The nominated Q was not present, so scramble start for this Q.  Off for a 0.5 mile warm up run.  The main event was set with teams of three men.  Each man picked a style of merkin and each man in the team did it to max together.  After each team had done three sets, then each team sprinted a lap (~ .2 miles).  First, second, and third place from each team were then separated to form three new teams.  Rinse and repeat merkins/sprint 3x.  Tough.

Finished with a round of Mary.  The twist was that the rotating Q had to serenade the Pax with a Christmas carol of their choice . . . because the best way to spread holiday cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.

Q4: Leave right

Today’s theme is the humbling reminder that TODAY we’re all 1 day closer to ‘leaving’ than YESTERDAY! My younger son’s friend lost BOTH grandfathers within a week . . . also, day of workout I failed to make the connection with Pearl Harbor Day that made our theme even more fitting!

Warmuparama: OYO: head rotations, big arm circles, trunk rotations/elbows out,  runner’s stretch, IC: Abe Vigodas, squats, heel raisers, side-lunges, Monkey-humpers, SSH

Thang: partner circuits:

  • Long distance: high knees, side-slide; Partner: Burp Merks
  • Short: partner wheel-barrow,
  • Long: Carioca, backwards run; Partner Hold: back plank— Austin Ass kckrs
  • Short: bear crawl-lunge walk; Partner hold: Superman’s-Carolina dry docks,

Mosey to swings: 4 stations 10 reps ea: inverted rows,   pull ups, squats,  SSH

Mosey to Pavilion: Escalator:  5 burpees 10 jump-ups, 15 merkins, 20 squats, 25 dips: Repeat!?

Mosey back 2 shovel flag:  Dealer’s Choice:  Mary:  rep’s determined by the roll of dice:   Q lesson learned:  many pax DON’T follow instructions very well :)!

CoR, NoR, CoT:  prayers for a few spouses & a general prayer that each of us ‘number our days’ & live each day in a manner that best glorifies God.

We Are Still Here – Even if the Backblast is somewhat iffy

Normal warmup (SSH, Grasspickers, run). Then the Pax divided into two groups of 5 men.  Entire Pax did round of Mary and then one half ran a lap (1/3 of a mile) while the other did an exercise/punishment of the runners choice.  Then flapjack.  Punishment included dragonwalk, BTTW with mountain climber legs, broad jumps, box jumps, and decline merkins with a leg up.

Chippendales Go 105%

YHC (Uptown Girl) is honored to recap this beautiful gloom at the Pond.  The humidity was very present that made you think the extra layer added for the recent cool and rainy morning was a dramatic wardrobe flaw.  YHC took of his long sleeve under-layer but for the safety of the PAX put his other shirt back on.

Disclaimer – men, not professionals, modify, you assume risk, stay together, don’t get hurt. well said!

Warmarama – SSH x 20, One Leg over other Stretch,  Mountain Climbers, Monkey Humpers,  maybe more or less but it was early.

The Thang

Part 1 –  Sprints and Push

  1.  Merkins – diamond, normal, wide x 15×3, rinse with 50 yard karaoke and 87% sprint return.  (HOLD ON TREEHUGGER DECIDED IT’S CHIPPENDALE TIME)
  2. Mountain Climbers, Diagonals MC, and Wide MC 15×3, rinse with 50 yard karaoke and 88% sprint return.
  3. Squats, Bicycles, Flutters,  rinse with 50 yard skipping and 95% sprint.


Part 2 – Four Corner Partners on Basketball Court

  1. Merkins x 15 Bear Crawl to next corner.  Visit all 4 corners.
  2. Crab Cake x 15 – Lunge Walk to next corner. Visit all 4 corners.
  3. Merkin to Air Press Medley 5 count ladder – bunny hop to next corner.  Visit all 4 corners.
  4. Burpee x 6 – Crab Walk to next corner.  Visit all 4 corners.


American Hammers x 20, Peter Parkers x 20, In&Out Abs x 50, 6″ Hold to Flutter kicks x 20, Monkey Ball Scratches x 20.  Finish with a push up contest lead by Doubtfire and Treehugger.  Push to failure!


CoRama = 9, NoRama

Announcements – Sat. Oct. 6 – Doubtfire has annual Hope Rescue Mission dinner at the Double Tree in Reading https://www.hopeforreading.org/events  Still a few seats left!  Also same weekend Treehugger has one seat left for CSAUP man’s weekend to hike Appalachian.  Note there will be no tents involved, it will be intense as the man himself.  Exactly one seat left, don’t miss this opportunity.  Lastly, Saturday, Oct. 20 – Lancaster is celebrating their  one year Manniversary and we are planning a convergence to celebrate with them.  This does involve a stop at Shady Maple!

Prayers & Praise

Thank you Lord for this great group of men.  We lift up to you all needs of each of these men and ask that you be with Chopper who’s on a hunting trip right now.  Keep him safe and may he return healthy.  Also lift up all the work of the men of F3 especially Doubt Fire at the Men’s Rescue Mission, Treehugger CSAUP, Sunspot@F3LANCO.

Wet n Wetter

We met at Fleetwood park and did a mix of merkins, high knees, duck walk, side planks, windshield wipers, V-sits, Navy seal sit-ups and push-ups. Each PAX member then chose an exercise and we did as many reps as their age. Finished off with crab soccer working those triceps till they were toast.

It was humid and wet as can be. Doubtfire will Q on Friday.

Prayed for NYC mission team outreach.

Post Mudder 2018

62, sunny

Warmup run, full loop

basketball court for Tabada: 45 seconds each interval, 2 seconds between

Round 1: Burpees, mountain climbers, jump lunges, flutter kicks, x jacks, ski abs, speed skaters, v sits, merkins, plank to pushups

baseline to baseline runs: 30/ 20/ 10 interval ( jog, run, sprint)

Round 2 tabada

Interval run round 2

Over to pavilion wall for wall sits and Bttw

Close with Dr Ws


Impromptu (crazy eights again)

53 and soggy

No official Q…Slowbear recommended crazy eights, which is like a group Q

80 reps squats
Mosey half loop
70 reps airpresses
Mosey half loop
60 reps merkins
Mosey half loop
50 reps box cutters
Mosey half loop
40 reps v sits
Mosey half loop
30 reps lunges
Mosey half loop
20 reps burpees
Mosey half loop
Merkin jacks (5) and hill run 10 Times
Mosey half loop
BTTW. Last man standing
20 derkins/ 20 box jumps

Abs: protractor, WW1s

Field of dreams

54 degrees

Native American run

Field of dreams:
2 sets
Home Plate-15 Burpees. Amrap
1st Base-Push Ups
2nd Base- Squats
3rd Base WW1s
Batter starts at Home knocks 15 Burpees out the park and goes to first to relieve 1B. 1B then goes to 2nd and so forth until all pax have completed burpees and pick up the rest of Pax.

Mosey to the pavilion for Elevens
Derkins/ Box Jumps

Dips/ clap merkins

Bear crawl around pavilion to bathroom building

3 rounds of abs

Pullup bar for morning call ( pullups and abs)



6 rounds of knockout

37, clear skies

-warmup lap around upper track

-introduce Tabata style high intensity circuit:  6 cycles of the following:

(No rest between exercises)

burpees 20 sec, right arm plank 20 sec, punches 40 sec

burpees 20 sec, merkins 20 sec, overhead punches 40 sec

burpees 20 sec, left arm plank 20 sec, punches 40 sec

-this completes 0ne cycle

-dealers Choice ab between cycles

begin second cycle….continue for 6

closed our with American Hammers


Unbroken or maybe broken


The Thang:

It was Slowbear’s big day and the log arrived. To help celebrate each PAX received a 2′ 6×6 block.

A short mosey to the basketball court for a round robin of block exercises followed by a “brotherhood of the traveling log” run

Next was the block staring contest followed by another log run

Wrap up was another short round robin with the blocks


Demo out


Return of the Scroll

39 degrees, pouring rain, windy

warmarama:  SSH, grass pickers, goof balls

the scroll ( 11 exercises, 1 min/ 10 sec rest tabada)….we did the scroll twice with abs between and after

  1.  Burpees
  2. mountain climbers
  3. american hammers
  4. squat thrust to frog jump
  5. spider man
  6. lunge jumps
  7. merkins
  8. speed skaters
  9. x jacks
  10. lunges
  11. high knees

—break for abs:  bicycles, ww1s

—scroll round 2

–abs: dr Ws, 6 inches with flutters, VSits

—burpees to close, first one to 25 calls it

COT:  welcome Cratchit




It’s worth the weight

Weighted vest and rucksack rotation.

9 guys chose a number between 1 and 9

#1 would wear weighted vest (floor to ceiling squats)

#2 would wear rucksack (diamond, standard, wide, girl merkins to failure in that order)

#3 through #9 would do the workout that the weighted vest chose.

#1 would choose an excercise that the #3-9 group had to do 10 reps  of and then choose for them to do 11 hills or sprints.

After that round, #2 put the weighted vest on and #3 put the rucksack on. Now the vest (#2) chose a workout of 20 reps and 12 hills or sprints while the rucksack did the pushups and the weighted vest did the squats.

This rotation continued. 30/13, 40/14, 50/15…etc.