Pottstown Block Party Intervals

Conditions: 70F, Clear, Low Humidity Disclaimer Warm Up: -SSH's x30 IC -Parker Peters x20 IC -IW's x15 IC Thang: -Mosey to church parking lot -Bobby Hurley's x20 IC -The PAX then proceeded to do intervals (sprinting the short end of the blocks, and slower mosey on the long sections). The PAX did this around the … Continue reading Pottstown Block Party Intervals

Bearmuda Triangle in front of Borough Hall

Disclaimer Conditions: 63F, Clear Thang: -Mosey ~0.75 miles from the AO to the Pottstown Borough Hall -Bearmuda Triangle: -Round 1: Bear crawl around the Borough Hall park, at each bench do increasing burpees IC -Round 2: Lunge Walk, increasing dips x10 IC -Round 3: Lunge Walk, increasing squats x10 IC -Round 4: Bernie Sanders, increasing … Continue reading Bearmuda Triangle in front of Borough Hall

Apollo 11 Blast Off

2 HIM for the 3.2 PreRuck around Phoenixville (Tuck and Hops) Conditions: 80F, SUPER Humid, Thick Air Disclaimer Warm Up: -Grass Grabbers x20 IC -IW's x15 IC -Peter Parkers x15 IC -Parker Peters x15 IC Thang: -Reminded the PAX about the 50th anniversary of the Lunar Landing today, so we will be taking a field … Continue reading Apollo 11 Blast Off

Pottstown 1776 Beatdown along the Schuykill

Conditions - 100% humidity, 70F, Clear Disclaimer Warm Up: -SSH x15 IC -Gronkowskis (you are welcome Tuck) x10 IC -Imperial Walkers x15 IC Thang: -Reminded the PAX that there are exactly 1,776 yards in 1.01 miles, so we took the opportunity to remember Independence Day by running that down on the Schuykill River trail -After … Continue reading Pottstown 1776 Beatdown along the Schuykill

Sally’s Cousin’s 5k…Down by the River

Conditions: 40F and clear Disclaimer Warm Up: -Grass Grabbers x10 IC -Abe Vigodas x10 IC Thang: -Mosey through Pottstown to the Schukyill River Trail for a 5k run back to the AO (total was 3.2) -Stopped at mile 1.0 to do 10 Monkey Humpers IC by the side of the road -Stopped at mile 1.5 … Continue reading Sally’s Cousin’s 5k…Down by the River

Powerful Partnerships through Pain

Conditions : It was a lovely 60 degrees as we gathered around the flag on Saturday morning.  Warm, but still drizzling on and off. We escaped most of the rain, but the ground was still wet from the rainstorms we got the day before, and it continued to drizzle throughout the morning.  The cool raindrops … Continue reading Powerful Partnerships through Pain

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Burpees….in Westfield?

F3 VF celebrated opening day of America's pastime with a somewhat baseball themed workout at Reeves Park.  10 Pax strong - I believe this marks a month straight of double digit Pax in attendance, well done -- completed the co-led workout by Winklevoss and Boyant.  Activities included: Warmup - SSH, Daisy Pickers, Peter Parkers, Wife … Continue reading Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Burpees….in Westfield?

Running Vines Through Phoenixville

PAX of 3 for the 3 mile PreRuck around Phoenixville at 05:30 12 PAX for the beatdown: Disclaimer Warm Up: -Grass Grabbers x11 IC -Parker Peters x15 IC -Parker Peters x15 IC -Imperial Walkers x20 IC Thang: -Hop Vine Run (black snake run) from the AO to the Gay Street Bridge (~1 mile) -"Bridge over … Continue reading Running Vines Through Phoenixville

If we die, we die

Remember that time in middle school where you wanted to wear shorts yet  your mom said it was too cold? Saturday felt just like that... except we all mature-ish should now to know better better to take wind-chill into consideration. 10 PAX showed up for Saturday's beatdown at the Blast Furnace. The beat down was … Continue reading If we die, we die

Seeing and Saluting RED

3 PAX for a Pre-ruck and 1 for a pre-walk, then a Blast Furnace record surfaced for a RED themed beatdown inspired by Hawgcycle of F3 New Orleans.  No one remembered their firearms for the 21 gun salute so we resorted to burpee salutes at each corner of Reeves Park. Warm-up Peter Parkers x 20 … Continue reading Seeing and Saluting RED

Coming to a court near you, ‘Basketball on Ice’

PRE-RUCK 2 PAX for pre-ruck -- pace was faster than normal without Hops present to slow us down.  Overnight snow and ice didn't deter   WORKOUT 9 PAX  from arriving bright, early, and full of energy for an ice bath of sorts.  Warmup on the Reeves Park (RP) stage introduced the group to a Circle … Continue reading Coming to a court near you, ‘Basketball on Ice’

Ice Ice Baby

4 PAX including a first-timer @ Valley Forge, Winklevoss, showed up for the pre-ruck which consisted of a 4 mile recon mission and a few sets of bleachers and stairs.  The workout began at 630 sharp - with a warmup and mosey to the parking deck at Phoenixville Hospital for a little Ice Ice Baby pain fest.  The workout Q'd … Continue reading Ice Ice Baby

Excel more up Boyant Hill

10 PAX accepted and blew away the F3 Twin Cities Challenge by having more PAX than degrees on the thermostat.  Post-beatdown car temp was 5F.  2 PAX pre-rucked the usual Phoenixville path successfully avoiding hitting their 6 on ice. Disclaimer Warm-up at the flag/in the street Bat Wings Failed attempt at Baba O'Reilly so Imperial … Continue reading Excel more up Boyant Hill

Hanging in the park…

8 PAX turned ice to water in the Blast Furnace on Saturday AM.  What started out cold had the group begging for ice by the end of the beat down.  Tandem Q by Hotwire (F3 Charleston) and Boyant consisted of the following fun activities: Disclaimer Warmup 1/2 mile warmup lap High Knees (IC) Arm Circles / … Continue reading Hanging in the park…

It felt like a warm 20 degrees…

3 PAX posted for a 3-ish mile ruck through downtown Phoenixville - brisk pace, crisp air, and beautiful start to the morning.  Given the cool temperatures...rounding up to 20 degrees would be generous...we hypothesized a small, but mighty showing for the beatdown...   ...but we were wrong.  11 PAX strong including 1 FNG (welcome Abacas) … Continue reading It felt like a warm 20 degrees…

Eagles vs the World in Terrible 20’s – Score 0-2

2 PAX posted for a very very wet 3.3 mile ruck around Phoenixville. On the way back to the AO, the rain let up and Hops mentioned, "oh, this will be nice...or nicer that is". 7 PAX posted in the 39 degree, wet, mud of a "football field" of the Blast Furnace for the first … Continue reading Eagles vs the World in Terrible 20’s – Score 0-2

Edwards vs Spartacus HIT

9 PAX posted in the abnormally warm and muddy conditions of the Blast Furnace for the last beatdown of the year.  YHC went with a 0.0 style workout intended to also provide fodder for your New Year Resolutions. Disclaimer Short mosey to the baseball field SSH x 25 (IC) Grass Pickers x 15 (IC) Arm … Continue reading Edwards vs Spartacus HIT