Bee Hive Hindenburg

Disclaimer:All men 18 and over,free, outside,not professional, modify as needed, assume all risks, accept with Aye.                                                     Warmarama:part partner up,high steps,butt kickers,jog, skip while partner does various exercise.Then circle up.. Sungods,Abe Vigodas,side straddle hops,grass pickers.                   Thang: Mosey to parking lot…for Hindenburg blimps.Burpees,lunges, imperial walkers, merkins,plankjacks, squats.Run,side shuffles, skip,high steps between corners.By the time we did merkins,this was challenging with appropriate groans.It was my second q and had great support and encouragement,thx guys.                      Mosey back to base for Mary.Seinfeld told us what Mary stood for and Capone introduced us to bird dogs which was great core, stretch and balance.                                Cot of trust:Praises and prayers for Cougars friend Wayne who coaches his sons football team and Wayne’s son who is under the weather.Also for more men like Wayne to step up.My praises for our founders,leaders and all my F3 brothers and f3 itself which it awesome.Great morning from my perspective .

Saturday morning Bliss

Warm up:

20 Burpees followed by some

Abe Vagotas,

Grass pickers, Huggy bears, Arm circles

Murkins in cadence

Mountain climbers in cadence

15 Freddy Mercury’s and LBCs in cadence.



Partnered up for

Pull ups, Push ups and Big Boy sit ups  2 sets, one man doing 40 push-ups while his teammates did pull ups and big boy sit ups . Teammates switch when first teammate finished his pushups.

mosey to the parking lot.

“Cone rally “ w/ coupons

started at first cone, bear crawl to second cone overhead press with pavers 25 times, jog to last cone,( about 75 yards),  sprint back, rinse and repeated changing some of the exercises but always sprinting back to the starting point. 6 sets total.

Abs dealers choice  followed by 20 Burpees to close it out.

nameOrama and circle of trust. God is good.






Qing “Yours”

Qing “Yours”

Nine men showed up for a post F3 Iron Pax workout. That madness is over and those who participated are better for it. Not to worry, this is not the last you will see from F3 Iron Pax! The F3 Iron Pax challenge showed me that I could push harder and farther than I imagined. That was tough but I surprised myself, especially week 4 when I placed 23rd in the nation! You achieved amazing results also, good work all.

Qing Yours, what does that mean?

When a guy leads a workout he is responsible for the fitness of a group of very valuable High Impact Men, aka HIMs. That is a ton to be in charge of. Over the last two years I have led many workouts, none being the same. That is an achievement. You see, I believe we are all way more capable of than we give ourselves credit for. Inside each of us is a powerful force we can harness to achieve amazing things. There is one way to harness that power in your life, DECIDE!

We all have people and things we are responsible for. We take care of these things the best we can. There is a lot to juggle and our impact runs thin sometimes because we are stressed with ALL of the things competing for our attention at the same time. It really is hard just to be.

What I have found out through F3 and leading workouts is I can DECIDE what all of this looks like. Sure life is busy and it gets hectic at times. But I get to decide what I put my attention in. If I took all of the things competing for me in a box it would look like a big old mess, chaos! What I get to decide is how those things are placed in the box. What will that get you? Rythm

Rhythm, the idea is not my own. I heard this from Dark Helmet and Dredd on the 43 Feet podcast. We have all heard of work/life balance. This implies these are separate things and can be treated as such. They are not. You goal should be to design your life with your decisions to create a life rhythm that include both your work and life.

Call to Action

Think about what your perfect life would be like and forget that! It does not and will never exist. Nothing will ever be perfect for you while you are on the Big Ball so get that out of your mind. That does not mean you can’t be happy. Think about what a good life would look like for you. If you are married include your spouse and, if you have them kids. Once you have a good picture of what that looks like you can decide to make that happen. Nothing is un-achievable for you, but it will be hard. Nothing will be easy but if you want that life you envision, DECIDE AND GO GET IT!

The Workout

With the idea of leading I decided to leave the workout up to the Pax. Here are the rules:

  • In a circle each Pax was responsible to lead an exercise in succession.
  • The rotation was Upper Body, Mid Section, then Lower Body. The 1st Pax did upper, second Pax middle and third Pax lower.
  • Each exercise must include twenty repetitions, whether it be in cadence or single count.

After round one we moseyed to the park for a series of pull exercises.

  • Pull ups
  • Rows
  • Partner Rows

We moseyed back to the pavilion for another round of Dealer’s Choice.


COT – One FNG braved this workout. He was EHed by his father, Longhaul. During a mosey the FNG found a five dollar bill on the ground. There were many fitting names we found for him but we settled on Lincoln due to his find. So in a sense Lincoln got paid to workout this morning.

Fartsack Conquest

To the surprise of the regular Swampers, two familiar faces emerged from the darkness hungry for an F3-style full body thrashing. One of the PAX mistook them for FNGs, but later learned that they were brothers who had succumbed to the fartsack for far too long. Rested and fresh they had conquered the fartsack on this Tuesday. They were ready for PAX re-integration. Our prayer is that they don’t relapse into the dark and tempting world of the fartsack.

Warm up

Grass pickers, side straddle hops, plank jacks, monkey Humpers, Abe Vagodas, arm circles.


Mosey to playground and partner up:
three sets of pull-ups and legs. Change pull ups grip each set and legs consist of Bobby Hurley’s, star jacks, jump squats

recover walking over to swings and round of mountain climbers, shoulder taps and Peter Parker’s

partner up for abs on the swing and reverse rows, two sets

mosey to pavilion for a bear crawl

balls to the wall and packs countdown

circle up for donkey kicks
backs to the wall for people’s chair with each  PAX picking and counting and exercise

mosey to other pavilion. circle up for merkins: close grip, staggered, staggered, Carolina dry docks, decline Merkins and shoulder tap merkins

mosey to shovel flag for a round of Mary

Nameorama, Countorama and Announcements: launch of Hamburg this Saturday. Fleetwood AO turns 1 and scheduled to celebrate with a Good Friday workout at the Hope Rescue Mission in Reading

Praise to have our Sicilian brethen back with us: Luigi and Capone

Burpee 1.5

Warm Up

SSH, Abe Vigoda, Monkey Humpers, Grass Pickers, Mountain Climbers, Arm Circles, Merkins

The Thang

The Burpee Mile and a Half

Q thought he was brilliant to discover the Burpee Mile only to find out in a last minute check of the week’s backblasts that it had just been done.  Not to be out done and out of time the Burpee 1.5 was born.

Run 1/4 mile 10 burpees X 6


Legs Squats 20 reps

Arms Dips 20 reps

Legs Step Ups 20 reps

Arms Incline Merkins 20 reps

Repeat 5 X

Mosey Back to Shovel Flag


Prayers and praises

Prayers for healing for Jim Kelley, Zena’s attitude towards youth sports leaders and guidance for those leaders.






The Swamp welcomed back its Site Q, Neon, in classic swamp-like fashion.  The rain was steady with occasional down-pours.

Upon arrival, the 4 PAX scurried to the shelter of the pavilion across a sodden lawn.  A cursory disclaimer was given on the way to the pavilion as we dodged puddles.  Exercise instructions and cadence counts had to be loud above the din of the rain on the roof.

Warm-a-rama: SSH, Sun Gods, Hillbillies, Monkey Humpers, Peter Parkers

The Thang:

  • BLIMPS (5 Burp/10 Lunge/15 Imp Walk/20 Merk/25 Plank Jack/30 Squat)
  • Happy Jacks (5 SSH/2 Jump Squats X 4)
  • Hundreds (Legs at 45°, shoulders off ground; arms straight at sides; quick 6 inch pulse of arm/hands to 100 count)
  • Deconstructed Burpees (10 Squats, 10 Leg Thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 Leg Thrusts; Decrease by 1 each round to 1 rep each)

The leg thrusts were taxing; we took a few breaks between sets to hear about some of Neon’s adventures in the high Andes of Chile while being grateful for our mere 500 ft elevation for the workout.

  • 20 Step Ups per leg
  • 20 Dips
  • ATM (15 Shoulder Taps, 10 Tempo Merkins, 10 Fast Merkins)

 Mary: Superman, American Hammer, Freddie Mercury, Starfish Crunch, Reverse Crunch off side of table

COT: Praise/Pray Requests, Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Prayer; Thankful for God’s blessing in each of our lives.

Following COT, we had an extra credit run back to the parking lot, this time trying to avoid streams of water on the path.

Negative Nanny

This morning I woke up with the cold I have been fighting for  the past 3 days. Trouble breathing and a headache. YHC decided to man up and vacate the warm fartsack anyway. That was a tough decision that I have absolutely no regrets about. Speaking of No Regrets …

The No Regrets men’s conference is coming up on Feb 3rd. We are planning to have a workout the morning of and then attend the conference. Details about the conference can be found here.

Back to the workout. We moseyed top the playground for the warm-a-rama:

LBAC – forward and backwards
Huggy Bears
Abe Vagodas
Grass Pickers
Mountain Climbers
Peter Parkers
Then we started the Thang: The Vern (or some modification thereof)

  1. Pull Ups x 5 then run ~ 200 yards to pavilion
  2. Dips x 10 then run ~ 200 yards to pavilion
  3. Merkins x 20 then run ~ 200 yards to pavilion
  4. LBCs x 40 then run ~ 200 yards to pavilion
  5. Squats x 80 then run ~ 200 yards to pavilion

Repeato for 3 sets.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for MOM with standing ab exercises.

Count-A-Rama = 7

Name-A-Rama= Beaker, Uptown Girl, Capone, Dr. Seuss, Tiny Bubbles, Zena, Flame


During the workout there was some #mumblechatter about negativity since the new year. YHC does not know where it came from but felt a need to confess a negative attitude. This is not good. The great thing about it is attitude is choice. So choose to be positive. Make everyday better than yesterday. If you are not better today than you were yesterday then you regressed. No one gets better by standing still. Move forward and get better. This may help.

Prayers and praises.



Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…or it is laziness or expediency.  Regardless, YHC shamelessly copied the Frozen Hourglass workout…what works at the Pond should work at the Swamp.

YHC arrived a minute late due to slower than usual traffic from the light snow that was falling.  A quick disclosure was given and 4 PAX moseyed to the end of the lane for:

Warm-a-rama: Sun Gods, Abe Vigodas, SSH, Peter Parkers, Mountain Climbers, Grass Pickers

The Thang:

Hourglass – start with 50 reps, rinse with a run or plank, ladder down by 10 reps each to zero and then back up to 50 reps with a different exercise at each interval:

50 Merkins; Run

40 American Hammers; Plank

30 Bobby Hurleys; Run

20 Dips; Plank

10 Burpees; Run

0 BTTW to failure; Plank

10 Dr. W’s; Run

20 Box Jumps; Plank

30 Derkins; Run

40 In/Out Abs

50 Air Press from People’s Chair

We added another round of Air Presses with each PAX counting down from 10 and then wrapped up the Thang with a run around the park back to the parking lot.

Mary: LBCs and The World’s Greatest Stretch

COT: Praise and Prayer request went overtime.  As YHC drove away I realized we failed to do COR and NOR but fortunately I can count to four and remember at least four names.

Thanks, Bogey, for a great workout – keep them coming; we may have to imitate the Fleetwood gang again!

December 28, 2017

Phil. 4:8 “Whatever is . . . think about such things.” Oh, the weather outside was frightful, but the PAX were thinking about things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy, not the cold weather.  It was a mind over matter morning as the site Q was considering cancelling the workout due to the temperature.

Warm-up began with jogging, side shuffle, butt-kickers, high knees, backwards jog, and touching the ground while jogging back and forth across the parking lot.  Cadence work included Merkins, mountain climbers, shoulder taps, and Peter Parkers.  PAX moseyed to playground for sets of pull-ups.  Five sets of 3-5 reps.  PAX then moseyed to parking lot for “the thang.”

The Thang” PAX  partnered up and were given one gallon jugs filled with water as coupons for resistance training.  While one partner did a 30-30-30 across the parking lot and back, the other partner did reps of resistance training. The two switched places and repeated exercise.  Resistance training reps included curls, overhead press, iron cross, arms straight in front, and triceps extensions.  Each PAX completed 10 trips across the parking lot.  This was followed by an Indian run to Lone Lane and back. Once back at the pavilion, PAX did 20 dips and forty step-ups.

Mary was dealer’s choice.  Exercises included American hammers, Freddie Mercury, sit-ups, six inches, air snow angels, reverse crunches, and legs over the head.


Unbreakable Gifts

Start on time end on time!  YHC rolling in on the dot, welcoming the PAX and starting the disclosure from the moment car door owned. It was a dark and brisk morning in the low 30 degrees and practically no wind.  That makes for  prefect workout weather.

Mosey from the shovel flag about a half mile along the path to the light.  On the journey I shared with the PAX the work out a designed as the ADVENT workout.  A workout to stimulate the physical and spiritual as we prepare the celebration of the CHRIST that has come and the PHYSICAL fitness test.


Circle up under the light on top of hill overlooking the fields of the Trojan.  In cadence.  Sungods, Overhead claps, Abe Vagoda’s, Grass Pickers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, SSH, Steam Engines.

The Thang

Each segment of the workout was relates to each week of Advent and the unbreakable gifts we receive from a relationship with the God that is with us.

GIFT # 1 = Hope = Heartbreak 1,2,3 routine

Mosey back to shovel flag.

GIFT #2 = Love = Lazy Dora 1,2,3 routine


Pax joked everyone would need to come back Saturday to get the 3rd and 4th GIFTS of Advent.

Co Rama = 5

No Rama 


Prayers for Drop Box knee surgery recover.  Praise for Beakers son’s wedding.  Prayer’s for Uptown’s brother in hospital with Chest Pain.  Praise for Zena’s brothers closing on a new house. Capone praying and praising the continued focus on the reason for the season.


The Test III


The PAX descended on The Bee Hive full of whatever they ate for dinner last night. Some were still asleep. YHC came prepared for battle. The battle was not against the PAX or the weather. The foe was not the snow or the slight wind. The enemy was … myself. I brought with me a bad attitude to The Bee Hive. That attitude was quickly put in check when Dropbox showed up even though he has a torn meniscus and is getting surgery on Tuesday, prayers up. This reminded me that no matter how I felt it could be worse. Dropbox will have his surgery and recover to make a triumphant Kotter return to The Gloom soon.

Check yo ‘tude at the door!


The Test

The PAX partnered up (Flame was odd man out). While partner 1 exercised, partner 2 counted and vice versa.

Each PAX had two minutes to perform as many repetitions as possible of each exercise.

  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Burpees
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • 1 mile run

The mile run was not completed due to icy conditions. Here are the results:


PFT Results - 03/26/2017

F3 NameMerkinsSquatsBurpeesSit-upsPull-upsMile
Uptown Girl66843360202.12
Boo Boo5678214225

Strength, Speed, Power, & Pain

Dynamic Warm-up


Jog to pavilion

  1.  Pull-ups max reps followed by box jumps-20 reps
  2. Pull-ups max reps followed by step-ups 20 (4 count)
  3. Chin-ups max reps followed by single leg pistol squats (10 each leg)
  4. Pull-ups any variety max reps followed by lateral jumps over partner holding plank hand plank position.  Each left right jump equals one rep

Speed/High Intensity

Jog to football field

  1. Sprint from corner of football field to other corner (about 120+ yards), jog to other corner, sprint again to far corner (120+ yards), then jog back. Finish with 30 push-ups.
  2. Repeat sprint/jog sequence/30 sit-ups
  3. Repeat sprint jog sequence /30 squats
  4. Repeat sprint jog sequence/plank hold count of ten per each pax member (around 100 seconds)

Animal Strength

Start at goal line go to 50 yard line (50 yards) complete the following:

  • bear crawls
  • side-ways bear crawls
  • forward crabwalks
  • backwards crabwalks
  • ape traverse left
  • ape traverse right

Core Strength

Completed the following exercises for a count of 10 by each pax member around 120 count:

  • hand plank
  • opposite leg and arm extended w/other knee/ hand on ground
  •  side plank w/switch at halfway
  • table plank
  • superman for halfway/ banana hold for second half
  • elbow plank finish

Merkin Mile


4 PAX posted to the Trojan workout on a clear crisp Pearl Harbor Day morning.  YHC, being off routine due to a full F3 agenda the prior evening, forgot his sweatshirt and so was anxious to get moving to stave off the chill.

A disclaimer was delivered and the PAX jumped into the workout.


SSH, Arm Circles, Huggy Bears, Abe Vigoda, Hillbillies, Plank Jacks, High Knees

The Thang:

The PAX commenced with a Merkin Mile (20 Merkins each ¼ mile).  Mumble chatter ranged from the Allentown Rescue Mission event to the etiology of F3 terms not appropriate for public disclosure…

We arrived at the volley ball court for a round of Elevens which included Crab Cakes, Prisoner Squats, and assorted crawls and walks across the court – 10 Crab Cakes, cross the court to complete 1 Prisoner Squat, return across the court by the same means to ladder to 1 Crab Cake/10 Squats.  The court crossings included Bear Crawl, Duck Walk, backward and forward Crab Walks, Broad Jumps, Inch Worm, Ape Walk, Crawl Bear, Lunges, and Carioca.

The Thang concluded with a mosey to the pavilion for 20 Dips.


American Hammer, Plank with a Twist, Lower Belly Crunch, WWI Sit Up


Count-a-rama and Name-a-rama

Announcements and Prayer: 16-Dec workout at the Beehive will include a fitness assessment; prayer for a successful surgery/recovery for Uptown’s father-in-law and for the men at the Allentown Rescue Mission and the staff who serve them.

Spring Training

It was a mild December day with temps akin to those in spring for some heavy breathing on the baseball diamond. The matutinal activities commenced with a mosey through parking down to baseball field.

Side straddle hops, lunges, squats, goofballs, arm circles, Spiderman Merkins, monkey Humpers galore
The Thang
Partner up for three innings!
Inning one: partner runs around the bases while other partner at home does Burpee’s for a team cumulative of 50
Inning two: Running and a cumulative of 80 Carolina Dry docks
Inning three: bear crawl to first and onto second, then crab walk to third and home
Circle up for a round of legs led by each of the pax
Mosey to jungle gym
Max out pull ups, Mountain climbers, max out assisted pull-ups
Mosey back to shovel flag for a round of glorious mary

Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama: 6

Announcements & Prayers: Upcoming workouts, Allentown Rescue Mission 12/6/17 and prayers for Uptown Girl step father who is undergoing survey 12/7

COT: 6:15AM

Here Be Dragons



6 PAX + 1 FNG posted for a clear and moonlit workout on this last day of daylight savings time. We’re looking forward to brighter workouts in the near future!

Warm-a-rama: Arm circles, Huggy Bears, Abe Vigoda, Smurf Jacks, Hillbillies, Monkey Humpers, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers

Part of the mission of F3 is to invigorate male community leadership. In order to better lead we must first lead ourselves, which includes fighting three different tendencies, characterized by a 3-headed dragon. So, these dragons were introduced throughout the workout…

The Thang:

  • Moseyed to the long building were we commenced with Ascending Testicles (Derkins at 15 and 45 degrees and then full BTTW) followed by a Dirty Hookup (plank facing wall: 1. R hand on wall, 2. L hand on wall, 3. R hand to ground, 4. L hand to ground). We then settled into a comfortable People’s Chair to hear about our first dragon…

The Dragon of Doubt tells lies & half truths; it has us believing we are trapped in our situations and defeated; ultimately it has us second-guessing God’s goodness. We fight this dragon with Truth.

  • Moseyed to the football field and learned about the second dragon…

The Dragon of Apathy lulls us to sleep. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” We fight this dragon with intentionality; go on offensive.

  • So, we shook off any sleepiness with a rousing round of Red Barchetta (ran to specified yard line, did exercise, ran back to start point and planked for Six: 100 yard/100 SSH; 75 yard/75 Mountain Climber; 50 yard/50 LBC; 25 yard/25 Merkin; 10 yard/10 Burpee). We completed this event with an extra credit challenge of doing a Staggered Merkin Crawl from the 10-yard line back to start.
  • Moseyed to a pavilion for a modified Morning Call (all but 1 PAX in Dip position; 1 PAX called out 5 Pull-ups; PAX did a Dip for each Pull-up; stayed in Dip until all called 5 Pull-ups)
  • Moseyed to the baseball field and learned about the last dragon…

The Dragon of Lust gives us false promises of fulfillment from our selfish desire for sex, power, fame, or fortune. We fight this dragon with sacrificial love.

  • Round of Global Warming with Dealer’s Choice thrown in (Al Gore position while shuffle in circle; call out exercise – T pushups, Bobby Hurley, Log rolls, and maybe some other exercises I can’t remember…)
  • We completed our Thang with Plank Hurdles across the baseball field back to the shovel flag: 2 groups of 3-4 PAX; 1st sprint 10 yard/plank, 2nd sprint/hurdle 20 yard/plank, etc. Last in line alternated groups to keep the progress fairly even.

All arrived safely back at the shovel flag without tripping over planked PAX and falling on their face.

With this being YHC’s first Q at the Bee Hive which is 15 minutes longer than the Trojan, not quite enough material was planned so we had some extra time for Mary…

Mary: Starfish Crunch, LBCs, James Bonds, Shoulder Taps, Best Stretch Ever, and some other exercises I also forgot.

COT: Flame will Q next week’s Veteran’s Day workout, Opportunity to serve on 13-Nov moving boxes for Operation Christmas Child, plans will be made for F3 to serve 2 meals between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Allentown Rescue Mission.

And last, but certainly not least, we welcomed our FNG, brought by Neon, into F3 and gave him the moniker, Elsa. He now joins the elite company of some of our other gender-confused but proud PAX.

Test Rats – Trying Out New Army Exercises

Looking for creative inspiration and a new spin on a workout, Neon found an article on the Army’s new combat fitness test in the WSJ, of all places.

Of the 5 new ‘domains’ the lucky 6 PAX who posted were labs rats for 3. The remaining 2 exercises include maxing out a deadlift and a 250 meter spring/pull/drag shuttle run that required more equipment than was accessible on short notice.

At 5:30AM festivities commenced with a truncated (half ass) disclosure followed by a brief pause to stay clear of an incoming car driven by an unnamed and tardy member (hint: name sounds like Downtown Whirl). The 5 took off on a mosey to the other side of the park.


SSDs, monkey humpers, nordic skiers, Moroccan night clubs, arm circles, and shoulder taps. Mid way through the workout Open House appeared and bolstered attendance by 20%.


The Thang

The PAX convened under a pavilion to try out the new Army “T” push-up, which to the best of Neon’s reckoning, the subject lays face down, pushes up, lowers down and lays on the ground and extends arms out like a “T”. Then back to the start position. Not terribly difficult to do 15 in cadence. The PAX did a series of squats and then ran a quarter mile lap around the infield.

Back to the pavilion for mountain climbers and Carolina dry docks. Run a quarter mile.

Over to the jungle gym to make use of pull up bars for the leg tuck. The leg tuck starts with a straight arm hang and then raising the body up so that arms are at a 90 degree angle. Hold the flex arm hang and pull the knees to the elbows, that’s one. Its a bit harder than the push-ups. Over to the swings for hanging back rows and then a lap around the infield.

Back to the pavilion for star jacks and something else. The next event in lieu of the spring/pull/drag was a sprint, bear, crab walk and sprint up and back across the infield. The PAX did another lap back to the shovel flag for a set of burpees and two rounds of Mary.

If anyone is actually reading this they may have realized that the PAX only did two of the domains (T push up and leg tuck) as documented in this BB. But wait, there’s more! Total running for the morning was a touch over 2 miles, consistent with the 2 mile run as noted in the new Army fitness test.

Announcements / Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama

Hawkeye presented a doctor’s note (which happened to be signed by a dentist) requesting that his recent absences be excused due to a fractured knee cap suffered by his wife. He also requested prayers for her healing as she completes outpatient therapy.

COT: 6:15AM

Another Brick In the Wall

Warm Up:



Abe Vigoda

Grass Pickers

Monkey Humpers


The Thang:

Mosey long way to Football Field Parking Lot Pick up Bricks


Shoulder Presses


Iron Squats

Iron Cross

Mosey to Football Field (4 Corners)

10 Squats run length of field

10 Squat Jumps run backwards across goal line

10 Squats run back length of field

10 Squat Jumps run backwards across goal line

Rinse and repeat twice with burpees, merkins

Mosey to baseball outfield

10 merkins

Crabwalk 30 yard 10 diamond merks

Crabwalk 30 yards 10 merkins

Mosey to Pavilion

Dip/ Inclined merkin ladder to 13

Mosey to pick up bricks then mosey shovel flag


Count o Rama

Name o Rama


Prayers for Sensei’s son recovering from Lyme disease and the family of our fallen brother Big Wheel


House of Cards

Thirteen PAX vacated the strong hold of the Fartsack to build a House of Cards.

Mosey about 1/2 mile up some road to an intersection of a dark alley and some other street.


Moroccan Night Clubs, LBAC, Huggy Bears, Abe Vagodas, Grass Pickers, Monkey Humpers, Merkins

Mosey another 1/2 mile or so to Rodale Trails for …


House of Cards

Each PAX picked a card from the pinochle deck. The card values represent the reps and the suit represented the exercise.

9 = 9, 10 = 10, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Ace = 20, Game instruction card = Dealers Choice

Hearts = Merkins, Diamonds = Burpees, Spades = Squats, Clubs = Big Boy Sit-ups

We started with a ton of Merkins and then moved into the Burpee phase with only one set of Squats and no Big Boy Sit-ups.

Mosey to another location about 1/3 mile down a shady path for round 2 of house of cards. Same deal with unused cards. This round some of the clubs showed up however, there were a ton of burpees in both rounds with which came accusations of a stacked deck to which YHC said “tough s#!^”, errrrr sorry?

After the second round we conducted a “Last Man Mosey” back to the shovel flag.

  • We started the mosey as a group running at your own pace.
  • The fastest man picked a spot to turn around and run back to the six.
  • All other PAX also turned around at the spot to run back to the six.
  • This continued until about 1/4 mile left.
  • Finish with a sprint to the shovel flag

We ended with some big boy yoga to stretch out the muscles and joints used in all the running. We finished with 2.1 miles.



  • Sign up for the Faith Men’s Night, email this morning.


  • Luigi’s family and Drop Box’s family in Puerto Rico and Flames friends in Saint Thomas dealing with the destruction left by recent hurricanes.
  • Papa Bear’s co-workers health after a diagnosis of cancer.

Count-A-Rama: 13


  • Proud Papa: Detention’s son-in-law, James
  • F3 Name: Lucky

Check out “House of Cards” on Relive!

Live third and be well my friends. Love you guys.


Flame out …

Will Power

19-Oct-2017 Trojan Workout

6 PAX posted to the Trojan under a starry sky.

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk (e.g., if you trip over a skunk) and full liability. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.

Mosey to park entrance

Day’s Thought: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” Viktor Frankl, holocaust survivor.

Another virtue of manhood is Will Power – responding to circumstances in a manner that makes the most of the situation; delay gratification; make decisions against yourself; self-denial. Discipline begets discipline.

Warm-a-rama: Arm circles, Abe Vigoda, Moroccan Nightclub, Imperial Walker, Monkey Humpers, Copperhead squat, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers

The Thang:

Basic Indian Run to playground

  • 2 groups: 1: Inverted rows on swing (30) and Ab roll outs (30); 2: Burp-ups (~10) and Derkins (15)
  • Russian Dips (30)

Mosey to parking lot

  • Wheel of Animal Walk across parking lot: Frog hop/10 Werkin; Bear Crawl/10 Merkin w/ L hand forward; Duck Walk/10 Diamond Merkin; Crab Walk, 10 Merkin w/ R hand forward

Uptown Girl imparted a life survival skill during the bear crawl – if a bear is chasing you, run downhill since a bear runs more slowly downhill; this was verified by Uptown Girl’s observation during a Bear Crawl at the Swamp.  YHC thinks all you need to worry about is being able to run faster than your companion which is an incentive to post to F3 workouts!

Mary: Dolly, Freddie Mercury, Flutter Kicks, Reverse Crunch, Alternate Toe Touch, Starfish Crunch

Truth nugget: “The secret to not sinning is not “not sinning” but to dream more – you need a vision for your life bigger and better than selfish ambition.”

COT: Announcements, Praise/Pray Requests, Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Prayer (Leading for Zena with some decisions; Reliable vehicle for Petri and provisions as he and his M travel).