Block Party

The Block Party

Seven Pax showed up on time and two were tardy. We start when we start men.

1/2 mile mosey


SSH x 10 ic

Abe Vagodas x 10 ic

Grass Pickers x 10 ic

Peter Parkers x 10 ic

Merkins x 10 ic

Tha Thang part uno

What goes up must come down, in reverse

Lunge to the top, backward lunge to the bottom

Shuffle left up, right down

Shuffle right up, left down

Bear Crawl up, Crawl Bear down

Crab Walk up, Walk Crab down

Mosey to the park for

Tha Thang part deuce

One man at each station, six pull up stations and three swing row stations

Two pull ups and you move one station to the left. Swing Rower moves when relieved until everyone is back at their original station.

People’s Donkey Balls

– One minute People’s Chair, 10 Donkey Kicks and 5 count each Balls to the Wall

Back at park for round two, three pull ups at each station until one round completed.

Long mosey back to the shovel flag for the Block Party.

Block Party

Block Rows two handed x 10 oyo

Single Arm Block Rows x 10 oyo per side

Single arm flys x 10 per side oyo

Two handed overhead press x 10 oyo

Single hand overhead press x 10 oyo per side


LBCs with block x 10 ic

WW1 situps with block x 10 ic

American Hammers with block x 10 ic

Six inches and hold with block on shins x 20 count


Remember to check in on those around you not engaged. Loneliness is a disease and we have an avenue to battle against it. ABH – Always Be Headlocking.


Wilson Returns

Beautiful 50 degrees in Allentown this morning.  The Gloom was not so Gloomy especially when Wilson showed up with Mr. Brady.  (Castaway reference)

DISCLAIMER – free, open to all men, rotational lead, outdoors, end with CoT, modified as needed.  Accept with Aye!

WARMARAMA  – mosey around tree of life loop to playground and back to shovel flag. Circle up for IC -SSH, Imperial Walkers, Abe Vagoda, Daiser Pickers, Goodmornings, Merkin Plank Twists and take another mosey lap.

The Thang

Part 1 – Four Cones Box Drills – around the outside of cones, shuffle left, high knees, Broad Jump, Nur, Shuffle right.

Part 2 – Spartan OCR: Carry # 9 – Workout
Line up along one side of cones. Each pax at station.  10 minute AMRAP, keep rotating stations when you feel like your can’t do any more.  Switch on 4 laps around the outside of the 20ft x 20ft box carrying 55lb dumbbells.
  • 1. Heavy farmers carry (left) – 
  • 2. Heavy farmers carry (right)
  • 3. Walking lunges
  • 4. Bear crawl
  • 5. Crab Walk

Part 3 – Progressively Worse 1 Man Maker with 20lb dumbbell, 3 Medicine Ball Sit-ups, and 10 second hold.

  • Man Makers (25/15)
  • Sit-ups (x3)
  • Dead Hang (x10)

Next set, was 3 man makers, 6 sit-ups, and 20 second hold.  That’s about all the time we had.  Mosey bag to the flag for finish.  Mr. Brady and YHC tossed the Wilson (25lb) medicine ball back and fourth only dropping him on his head a couple of time.

CoT – prayers for Sunny, Chase, and Barry’s Family.  Praise for Mr. Brady’s Mother In Law.


Fresh Faces

Great morning for a work out, cool and clear and the grass wasn’t even that wet. We were joined by Satellite from Birmingham AL who was visiting his parents in Whitehall. Great to see Dial Up, and Iacocca made an appearance as well. Disclaimer agreed upon, we jumped on it at 5:30 ITG.

Conditions: 59 degrees and clear, little wind

Warmorama – (OYO) Casey Kasums, Modified Neck Roll, Trunk Roll, (IC) Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Mayweathers, Peter Parkers, Shoulder Taps, Toe touch stretch

Mosey – around the church x 2, w/ground swipes for good measure

Dr. Seuss’s Ramp of Pain – 30% mosey/30% run/30% sprint x 3 up the inclined church entrance road (love this one because by the time your on the third sprint, there’s nothing left but will power)

Pull Up Station – 2 rounds x 3, with front and side planks while waiting

Abs Over Easy – WWIs, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Xs and Os, Reverse crunches

Block Party – (OYO) military press, curls, back-lifts, Lunge walk for 5 parking spaces, Pass the Block w/3 blocks circulated by 7 men

BTTW and People’s Chair – on the mower shed wall

Mary – Sciatica Stretch front and sides, Knee to chest lower back stretch, Easy LBC’s



AKA Flying Squirrel

It was a beautiful morning at the Swamp where 9 of us gathered.

Warm up

Mosey, Warm up,Neck rolls, Trunk rolls, Abe vigodas, Grass pickers, Side straddle hops, Mercans, Peter Parker’s, Mayweather, Mountain climbers, Calf stretch, Hamstring stretcH, Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

The Thang

Squat jump burpees sprint back

Catch me if you can – Partner A Crabcakes and Partner B Crabwalks

Dercan off of parters plank jump

Catch me if you can – Partner A Lunge walk and Partner B Bonnie Blairs

Mosey to Pavilion – 20 dips

Australian Snow Angels in cadence

In and outs in cadence 

Pull-ups with partners as many as possible 

Quick round of Mary,



Prayers for Jeff Tintle Sr and his ministry, FNGs





Playground Punishment

Working Out in the Playground

Warm Up

Huggie Bears, Arm circles, neck rolls, standing stretch (touch the ground) then touch left ankle/right ankle, Abe Vigodas, Monkey Humpers, Squats.

Skip to my Lou- skip across parking lot and back to help warm up.

Baseball Season

Mosey to baseball field. Sprints and jogs around bases (2 reps)- end with Jumping jacks

Mosey to playground.

The Thang

Pull ups with a partner. Do as many pull ups as you can. As you start to tire out,  your partner lifts you up by your ankles so you can crank out a few more. Alternate so your partner can join in the fun. We did two sets.

We moseyed to the swing set. With one foot placed on the swing, we did reverse lunges- 10 reps each leg.

Imperial Walkers

With both feet placed on swing in a plank position, Derkins- 10 reps

Plank jacks with alternating one arm forward

With both feet placed on swing in a plank position- Pikes- 10 reps

Imperial Walkers

With both feet placed on swing in a plank position- Tuck the legs into the torso- 10 reps

With one foot placed on swing- lateral lunges- 10 reps each leg

Six Minutes of Mary- one set

Cool Down- Stand and touch the ground

Counterama, Name-arama, Circle of Trust


Fire Station Run

April 17, 2019  Wednesday Morning 0515 and 40 degrees.

Yhc rolled up to the AO in stride to find Dropbox ready to workout.

Disclaimer given.

Warmarama ensued.

The Thang started with a Mosey to the fire station.

Full stride pick up run from the the street to the top the fire station. At the flagpole we did a circuit of abs, legs, or arm exercise routine. Starting with 5 reps of one of the above movements before recovery Mosey back down the hill for a rep count of 10 or more of the above at the bottom.

The real barnburner is that we kept increasing the Reps at each Turning Point. In addition we kept extending the Run by two or three light posts.

All in all we put in over 2 miles of running and a boatload of exercises like burpees, Bonnie Blair’s, Carolina dry docks, merckens, crab cakes, prisoner squats, Bonnie Blair’s to prisoner squats in Cadence. Finish a Mosey from the fire station to the traffic light on Willow Lane and sauerkraut. Sprint jog Sprint to the parking lot for c o t.



Spontaneous V Q

Warm up,

mosey “2 laps around the parking lot,  Bear crawl about 30 yards to the flagpole.

SS hops, Grass pickers, Abe Vagotas, 10 each in cadence, Arm Circles 10 forward and backwards, Murkins, Mountain climbers 10 each in cadence….. Mosey to the strip.

The “ Thang”

Partnered up, wheel barreled 25 yards, switched wheel barreled an extra 25 yards, flapjacked doing the same back to starting point. Piggybacked 25 yards doing 10 squats with partner on your back, switching and going another 25 yards, flapjacked doing the same back to starting point.

Dealers choice .. pax did an excersize  of choice called out by the guy who had to Run 60 yards and return back to starting point . Completed 8 different exercises.

Mosey to the pavilion for a 15 count in cadence step ups on the bench by each pax for a total of 240 step ups.

Remainder of the workout was Qd by Uptown Girl, eanded with announcements,Countarama  NameOrama, and Circle of trust.


Backblast from 4/9/19

started out with a warm-up of 10 AbeVahgotas, 10 monkey humpers In Cadence, then Peter Parker’s In Cadence, 10 plank Jacks in Cadence, Huggy Bear’s on your own followed by 10 Sun gods in Cadence and arm circles

The thang … started off with a push-up pyramid from 11 down to one with walking in between the telephone poles.  To the doors pole we did a Sprint then 20 Carolina dry docks, next poll lunge walks then 10 burpees next Pole bear crawl then 20 crab cakes in Cadence, next poll was side hops then something else can’t remember, Mosey, 10 pulls, 10 rows, 30 step-ups, 10 polls, 10 rows, 20 squats in Cadence 20 squats in cadence, then pulls, 10 rose Mosley back to the shovel flag, round of Mary
Count o Rama,  name o Rama,  prayers and praises.  End with circle of trust

Hard Core

Cold and rainy, almost sleeting, miserable weather.

Warm up: OYO -neck rolls, trunk rolls, shoulder shrugs, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch.  IC – imperial walkers, toy soldiers, side lunge, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, SSH, Merkins, Mayweathers, shoulder taps, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers.

The Thang: Core exercises – abs, lower back, hips, and groin.  1. Hang and Bang, 3 rounds- three pull-ups, followed by three knee raises while hanging.  2. Hold plank, 1 minute- low plank, low side plank, low back plank.  3. Dumbbell swings X20. 4. Half superman X20.  4. Reverse leg press X20. 5. Crab cakes X20. 6. Pickle pushers X20. 7. Side rolls X20.

Stretching and mumble chatter. Great conversation about baptism, formalism, and legalism.

Prayers for Drop Box’ friend’s family.

TagTeam Q

Warm up.

1 lap mosey around the park and back to the shovel flag. SS hops in cadence, Abe Vagotas, Huggy bears, arm circles, murkins, mountain climbers, monkey humpers etc. Qs choice

The “Thang”

mosey to the second pavilion. Paired up, performed t different exercises while partner did pull ups for each exercise flapjack.

mosey to parking lot. Paired up, 30 yard sprint while partners did excercise (switched) until number of chosen exercise was completed. Qs choice.

mosey to the shovel flag for Mary. (Ab exercise, finished with counOrama, NmaeOrama, announcements, prayer request/ praises and Circle of trust.

Bear crawl through the swamp

The pax huddled around the shovel flag lamenting the unrelinquishing grip of winter.


Mosey, side straddle hops, a circles, merkins, squats and calf raises. Mosey

The Thang:

Bear crawl repeats which include a set of an exercise, 50-yard bear crawl, jog back and repeat three times.

Inperial squats, sprint-jog-sprint, bobby hurleys, donkey kicks, shoulder taps, peter

parkers, and merkins.

Mosey, 2 sets of pull-ups, lunges, bonny blairs amd back rows. Mosey and Mary.

COT: Prayers for Manny’s M, Longhaul’s

co-worker, Knievels house, Pedros family amd more

Faith hill climb


SS Hops, grass pickers, Abe Vagotas, neck/ hip rolls OYO , murkins, mountain climbers, SS Hops, Mosey around the outer parking lot.


Ran to the bottom of the hill…( dealers choice) each pax picked an exercise, after each exercise we ran to the top of the hill and returned for the next exercise. Completing four exercises.  Then ran to the shed for some coupons. Did military press, curls, arm rows ( each arm) , diamond push ups then monkey humpers. Finished with Mary, prayer request and Circle of trust.


Daylight savings Saturday

Warm up

SS hops, Abe Vagotas, Grass pickers, Murkins, Shoulder taps, mountain climbers, ,followed by 2 laps around the park ending at the pavilion by the back parking lot.

the THANG… DIPS/ or Murkins counting off each pax for a count of ten.

4 corners of fun. 3 rounds. Started off as teams at each cone on the corner doing the workout written on the cone for round one. Bear crawling or sprinting to the nest cone depending which cone you were at ( vertical sprints, horizontal bear crawl) . Finished 1and a half round ( not enough time) had a few minutes left for 2 minutes of jump rope and Mary ( at work)

Counteramma, NameOramma, prayer request and Circle of trust.

Magnificent 7

Great to see a Magnificent 7 on site and ready to exercise. A good response to last Friday’s snow day. 11 degrees and clear, very little wind.

Warmorama – (OYO) Casey Kasums, Neck Roll, Trunk Roll, Abe Vigoda, (IC) SSH, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers

Mosey – 1 ½ times around the church, 30/30/30 up the main entrance

Block Party – Military Presses, Curls, Pull-backs, Squats, Pass The Block (circle up facing out, 3 blocks passing, both directions)

Abs Over Easy – (Dealer’s Choice) Flutter Kicks, Carolina push-ups, American Hammers, Leg Extensions, Freddie Mercuries, ½ Supermans, Leg Lift, Crazy Cockroach, Reverse Crunches,

BTTW – for a 10 count per person x 6

Mary – (Dealer’s choice) World’s greatest stretch, Shoulder stretch, Calf stretch, Sciatica Stretch,


Looking for hope at Lone lane

We started with warmup, neckrolls,arm rolls,abe vigodas,grass pickers,side straddle hops,Peter Parker’s,trunk rolls,leg stretches.We  moved onto the Thang.We used scripture readings of God’s promises to reinforce our hope through a long winter and tilting at the same windmills,challenges.Gods word is absolute,our hope is unbreakable.We used chapter and verse to guide us in selection of exercises including laps,merkins, burpees,bearcrawl,crab walk,mountain climbers,side straddle hops and others.Altogether invigorating.Ended with Mary and praises and prayers.For health, Uptowns procedure,his friend Jim,Praise for BooBoo’s mother’s 90 birthday.Announcement,poker night is postponed until April 6 with final four night.Thanks to my F3 brothers for your encouragement and the opportunity to Q.

40’s Friday

Friday February 22, 2019

In the book of Acts, Peter and John were preaching the gospel during which they healed a cripple with an interesting side note (I thought). Acts 4:22 “For the man they had miraculously healed was over 40 years old”. This signified he had been that way a long time & considered too far gone to be healed. But nothing is impossible with God. Though the 4 of us were over 40, we’re blessed with good (though not perfect) health. For some it may feel like an impossibility getting up before dawn to exercise in the cold/rain/snow/heat. I know I did.

Conditions: 37 degrees, clear

The 5 F’s – Disclaimer accepted by all

(IC) SSH/SSClaps, (OYO)/Casey Kasums/Neck/Trunk, Abe Vigodas, (IC) Merkins, Mountain Climbers
Peter Parkers, Lunges – front and side

Around church  x 2

Shuttle Crafting
Mosey between two points 60 yards apart.
At each point we did a different exercise. YHC named the first three: Merkins, World’s Greatest Stretch, Monkey Humpers. Then I threw in a twist that required some thinking under duress – had the PAX take turns naming the subsequent exercises (here’s the list – that I could remember):
American Hammers
Imperial Walkers
Alligator Merkins for 20
Flutter kicks
Freddie Mercurys
X’ & O’s
Half Supermans
Shoulder Taps
Another few I can’t recall…

Mary – Dealer’s Choice
Deep back stretches (back position > knee to chest/cross-legged side stretch)
American Hammers


Four For Friday

Gotta love pre-dawn Friday morning work-outs! Great to see Drop Box.

Conditions A beautiful 38 degrees, cloudy but no rain.

The 5 F’s – Disclaimer accepted by all
SSH Casey Kasums/Neck/Trunk, Abe Vigodas (OYO), Merkins, Mountain Climbers
Peter Parkers, Lunges – front and side, Squats

Around church 2 times

Block Party
Curls, Military presses, Pull-backs
Pass-the-Block (not the buck) 60 seconds/direction

Night Crawlers
Alligator Merkins for 20 reps
Bear Crawl for 8 parking spaces

Abs Over Easy
Flutter kicks
Freddie Mercurys
X’ & O’s
Half Supermans
Shoulder Taps

Mary – Dealer’s Choice
Deep back stretches (back position > knee to chest/cross-legged side stretch)
Sciatica stretch, forward and to each side
American Hammers