Block Party

The Block Party

Seven Pax showed up on time and two were tardy. We start when we start men.

1/2 mile mosey


SSH x 10 ic

Abe Vagodas x 10 ic

Grass Pickers x 10 ic

Peter Parkers x 10 ic

Merkins x 10 ic

Tha Thang part uno

What goes up must come down, in reverse

Lunge to the top, backward lunge to the bottom

Shuffle left up, right down

Shuffle right up, left down

Bear Crawl up, Crawl Bear down

Crab Walk up, Walk Crab down

Mosey to the park for

Tha Thang part deuce

One man at each station, six pull up stations and three swing row stations

Two pull ups and you move one station to the left. Swing Rower moves when relieved until everyone is back at their original station.

People’s Donkey Balls

– One minute People’s Chair, 10 Donkey Kicks and 5 count each Balls to the Wall

Back at park for round two, three pull ups at each station until one round completed.

Long mosey back to the shovel flag for the Block Party.

Block Party

Block Rows two handed x 10 oyo

Single Arm Block Rows x 10 oyo per side

Single arm flys x 10 per side oyo

Two handed overhead press x 10 oyo

Single hand overhead press x 10 oyo per side


LBCs with block x 10 ic

WW1 situps with block x 10 ic

American Hammers with block x 10 ic

Six inches and hold with block on shins x 20 count


Remember to check in on those around you not engaged. Loneliness is a disease and we have an avenue to battle against it. ABH – Always Be Headlocking.


Monkey Humper Heaven

Warm up.

moseyed around the swamp field back to starting point. SS hops, Abe Vagotas, grass pickers , murkins, plank jacks, in cadence followed by neck, calf stretch and trunk rolls .

The “ Thang “

mosey to the monkey bars, paired up for pull ups. One pax did pull ups until he needed assistance from his partner. Flapjacked two sets .

Mosey to the pavilion and Circled up. I had each pax call out an exercise to do and in between each exercise we did the exercise Was chosen for that interval. First set was Monkey Humpers after each pax chosen exercise. Second set was Carolina dry docks finished with NameOrama, countarama, Circle of trust.

Murph Gauntlet

YHC arrived at The Bee Hive at 6:15am to a glorious sunrise and perfect 55 degree temperature to lay the ground work for today’s beatdown.  A series of cones and coupons were strategically placed throughout the Bee Hive for want would follow.

  1. Cones and  Coupons – placed forty yards apart on un-even grass surface across from pavilion.
  2. Every 0.10 of mile a cone was placed around the inside driveway and street to make a 0.50 mile loop.

Special thanks to Flame for delivering 10 Paver coupons each weighing 23 lbs.

Today’s workout was designed with the Murph and Spartan Races in mind.

Disclaimer – given


Mosey around the driveway and every .10 of mile (cone) stop for a quick round of 2 warm-up exercises.  All movements done in 10 count series, some IC others straight count.

  1. Arm Circles / Circle Arms
  2.  Daisy Pickers / Abe Vagodas
  3.  Monkey Humpers / Imperial Walkers
  4. Merkins / Crab Cakes
  5. Burpees / Bonnie Blairs

The Thang

Partner Up.  P1 is doing a Murph Set while P2 is doing a 40 yard shuttle run or coupon carry 4 times.

Murph Set Includes:

10 – Pull-ups

20 – Merkins

30 – Air Squats

In order to complete a full Murph you need 100 pull-ups, 200 Merkins, and 300 Air Squats.  So that means we do 10 sets.  Fortunately, or unfortunately this is only a 1 hour workout so we only completed 6 complete sets.


Mosey the driveway loop.  At each .10 cone stop for a quick round of 2 ab exercises.

  1. Flutter Kick / Scissor Kick
  2. Pickle Pushers / Pickle Pointers
  3. American Hammer / WWI
  4. Low Side Plank Lower and Raise / Left Legs


Praise for the Mothers this weekend.  YHC had a great trip to Hershey with the Mrs.  Praying for Lucky Punk as competes in National Fitness Competition, Special Prayers for Heavy Load and men like Dr. Seuss who make the time to stand beside another brother struggling.  Praise God for F3 and each of our attempts to get better, be the light into the world, and live 3rd.


AKA Flying Squirrel

It was a beautiful morning at the Swamp where 9 of us gathered.

Warm up

Mosey, Warm up,Neck rolls, Trunk rolls, Abe vigodas, Grass pickers, Side straddle hops, Mercans, Peter Parker’s, Mayweather, Mountain climbers, Calf stretch, Hamstring stretcH, Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

The Thang

Squat jump burpees sprint back

Catch me if you can – Partner A Crabcakes and Partner B Crabwalks

Dercan off of parters plank jump

Catch me if you can – Partner A Lunge walk and Partner B Bonnie Blairs

Mosey to Pavilion – 20 dips

Australian Snow Angels in cadence

In and outs in cadence 

Pull-ups with partners as many as possible 

Quick round of Mary,



Prayers for Jeff Tintle Sr and his ministry, FNGs






The Philadelphia 76ers are in the playoffs so this mornings beat down was based around the number 76.

Disclaimer given and accepted.

Mosey to the basketball court for the …


Morrocan Nightclubs x 10 ic

Abe Vagodas x 10 ic

Grass pickers x 10 ic

Plank x 1 minute

Peter Parkers x 10 ic

Merkins x 10 ic

Forward Fold x 1 minute


Starting at one baseline perform 38 repetitions, travel to other baseline, 38 repetitions, travel back. Total of 76 repetitions each round.

  1. 38 Squats / Sprint / 38 Squats / Sprint
  2. Slow Butt Kickers x 19 each leg at each end / Sprint
  3. 38 Merkins / Bear Crawl / 38 Merkins  / Sprint
  4. Tricep Dips / Sprint up and back
  5. Partner Rows / Crabwalk

Round of the Motivator from 8 reps down to 4 reps

Round of Crucible Merkins 5 each

  1. Werkin
  2. Merkin
  3. Ranger Merkin
  4. Staggered Right
  5. Staggered Left
  6. Diamond

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for a little Broga

High Reach, Forward Fold, Mani’s Stretch (Child’s Pose), Cobra, and Downward Dog


Praise from Clyde for the group and all the Pax.

Prayers for Venezeula

Prayers for Neon and his full plate

Praise for the blessing of living in a free country

Neon’s Presentation

One of our pax, Neon practiced his presentation in front of the Pax. The presentation was very timely for me and on point. Neon told us the story of the Bible in 30 minutes. He gave an interesting presentation that captivated us and reminded us of our purpose. Good job Neon and I know you will do well.


Saturday, April 27, 2-19

50 Degree, slight wind


Disclaimer accepted by all.

Warmarama – YHC took off at a good pace to around the outer loop of the Bee Hive to get far enough a head of the PAX to turn around and wait for the six so we could do some good warm-up motions.   After a good 60 seconds of running, stop for a quick circuit.   Stop #1 SSH,  Stop #2 Mountain Climbers, Stop #3 Burpees, Stop #4 Merkins.

After completing .50 mile warm-up lap we were back to Shovel Flag.  Circle up to complete the warm-up.  Complete with Sungods, Monkey Humpers, Prom Dates, Abe Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Long Slow 5 Count Mountain Climbers, and Merkins

The Thang

Part 1 – Tire Obstacle Course (6 tires staggered 25 yards)

  • Run through tires forward
  • Run through tires backwards
  • Run sideways through tires
  • Sprint forward, back pedal
  • Bear Crawl
  • Crab Walk
  • Jump over tires

Part 2 – Tire Line (4 Tires on one line, 2 cones put about 25 yards a part representing end line)  Pax Partner Up.

  • Partner Wheel Barrow between Cones
  • Tire Flip, while other partner does squats
  • Tire Drag
  • Hold Plank, toes on tire,
  • Apollo Creeds
  • In& Out Abs
  • Partner Carry
  • Tire Carry

Part 3 – No Tire

  • Mosey to School Sidewalk for American Hammers
  • Mosey to Pavilion for Pull-ups and Deep squats


Mosey to shovel flag.  LBC until 6.  Flame called crunch frogs, Knievel called for WWI’s.


CoRama = 8

NoRama – welcome 3 FNG’s.  Murdocc becomes Face, Patrice Rames becomes Cognac, and (????) becomes Ranger.

Thank God for F3!

f3 tiresome.jpg

Number of FNGs: 3

Playground Punishment

Working Out in the Playground

Warm Up

Huggie Bears, Arm circles, neck rolls, standing stretch (touch the ground) then touch left ankle/right ankle, Abe Vigodas, Monkey Humpers, Squats.

Skip to my Lou- skip across parking lot and back to help warm up.

Baseball Season

Mosey to baseball field. Sprints and jogs around bases (2 reps)- end with Jumping jacks

Mosey to playground.

The Thang

Pull ups with a partner. Do as many pull ups as you can. As you start to tire out,  your partner lifts you up by your ankles so you can crank out a few more. Alternate so your partner can join in the fun. We did two sets.

We moseyed to the swing set. With one foot placed on the swing, we did reverse lunges- 10 reps each leg.

Imperial Walkers

With both feet placed on swing in a plank position, Derkins- 10 reps

Plank jacks with alternating one arm forward

With both feet placed on swing in a plank position- Pikes- 10 reps

Imperial Walkers

With both feet placed on swing in a plank position- Tuck the legs into the torso- 10 reps

With one foot placed on swing- lateral lunges- 10 reps each leg

Six Minutes of Mary- one set

Cool Down- Stand and touch the ground

Counterama, Name-arama, Circle of Trust


Spontaneous V Q

Warm up,

mosey “2 laps around the parking lot,  Bear crawl about 30 yards to the flagpole.

SS hops, Grass pickers, Abe Vagotas, 10 each in cadence, Arm Circles 10 forward and backwards, Murkins, Mountain climbers 10 each in cadence….. Mosey to the strip.

The “ Thang”

Partnered up, wheel barreled 25 yards, switched wheel barreled an extra 25 yards, flapjacked doing the same back to starting point. Piggybacked 25 yards doing 10 squats with partner on your back, switching and going another 25 yards, flapjacked doing the same back to starting point.

Dealers choice .. pax did an excersize  of choice called out by the guy who had to Run 60 yards and return back to starting point . Completed 8 different exercises.

Mosey to the pavilion for a 15 count in cadence step ups on the bench by each pax for a total of 240 step ups.

Remainder of the workout was Qd by Uptown Girl, eanded with announcements,Countarama  NameOrama, and Circle of trust.


Backblast from 4/9/19

started out with a warm-up of 10 AbeVahgotas, 10 monkey humpers In Cadence, then Peter Parker’s In Cadence, 10 plank Jacks in Cadence, Huggy Bear’s on your own followed by 10 Sun gods in Cadence and arm circles

The thang … started off with a push-up pyramid from 11 down to one with walking in between the telephone poles.  To the doors pole we did a Sprint then 20 Carolina dry docks, next poll lunge walks then 10 burpees next Pole bear crawl then 20 crab cakes in Cadence, next poll was side hops then something else can’t remember, Mosey, 10 pulls, 10 rows, 30 step-ups, 10 polls, 10 rows, 20 squats in Cadence 20 squats in cadence, then pulls, 10 rose Mosley back to the shovel flag, round of Mary
Count o Rama,  name o Rama,  prayers and praises.  End with circle of trust

Tuesday 4/2/19

Warm-ups included MOSI, monkey humpers, Abe Vigoda, 5 to 1 motivators

The Thang included exercise between the telephone poles. Bear crawl to the first poll, lunge walk to the second Pole side hops to the third pole side hops opposite direction to the fourth Pole. One round of 25 merkins. Between the poles again bear crawl, lunge walks, two directions of side hops. 25 more merkins. 3rd round between the poles bear crawl lunge walk side hops both directions. MOSI around the field to the jungle gym. Pull up Max on your own, 15 rows at the swings, 30 step UPS. Second round of pull-ups to your max, 10 rows at the swings, 20 step UPS. Mosey around the field back to the building for people’s chair then ball’s to the wall count down 15 seconds each person. Mosey to the shovel flag for a round of Mary.
Count off,  name o Rama,  prayers and praises end with circle of trust.

TagTeam Q

Warm up.

1 lap mosey around the park and back to the shovel flag. SS hops in cadence, Abe Vagotas, Huggy bears, arm circles, murkins, mountain climbers, monkey humpers etc. Qs choice

The “Thang”

mosey to the second pavilion. Paired up, performed t different exercises while partner did pull ups for each exercise flapjack.

mosey to parking lot. Paired up, 30 yard sprint while partners did excercise (switched) until number of chosen exercise was completed. Qs choice.

mosey to the shovel flag for Mary. (Ab exercise, finished with counOrama, NmaeOrama, announcements, prayer request/ praises and Circle of trust.

Bear crawl through the swamp

The pax huddled around the shovel flag lamenting the unrelinquishing grip of winter.


Mosey, side straddle hops, a circles, merkins, squats and calf raises. Mosey

The Thang:

Bear crawl repeats which include a set of an exercise, 50-yard bear crawl, jog back and repeat three times.

Inperial squats, sprint-jog-sprint, bobby hurleys, donkey kicks, shoulder taps, peter

parkers, and merkins.

Mosey, 2 sets of pull-ups, lunges, bonny blairs amd back rows. Mosey and Mary.

COT: Prayers for Manny’s M, Longhaul’s

co-worker, Knievels house, Pedros family amd more

Dutchman visit the Bee Hive

On a windy March day a weird fellow from the south claiming to be a Dutchman from Lebanon arrived in the wrong parking lot to attend our Saturday morning Ruck and Beatdown. This Dutchman was named Ezekiel and hailed from the nether regions of Cary, NC. He explained his point of origin was originally Lebanon, PA and he is glad his new tribe in Cary did not name him Jebediah. Fortunate or not he is now know in the early morning gloom as Ezekiel. What I am failing to understand is his reasons for such a visit in the first place. He claimed that his wife was visiting some friends for a girls weekend and he was their Uber Lyft. Apparently this man is willing to forego a weekend of quietness to accompany many women on a girls weekend, weird I know.


In any case, we are glad you came to the Bee Hive for some more manly exploits. It was a pleasure hosting you.

Ezekiel and Flame went on a pre-ruck and covered some 3.1 miles of sidewalk covered dirt.


Greetings made, jokes laid and disclaimer given. We moseyed for a warm-a-rama:

  • SSH x 10 ic
  • Michael Phelps (aka Huggy Bears) x 10 oyo
  • Cotton Pickers (aka Grass Pickers) x 10 ic
  • Arm Circles Small x 10 forward
  • Arm Circles Large x 10 forward
  • Arm Circles Small x 10 backward
  • Arm Circles Large x 10 backward
  • Plank x 1 minutes
  • Peter Parkers x 10 ic
  • Merkins x 10 ic

Mosey for The THANG:

– The workout cube was defective this morning. Every exercise it landed on was a leg exercise. That hurt.

  • Jump Squats x 15
  • Bonnie Blairs x 15
  • Burpees x 20
  • Bonnie Blairs x 15
  • Tuck Jump x 15


  • People’s Donkey Balls
    • Peoples chair
      • Each man 10 count
    • Donkey Kicks
      • x 10 oyo
    • Balls to the Wall
      • Each man 10 count
  • Need some arm work here.
    • Irkins x 10 ic
    • Dips x 10 ic
    • Merkins x 10 ic
    • Derkins x 10 ic


  • at the speed bump sprint to the school bus (~100 yards)
  • recovery walk (~100 yards)
  • mosey back to shovel flag
  • Workout Cube – Burpees x 20 oyo

Mosey around park path

  • Public Service – move downed tree from path

Mosey to pavilion

  • Pull ups x 5 oyo followed by a dead hang
  • Prisoner Squats x 10 ic
  • Pull ups x 5 oyo followed by a dead hang
  • Lunges x 10 ic

Mosey to park

  • Back Rows x 15 oyo

Mosey to shovel flag for Mary – dealer’s choice

  • LBCs
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Hundreds
  • Imperial Walkers
  • WW1 Sit Ups
  • Crunchy Frogs




  1. Workout and Wellness Expo
  2. Grill Manniversary
    1. No Bee Hive next week
    2. Manniversary starts at 0700 at The Grill
    3. Followed by Coffeteria and then a hike to Pulpit Rock


It was great to workout with a fellow Dutchman from the middle of nowhere PeeYah. Hope to see you again brother.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes 3/19/19

Tuesday 3/19/19 The Swamp

We started with dealers choice stretches… warm up with a mosey

The thang… 4 rounds of dealers choice… head shoulders knees and toes.  We started off with upper body and worked our way down with each round with a Mosey in between.

  1. Finished with count o Rama,  name o Rama prayers and praises.




With warm temperatures and the promise of no running during the workout I expected more Pax to show up. That did not happen. Maybe I scared them away with another promise, “Tons of Fun.” Perhaps they just fartsacked with dreams of kettlebells in their head. Either way you can’t get better in the fartsack.


The workout of the day is a Ruck Workout! We have worked with weights before but never with weighted ruck sacks. That changed today.

Instructions for wearing and handling a weighted ruck sack in a safe manner were given along with the disclaimer.

Hike to the park at which time we did the WARM-A-RAMA:

Without the ruck on:

  • SSH x 10 ic
  • Around the World x 10 oyo
  • Abe Vagoda x 10 is
  • Grass Pickers x 10 ic
  • Monkey Humpers x 10 ic
  • Peter Parkers x 10 ic

Don your rucksack and hike to the next destination for THAT THANG:

  • Ruck squat with press x 10 ic
  • Ruck Curls (both arms) x 10 ic
  • Ruck Curls (one arm) x 5 per arm ic
  • Ruck Lunges x 10 ic

Hike to the next destination for:

  • Ruck Lunge Walk uphill for 20 yards.
  • Ruck Bear Crawl (Ruck on ground and you must drag it) ~30 yards
  • Ruck Crab Walk (Same) ~ 20 yards.

Hike around the park for about .65 mile to pavilion where we:

  • Ruck Pull Ups – max reps for 2 minutes

and we did Mary:

  • Ruck LBCs x 10 ic
  • Ruck Leg Lifts x 10 oyo
  • Ruck American Hammers x 10 ic
  • Ruck Merkins x 10 ic

Hiked back to shovel flag for COT


  • March 23rd: Workout and Wellness Expo
    • Physical Fitness test at 11 am
  • March 30th Hamburg Manniversary
    • Bee Hive is shutdown
    • Grill workout 7-8 am
    • OCR workout 8-9 am – hike to the pinnacle

Prayers for Cooter’s situation


IMG_0292-1.JPG IMG_0281-0.JPG

Almost as Good as an Orgasm

Warm up:

Huggie Bears, Arm Circles, Shoulder stretch, Jog in place, Abe Vigodas, Monkey Humpers, Inchworms, Side straddle hops

Mosey to playground- Pullups,  Chest rows on the swings, more pullups.

Mosey back to parking lot

The Thang

Circuit training at four different stations. Two minutes at each station:

  1. Squats
  2. Plank jacks
  3. Lunges
  4. Burpees

Dealer’s Choice:

I brought a pair of push up bars so we everyone picked an exercise and one guy did Divebombers on the push up bars, which we would alternate.

Six Minutes of Mary:

As we were doing Supermans, somebody jogged by. I acknowledged how weird we must have looked. Cougar picked Alabama Prom Dates a couple of exercises earlier so, it’s a good thing we weren’t doing those when the guy jogged by.

Cool Down:

We ended with a stretch, announcements, count-arama and name-arama.

Daylight savings Saturday

Warm up

SS hops, Abe Vagotas, Grass pickers, Murkins, Shoulder taps, mountain climbers, ,followed by 2 laps around the park ending at the pavilion by the back parking lot.

the THANG… DIPS/ or Murkins counting off each pax for a count of ten.

4 corners of fun. 3 rounds. Started off as teams at each cone on the corner doing the workout written on the cone for round one. Bear crawling or sprinting to the nest cone depending which cone you were at ( vertical sprints, horizontal bear crawl) . Finished 1and a half round ( not enough time) had a few minutes left for 2 minutes of jump rope and Mary ( at work)

Counteramma, NameOramma, prayer request and Circle of trust.

Snurpees and more

As the mercury crawled towards 10 degrees the PAX tentatively gathered around the shovel flag. The Q was tasked with keeping the blood circulating yet not leaving a man behind in the tundra.


Mosey, arm circles, abe vagodas, grass pickers, squats, bonnie blairs, and calf raises. More mosey.

The Thang:

Eighth mile caterpillar, imperial walkers, and SSHs. The PAX did six sets of 10 burpees with eighth mile runs between each. Mosey to jungle gym for max pullups and back rows. Mosey to time check, crab cakes, mosey, bobby hurleys and donkey kicks and a round of Mary.

Countarama, Namearama and COT

4 Square and 3 Strands

Batwings, reach for the stars, pendulums, mounatian man poopers, mosey in the snow, failure to launch, goofballs, mosey, gaga holds,

Time of sharing- be that guy that has the courage to share and be vulnerable- true authentic friends. A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken…

Stations and laps, 4 square, curls, sprinklers, jumprope, ball shuffles, ball figure 8’s, ball sit ups, abs.

Mosey, stretch , prayers, praises, annoucements, COT.  Thanks guys!