Sunrise Finish

You know we’re getting closer to summer when we start in the gloom and finish at sunrise. A short-lived 55 degrees this morning, with clear skies in the gloom. Men at the ready, disclaimer agreed upon, we jumped on it at 5:33. Desktop made a drive-by appearance at about 5:40. Conditions: 55 degrees and clear, little wind

Warmorama – (OYO) Casey Kasums, Modified Neck Roll, Trunk Roll, Toe Touch, (IC) Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps, Peter Parkers, Mosey around the church

The Thang – Progressive Shuttle – longways across the south parking lot, shortened with each rep. PAX did a different exercise at each end, then immediately mosey’d to the far side. Burpees, Freddie Mercuries, Merkens, Squats, Abe Vigodas.

Wall Work – BTTW/Peoples Chair

Abs Over Easy – Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Dying Cockroaches, Reverse Crunches, Half Supermans

Block Party – (OYO) Block Merkens, Clean and Jerk w/blocks

Mary – Sciatica Stretch front and sides, Knee to chest lower back stretch



Prayer for those in need.


What happened to spring?

Drive-by disclaimer, literally. 1 Corinthians 16:13 – PAX had it memorized by the end of the workout.

Warm up:  IC x 16- imperial walkers, toy soldiers, side lunge, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, SSH.

The Thang: partner Dora with 2, 15 LB. dumbbells: cumulative reps to 80, flapjack at 20.  Exercise 1:  Curls and mountain climbers.  Exercise 2: shoulder press and LBC’s.  Exercise 3: squats and jump rope.  Exercise 4: Skull crushers and low plank.  Exercise 5: chest flys and Freddie Mercury. Exercise 6: back rows and SSH.

Mary: dealer’s choice.  American hammers with weights x 2, crab cakes, and WWI.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements and prayer requests.

Fresh Faces

Great morning for a work out, cool and clear and the grass wasn’t even that wet. We were joined by Satellite from Birmingham AL who was visiting his parents in Whitehall. Great to see Dial Up, and Iacocca made an appearance as well. Disclaimer agreed upon, we jumped on it at 5:30 ITG.

Conditions: 59 degrees and clear, little wind

Warmorama – (OYO) Casey Kasums, Modified Neck Roll, Trunk Roll, (IC) Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Mayweathers, Peter Parkers, Shoulder Taps, Toe touch stretch

Mosey – around the church x 2, w/ground swipes for good measure

Dr. Seuss’s Ramp of Pain – 30% mosey/30% run/30% sprint x 3 up the inclined church entrance road (love this one because by the time your on the third sprint, there’s nothing left but will power)

Pull Up Station – 2 rounds x 3, with front and side planks while waiting

Abs Over Easy – WWIs, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Xs and Os, Reverse crunches

Block Party – (OYO) military press, curls, back-lifts, Lunge walk for 5 parking spaces, Pass the Block w/3 blocks circulated by 7 men

BTTW and People’s Chair – on the mower shed wall

Mary – Sciatica Stretch front and sides, Knee to chest lower back stretch, Easy LBC’s



New Math at the Trojan

Disclaimer given.Warmarama:Neck rolls,arm circles,trunk rolls, Casey Kasems,sidestradles, Abe vigodas,grass pickers, imperial walkers, merkins, cobra stretching, world’s greatest stretch.                          The Thang: Mosey,10k pace,5k pace, sprints, around outside loop with many exercises at intervals.I tried to mix it up with different exercises emphasizing some glute work for knee health but mostly mixed up myself.If I called ten ,we did 20,if I called 20 we did 10.Counting is hard,we need to include it in Q source.I may ask Mani for a refresher course.Anyway we had fun and Fun is the unspoken f in f3.The only important number was 9 pax who posted and it was a great workout because of Hawkeye’s fng…. Traveling Man.                              Circle of trust,we prayed for, Traveling Man who lost his mother,Heavy load, Pottstowns new AO and more.I am personally thankful for our leaders help and dedication,our fellowship and the privilege to lead this awesome group of men today.

Number of FNGs: One

AKA Flying Squirrel

It was a beautiful morning at the Swamp where 9 of us gathered.

Warm up

Mosey, Warm up,Neck rolls, Trunk rolls, Abe vigodas, Grass pickers, Side straddle hops, Mercans, Peter Parker’s, Mayweather, Mountain climbers, Calf stretch, Hamstring stretcH, Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

The Thang

Squat jump burpees sprint back

Catch me if you can – Partner A Crabcakes and Partner B Crabwalks

Dercan off of parters plank jump

Catch me if you can – Partner A Lunge walk and Partner B Bonnie Blairs

Mosey to Pavilion – 20 dips

Australian Snow Angels in cadence

In and outs in cadence 

Pull-ups with partners as many as possible 

Quick round of Mary,



Prayers for Jeff Tintle Sr and his ministry, FNGs






Friday May 3 at 5:30AM

A true case of ‘showing up is half the battle’. 3 amigos Friday morning, DS and LH recovering from Sunday’s 1/2 marathon and YHC on the mend from bruised ribs and not having Q’d for a month. But we brought what we had any how and CTHT. With disclaimer agreed upon by all, we got to it.

Conditions: 50 degrees and clear, very little wind

Warmorama – (OYO) Casey Kasums, Modified Neck Roll, Trunk Roll, Abe Vigoda, (IC) Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers

Mosey – around the church

Abs Over Easy – Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercuries, Leg Lift, Crazy Cockroach

Short Shuttle (50 ft) – Alligator Merkins, Bear Crawl, Crab Crawl

Merkin Shuttle (150ft) – beginning with 12 Merkins, sprint to the far side for 11 merkins, sprint back for 10… and so forth

People’s Chair – some post-Marathon mumble chatter for a couple minutes

Mary – (Dealer’s choice) WWI’s, Windshield Wipers, Sciatica Stretch, etc


Good Times

Beautiful weather, perfect morning for exercise.

Disclaimer accepted.

Warm-up: IC x20- imperial walkers, toy soldiers, dis lunge, grass pickers, SSH, Abe Vigodas, Merkins, shoulder taps, Mayweathers, peter Parkers, mountain climbers.

Mosey around building – side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, touching the ground and skipping.

30-30-30‘s up the hill x3.

Pullup station 3 x3 while other PAX held low plank, ballerina, and Al Gore.

Line drill: 50 feet of Karaoke, fast feet, line hop/downhill ski.

Block party: cinder blocks reps of 10-15. military press, curls, back rows, skull crushers, chest press.  Recovery exercises: huggy bears, arm circles, Moroccan night clubs, shoulder shrugs, and weighted lunge walk for 12 parking spaces.

Mary: Flutter kicks, Freddie Mercuries, LBC’s, American hammers, and WWI.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements, prayer.

A Few PAX Friday

It was nice warm morning at Faith Church for the 3 PAX that gathered.

Warm up

•Neck rolls,Trunk rolls, Abe vigodas, Grass pickers, Peter Parkers, Mountain climbers, Calf stretch, Hamstring stretch

Mosey- one lap around the the church

Cinder block party- Curls, side to side hops, military press, lunges


Hill sprints – Round 1 – sprint/mercans, Round 2 – sprint/squats, Round 3 – sprint/monkey humpers




Rapid line hops

2 Rounds of Mary – Freddie Mercurys, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Crunchy Frogs

Prayer for PAX in Hamburg






Boo Boo’s LOF workout

Disclaimer and LOF conditions briefly explained and accepted.

Theme – What makes a man?

Warm up: IC – imperial walkers, Frankenstein, reverse Frankenstein, side lunge, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, SSH. OYO – neck rolls, trunk rolls, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch.

The Thang 0.0: Obvious response to the theme question is man-makers.  So PAX took turns defining a characteristic of a godly man, followed by ten man-makers.   Total of 40 man-makers, ouch!  Characteristics included: responsibility, accountability, integrity, and ever-so-definitive “stick-to-itiveness, courageous leadership, discipline, and rejecting passivity.”

Cardio: Moroccan sun gods, 2 minutes of jump rope, smurf jacks, overhead claps, and 2 more minutes of jump rope.  Followed by people’s chair, count of ten around the world.

Mary: 2 rounds of dealer’s choice included: IC American hammers, flutter kicks, box cutters, reverse crunches, LBC’s, Freddie Mercuries and windshield wipers.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements, and prayer requests.

Gentlemen, I must admit that when I rolled out of bed, I was not looking forward to working out, but you guys made the morning fun and meaningful.  Thank you for your friendship.


Boo Boo

8 Reasons To Go To Workout and Wellness Expo

It was a blustery Spring day in March!  (23rd to be exact).  The sun was shining and the excitement was booming inside Macungie Memorial Hall with lots of workout and wellness opportunities to learn and experience at the Workout and Wellness Expo.

You probably would not be surprised to know it’s about a 9:1 ratio of women to men.  F3 was well represented with 6 men bringing our own workout and wellness message.   Sincere gratitude to Flame for bringing the technology, flyers, and F3 trinkets to help give some visual stimulation to this FREE, MEN’S ONLY, OUTDOORS, WORKOUT movement called “F3”.  It would have been wet or painful without the help of Dr. Suess and his Mary Mats!  So thanks for that Seuss, my knees and tailbone thank you.  My sincerest gratitude goes to Boo Boo, Beaker, and Downsize for giving up a portion of their Saturday to help demonstrate what a table display could never provide……FELLOWSHIP!

When Flame and I dreamed up why F3 would attend this kind of EXPO and how it would benefit F3 Lehigh Valley we struggled to think there would be a tangible ROI (Return On Investment) in terms of FNG’s (i.e. new members).   On the other hand we went by FAITH and said any exposure to what F3 does by men and for men in the community will be beneficial no matter if it results in new members or not.  This concept of giving to give is as old as time; however, rarely exhibited.  Where can you go 7 days a week and find a group of 6 to 12 guys genuinely wanting the best for  you; while they are getting better themselves.  There are no heirs, no paycheck, no prize for finishing first, just more hard work and respect from your peers.

So we decided to take our WIN WIN philosophy of F3 and bring it to the EXPO.  We decided to offer a FREE Physical Fitness Test to benefit our group as well as those in the community.  See press release Macungie Men Fight Back

Here are the tangibles that resulted:

  1. Six quality conversations with women who wanted to take this information for the men in their lives.
  2. Six High Impact Men (HIMs) speaking to every Workout and Wellness Vendor learning something from them.
  3. Connection with Emmaus High School PE teacher who is going to be hanging our flyer at school.
  4. Quality conversation with Joe (not from average Joe’s Gym) who happens to live right next to one of our AO’s (Lone Lane Park)
  5. Re-connection with friend from HS that owns Cross Fit Gym in Coopersburg; who invited us to do Memorial Day Murph at his gym.  Additionally, Beaker was taking notes from him on how to Kip and Butterfly pull-up technique when to rip off 100 pull-ups in under an 10 minutes.
  6.  Lots of ideas turning with organizer and vendors to stay connected and increase exposure with a website and different types of fitness events throughout the year!
  7. Four HIM taking an honest look at their physical conditioning via the Physical Fitness Test.
  8. Three sore F3 guys trying to make sense of how Yoga could be so hard and refreshing at the same time.

Many of us (myself included) take so much pride in our brand of fitness, nutrition, and medical expertise we stop growing, learning, and exploring new possibilities.  This Expo was a great reminder it’s amazing what happens when we join forces and work together to encourage “all” people on their journey to health; whether it’s free or paid, aerobic or anaerobic, static or dynamic, high in protein or fat.  There is a reason and place for it all.  Last but not least this event would not have happened without the hard work of Angela Moreno.  Thank you to her and her team for organizing such a great event.

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Howl at the Moon

A very respectable group posted on this full-moon Monday morning.

Warm up: half-lap around the church to look for the best camera angle to get the full moon in the picture for the Twitter post.

IC – imperial walkers, side lunge, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, calf stretch, hamstring stretch, quad stretch, SSH. Mosey to The Thang.  During the mosey, side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, touch the ground.

The Thang:  2:00 of jump rope, followed by a partner exercise.  Partner A works the arms while Partner B does a recovery short lap.  Flapjack and repeat.  Arms exercises included shoulder press, chest flys, back flys, back rows, skull crushers, triceps press, squats, and curls.  Followed by Merkins- IC, alligator crawl to stop sign, broad jump back to weights, and lunge walk with weights.

Mary: dealer’s choice included: flutter kicks, Dollys, American hammers, windshield wipers, reverse crunches, WWI, and Freddie Mercuries.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements and prayer requests.

Faith hill climb


SS Hops, grass pickers, Abe Vagotas, neck/ hip rolls OYO , murkins, mountain climbers, SS Hops, Mosey around the outer parking lot.


Ran to the bottom of the hill…( dealers choice) each pax picked an exercise, after each exercise we ran to the top of the hill and returned for the next exercise. Completing four exercises.  Then ran to the shed for some coupons. Did military press, curls, arm rows ( each arm) , diamond push ups then monkey humpers. Finished with Mary, prayer request and Circle of trust.


Return of the Pain Train

Disclaimer accepted.

Warm-up: IC – imperial walkers, side lunge, grass pickers, Abe vigodas, quad stretch and leg swings.  One of the PAX (who shall not be identified, except to say that his F3 name rhymes with squeaker) mentioned that he needed to do more distance running.  So began the extra credit mile pain train. Followed by 2 minutes of jump rope.

The Thang: Arms exercises with recovery reps.  20 reps of Arms exercises included: military press, curls, back rows, skull crushers, donkey kicks, and chest flys.  10 reps of Recovery exercises included: huggy bears, arm circles, Moroccan sun gods, low lank, side plank, and back plank.

Mary: flutter kicks, reverse crunches, half-superman, and American hammers.

People’s chair for COR, NOR, and announcements. That keep the announcements short.  Finished in prayer.

Magnificent 7

Great to see a Magnificent 7 on site and ready to exercise. A good response to last Friday’s snow day. 11 degrees and clear, very little wind.

Warmorama – (OYO) Casey Kasums, Neck Roll, Trunk Roll, Abe Vigoda, (IC) SSH, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers

Mosey – 1 ½ times around the church, 30/30/30 up the main entrance

Block Party – Military Presses, Curls, Pull-backs, Squats, Pass The Block (circle up facing out, 3 blocks passing, both directions)

Abs Over Easy – (Dealer’s Choice) Flutter Kicks, Carolina push-ups, American Hammers, Leg Extensions, Freddie Mercuries, ½ Supermans, Leg Lift, Crazy Cockroach, Reverse Crunches,

BTTW – for a 10 count per person x 6

Mary – (Dealer’s choice) World’s greatest stretch, Shoulder stretch, Calf stretch, Sciatica Stretch,


Wednesday OYO

It was 16 degrees and YHC had the parking lot, the stars and the Lord to him self. A little breezy at times suggesting an abbreviated work-out to ensure ears and fingers remained intact.

Warmorama – SST, Merkins, Side Lunges

The Thang – Mosey out of the parking lot to the left, taking the Sauerkraut/Mill Creek/Willow Lane loop which was just under 2 miles. Extra credit involved as about 3/4 of a mile of sidewalk was still snow covered which kept YHC’s attention.

Mary – back to the car for Casey Kasums, Neck roll, trunk roll, calf stretches.


Downsize’s 50th

WINDY! But not even trees blocking the road could keep YHC from attending Downsize’s 50th workout!

Rhyming disclaimer accepted by all.  Log rules clarified, and theme verse introduced. 1 Cor. 16:13 “Be on your guard.  Stand firm in the faith.  Be men of courage.  Be strong.”  each PAX was assigned one sentence to repeat whenever the Q said the reference.

Warm-up: a little stretching and bending, a few SSH, imperial walkers, and huggy bears.  Then we got right into The Thang.

The Thang:  Dora – cumulative count of both partners reps to 80.  Partner A exercises: curls, military press, squats, back rows, skull crushers, and chest flys.  Partner B exercises: mountain climbers, LBC’s Freddie Mercuries, SSH, hold low plank for a count of 20.  Of course flapjack between sets of reps.

Mary: dealer’s choice.

The log never touched the ground during the workout, but Downsize did 10 reps of Q’s choice each time the PAX repeated the theme verse.

Hall of Fame Log for Downsize.

COT: see pictures on Twitter.