March Madness


20 – Side Staddle Hops

15 – Goofballs

15 – Monkey Humpers


1st round of 10/20/30 under pavilion (2 sets)

10 – Power Jumps

20 – Power Jacks

30 – Switch Kicks


1st round of hill (2 sets each)

split Pax into 2 groups

group 1 – uphill longjumps/bearcrawl down (x3)

group 2 – plié squat hold


2nd round of 10/20/30 under pavilion (2 sets)

10 – helicopters

20 – ball pushups

30 – ski abs (left/right = 1)


2nd round of hill (2 sets each)

Split Pax into 2 groups

group 1 – sprint uphill/ jog downhill x3

group 2 – burpee climbers (4 push-ups, 8 mountain climbers per rep)


Marys –

35 WW1s



Circle of Failure

Seven men, seven stations.  Stations included burpees, v-sits, merkins, squats, plank, flutter kick, American Hammer, fast feet.  There were also three unknown stations that anyone could opt to select if they did not like the current station that they faced.  The terror of the unknown!

Each of the pax start at a different station and did that exercise until any one person fails.  The one that fails must broad jump around the pax.  The second time that an individual fails they must do two laps of broad jumps–continue increasing per failure.  After each failure, the rest of the pax immediately rotates so that everyone gets a new exercise with no rest.  Repeat for 45 minutes!

Juarez valley on ice

28 degrees, started to snow at end

Warmarama:  SSH, sprints down parking lot and back/ 20 burpees….down and back/ 10 burpees…down and back/ 5 burpees

mosey to bandshell for…

Ring of Fire: Everyone starts with SSH, then Q does 1burpee, starts Mountain Climbers, next guy clockwise does one burpee, starts MCs..once everyone is
Doing mountain climbers, Q does burpees and starts next
1.) SSH 2.) Mountain Climbers 3.) High Knees 4.) Imp. Squat walker 5.) Butt Kickers 6.) SSH

String of Pearls: Run around track, stopping periodically to do 10 merkins, 15 squats, 20 LBCs….finishing back at bandshell

Juarez Valley Method: (Merkins) 1. 20 reps rest 2. 1 rep rest 3. 19 reps 4. 2 reps 5. 18 reps…. 20.10 reps (see rep breakdown below).  Did reg merkins odd rounds and diamonds even rounds
1. 20
2. 1
3. 19
4. 2
5. 18
6. 3
7. 17
8. 4
9. 16
10. 5
11. 15
12. 6
13. 14
14. 7
15. 13
16. 8
17. 12
18. 9
19. 11
20. 10


finished with some post-COT pull-ups on way back to parking lot Continue reading Juarez valley on ice

“My Wife’s Workout”

The “Scientific Seven Minute Workout.”  Involves 12 exercises (Jacks, Wall sit, Merkin, V sit, Step up, Squat, Dips, Plank, High knees, Lunges, Merkin w alternating arm rotation, Side plank) for 30 seconds each at max effort followed by a 10 second rest.  We did it.  Then we did it for 60 seconds.  Then again at 30 seconds.  Fun.

Climb the mountain


Our band of brothers trudged thru the snow to the safety of our shell….

Bogey celebrated his 50th with a new-found friend “the log”


The Thang:

Each Pax picked their exercise of choice.

Merkins, burpees, squats, Dr. Ws, air presses, V sits & lunges

We started with a round of one each and climbed to a summit of ten each, them back down again. All pax shared in Bogey’s fun and the log never touched the ground.


Demo- out


Sprinter’s Choice…Log relay version

40, no wind

It is Treehugger’s 50th “logged” workout, so we are of course crlebrating with slog.

Yes with the HOF log in tow six of is pushed each other thru a warmer winter gloom, keeping our spirits high and the log off the ground for the entire workout.


warmarama:  SSH, grasspickers, mountain climbers (Treehugger did some impressive one armed mountain climbers holding the log)

mosey bottom loop, cutting around perimeter of outfield fence to shorten loop

Sprinter’s Choice, log relay:

-teams of 3, one team running, taking turns carrying log, around loop we ran

during mosey

-the running team picks exercise for the team back at the pavilion

-do abs together between rounds

-flapjack after abs, other team carries log for run and picks exercise for other team

exercises were: merkins, Squats, burpees (each team did 2 round of each)

abs were:           V Sits, Dr. Ws, flutter kicks, WW1s, crunchy frogs, bicycles

finished with BTTW…all guys doing BTTW, one guy holding log in people’s chair..

switch off log as guys come off of wall


-Bogey out


Six inches of powder (and more coming down) made for a nice backdrop.

Warm up with 100 yard sprints between descending squats (100, 75, 50, 25).

Then on to rotating Q.  Rotating Q picks the exercise and leads the pax until the Q fails.  If the Q outlasts the entire pax then it is 10 burpees for each of the pax.  No burpees were delivered.

Return of The Hill

Return of the Hill

Following a long frozen stretch, the hill was sufficiently melted and ready to challenge 5 intrepid

men in the early Blandon gloom.


SSH, XJacks, mountain climbers, grass pickers, Moroccan night clubs

Headlamps on, mosey full loop ending at the Hill of Fame.

Clock Merkins (4 at each “hour hand” time that Q calls out…..feet stay still)

Partner up for Hill Doras…..

Round 1

Exercise: Burpees x 80

Run: Backwards up hill, run down, backwards up hill, Bobby Hurley x3, bear crawl down hill

Round 2

Exercise: Merkins x 150

Mosey back to pavilion

Dips, Derkins, box jumps x 20

Find spot on wall for people’s chair (each PAX counts to 12, all airpressing, on way back same thing

With boxing jabs)

BTTW, last man “standing”

Introduction of HOF log by Flame (YHC and Treehugger will be doing combined workout this week

With the log)

Circle up by Flag for round of abs (flutter kicks, box cutters, Dr. W’s, Vsits)


Frozen Hourglass

15 degrees, light breeze


warmarama:  ssh, mountain climbers, Moroccan night clubs

mosey around upper loop

The Thang:  Hourglass (start with 50 reps, ladder down 40, 30…to zero, different exercise for each set of reps….alternating an upper lap run and 2 minute plank for the rinse between exercises….then ladder back up to 50)

50 merkins


40 American Hammers

2 min plank

30 Bobby Hurleys


20 dips


10 burpees


0 (BTTW as long as you can)


10 count Dr. Ws


20 box jumps

30 derkins

40 V Sits

50 air presses from Peoples Chair

2 min plank




Temperature feel was -10°. So the warm-up was a brisk alternating between Merkens and hundred yard sprints. Did it five times starting with 50 Merkens and working our way down reducing by 10 each time.

Main workout was one minute high-intensity interval‘s followed by a rest. Of dealers choice of abs.  High intensity included The usual: Merkens, side straddle hops, arm circles, high knees, but kickers, burpees, etc.

Hope Rescue Mission


9 Pax posted to bring an F3 workout to Hope Rescue Mission. We welcomed 17 FNGs!

It was a great time with the guys, lots of fellowship and encouragement.

Demo, Slowbear, Beaker, Flame, Doubtfire, Corruption, Feedbag, Bogey, Treehugger

Mountain Man, Marley, Bishop, Preacher, Backspin, Emeril, Crosscheck, Stud, Samson,

Bomber, Steel, Miyagi, Munchie, Hair band, Manu, Dugout

Intro and Disclosure: Bogey

Warmarama: Flame: Moroccan Night Clubs, Huggie Bears, Grass Pickers, Abe Bagodas,


Thang 1: Treehugger: “Philly Traffic”

FNGs do laps with either Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears, or Crab Walks and at the end of each lap

Perform jumping jacks..starting with one on first lap and laddering up…

Named F3 PAX do same thing around outer cones with burpees in place of jumping jacks.

—Called it after 6 rounds

Thang 2: Bogey: Modified Dora 1-2-3

-Created teams of 3, Half of teams on one side of Lobby, other half on other side

-2 PAX remain at wall performing exercise of the round, as many reps as possible. Third

PAX is the “runner” and is doing the mode of transport for the round down and back across

Lobby. Flapjack when runner returns, always having 1 runner and 2 PAX at wall doing exercise.

Round is complete when each PAX was the runner 2 times

Round 1: Exercise: Merkins Runner: Lunge Walk

Round 2: Exercise: WW1s Runner: Broad Jumps down, Karaoke back

Thang 3: BTTW and Stairs

Just like it sounds, half of the PAX found a spot along the lobby walls, half of the PAX did stair runs.


COR, NOR (lots of FNGs to name), COT

Brrr…Baby it’s cold outside

2 degrees, no wind


warmarama:  SSH, Mountain Climbers, drill sergeants (up downs)

mosey to bathroom building


Round 1 (10 reps for all exercises with reps)

Circuit A:  BTTW (as long as possible), donkey kicks, people’s chair (each pax counts  out rep individually while everyone does air presses)…back other direction with air punches

run lap, meet at pavilion

Circuit B:  merkins, burpees, derkins, abs (3 exercises PAX Choice)

run lap back to building

Round 2 (15 reps)

Circuit A: BTTW (as long as possible), donkey kicks, people’s chair (each pax counts out rep individually while everyone does air presses)…back other direction with air punches

run lap, meet at pavilion

Circuit B: merkins, burpees, derkins, abs (3 exercises PAX Choice)

run lap back to building

Round 3, circuit A only, 20 reps

mosey back to start


announcements:  Hope Rescue Mission workout this Saturday




In-TEN-sity at the Pond

In-TEN-sity Workout
10 of each exercise then lap around playground and 1 minute plank after each exercise:
Warm up:
1. Side straddle hops in cadence
2. Goof balls in cadence
3. Grass pickers
4. Monkey humpers

1. Sprint to 4 scissor jumps
2. Elbow Plank with leg pulses – 10 each leg
3. squat jumps
4. One leg Tricep dips – 10 left, 10 right
5. Merkins- 10 diamond, 10 military, 10 wide
6. mountain climbers in cadence
7. 10 ski abs
8. 6-incher flutter kicks in cadence
9. AMERICAN Hammers in cadence
10. Stance jacks


Team 1 v Team 2

Warm-up: Pax runs ~150 yards then everyone does merkins until the first guy completes 35, repeat run and merkins until first guy completes 30, repeat until 25 and so on until zero.

The Thang:  Broke up into two teams of 4.  Teams alternate running two laps for a total of ~ 1/4 mile.  Meanwhile the other team is doing any exercise of the running team’s choosing.  Then the team’s switch and repeat.  Choices included: burpees, air presses, log jumps, incline merkins, log jumps, squats, side-straddle-hops, etc.  Ended with round of Mary.

Run and grunt

34 degrees, no wind, felt warm compared to last few workouts..

disclosure issued, FNG present…slowbear’s son

warmarama: SSH, X jacks, mountain climbers

the Thang:  3 rounds of running/ bodyweight exercise..increasing reps by 5

Round 1

5 burpees
5 derkins
5 copper head squats
5 donkey kicks
5 box jumps
5 ww1
5 merkins
Bearcrawl down and back (width of pavilion)

Round 2
10 of each exercise, dragon walk down, crabwalk back

Round 3
15 of each

bear crawl/ crawl bear

-find spot on wall for people’s chair:

count out 10 count down the row..airpresses first, then


-circled up by flag for abs…American hammers, dr ws, side

crunches, protractors, v sits, bicycles


welcome Speedbag!

Burpee Burner

14 degrees, no wind


warmarama: Ssh, grasspickers, goofballs, arm circles

mosey around fitness track through parking lot to back to main st ball field corner

15 burpees

-mosey continuing full lap stopping at pullup bar for 15 burpees

then pull-ups to fail while rest of PAX do burpees

-over to basketball court for “Bearpees” the length of the court

out doing four count bear crawl/ burpee, back doing four count bear crawl/ 2 burpees

-mosey to pavilion for dealers choice abs;

dr ws, ww1s, protractor, vsits, Freddy mercs

-pick a bench for irkins, dips, step ups all x20

mosey back to start


Beat down in the Cold

Doubfire became the proud papa of Giggles ( Well done!

Temperatures AND wind in the teens made for a keep-moving moving.

Warmup: Pax runs ~150 yards then everyone does merkins until the first guy completes 35, repeat run and merkins until first guy completes 30, repeat until 25 and so on until zero.

The Thang: Two-minute intervals of dealer’s choice. Dealer is whomever chose to wear the 40 lb vest. Dealer also gets to call out anyone with bad form to get “down” and do sit-ups or another ab substitute. Choice included: air presses, high-knees, incline merkins, log jumps, burpees, squats, lunges, wall sits, pullups, v-sits, etc.

Announcements: Pax to meet for breakfast on Saturday (12/16/17) at the Airport Dinner in Kutztown at 6:30 a.m.

Ended with circle of trust.