The TwentyTwo

The Pax was welcomed to the AO at Faith to celebrate and honor the veterans of the United States Military, those who choose to lay their life on the line to fight for freedom. F3 Mission, Core Principles and Disclaimer Warm-A-Rama Mosey for one lap around church property (about 1/2 mile) to where we started. … Continue reading The TwentyTwo


Friday, Nov. 9, -clear and cold The stars were out and so were nine faithful PAX who verbally accepted the disclaimer. Warm-up: began appropriately with starjacks, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, huggy bears, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch.  Mosey around parking lot with side shuffle, butt kickers, high knees, karaoke, backwards jog, touching the ground, … Continue reading Stars

First Time Re-Tread

Q’d for Dr. Seuss this morning. As this was my first attempt, I borrowed one of his previous lesson plans (only forgot a couple things). If you’re thinking of Q-ing, #CTHT, you’ll get support from the PAX like I did, thanks gang. Disclaimer verbally accepted and we got to it at 5:30, and finished up just before … Continue reading First Time Re-Tread


Friday, Nov. 2, warm with intermittent showers Disclaimer verbally accepted by all.  Followed by some confusion about the cervical region of the spine and the cervix. Warm-up: Neck rolls, trunk rolls, stretching, bending, arm circles.  During mosey to Hamilton Blvd. side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, touching the ground. The Thang: Run, Arms, Mary.  In … Continue reading R.A.M.

Block Party

Oct. 1, cool and dry.  Perfect weather. Disclaimer verbally accepted. Warm-up:  reaching and bending.  Neck rolls, truck rolls, abe vigodas, grass pickers, side lunge, monkey humpers (by request), shoulder taps, Merkins, calf stretch Peter Parkers.  Mosey to south entrance. Movement #1: Punching bag.  Each man got one minute to unload on the heavy bag. While … Continue reading Block Party


Friday, Sept. 28.  Cool and rainy. Disclaimer accepted. Warm-up:  Stretching, bending, SSH, abe vigodas, leg swings, Merkins, Mountain climbers, shoulder taps, Peter Parkers, calf stretch, grass pickers. The Thang: Four Stations, three rounds.  While one PAX runs around the parking lot, the other four complete an exercise at a station. When runner returns, each PAX … Continue reading Stations

Arm Burner

Monday, September 24.  Cool and dry Disclaimer accepted by all. Warm-up: neck rolls, truck rolls, reaching and bending, SSH, Abe Vigodas, Grass pickers, Peter parkers, caf stretch, mountain climbers, monkey humpers. The Thang: Ten arm exercises, reps of twenty with water jugs.  Curls, Back flys, iron cross, shoulder press, chest flys, back rows, skull crushers, … Continue reading Arm Burner

Lexicon Advantage

On Friday, September 21, 2018 Your Humble Companion (YHC) was excited to lead a workout at Faith Church!  It was awesome see PAX from different AO's coming together to support the mission to grow, plant, and serve.  Long Haul and Knievel making first time appearances with YHC. Disclaimer given! Warmarama - Mosey to circle up … Continue reading Lexicon Advantage

Stair Masters

Sept. 17, cool, dry, perfect for a workout. Disclaimer accepted verbally Warm-up: neck rolls, trunk rolls, stretching, bending, SSH, side lunge, grass pickers, monkey humpers, mountain climbers, calf stretch, and arm circles. During mosey to front steps, PAX completed butt kickers, high knees, side shuffle and karaoke. The Thang: Inspired by the anniversary of the … Continue reading Stair Masters

Calisthenics Mission

Monday, Sept. 10, 50 degrees and raining Disclaimer accepted by all Warm-up: SSH, Abe Vigodas, side lunge, grass pickers, arm circles.  Separated into two groups.  Runners went on an Indian run around the church property.  0.0 did jump rope and ab slide. The Thang: Calisthenics Mission: MI theme song music while PAX did high knees.  … Continue reading Calisthenics Mission


September 7, cooler, dry Four new PAX initialed the disclaimer, the rest acknowledged verbally. Warm-up: trunk roll, arm circles, SSH, grass pickers, abe vigodas, merkins, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers.  PAX split into two groups.  Flame took the runners for a lap around the church on the pain train while Dr. Seuss led the 0.0 through … Continue reading T.G.I.F

1000 Merkins

Labor Day, Sept. 3, foggy and warm.  Three shovel flags. Disclaimer initialed by 11 new PAX.  Dr. Seuss explained the mission of F3 verbally. Warm-up: SSH, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, monkey humpers, mountain climbers.  PAX separated into two groups - runners and 0.0.  Runners moseyed to front of church. Movement #1 - 30-30-30's ten reps. … Continue reading 1000 Merkins