Reeves Park Merkin Mile and Other FUN things

Conditions: 51 degrees and WINDY 3 PAX gathered in the WINDY gloom to see what other cards Lowes had up his sleeve for them after last Thursdays grueling DECK OF DEATH! Warmarama: SSH x 15 Windmills x 10 Weed pickers x 10 The Thang: What better way to start the Thursday morning pain than with … Continue reading Reeves Park Merkin Mile and Other FUN things

Spoke and Hub

A cool but sunny Saturday morning with Temps. around 40 degrees didn't 9 PAXs for the Spoke and Hub workout at the Nigh School field. Moseyed on over to the Drug Store Parking off of 5th street for some warm up exercises: Arm circles, Abe Vagodas, Side Straddle Hops. Then moseyed past Tuck's house to … Continue reading Spoke and Hub

80% chance of rain, 100% chance of pain

10/3 Backblast Conditions: a misty and gloomy 58 degrees. No actual rain drops were recorded during the workout 6 Pax (including a visiting Crab Legs from F3 Naperville) joined for a dark and wet beat down Disclaimer Warmup/Thang 1 Warmup consisted of a mile mosey (2 laps around the park) with 8 stops at the … Continue reading 80% chance of rain, 100% chance of pain

VF IronPax Challenge Week 4

F3 Valley Forge @ Blast Furnace Reeves Park, Phoenixville PA - Saturday 09/28/2019 Conditions : 61F and clear, beautiful morning!  Nice and cool Q : Boyant Pre-Run : 1 PAX (5 miles) PAX # : 11  PAX for workout Disclaimer was given, followed by a brief warmup. The PAX met on the Phoenixville High School … Continue reading VF IronPax Challenge Week 4


Four "gentlemen" (and I use the term loosely) showed up for a Merry-go-round workout this morning at the Blast Furnace. Moseyed round to the Amphitheater Followed by Leg Stretches with/Side Scuffle Light warm-up with Arm Circles, Toy Soldiers and Grass Pickers Merry-go-Round 10 Merkens; 20 Bench Squats; 30 LBCs; 40 Step ups Then run around statue … Continue reading Merry-go-Round

VF IronPax Challenge Week 3

F3 Valley Forge @ Blast Furnace - Reeves Park Phoenixville Saturday 09/21/2019 Conditions : 53 degrees and beautiful weather. Q : Tinker (VQ) 13 Men showed up for the IronPax Challenge Week 3 "Meter's 43" workout, led by Tinker! Warm-up : - 10 arm circles IC - 10 circle arms IC - 15 grass pickers … Continue reading VF IronPax Challenge Week 3

Ten Spot

Saturdays in September mean IronPax for F3 Valley Forge. Week 2 proved to be a brutal test that provided great results. Ten of us wrestled with the coupons, trudged around the track and let the sweat pour out. Ten of us started, ten of us finished. The morning started with the disclaimer and a review … Continue reading Ten Spot

A Taste of the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay)

YHC traveled back down south last weekend to run the Blue Ridge Relay with 11 buddies from F3 Alpha. It was my second year and I'm definitely hooked from now on. This morning, I wanted to bring some miles and mountains back to PA to share with the fine PAX of Valley Forge. So after … Continue reading A Taste of the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay)

Mule 3 Year Manniversary F3 Lehigh Valley Convergence

Monday, September 2, 2019 marks the 3 year Manniversary of F3 Lehigh Valley.   In February of this year after a cold workout and warm cup of coffee Seinfeld (not pictured) offered up this crazy idea for a workout called a MULE.  Not his idea, borrowed from his friends in different region.   This kind of workout … Continue reading Mule 3 Year Manniversary F3 Lehigh Valley Convergence

IronPax Challenge Week 0 F3 Valley Forge

F3 Valley Forge @ The Blast Furnace Saturday 08/31/2019 Conditions : 64 degrees, nice and cool and dry. IronPax Challenge Week 0 Q : Boyant Despite this being a "challenge week," 2 HIM arrived at 5:30a for a 5 mile preworkout run.  YHC wasn't sure if they were insane, or just gluttons for punishment.  Turns … Continue reading IronPax Challenge Week 0 F3 Valley Forge

You’ve Been Thunderstruck

8/10 Blast Furnace Back Blast   1 PAX for a shortened pre beatdown ruck.   15 (!!!) PAX, including 1 FNG for a musical beatdown led by Tuck. Conditions- A beautiful 61 degrees, with low humidity, one of the best mornings of the summer Quick disclaimer followed by a short mosey around the park to … Continue reading You’ve Been Thunderstruck

Apollo 11 Blast Off

2 HIM for the 3.2 PreRuck around Phoenixville (Tuck and Hops) Conditions: 80F, SUPER Humid, Thick Air Disclaimer Warm Up: -Grass Grabbers x20 IC -IW's x15 IC -Peter Parkers x15 IC -Parker Peters x15 IC Thang: -Reminded the PAX about the 50th anniversary of the Lunar Landing today, so we will be taking a field … Continue reading Apollo 11 Blast Off

A few of my f3vorite things!

8 PAX showed up on a hot and HUMID Phoenixville morning to enjoy some of my favorite F3 things! Quick disclaimer then circle up around the flag to warm up: Sun Gods (a fair amount OYO) Imperial Walker x 15 Copperhead Squats x 15 Continue the warmup with an Indian Run around the perimeter of … Continue reading A few of my f3vorite things!