Tuesday 4/2/19

Warm-ups included MOSI, monkey humpers, Abe Vigoda, 5 to 1 motivators

The Thang included exercise between the telephone poles. Bear crawl to the first poll, lunge walk to the second Pole side hops to the third pole side hops opposite direction to the fourth Pole. One round of 25 merkins. Between the poles again bear crawl, lunge walks, two directions of side hops. 25 more merkins. 3rd round between the poles bear crawl lunge walk side hops both directions. MOSI around the field to the jungle gym. Pull up Max on your own, 15 rows at the swings, 30 step UPS. Second round of pull-ups to your max, 10 rows at the swings, 20 step UPS. Mosey around the field back to the building for people’s chair then ball’s to the wall count down 15 seconds each person. Mosey to the shovel flag for a round of Mary.
Count off,  name o Rama,  prayers and praises end with circle of trust.

TagTeam Q

Warm up.

1 lap mosey around the park and back to the shovel flag. SS hops in cadence, Abe Vagotas, Huggy bears, arm circles, murkins, mountain climbers, monkey humpers etc. Qs choice

The “Thang”

mosey to the second pavilion. Paired up, performed t different exercises while partner did pull ups for each exercise flapjack.

mosey to parking lot. Paired up, 30 yard sprint while partners did excercise (switched) until number of chosen exercise was completed. Qs choice.

mosey to the shovel flag for Mary. (Ab exercise, finished with counOrama, NmaeOrama, announcements, prayer request/ praises and Circle of trust.

Dutchman visit the Bee Hive

On a windy March day a weird fellow from the south claiming to be a Dutchman from Lebanon arrived in the wrong parking lot to attend our Saturday morning Ruck and Beatdown. This Dutchman was named Ezekiel and hailed from the nether regions of Cary, NC. He explained his point of origin was originally Lebanon, PA and he is glad his new tribe in Cary did not name him Jebediah. Fortunate or not he is now know in the early morning gloom as Ezekiel. What I am failing to understand is his reasons for such a visit in the first place. He claimed that his wife was visiting some friends for a girls weekend and he was their Uber Lyft. Apparently this man is willing to forego a weekend of quietness to accompany many women on a girls weekend, weird I know.


In any case, we are glad you came to the Bee Hive for some more manly exploits. It was a pleasure hosting you.

Ezekiel and Flame went on a pre-ruck and covered some 3.1 miles of sidewalk covered dirt.


Greetings made, jokes laid and disclaimer given. We moseyed for a warm-a-rama:

  • SSH x 10 ic
  • Michael Phelps (aka Huggy Bears) x 10 oyo
  • Cotton Pickers (aka Grass Pickers) x 10 ic
  • Arm Circles Small x 10 forward
  • Arm Circles Large x 10 forward
  • Arm Circles Small x 10 backward
  • Arm Circles Large x 10 backward
  • Plank x 1 minutes
  • Peter Parkers x 10 ic
  • Merkins x 10 ic

Mosey for The THANG:

– The workout cube was defective this morning. Every exercise it landed on was a leg exercise. That hurt.

  • Jump Squats x 15
  • Bonnie Blairs x 15
  • Burpees x 20
  • Bonnie Blairs x 15
  • Tuck Jump x 15


  • People’s Donkey Balls
    • Peoples chair
      • Each man 10 count
    • Donkey Kicks
      • x 10 oyo
    • Balls to the Wall
      • Each man 10 count
  • Need some arm work here.
    • Irkins x 10 ic
    • Dips x 10 ic
    • Merkins x 10 ic
    • Derkins x 10 ic


  • at the speed bump sprint to the school bus (~100 yards)
  • recovery walk (~100 yards)
  • mosey back to shovel flag
  • Workout Cube – Burpees x 20 oyo

Mosey around park path

  • Public Service – move downed tree from path

Mosey to pavilion

  • Pull ups x 5 oyo followed by a dead hang
  • Prisoner Squats x 10 ic
  • Pull ups x 5 oyo followed by a dead hang
  • Lunges x 10 ic

Mosey to park

  • Back Rows x 15 oyo

Mosey to shovel flag for Mary – dealer’s choice

  • LBCs
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Hundreds
  • Imperial Walkers
  • WW1 Sit Ups
  • Crunchy Frogs




  1. Workout and Wellness Expo
  2. Grill Manniversary
    1. No Bee Hive next week
    2. Manniversary starts at 0700 at The Grill
    3. Followed by Coffeteria and then a hike to Pulpit Rock


It was great to workout with a fellow Dutchman from the middle of nowhere PeeYah. Hope to see you again brother.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes 3/19/19

Tuesday 3/19/19 The Swamp

We started with dealers choice stretches… warm up with a mosey

The thang… 4 rounds of dealers choice… head shoulders knees and toes.  We started off with upper body and worked our way down with each round with a Mosey in between.

  1. Finished with count o Rama,  name o Rama prayers and praises.



Almost as Good as an Orgasm

Warm up:

Huggie Bears, Arm Circles, Shoulder stretch, Jog in place, Abe Vigodas, Monkey Humpers, Inchworms, Side straddle hops

Mosey to playground- Pullups,  Chest rows on the swings, more pullups.

Mosey back to parking lot

The Thang

Circuit training at four different stations. Two minutes at each station:

  1. Squats
  2. Plank jacks
  3. Lunges
  4. Burpees

Dealer’s Choice:

I brought a pair of push up bars so we everyone picked an exercise and one guy did Divebombers on the push up bars, which we would alternate.

Six Minutes of Mary:

As we were doing Supermans, somebody jogged by. I acknowledged how weird we must have looked. Cougar picked Alabama Prom Dates a couple of exercises earlier so, it’s a good thing we weren’t doing those when the guy jogged by.

Cool Down:

We ended with a stretch, announcements, count-arama and name-arama.

Daylight savings Saturday

Warm up

SS hops, Abe Vagotas, Grass pickers, Murkins, Shoulder taps, mountain climbers, ,followed by 2 laps around the park ending at the pavilion by the back parking lot.

the THANG… DIPS/ or Murkins counting off each pax for a count of ten.

4 corners of fun. 3 rounds. Started off as teams at each cone on the corner doing the workout written on the cone for round one. Bear crawling or sprinting to the nest cone depending which cone you were at ( vertical sprints, horizontal bear crawl) . Finished 1and a half round ( not enough time) had a few minutes left for 2 minutes of jump rope and Mary ( at work)

Counteramma, NameOramma, prayer request and Circle of trust.

Snurpees and more

As the mercury crawled towards 10 degrees the PAX tentatively gathered around the shovel flag. The Q was tasked with keeping the blood circulating yet not leaving a man behind in the tundra.


Mosey, arm circles, abe vagodas, grass pickers, squats, bonnie blairs, and calf raises. More mosey.

The Thang:

Eighth mile caterpillar, imperial walkers, and SSHs. The PAX did six sets of 10 burpees with eighth mile runs between each. Mosey to jungle gym for max pullups and back rows. Mosey to time check, crab cakes, mosey, bobby hurleys and donkey kicks and a round of Mary.

Countarama, Namearama and COT

Solid Men

25• sunny slight breeze half moon. Just another amazing morning in the Gloom. Nine Solid pillars of our community came out to make the most of our morning!

Warm up: Short Mosey, Neck rolls,arm circles, grass pickers, monkey humpers, quad and hammy stretch’s. Mosey to the flag, side straddle hops, merkins, Peter Parker’s, mountain climbers, 8 counts of motivators, & of course Alabama prom dates. Mosey/run over to the end of the polls & Doubled up. One guy did abs and pecks the other I did running exercises. Last stretch we did leap frog over a low plank. Two sets of 10 rows on the swing and dips on the bench’s. Short Mary. Circle of trust.

Announcements poker night this Saturday at Brookside CC from 7 to 10pm hosted by me and SinFeld.  Also now that the worst weather is behind us getting FNG’s out now.

We prayed for God to watch over Up Town during his surgery this Friday. Also thanked the Lord for having F3 and giving us a solid foundation for all of these men to be good leaders in their families and communities! Amen!!

In God’s Bosom


Arm circles, Huggie Bears, Abe Vigodas

50 Squats to get the blood going on a cold morning!

Now that the muscles are warm, Yoga to stretch- Warrior 1, Warrior 2 into a plank, downward Dog, Cobra, plank, Repeat other side.

The Thang

Mosey to the pavillions:
pull ups. Lunge to next pavillion

Partner up to do taps, high five your partner with a push up

Sideways bear crawl to next pavilion


Sideways bear crawl opposite side to next pavillion

More squats

Jump lunges back to pavilion

More pullups

Bear crawls to next pavilion


Crabwalks to next pavilion

Step ups on benches

Bonnie Blairs

Mosey back to parking lot

Dealer’s Choice:

We had 12 men show up and everyone got a turn. We did World War I’s, Freddie Mercurys, Merkins. Dr. Seuss had us do negative ab pull downs with our legs and windshield wipers each side- 5 reps each. These were tough!!

We ended with announcements, Counterama and Name-arama.




Tuesday 2/19/19

Warm up…. Mosey, Grass pickers 15, monkey humpers 10, mountain climbers 10, plank Jacks 10, Huggy Bear’s 10, Sun God’s 10,

The Thang

12 to 1 push-ups….12 Mosey 11 Mosey 10 mosey 9 Mosey 8 mosey 7 Mosey 6 Mosey 5 Mosey 4 Mosey 3 Mosey 2 Mosey 1 mosey

Between the poles… lunge walk, bear crawl Frankenstein walk,  bear crawl, sideways lunges both sides, reverse lunges

To the jungle gym 10 Pull-Ups, 10 rows on the swings, jungle gym 4 pull-ups with 4 second hold each,  8 Rows on the swings, Round of Mary

Count off, namorama, praises prayer requests


This morning a single Pax walked the lonely streets of The Bee Hive with a Ruck on his back in hopes of seeing someone for fellowship. They never came. Of shaming is over now.

Disclaimer given and the Pax moseyed to the Bandshell for the:


SSH x 20 ic

Sealjacks x 15 ic

Plank x 1 minute

Peter Parker’s x 20 ic

LBACs x 10 each direction

BBACs x 10 each direction

Huggy Bears x 10

Plank x 1 minute

There was a lot of good conversation around the idea is the #getright. After listening to the #43feetpodcast the realization hit me the Get Right is a continuous process that will never end. The analogy of tending a sail boat or piloting an airplane was brought up. Even though you have set a course there must be a consistent adjustment to counteract the outside forces of the wind and waves to maintain the course to the destination. If you leave it to chance you may end up in Perry county, not a place you want to go, trust me.


First Pax calls out an exercise for the remaining Pax to complete while they go to the truck (~ ⅛ mile) to retrieve their coupon for the workout. When Pax one returns Pax two goes back with Pax one to retrieve their coupon. Then Pax three goes to get his coupon with Pax two while Pax one stays with the group. We continue until all Pax has a coupon.

The exercises were:

  1. Squats
  2. Alternating Lunges
  3. LBCs
  4. Calf Raises
  5. Toy Soldiers
  6. Big Boys Sit-ups
  7. Overhead Claps
  8. Merkins
  9. ?

Once all Pax has their coupons we used the coupons to do:

  • Squats x 20 ic
  • LBCs x 20 ic
  • Chest Presses x 10 ic
  • Lunge Twist x 10 oyo
  • Big Boys Sit-ups x 20 ic
  • Skull Crushers x 10 oyo
  • Calf Raises x 20 ic
  • American Hammers x 10 ic
  • Back Rows x 10/side oyo

All Pax moseyed to the truck to return their coupons and then back to the shovel flag.


Prayers: Venezuela, the Doster family, and Knoevel’s friend.

Announcememts: St Luke’s Half and 5K, Run in Coplay, Virtual Bible Study, Newsletter Submissions, Poker Night

Romper Room

It started out like a normal workout, but then quickly devolved into a kids playtime.

Warm-up:  Abe Vigodas, grass pickers , SSH, side lunge, Merkins, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers, shoulder taps.  Bear crawl to “dug-out.”

The Thang: Nine innings of “baseball” – teams of three.  Partner A – weights, Partner B – jump rope, Partner C -runs the bases.  Rotate after Partner A finishes 15-20 reps of the weights exercise.

Inning 1: curls and home run jog around the bases.

Inning 2: shoulder press and bear crawl to first,  jog to second, bear crawl to third,  jog home.

Inning 3: back rows, and crab walk/ jog/ crab walk/ jog.

It was at this point that the group split.  Uptown took the kids on one half of the gym for games such as red rover and steal the bacon, while the guys stayed on the other half doing more reps of weight exercises.

15 lbs weights in each hand, exercises included: skull crushers, overhead press, chest fly, chest press, tricep extension aka “donkey kicks,” curls in squat position, squats, lunges, and more back rows.

Mary: Dealer’s choice – American hammers, crunchy frogs, big-boys, scissor kicks, box cutters, half superman, and Dollys.

COT: COR, NOR, prayer.  See Uptown’s video for more details.

Number of FNGs: 12

Backblast from Tuesday Frozen Swamp

Backblast from 1/22/19! Sorry for the late post! It was a very cold morning somewhere around 9 degrees.  We all layered up in warm winter gear.  We definately broke a sweat despite the cold.

Lots of Warm-up included….Mosy, 10 side straddle hops, 10 sun-gods,  10 monkey humpers, mosey to the  telephone poles. sidesteps(both directions).  lunge steps between the poles, 10 push ups in Cadence, moorside hops both directions, bear crawl, mosey to the playground.

The thang

Round of 10 Pull-Ups,  10 rows on the swings, 20 step UPS, 10 dips in Cadence…..repeat…. another round 10 pullups 10 rows on the swings 20 step UPS man 10 dips and Cadence…..repeat….. same thing.  Mosey , 10 squats and Cadence, MOSI 10 pushups, lunge walk, side hops both directions, lunge walk…Mosey back to the shovel flag. Round of Mary, , counter o Rama, name o rama, prayers request and praises

Trojan calm before the storm

Downsize, Iacocca, Uptown,Cougar,Longhaul enjoyed an invigorating workout on a calm ,dark January morning at the Trojan.We warmed up,then moseyed  around the circle interspersed with burpees,merkins,shoulder taps,lbcs,ww ones,Peter Parker’s etc.The number of exercises we’re determined by the date,which was wrong and confused things a bit.We mixed it up with wall sits and balls to the wall and a short mosey to the jungle gym and pull ups,dips,wwones on the chips and closed it out with a round of Mary.Mostly the fellowship was appreciated.Downsize bring his son Iacocca all week,Uptown always bring the best of F3,Cougar always encouraging us all. It was great being with my brother…19 to 68.Namera, prayers and praises for Uptowns friend Jim committing to Rehab, gratitude for my family’s safe trip, gratitude for f3 and prayers for a good year.

What makes you HAPPY?

Slushy morning made the Superman’s MORE FUN!

via Andy Stanley’s video series: What makes you Happy?

Happy Principle #1: NO THING:  Happiness is about WHO(S), NOT WHAT!   No THING can make us HAPPY!

Warmuparama:    (~8 min): circle warm-up in synch: 10 count: OYO: head rotations, big arm circles, trunk rotations, runner’s stretch, IC: Abe Vigodas, squats, heel raisers, side-lunges, Monkey-humpers, SSH

HAPPY Principle #2: HAPPINESS is an OUTCOME! “Plan For It”

If we SOW wisely we will ultimately REAP HAPPINESS.    For Jesus ‘guide to happiness’ refer to Matthew 5: Beatitudes & Matthew 7: building our house on ROCK, not SAND.

Thang: circuits: mixed distance:

  • Long: high knees, side-slide,

Partner: Burp Merks

  • Short: partner wheel-barrow,
  • Long: carioca, backwards run

Partner Hold: back plank— Austin Ass kickers

  • Short: bear crawl-lunge walk

Partner hold: Superman’s-Carolina dry docks,

HAPPY Principle #3: HAPPY MONEY is MANAGED MONEY (not MORE!)  Acknowledging that it’s ALL HIS is the 1st step to OBEDIENTLY MANAGING the resources that He entrusts with each of us.

Mosey to PLAYSET:  pull ups & squats: 10 each, rinse & repeat

HAPPY Principle #4:  Shoes   THIEVES (steal, kill, deceive) & PLEASURE (which may not be illegal or a sin) can rob us of our HAPPINESS if we allow them to MASTER US!  Which ones are beginning to MASTER me?

Mosey back to porch: Mary Dealer’s choice

HAPPY Principle #5:  You’re NOT ENOUGH!  Live for a purpose greater than OURSELVES! Happy people find a way to GIVE THEIR LIFE AWAY!

COR, NOR, CoT: prayer requests for successful surgery for Lift



Workout Cube

For Christmas my M gave me an awesome present, the workout cube. A 10 sided cube with different exercises on each side. To start I had four Pax roll to find the exercises for each corner of the parking lot. The workout was going to be 44s.

44s – at each corner an exercise was determined with the dice. Round one the reps were eleven at each corner. Round two had ten reps, etc until there were no more reps. Mother Nature had other plans.

Due to a “Torential Downpour” we decided to call an audible and exercise in the pavilion. We each took turns rolling the dice to learn the exercise and then performed that exercise.

We did 4 rounds of 20 Burpees, 6 rounds of one minute walk sit, and many other exercises.

We then took a fast walk back to the shovel flag for the Name-A-Rama and Cot.

Congratulations to DropBox and family on the birth of there first grandchild. Welcome to the world Emma.

Leadership Call

A balmy January morning at 37 degrees with no wind!  Hate to leave the fartsack and hate to leave a great workout undone. The youngest of my 2.0’s had the M up all night.  Tough leadership call this morning, do I stay or do I go.  Well, I went.   Almost called in a favor from Beaker to do an emergency Q.   That said, it’s time to do a better job leading the Trojan so that more guys are getting a chance to lead.  I am going to update and circulate the Site Q responsibilities and start following them so I can be a good example of a good example.


WARMARAMA – mosey around the back of the pavilion.  Backwards run, side shuffle, bear crawl, flying squirrels.  mosey to jungle gym for 10 pull-ups, mosey down to volleyball court circle up for arm circles, bear hugs, abe vogoda, grass pickers, merkins, prom dates, ass kickers, goof balls, and maybe a few more things.

THE THANG  – Partner Volley

Partner Up on one side of the Volleyball Court.

P1 – Wheel Barrow P2 – Carry to other side of court.  10 IC – squat thrusts. Rinse with jog around court.  Flap Jack Partners come back. P1 – Empty Wheel Barrow P2 – Carry to other side of court.  10 IC – squats. Rinse with jog around court.  Flap Jack Partners come back. P1 – Partner Carry P2 – Ride to other side of court.  10 IC – merkins,Rinse with jog around court.  Flap Jack Partners come back.

P1 – Plank  P2 – Derkin legs on P1 back.

P1 – Six Inches P2 – Hop over legs x 10

P1 – Superman P2 – Hop over legs x 10

P1 – Side Plank P2 – Hop over legs x 5 x 5

Finish with progressive Suicides

Round 1 – over and back. Round 2 – over, back, over, back. Round 3 – over, back, over, back, over, back.

Mary – mosey back to jungle gym for 10 pull-ups, mosey to parking lot for flying squirrels, bear crawl, side shuffle, backwards run, and mosey to shovel flag.


CoRama = 6

Announcements – there is an F3 Spartan Team forming this summer for Blue Mountain race on Sunday, July 14th.  Right now have about 10 guys on the email strand interested.  Sign-up early, open afternoon division, spots limited.

Prayers Praise – Cougar wanted to thank God for his brothers at F3 that helped him through a rough 2018 and grateful for the outlook in 2019.  Hawkeye completed his 3rd workout of the year at 72 years old, talk about real leadership and validating that fact you really don’t have a good excuse not to attend.  Prayers for Hawkeye’s wife and family as they go through a battle with Alzheimers.  YHC lifts up friend battling opioid addiction and for the right words to speak at church this weekend.

NEXT UP ON THE Q – Long Haul hard commitment for next Thursday.   Cougar and Boo Boo deciding who will Q Tuesday at the Swamp, maybe a CoQ event. (0.0 and bootcamp)

Rocky XXVII.2

Saturday, 12/29.  Damp but clear.

Preruck attended by two. Disclaimer accepted by all.

Warm up:  OYO – neck rolls, trunk rolls, Casey Kasem, bending and stretching.  IC- SSH, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, side lunge, imperial walkers, Merkins, shoulder taps, Mayweathers, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers. Calf stretch and arms circles-OYO.  2 for 0.0 walk to pavilion.

Mosey around park.  During mosey – side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, backwards jog, touch the ground, and skipping.

The Thang: Partner up, 9 stations. Each partner does one exercise and then switches.  Rep exercises done with 15 lb. dumbbells. Rotate stations at the end of each song. Station one- 25 Merkins and low plank. Station 2 – Al Gore and 25 squats.  Station 3 – 25 curls and iron cross.  Station 4 – 25 Freddie Mercuries and six inches.  Station 5- punching bag.  Station 6 – 25 shoulder presses and 25 skull crushers.  Station 7 – 25 triceps presses and side plank.  Station 8 – 25 dips and jump rope.  Station 9- 25 half Supermans and 25 back rows with each arm.

Extra credit: 25 yard bear crawl and 25 yard crab walk.  Followed by three 30-30-30’s.  Followed by 90 yard race, followed by 20 goof balls. Followed by 3 minutes of jump rope.

Mary: Dealer’s choice included: American hammers, crunchy frogs, WWI, windshield wipers, LBC’s, and one other ab exercise that I can’t remember.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements and prayer requests.