The Magnificent 7 Rides Again

Despite 73 degrees and 85% humidity, 7 souls showed up for the Friday morning workout. Not a cloud in the sky, the PAX agreed to disclaimer and we hit it. Tabata-Style Warm Up (Thanks UTG, beginning with a 10 second break between exercises, reducing each interval by 2 seconds served to intensify the pace) (OYO) … Continue reading The Magnificent 7 Rides Again

Twice the trust at the Hive

Disclaimer given,Warmara:neckrolls,trunk rolls,arm rolls,arm circles,Abe vigodas, cotton pickers,merkins,left plank,right plank,calf stretch,side straddle hops.                                           The Thang,we did a cot after the ruck to include our fng, Quadzilla,named for his quadruplet 3 year olds.We we're all in … Continue reading Twice the trust at the Hive

Hump day distance

Warm up SS HOPS, Abe Vagotas, streching, shuffle run to the stop sign. The Thang. Run to route  100 and return to starting point. Picking up the pace and changing direction for a nice hilly finish. ended with countarama, NameOrama and Circle of trust.

What happened to spring?

Drive-by disclaimer, literally. 1 Corinthians 16:13 - PAX had it memorized by the end of the workout. Warm up:  IC x 16- imperial walkers, toy soldiers, side lunge, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, SSH. The Thang: partner Dora with 2, 15 LB. dumbbells: cumulative reps to 80, flapjack at 20.  Exercise 1:  Curls and mountain climbers.  … Continue reading What happened to spring?

New Math at the Trojan

Disclaimer given.Warmarama:Neck rolls,arm circles,trunk rolls, Casey Kasems,sidestradles, Abe vigodas,grass pickers, imperial walkers, merkins, cobra stretching, world's greatest stretch.                          The Thang: Mosey,10k pace,5k pace, sprints, around outside loop with many exercises at intervals.I tried to mix it up with different exercises emphasizing some glute … Continue reading New Math at the Trojan

AKA Flying Squirrel

It was a beautiful morning at the Swamp where 9 of us gathered. Warm up Mosey, Warm up,Neck rolls, Trunk rolls, Abe vigodas, Grass pickers, Side straddle hops, Mercans, Peter Parker’s, Mayweather, Mountain climbers, Calf stretch, Hamstring stretcH, Bear Crawl Ring of Fire The Thang Squat jump burpees sprint back Catch me if you can - Partner A Crabcakes and Partner B Crabwalks Dercan off of … Continue reading AKA Flying Squirrel

Good Times

Beautiful weather, perfect morning for exercise. Disclaimer accepted. Warm-up: IC x20- imperial walkers, toy soldiers, dis lunge, grass pickers, SSH, Abe Vigodas, Merkins, shoulder taps, Mayweathers, peter Parkers, mountain climbers. Mosey around building - side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, touching the ground and skipping. 30-30-30's up the hill x3. Pullup station 3 x3 while … Continue reading Good Times

A Few PAX Friday

It was nice warm morning at Faith Church for the 3 PAX that gathered. Warm up •Neck rolls,Trunk rolls, Abe vigodas, Grass pickers, Peter Parkers, Mountain climbers, Calf stretch, Hamstring stretch Mosey- one lap around the the church Cinder block party- Curls, side to side hops, military press, lunges Mosey Hill sprints - Round 1 - sprint/mercans, Round 2 - … Continue reading A Few PAX Friday

Boo Boo’s LOF workout

Disclaimer and LOF conditions briefly explained and accepted. Theme - What makes a man? Warm up: IC - imperial walkers, Frankenstein, reverse Frankenstein, side lunge, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, SSH. OYO - neck rolls, trunk rolls, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch. The Thang 0.0: Obvious response to the theme question is man-makers.  So PAX … Continue reading Boo Boo’s LOF workout