Zena’s back in town

Zena is back in town Disclaimer —all men agreed on the beat down Warmup Mosey to BBall Court for some good ol’ fashion Bobby Hurleys, planks, burbees, and some other fun introductory exercises for the Pax Workout -Right over to the Jungle of Gym for Merkins, Pull-ups, and Squats - group format - 2 rounds. … Continue reading Zena’s back in town

And on the 2nd day…

Warm up: mosey to the basketball court on the other side of the pool . SS HOPS, Arm Circles , Abe Vagotas, Grass pickers in cadence followed by Murkins, Mountain climbers, and  Peter Parker’s then moseyed back to the shovel flag. The “ Thang” Descending Burpees starting with 7 and Bear crawling 15 yards to … Continue reading And on the 2nd day…


Welcome, 7/14/18 Disclaimer Warm a rama: Arm circles, snap crackle pops, reach for the stars, happy feet, pendulums, hulk hogans. Mosey Scissor jacks, quad stretch, plank jacks, calf stretch Mosey Stations: Full Pull- weighted backpack, each PAX shared thoughts on being bold, side shuffle Block Walk, backwards run 4 Square, carioca Bucket Curls, front run … Continue reading Boldness

Catch Me if You Can

Thursday, July 12. Beautiful weather for a workout. Modified disclaimer, all PAX accepted. Warm-up: jogging, shuffling, karaoke, skipping, bending, jumping. Followed by partner stretches of major muscle groups. Mosey to upper parking lot. Mumble chatter included least and most favorite exercises, and things we liked/didn't like about our F3 nicknames. Cadence exercises in upper parking … Continue reading Catch Me if You Can

The 1776 Workout

This workout has been modified from last year. Improvements included taking reps from 1576 to 1776, pushing back start time to 07:00, and increasing workout time from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Suffice to say after almost 2 years of working out with this group of men, this was the toughest workout YHC participated and … Continue reading The 1776 Workout

Out of hibernation

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 A lot of bears came out of hibernation and appeared at the Swamp; attendance was a recent high. Warm-o-rama: Plank jacks, grass pickers, arm circles, peter parkers, shoulder taps, mountain climbers Mosey The Thang: The PAX started with caterpillar through the parking lots up and back. Half mile mosey to other … Continue reading Out of hibernation

Doracides suck but I love it so much.

Arrived this Saturday Gloom to see a few familiar faces and a few new faces. My first time meeting Scribe and Longhaul’s first workout. Beautiful morning for a beat down. Warm-a-Rama Series of various running exercises across the parking lot. SSH Moroccan night clubs Little Baby Arm Circles Plank Merkins Monkey Humpers The Thang Doracides … Continue reading Doracides suck but I love it so much.

Trojan horsin’ around

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny morning in the gloom. Seven posted for the frolic in the park including a gent from Charlotte who was in the Valley for the day. Warm-o-rama Mosey, arm circles, Abe Vagodas, Moroccan night clubs, monkey humpers, Peter Parkers and merkins The Thang The PAX moseyed around the mile … Continue reading Trojan horsin’ around

Murphy’s Law

  A beautiful May 1, 2018 workout with a low 40 degree temperature. Disclaimer: Only men over the age of 18 can participate in the workout and accept this disclaimer. I am not a professional, which points to our core principal of being volunteer peer lead.  The exercises I suggest are just that suggestions.  I am not compelling … Continue reading Murphy’s Law

Slog ‘N The Fog

Warm Up SSH Abe Vigoda Grass Pickers Monkey Jumpers Mountain Climbers Arm Circles Mosey to Football Field Parking Lot The Thang Burpee Mile Shuttle Slog Run to 10 yd line 10 Shoulder Taps, run back to goal line 10 Shoulder Taps then run around area from goal line to sideline to 10 yard line to … Continue reading Slog ‘N The Fog

Further Defined

A beautiful windy Gloom in the low 50’s.  This workout is a follow-up to an incomplete workout called WELL DEFINED.  Let's face it answering the question "Why Am I Here?" requires a lot of unpacking. All too often in life we pass over good information not giving it enough time to sink in.  I guess … Continue reading Further Defined

Well Defined – The Big Five

A rainy gloom in the low 40's.  This workout comes inspired from the Iron Sharpens Iron bible study that Beaker is leading.  "7 questions that rattle a man's mind."  Why am I here?  As you can imagine this is a question that can't be answered in 90 minutes nor can a 45 minute workout give … Continue reading Well Defined – The Big Five

Just a Minute

29-Mar-2018 The disclaimer was read and six PAX moseyed off to the park entrance for a warm-a-rama of Arm Circles, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers, and Monkey Humpers followed by a comfortable mosey back to the pavilion. The Thang: One minute of each exercise with a short recovery between sets.  The recovery … Continue reading Just a Minute