Murph Gauntlet

YHC arrived at The Bee Hive at 6:15am to a glorious sunrise and perfect 55 degree temperature to lay the ground work for today’s beatdown.  A series of cones and coupons were strategically placed throughout the Bee Hive for want would follow.

  1. Cones and  Coupons – placed forty yards apart on un-even grass surface across from pavilion.
  2. Every 0.10 of mile a cone was placed around the inside driveway and street to make a 0.50 mile loop.

Special thanks to Flame for delivering 10 Paver coupons each weighing 23 lbs.

Today’s workout was designed with the Murph and Spartan Races in mind.

Disclaimer – given


Mosey around the driveway and every .10 of mile (cone) stop for a quick round of 2 warm-up exercises.  All movements done in 10 count series, some IC others straight count.

  1. Arm Circles / Circle Arms
  2.  Daisy Pickers / Abe Vagodas
  3.  Monkey Humpers / Imperial Walkers
  4. Merkins / Crab Cakes
  5. Burpees / Bonnie Blairs

The Thang

Partner Up.  P1 is doing a Murph Set while P2 is doing a 40 yard shuttle run or coupon carry 4 times.

Murph Set Includes:

10 – Pull-ups

20 – Merkins

30 – Air Squats

In order to complete a full Murph you need 100 pull-ups, 200 Merkins, and 300 Air Squats.  So that means we do 10 sets.  Fortunately, or unfortunately this is only a 1 hour workout so we only completed 6 complete sets.


Mosey the driveway loop.  At each .10 cone stop for a quick round of 2 ab exercises.

  1. Flutter Kick / Scissor Kick
  2. Pickle Pushers / Pickle Pointers
  3. American Hammer / WWI
  4. Low Side Plank Lower and Raise / Left Legs


Praise for the Mothers this weekend.  YHC had a great trip to Hershey with the Mrs.  Praying for Lucky Punk as competes in National Fitness Competition, Special Prayers for Heavy Load and men like Dr. Seuss who make the time to stand beside another brother struggling.  Praise God for F3 and each of our attempts to get better, be the light into the world, and live 3rd.


New Math at the Trojan

Disclaimer given.Warmarama:Neck rolls,arm circles,trunk rolls, Casey Kasems,sidestradles, Abe vigodas,grass pickers, imperial walkers, merkins, cobra stretching, world’s greatest stretch.                          The Thang: Mosey,10k pace,5k pace, sprints, around outside loop with many exercises at intervals.I tried to mix it up with different exercises emphasizing some glute work for knee health but mostly mixed up myself.If I called ten ,we did 20,if I called 20 we did 10.Counting is hard,we need to include it in Q source.I may ask Mani for a refresher course.Anyway we had fun and Fun is the unspoken f in f3.The only important number was 9 pax who posted and it was a great workout because of Hawkeye’s fng…. Traveling Man.                              Circle of trust,we prayed for, Traveling Man who lost his mother,Heavy load, Pottstowns new AO and more.I am personally thankful for our leaders help and dedication,our fellowship and the privilege to lead this awesome group of men today.

Number of FNGs: One


Saturday, April 27, 2-19

50 Degree, slight wind


Disclaimer accepted by all.

Warmarama – YHC took off at a good pace to around the outer loop of the Bee Hive to get far enough a head of the PAX to turn around and wait for the six so we could do some good warm-up motions.   After a good 60 seconds of running, stop for a quick circuit.   Stop #1 SSH,  Stop #2 Mountain Climbers, Stop #3 Burpees, Stop #4 Merkins.

After completing .50 mile warm-up lap we were back to Shovel Flag.  Circle up to complete the warm-up.  Complete with Sungods, Monkey Humpers, Prom Dates, Abe Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Long Slow 5 Count Mountain Climbers, and Merkins

The Thang

Part 1 – Tire Obstacle Course (6 tires staggered 25 yards)

  • Run through tires forward
  • Run through tires backwards
  • Run sideways through tires
  • Sprint forward, back pedal
  • Bear Crawl
  • Crab Walk
  • Jump over tires

Part 2 – Tire Line (4 Tires on one line, 2 cones put about 25 yards a part representing end line)  Pax Partner Up.

  • Partner Wheel Barrow between Cones
  • Tire Flip, while other partner does squats
  • Tire Drag
  • Hold Plank, toes on tire,
  • Apollo Creeds
  • In& Out Abs
  • Partner Carry
  • Tire Carry

Part 3 – No Tire

  • Mosey to School Sidewalk for American Hammers
  • Mosey to Pavilion for Pull-ups and Deep squats


Mosey to shovel flag.  LBC until 6.  Flame called crunch frogs, Knievel called for WWI’s.


CoRama = 8

NoRama – welcome 3 FNG’s.  Murdocc becomes Face, Patrice Rames becomes Cognac, and (????) becomes Ranger.

Thank God for F3!

f3 tiresome.jpg

Number of FNGs: 3

Q Monday

Warm up.

Arm circles,  SS hops, grass pickers, Murkins,  Abe vagotas,  mountain climbers,  Mosey around the church.

The Thang

“Non stop dealers choice ”

Each pax called out an exercise and in between each exercise we ran in place and kept moving.

Burpee, murkins, big boy sit ups, box cutters,  ect. Continuing until the end of the workout.

Ended with countOramma, NameOramma, and circle of trust.

Climbing 25 Foot Ladder

A beautiful 52-degree Gloom.

Disclaimer given

Warmarama ensured

The Thang

Inspired by yesterday’s fire station run. Today we climb they similar ladder.

20 reps descending at each turn of.the run.

5 reps ascending at each turn of the run.

Round 1 – 5k pace run to first speed bump.  5 burpees and 20 scissors

Round 2 – 5k pace run to 2nd speed bump. 6 Bonnie Blair and 19 monkey jumpers

Round 3 – 5k pace run to 3rd speed bump. 7 Apollo Creeds and 18 side straddle hops

Round 4 –  fartlek  run fast slow between speed bumps finish at old speed limit sign. 8  Bonnie Blair jumping into Prisoner Squats four count and 17 second plank rotating on all four sides.

Recovery sprints forward and backwards around the circular parking lot.  16 merkins in cadence.


Starfish crunches



Easter, Mr. Brady Mother in law,  Clay Smith, Fleetwood Anniversary





Hamburg 1st Manniversary

Saturday, March 30, 2019 / Hamburg, PA  / 50 degrees, calm winds, and only one car fire on the side of the road.

Showing up 20 minutes early for a workout is a good idea, says no one ever!  Flame, Dr. Seuss, and I enjoyed arriving before Beaker; however, couldn’t manage to sneak in before Longhaul.  The mumble chatter in a clowncar makes getting up extra early well worth it.  The excitement for this day had been building for quite some time.  In truth this Q was having trouble sleeping the night before in anticipation of over 20 men to lead through the gloom for a beat down they wouldn’t soon forget.

Today we also honored Dial-up from the Lehigh Valley Pax with Log of Fame (a.k.a Laddy Glitter Sparkles).  The challenge was made to our Hamburg Pax to get 50 workouts in by next year so we can celebrate by burning their name on the Log and allowing them the honor of torturing each other by carrying the log the entire workout without letting in hit the ground.  If hits ground, 10 penalty burpees each time it hits.

DISCLAIMER  – provided by Dr. Seuss, he was spouting off about his disclaimer being lame and not getting hurt, modifying as need so you can’t pursue the Q for legal damages. It rhymed and made everyone laugh!  I clapped at the end.

WARMARAMA – mosey from the shovel flag to the middle of the park’s grassy field. Circle up for SSH, Abe Vogada, Grass Pickers, Merkins, Alabama Ass Kickers, Monkey Humpers, High Knees, Mountain Climbers, and maybe a few other things to get the heart rate up.

The Thang

YHC ranted for a few moments on F3 is as much about Fitness is it is about Male Community Leadership.  In addition to physically pushing each other our secondary aim is to bring men into more leadership experience, training, and influence. So today’s workout was CUE’d on FOUR aspects of leadership worth remembering.

1.)Listening – which no PAX ever heard their wife say he needed to work on this.

(aka 21s or Simon Says) Timothy Says :  4..8  SSH – 2 count 1 – 4 loud, and then stop exactly after doing 8 more, for a total of 12.  We need to stop exactly at the same time.  Every time we don’t all stop at the same time, there will a group penalty exercise called, starting with 4 reps, progressing to 8.

2.) Perseverance

Timothy’s Pyramid Building – 4 Diamonds 8 Blocks (aka 7 of Diamonds).  At each corner of the diamond, do stated rep count of selected exercise below, progress by 8 each round.  First guy to complete the pyramid picks a card from the F3 deck of pain to do until 6 completes

  1. Burpee x 8
  2. Flutter Kicks x 16
  3. Merkins x 24
  4. Monkey Thrusts x 32

Here is where we reached the base of the pyramid and instead of offering additional beating, we offered some physical and spiritual healing to mediate over.

1 Timothy 4:8 – For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

  1. Head Tappers x 24
  2. Pickle Climbers x 16
  3. Bonnie Blairs x 8

3. Team Work

Block Brigade (also can be done on Stairs or Long Hill) – 4 to 8 guys standing shoulder to shoulder in line.  Man at end passes Paver to guy at the end one man at a time.  Once hand off, race to end of line to receive the block going all the way to designated finish line.  To make extra challenging and ridiculously funny ask guys to Chinese fire drill around the group before taking the brick at end of line.

4. Fun

Rochamburpees Tournament– Rock paper scissors – while in low plank (chillcut) Best out of 3!  Whoever beats you, get become their alliance and cheer them on, as they go against the next challenger.  There was supposed to be some burpee consequences for the losing alliance; however, time was the enemy and we already owed some burpees for a dropped log.  FNG (aka Fumble) was crowned Rochamburpee Tournament Champion taking Long Haul in 3 rounds.


Mosey back to the shovel flag and pay up on the one drop of the log of fame.


CoRama = 25

No Rama = Fumble, Waterboy, Kubota, and Suds

Announcements – Coffeeteria at 412 with full-on cinnabon and grumb cake war between Elli and Jan!  Hiking to top of Pike’s Peak!  Flame urging each man to tell another guy about F3 because they don’t know they need it yet.

P&P – Neon took us out in prayer praising God for all these men of Hamburg and asking continued guidance, protection, wisdom, and growth for all of us.

Number of FNGs: 4

Sharing Trouble at the Trojan


One of the advantages of working out in different AOs is that I can occasionally repeat a workout.  That is what I did this time — repeat the Grill workout from last Saturday (with some modification)

 Day’s Thought: Focus on Mental Health Awareness in support of F3 Louisville initiative #F3MentalBattle

Anxiety, Mood disorders, Schizophrenia

Early signs: withdrawal, sleep/eat too much, low energy, drug use, uncharacteristic emotions, confusion, thoughts of harming self/others, delusions

Treatment – psychotherapy, medication, self-help (lifestyle changes)

Mosey the short loop to the playground.  Stop half-way for Warm-a-rama: Arm Circles, Trunk Rolls, SSH, Monkey Humpers, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Plank Jacks, Calf Stretch

The Thang:

  • 10 Underdogs
  • Pullups (AMRAP)

Mosey back to pavilion parking lot

Circle of Pain/Share My Troubles: “I am able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Nevertheless, you did well to share with me in my trouble.” Phil 4:13&14

13 stations, 14 reps at each station

Man, in center, jumps rope.  As each man completes a station he has option to relieve the man in the center or continue to next station.

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Half Superman
  • Merkins
  • WWI Sit Ups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Side Squats
  • Crab Cakes
  • Elbow Lifts
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps

During this routine, Uptown shared some modifications to some of the exercises he picked up while watching YouTube during his recovery.  These include Head Taps, a modified shoulder tap; a combo squat/imperial walker; and a combo six inches/american hammer.  There were probably a few others that he is going to have to demonstrate again.

Mary: Dealer’s Choice — American Hammers, LBCs, Six Inch Hammers, V Ups, Freddie Mercury, Star Fish Crunches, WWI

COT: Gratitude for staring off day with a great group of men and the amazing community of the F3 brotherhood!

In God’s Bosom


Arm circles, Huggie Bears, Abe Vigodas

50 Squats to get the blood going on a cold morning!

Now that the muscles are warm, Yoga to stretch- Warrior 1, Warrior 2 into a plank, downward Dog, Cobra, plank, Repeat other side.

The Thang

Mosey to the pavillions:
pull ups. Lunge to next pavillion

Partner up to do taps, high five your partner with a push up

Sideways bear crawl to next pavilion


Sideways bear crawl opposite side to next pavillion

More squats

Jump lunges back to pavilion

More pullups

Bear crawls to next pavilion


Crabwalks to next pavilion

Step ups on benches

Bonnie Blairs

Mosey back to parking lot

Dealer’s Choice:

We had 12 men show up and everyone got a turn. We did World War I’s, Freddie Mercurys, Merkins. Dr. Seuss had us do negative ab pull downs with our legs and windshield wipers each side- 5 reps each. These were tough!!

We ended with announcements, Counterama and Name-arama.




President’s Day

A Monday morning holiday couldn’t stop the few, the proud . . .

Warm-up:  Reaching, bending, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch, grass pickers, Vigodas, SSh, Morroccan sun gods, 1/4 mile mosey.

The Thang: Arms, Abs, Legs followed by a lap around the church.  Arms: curls, back rows, military press, and skull crushers. Legs: squats, lunges, weighted lunges, and jump rope. Abs: Americans hammers, windshield wipers, LBC’s, reverse crunches.  We completed 4 circuits, so we ran about a mile.

Prayer requests.

Romper Room

It started out like a normal workout, but then quickly devolved into a kids playtime.

Warm-up:  Abe Vigodas, grass pickers , SSH, side lunge, Merkins, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers, shoulder taps.  Bear crawl to “dug-out.”

The Thang: Nine innings of “baseball” – teams of three.  Partner A – weights, Partner B – jump rope, Partner C -runs the bases.  Rotate after Partner A finishes 15-20 reps of the weights exercise.

Inning 1: curls and home run jog around the bases.

Inning 2: shoulder press and bear crawl to first,  jog to second, bear crawl to third,  jog home.

Inning 3: back rows, and crab walk/ jog/ crab walk/ jog.

It was at this point that the group split.  Uptown took the kids on one half of the gym for games such as red rover and steal the bacon, while the guys stayed on the other half doing more reps of weight exercises.

15 lbs weights in each hand, exercises included: skull crushers, overhead press, chest fly, chest press, tricep extension aka “donkey kicks,” curls in squat position, squats, lunges, and more back rows.

Mary: Dealer’s choice – American hammers, crunchy frogs, big-boys, scissor kicks, box cutters, half superman, and Dollys.

COT: COR, NOR, prayer.  See Uptown’s video for more details.Number of FNGs: 12

Love Training

Some might say the Love Train never pulled out of Trojan Station this morning due to ice on the tracks.  The theme for this Valentines Day Workout is LOVE!   The workout routine planned was a Route 66 with assorted rep counts of different exercises.   It is fact that God laughs at man’s plans.  According to Google it is also fact that God gave us 106 scripture verses to teach us about love.

DISCLAIMER – free, rotational lead, outdoor, men only, end CoT.  No professionals, modify to include not even doing the exercise, by stating Aye and continuing on from this point you accept all risks.


Warmarama – circle up under the pavilion.  Arm Circles, Abe Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Leg Swings, Quad Stretch, SSH, Monkey Humpers, Alabama Ass Kickers, Pickle Pushers, Low Slow Squats, Merkins


The Thang  

The Pax train travels to each station via a different mode of transportation.  (Jog, Nur, Side Shuffle, Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Lunge Walk, backwards lunge walk)

Station 1:  1 Corinth 13 (Merkins):4 (Burpees) 

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Station 2:  1 Corinth 16 (Lunges) -14 (Squats)

Do everything in love.

Station 3:  Psalm 143 (Overhead Claps):8 (Bonnie Blairs)

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for to you I entrust my life.

Station 4:  Colossians 3 (BTW) :14 (Human Chairs)

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Station 5: 1 John 4 (Jump Squats) :16 (Crab Cakes)

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Station 6:  Ephesians 4 (LBCs) :2 (Big Boys) 

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Station 7:  1 John 4 (Durkins) :16 (Dips) 

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

Station 8:  1 Corinth 13 (American Hammers) :13 (Crunchy Frog)

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Station 9: 1 Peter 4 (Mountain Climbers) :8 (Shoulder Taps) 

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Station 10:  John 15 (Flutter Kicks): 12 (WWI)

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.


We lift up all the mentioned pray concerns to the God of Love and who is Love.  Asking for strength, courage, and vulnerability to act in Love today.  May we be a light of love into our families, workplaces, and communities.  Lord help these words condition our hearts as these exercises condition our bodies.



love train.jpg

Nine Innings

A balmy 70something degrees inside

Disclaimer accepted by all

Warm-up: IC – SSH, grass pickers, side lunge, Abe Vigodas, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch, Merkins, Peter Parkers, Mayweathers, shoulder taps, mountain climbers.  Lunge walk to “dug-out”

The Thang: “Baseball,” definitions of and distinction between a “team” and a “club/activity.”  F3 is a team operation.  We have a mission.  PAX start in “dugout”= people’s chair.  Each inning begins with an exercise in the “dugout” position.  Then PAX complete a circuit of the bases.
Inning 1 – 20 Shoulder presses while in people’s chair.  Circuit = homerun jog around the bases.
Inning 2 – 20 curls in people’s chair. Circuit = homerun jog.
Inning 3 – 20 back rows. Circuit = bear crawl to first, jog to second, bear crawl to third, jog home.
Inning 4 – 20 skull crushers. Circuit = crab walk to first, jog to second, crab walk to third, jog home.
Inning 5 – 20 chest flys. Circuit = alligator crawl to first, jog to second, alligator crawl to third, jog home. -Killer!
Inning 6 – 20 more back rows. Circuit = sprint to first, jog to second, sprint to third, jog home.
Inning 7 – 2 minutes of jump rope. Circuit = “base chase.”  PAX line up at home base. First PAX gets a head start to first base, and then second PAX chases him, third PAX chases second, and so on.  Around the bases we went until one PAX caught another.
7th inning stretch – huggy bears, Morroccan sun gods, and neck and trunk rolls.
Inning 8 – 20 triceps presses. Circuit = imperial walkers to first, toy soldiers to second, imperial walkers to third, toy soldiers home.
Inning 9 – 10 more military presses. jog to “outfield.”=stage.  Prep catching the homerun ball.  10 Derkins, 10 dips, and 10 step-ups each leg.  Jog home.
Pitching change – weighted lunge walk to shovel flag =”pitchers’ mound” and back.  Prep for “the Closer.”

Mary: Dealer’s choice. weighted American hammers, weighted LBC’s, weighted big boys, weighted flutter kicks, toe-touches, windshield wipers, and crunchy frogs.

COT: cor, nor, announcements and prayer requests.Number of FNGs: 1

Balls Out

Tuesday, January 29, 2017 – Gloom weather report near 30 degrees with 100% chance of perspiration.   Winter Storm Jayden knocking on the door last night and this morning robo calls blazing this morning at 5:05am announcing schools closed.   YHC was a little surprised their wasn’t more ski traffic on the way to AO.

Disclaimer – free, men only, no professionals, modify as needed to include not doing suggested exercises, rotational lead, end with circle of trust.  By stating “Aye” and continuing on from this point you accept all risk of injury.

Warmarama  – grabbed a sack of basketballs and mosey to the court about .25 mile away.  Circle for some dynamic stretching.  SSH, arm circles, abe vagoda, high knees, merkins, world war I.  (balance on basketball for extra credit) Finish warm-up with some old school progressive suicide drills with a few wrinkles.

Round 1 – Sprint to Foul Line, Mid-Court, End Line with 1 merkin on each turn.

Round 2 – Sprint to Foul Line, Mid-Court, End Line with 4 count mountain climber on each turn.

Round 3 – Sprint to Foul Line, Mid-Court, End Line with burpee on each turn.

The Thang –  Partner, odd man out is Exercise Shot Clock.

P1 runs half way down the court, P2 throws basketball – catch and run in lay-up.  P1 sprints down for rebound. (flip flop) return.  Repeat for as long as it takes the odd man out to do 25 burpees. Rotate all the way through, switching partners until everyone has chance to be shot clock.

6MOM – mosey back .25 to shovel flag for only 2 minutes of abs.  Mountain climber for the six.  American Hammer and LBCs.


Announcements – No Regrets Men’s Conference this Saturday 7am workout at Faith Church.  Push-up contest always need help counting and getting guys fired up.  Neon is working on 3rd F resources to share.

TAP – prayers for YHC’s buddy getting the help he needs in rehab, prayers for Knievel’s co-workers wife with major surgery.  Neon want to give thanks for an awesome 30 day vacation and mission trip with family down to Chile.


Balls Out.jpg

Open Line Friday

Friday 1/25/19 @ 5:30am. Even with the Q sheet in hand, going with some off-the-cuff input from the PAX can make for a great work out.

Conditions: An ideal 25 degrees created a crisp, clear morning to hit it.

Disclaimer accepted by all
SSH Casey Kasums/Neck/Trunk, Abe Vigodas (OYO), Merkins, Mountain Climbers
Peter Parkers, Lunges (IC)

MOSEY – Enhanced
Around church, then around the east entrance p-lot between the following exercises with 3 laps/intervals per event:

  • Alligator Merkin – alt. stepping hands forward combined with Merkin for each reps (like an alligator walking) – 20
  • Dan Taylor ‘Lt. Dan’ mod – 3 squats followed by 3 lunges
  • Spider Crawl (per Iacocca) – begin in Merkin position, walk feet forward as far as possible w/hands on ground, until upright, then walk hands back down, moving forward to Merkin position – for 8 parking spaces (killer! – we moved on after 2 intervals).

Abs Over Easy
American Hammers
Freddie Mercury
Flutter Kicks

Block Party
Military presses
Pass-the-Block (not the buck) – with the PAX backed into a circle (per DS’s suggestion), we passed 2 blocks separately around to each other, 60 seconds per direction

Mary – Dealer’s Choice
LBC’s, WWI’s, Carolina Dry Docks
Group pic by the flag finished a good Friday morning



Backblast from Tuesday Frozen Swamp

Backblast from 1/22/19! Sorry for the late post! It was a very cold morning somewhere around 9 degrees.  We all layered up in warm winter gear.  We definately broke a sweat despite the cold.

Lots of Warm-up included….Mosy, 10 side straddle hops, 10 sun-gods,  10 monkey humpers, mosey to the  telephone poles. sidesteps(both directions).  lunge steps between the poles, 10 push ups in Cadence, moorside hops both directions, bear crawl, mosey to the playground.

The thang

Round of 10 Pull-Ups,  10 rows on the swings, 20 step UPS, 10 dips in Cadence…..repeat…. another round 10 pullups 10 rows on the swings 20 step UPS man 10 dips and Cadence…..repeat….. same thing.  Mosey , 10 squats and Cadence, MOSI 10 pushups, lunge walk, side hops both directions, lunge walk…Mosey back to the shovel flag. Round of Mary, , counter o Rama, name o rama, prayers request and praises

Now You Know Your ABC’s

Conditions: 24 degrees and windy, c-c-c-cold until we ducked behind the church to get out of the 8mph wind. Clear morning, bright stars, best time of the day!
Attempting to follow an ABC acronym, YHC scoured the F3 site for an alphabet soup of new exercises. The PAX seemed thrilled and annoyed. The Alligator Merkins appeared to inflict the most pain (noted).

The Five F3 Pillars acknowledged. Disclaimer accepted by all
SAMPLE Stretch to start:
SSH Casey Kasums/Neck/Trunk (OYO)
A – Abe Vigodas OYO
M – Merkins
M – Mountain Climbers
P – Peter Parkers
L – Side Lunges

Around church, then mosey around p-lot btwn the following exercises:
Alligator Merkin – alt. stepping hands forward on merkin reps – 50 ft (like an alligator walking)
Butkus x 3 (quick curb steps for 30 sec./30 sec. rest)
Ciabatta – 20 seconds workout/10 second rest as follows:
(Merkins/Sundials/Monkey Hump/Squats)

American Hammers
(Bicycle) Freddie Mercury
Crunches – Little Baby ones
Dying Cockroach as follows, 10 reps:
(Lie on back, touch opposite Hand-to-foot)
Elevations – as in Low Leg Elevations
Flutter Kicks

Air Chair for 10 (like the people’s chair but w/o the wall, and holding a block)
Bolt 45’s – squats full-to-half then half-to-bottom 15 each position (From Usain Bolt, Olympic Runner)
Clock Pendulum: lift weight pendulum style to the left then to the right, no swing
Duck Walk w/o block – 5 parking spaces and back
Elf on the Shelf (Standing position, lift block from ground left to high above head and back down to right side on ground) 10 reps OYO

Mary – Dealer’s Choice ABC-themed, ideally
Air Angels, WWI’s, Reverse Crunches, Carolina Dry Docks


The Rope

Disclaimer accepted by all. (I am still thinking about Beaker’s challenge for a rhyming version.)

Warm-up: OYO – neck rolls, trunk rolls, arm swings, huggy bears, leg swing, and quad stretch.  IC – SSH, Abe Vigodas, Grass pickers, side lunge, Merkins, Mayweathers, Peter Parkers, and calf stretch.

Runners – six hill sprints, 20 dips, 10 Derkins.  0.0 – one revolution of The Thang.

The Thang – Partner up.  Partner A does weighted exercises for 20 reps while Partner B jumps rope or holds low plank.  Flapjack and repeat. Weighted exercises included: bench press, shoulder press, curls, squats, chest flys, and skull crushers.  Finished with 10 parking spaces of lunge walk.

Mary: Dealer’s choice.  IC – American hammers, flutter kicks, big boys, LBCs, toe grabs, and crab cakes.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements and prayer requests.  Hawkeye – you are an inspiration!

First Friday of the New Year 

As it was the First Friday of the New Year, the morning’s theme was turning over, as in turning over a new leaf, turning the corner to a new year, re-setting. Disclaimer agreed.

Warm Ups/Stretching
Stretch – Casey Kasums/Neck/Trunk (OYO)
A – Abe Vigodas
M – Merkins
M – Mountain Climbers
P – Peter Parkers
L – Lunges

Mosey Over
Jog/Side shuffle/Back/Side shuffle/Jog x 2 laps around the church

Crawl Over
Bear Crawl/Side Crawl/Crab crawl/Otherside Crawl
Abs Over Easy
Planks Left/Center/Right for 20
Flutter Kicks
Freddie Mercury
Wind Shield Wipers
Block Party
Military Presses
Walking Lunges to 5 Spaces

Mary Dealer’s Choice
SSN, Merkins, Abe Vigodas, American Hammers


Leadership Call

A balmy January morning at 37 degrees with no wind!  Hate to leave the fartsack and hate to leave a great workout undone. The youngest of my 2.0’s had the M up all night.  Tough leadership call this morning, do I stay or do I go.  Well, I went.   Almost called in a favor from Beaker to do an emergency Q.   That said, it’s time to do a better job leading the Trojan so that more guys are getting a chance to lead.  I am going to update and circulate the Site Q responsibilities and start following them so I can be a good example of a good example.


WARMARAMA – mosey around the back of the pavilion.  Backwards run, side shuffle, bear crawl, flying squirrels.  mosey to jungle gym for 10 pull-ups, mosey down to volleyball court circle up for arm circles, bear hugs, abe vogoda, grass pickers, merkins, prom dates, ass kickers, goof balls, and maybe a few more things.

THE THANG  – Partner Volley

Partner Up on one side of the Volleyball Court.

P1 – Wheel Barrow P2 – Carry to other side of court.  10 IC – squat thrusts. Rinse with jog around court.  Flap Jack Partners come back. P1 – Empty Wheel Barrow P2 – Carry to other side of court.  10 IC – squats. Rinse with jog around court.  Flap Jack Partners come back. P1 – Partner Carry P2 – Ride to other side of court.  10 IC – merkins,Rinse with jog around court.  Flap Jack Partners come back.

P1 – Plank  P2 – Derkin legs on P1 back.

P1 – Six Inches P2 – Hop over legs x 10

P1 – Superman P2 – Hop over legs x 10

P1 – Side Plank P2 – Hop over legs x 5 x 5

Finish with progressive Suicides

Round 1 – over and back. Round 2 – over, back, over, back. Round 3 – over, back, over, back, over, back.

Mary – mosey back to jungle gym for 10 pull-ups, mosey to parking lot for flying squirrels, bear crawl, side shuffle, backwards run, and mosey to shovel flag.


CoRama = 6

Announcements – there is an F3 Spartan Team forming this summer for Blue Mountain race on Sunday, July 14th.  Right now have about 10 guys on the email strand interested.  Sign-up early, open afternoon division, spots limited.

Prayers Praise – Cougar wanted to thank God for his brothers at F3 that helped him through a rough 2018 and grateful for the outlook in 2019.  Hawkeye completed his 3rd workout of the year at 72 years old, talk about real leadership and validating that fact you really don’t have a good excuse not to attend.  Prayers for Hawkeye’s wife and family as they go through a battle with Alzheimers.  YHC lifts up friend battling opioid addiction and for the right words to speak at church this weekend.

NEXT UP ON THE Q – Long Haul hard commitment for next Thursday.   Cougar and Boo Boo deciding who will Q Tuesday at the Swamp, maybe a CoQ event. (0.0 and bootcamp)

Crazy Eights Run

Four posted this morning for a running work out at Willow Lane at 0515.  It was a comfortable 36 degrees.


Warmarama – short mosey from the shovel flag to the fire company.  Arm circles, Sungods, Bear Hugs, Leg Swings, Merkins, Mountain Climbers slow to fast.

The Thang

Crazy Eights run around the Willow Lane path.  Every .25 mile stop for a circuit of 8 reps.  Starting with 1 Burpee and 7 Merkins.  Then progressing up 1 Burpee and down 1 Merkin until 7 Burpees and 1 Merking is completed.

Mary – on your 6 for some cool down stretches OYO.

Announcements –  Men No Regrets Conference – 2/2 @ Faith

March 15, 2019 – Pig Pen is organizing Faith Night at the Phantoms.

CoT  –  Praying for our brothers like Drop Box who are sick and need of healing.  Thank God for these great group of men who want to get better everyday.