven PAX gathered at the Lehigh Valley Road Runners Club house, planted three shovel flags by 0900 for a special New Years Day workout and CSAUP.  It turns out there just happened to be a 10K race going off at 9am as well, so it was hard to find a parking spot; but great way to plant some F3 seeds in the hearts and minds of all those other crazy people out there that are serious about taking the Daily Red Pill without excuse.  T-Claps to Long Haul for EHing everyone within arms length of him.

Disclaimer  – We are not professionals, we don’t assume any liability you do.  Modify as needed to include not even doing the exercises.  Aye!

Warmarama – SSH, Night Clubs, Abe Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Goofballs, Monkey Humpers, Slow to Fast Mountain Climbers, and Merkins.

The Thang – This workout out is thematic based on the New Year and the theme I have chose for myself for 2019.  Based on suggestion of F3 Nation podcast and recommendation of Beaker I have chose ONE WORD this year to be my theme and basis of decision making to become a better version of myself.  That one word is LEAD.

L – Lazy Dora – partner up for 100 merkins, 200 lbcs, 300 squats.  P1 – does 10/20/30 while P2 – holds plank.  Flap Jack all the way to cumulative count achieved in each exercise.

E – Eights (the little cousin of Elevens) – Pax runs between .20 and 25 mile together.  Stop and wait for the 6 to catch up 1 Merkin and 7 Burpees.  Rinse and Repeat.  Run for .20 mile until

A – Alarm – Shoulder Taps x 10, Lunges x 10, Flutter Kicks x 10, Bear Crawl, Ranger Merkin

D – Deconstructed Burpees – 10 Squats, 10 Thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 Thrusts, 10 Squats.

Dr. Seuss and Ranger Rick


Praise God for this group of men known as F3, especially on it’s 8th anniversary.  We pray for devine guidance, wisdom, strength, and courage was we set out to influence the world and LEAD in every aspect of our lives.  Special prayers for F3 Lehigh Valley leadership team that is in place to bring this gift of F3 to as many men as possible in 2019, may it be more than 219 new men (FNG’s) and may we multiply leaders to continue to carry on the influence to help make more High Impact Men.

More T-Claps for all the PAX who joined the CSAUP dip in the crick. Pictures to follow.

Dip in Da Crick 2019

Big Chill

The mercury stretched to 17 degrees at 5:30 am. Disclaimer was issued and the PAX was off to the races.


Mosey, arm circles, sun gods, grass pickers, monkey humpers, goof balls, plank, peter prkers, plank jacks and shoulder taps.

The Thang:

Circuit workout: mosey, 15 dry docks incadence, 15 pullups, 15 merkins in cadence, 10 dips in cadence, mosey to statue amd 10 burpees. Repeat for two more times and finish with a round of mary.

Count/Nameorama: 8

COT: Prayers for new baby and friend dealing with cancer

Brett Sawyer would like gambling in Bermuda

It was a pleasantly cool gloom.  39 degrees with a 9 mile/hr wind.  No rain and a hint of that snow smell in the air.

Disclaimer – Nailed It!

Warmarama – mosey up to the top of parking lot.  Circle up for SSH, Abe Vogoda, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Grass Pickers, Alabama Ass Kickers, Arm Circles, Huggie Bears.

The Thang

Catch Me If You Can – Gambling Edition!

Round 1 – Pax picks a # between 5 and 10.  Eight was selected after 4 was rejected.  Pax slow mosey around the outside of the park on the trail. One pax drops for 8 burpees and then sprints to front of Pax, last man drops for burpees.  Repeat until everyone completes 8 burpees.

Round 2 – Pax picks a # between 5 and 10.  10 was calculated based on doubling 5 selected.  Pax continue slow mosey around the outside of the park on the trail to the finish at the playground. One pax drops for 10 crab cakes and then sprints to front of Pax, last man drops for crab cakes.  Repeat until everyone completes 10 crab cakes.


Pax picks a lucky number between 5 and 10.   Pax tried to select 8, but since that was already used and it’s not considered lucky we went with 7.  Partner Up.

P1 – 7 pull-ups, P2 1 Burpee

P1 – 6 pull-ups, P2 – 2 Burppes

all the way down / up to 1 Pull-up and 7 Burpees.

Bermuda Triangle

Mosey to parking lot.  Picked out 2 cars as first two points in the triangle and then we mysteriously picked an empty parking space as the final marking point in the Bermuda Triangle.  Bear crawl to first point, then Pax selects an exercise for 1 rep.  Bear crawl to 2nd point in triangle Pax selects exercise for 2 reps.  Keep increasing rep count at each point until end of workout time or someone falls over or get’s sucked into the Bermuda Triangle.


CoRama / NoRama

P&P – We lift up the cry from Mountie for our nation and fellow men to be a part of the improved culture of leadership bringing the state of our country to “United”.  May we follow the example of Christ himself and be light, salt, love, and selflessness in a divided world.

The TwentyTwo

The Pax was welcomed to the AO at Faith to celebrate and honor the veterans of the United States Military, those who choose to lay their life on the line to fight for freedom.

F3 Mission, Core Principles and Disclaimer


Mosey for one lap around church property (about 1/2 mile) to where we started. Then …

  • SSH x 22 IC
  • Grass Pickers x 22 IC
  • LBAC 10 each forward and backward
  • Huggy Bears
  • Merkins x 10 IC


At the starting position we performed three exercises then sprint to the middle of the parking lot (~50 yards) and jogged back to start (unless otherwise noted). There were 22 repetitions completed for each exercise. Each Pax was given the opportunity to honor a Veteran during the workout after ever two exercises. The attending Veterans were also honored: Mountie, Hawkeye and Flame.

  1. Merkins
  2. Big Boy Sit Ups
  3. Squats
    1. Sprint/Jog Back
  4. Wide Arm Merkins
  5. WWI Sit Ups
  6. Lunges
    1. Sprint/Jog Back
  7. Diamond Merkins
  8. V-Ups
  9. Calf Raises
    1. Sprint/Jog Back
  10. Staggered Merkins (11 per side)
  11. Crunchy Frogs
  12. Butt Kickers
    1. Performed up the parking lot and jog back.
  13. Jumping Spider
  14. Freddy Mercury
  15. High Knees
    1. Performed up the parking lot and jog back.
  16. Merking with Rotation (11 per side)
  17. Leg Lifts
  18. Peoples Chair (Count was 1 America, 2 America, … all the way to 22)
    1. Sprint/Jog Back
  19. Merkin
  20. Imperial Walker
  21. Squats
  22. Burpees

Circle Of Trust

We come together to honor the Veterans in our lives and all Veterans of this country. Those who fought for freedom around the globe under the Flag of The United States of America and those who fought for freedom under other countries flags deserve every honor we could give them.

As a Veteran I consider it an honor to have served this great nation and the cause of freedom for ten years. Ronald Reagan said at a speech in 1985: “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.”

This quote is about the Marines but it applies equally and wholly to all branches of the service. When I think about the impact Veterans have had as a service members I know deep down in my heart that freedom lives on because of what we did. What we were willing to sacrifice for this great cause. Some gave all they had …

Hence the title of this workout, The TwentyTwo. Every day there is an average of 22 Veterans that take their own life due to mental illness. After being Honorably Discharged from the United States Navy I had difficulties adjusting, the civilian world is much different than military life.

Each person that leaves the military runs into a time when they struggle. The ones that have a strong Concentrica around them struggle but know they are not alone. There are Veterans that find themselves alone and lost. These Veterans eventually struggle with issues that can lead to them taking their lives. That is why it is so important for us as HIM to simply say “Hello, how are you?” A simple phone call. I plead with you, if you know a Veteran, even if everything seems OK, check in every once in a while. You could save a life.

In the below video each Pax member says the name of a Veteran he wanted to honor in during this workout.

Veterans Honored

B.O.M.B.S Away

A brisk 39 degrees this morning in a star filled morning.  Then the B.O.M.B.S goes off.  A simple workout recycled from the F3 nation dictionary of beat downs.

Warmarama – mosey, SSH, Abe Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Merkins, Alabama Ass kickers, J-lo’s, Finkle Swings.

The Thang 

Partner Up – odd man out picks a team and his reps get divided among other teams. One partner runs the loop while other partner starts BOMBS focusing especially on form.

50 – Burpees

100 – Overhead Claps

150 – Merkins

200 – Big Boy Sit-ups

250 – Squats – head up and hands hit the pavement.

Mary – got bombed away due to the 250 big boys.


CoRama = 5

P&P – thank God for a beautiful morning and a group of guys that are making a huge impact in their family and in the community.  Lift up Mountie as he pursues a new job opportunity.  Lift up our elected officials as the get down to work now that elections are over.  Prayers for Heisenberg and Dr. Suess’s wife as they finish up their mission in Thailand.  Last but not least thank God for keeping us all safe and healing us of all our ailments big and small.


Buildin up

Beautiful morning 11/1/18

5 Pax + 1 FNG with Dr. Seuss posted this AM.

Core principles and Disclaimer given and accepted with – aye!


Arm circles, huggy bear, stretches, ssh IC, abe vigado IC, grass pickers IC, merkins IC, plank jacks IC, alabama ass kickers IC, plank jacks IC, Seal jacks IC

Line up on end line walking lung broken by a 4×4, work up to 3 4x4s; then footwork on court lines, side to side, front and back and scissor

The Thang

Each PAX carried brick Coupons throughout

Partner up – one pax completed stationary exercise with coupons/ partner 2 did an exercise around ½ of circle and complete second ½ circle w/ sprint back to group and then flap jack

Overhead claps/jog and sprint   x 2

Merkin w a row in between/backwards run and sprint

Squat w 5 overhead press/jog and sprint

Circle up for some for some core work

Lunge w lat raise/bear crawl and sprint

Rows/shuffle and sprint

Punches/shuffle and sprint


COR – 6

NOR – Welcome Heisenburg and nice work!


Thanksgiving for UG’s mending wheel and prayers for continued healing after stepping on the wrong side of a pumpkin. Prayers for Heisenburg and Dr.Seuss’s wives as they go on mission to help women caught in sex trade in Thailand and prayers for all our needs to be good fathers and send our kids in the right direction as best we can.  thanks Beaker


Waterjug Workout

Monday, Oct. 29, cool and drizzling

Disclaimer verbally accepted by the sixPAX that showed up.

Warm-up:  OYO – neck rolls, trunk rolls. IC- SSH, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers. Dealer’s choice – high 5, mountain climbers, calf stretch, Merkins, and goof balls.

The Thang: Cumulative Partner 100’s.  Partner A  with jugs exercise to 100, while partner B completes nonjug exercise.   Round 1: jugs=wonder bra, nonjugs mosey to pull-up station, 3 pulls ups, return.  Flapjack until 100 wonder bras.  Round 2: jugs=back rows, nonjugs mosey to pull-up station, 5 knee raises, return. Flapjack until back row reps=100.  Round 3: jugs = curls switch at 20, nonjugs = low plank. Flapjack until 120 curls.  Round 4: jugs = shoulder press switch at 20, nonjugs = high knees. Flapjack until reps = 120 shoulder presses.  Round 5: jugs = people’s chair, nonjugs = burpees switch at 10.  Round 6: both nonjugs – Partner A does Bobbie Blairs, switch at 20 while Partner B does Merkins. Total Bonnie Blairs = 80.

Mary: Dealer’s choice IC – flutter kicks, Freddie Mercuries, Big boys, and Al Gore count of 10.

COT – NOR, COR, announcements, prayer requests, BOM.