Mule 3 Year Manniversary F3 Lehigh Valley Convergence

Monday, September 2, 2019 marks the 3 year Manniversary of F3 Lehigh Valley.   In February of this year after a cold workout and warm cup of coffee Seinfeld (not pictured) offered up this crazy idea for a workout called a MULE.  Not his idea, borrowed from his friends in different region.   This kind of workout … Continue reading Mule 3 Year Manniversary F3 Lehigh Valley Convergence

Beaker’s Birthday Beat-down

18-Jul-2019 Conditions: mid-70s, damp, 100% humidity 8 PAX joined YHC to celebrate my 55th birthday.  F3 is a gift that keeps on giving so YHC thought it would be good to share by doing a 55-themed workout. Mosey to the side parking lot for Warm-a-rama: Arm Circles, Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Good Mornings, Side Squats, Best … Continue reading Beaker’s Birthday Beat-down

Post Spartan Spar

With many of the PAX still licking their wounds from Sunday’s spartan, a thorough beat down was the best way to work the lactic acid from their muscles. Warm-o-rama: mosey, arm circles, monkey humpers, squats, lunges, high knees, butts kicks, side shuffle, and wind sprint back The Thang: hold plank for a series of exercises: plank, plank jacks, … Continue reading Post Spartan Spar

Uptown Beatdown

It was a beautiful 60 degrees in Macungie. The packs was nervous because YHC was taking so long to unload the car with all the coupons. (55lb bucket, two cinder blocks, 20lb weight vest, 55lb dumbbells) DISCLAIMER - not a professional, modify suggestions to your Fitness level, you assume all risks.  State "aye" if you … Continue reading Uptown Beatdown

Knievel’s 100th Workout Celebration!

Kept it simple!!! No warm up. Jumped right in.  I picked 7 of my favorite exercises. Merkins, Plank Jack's, Lbc's, Crab Cakes( in cadence), Squats, Imperial Walkers(in cadence) and Side Strattle Hops....... we did 10 reps of each of these at 10 different stations(total of 100 reps per exercise) with a mosey in between.  I … Continue reading Knievel’s 100th Workout Celebration!

Splashin thru the Swamp

June 18, 2019 Mid 60's, humid, pouring rain. Welcome to my 1st Q. Sitting in my car, waiting for 5:30 to roll around, my thoughts were no one in their right mind is coming out this a.m. in this nasty, pouring rain. Well I was wrong. Totally encouraged by the 9 PAX who showed up … Continue reading Splashin thru the Swamp


We started out with a warm up of some arm circles forward and reverse 10 each, 10 Huggy Bear's on your own, 10 grass Pickers in Cadence, 10 Abe Vigoda is in Cadence, 15 shoulder Taps In Cadence and 15 plank Jacks in Cadence. Then we went for a short Mosey. For the main event..... … Continue reading D-Motivaters

Bee Hive Hindenburg

Disclaimer:All men 18 and over,free, outside,not professional, modify as needed, assume all risks, accept with Aye.                                                     Warmarama:part partner up,high steps,butt kickers,jog, skip while partner does various exercise.Then circle up.. Sungods,Abe … Continue reading Bee Hive Hindenburg

Saturday morning Bliss

Warm up: 20 Burpees followed by some Abe Vagotas, Grass pickers, Huggy bears, Arm circles Murkins in cadence Mountain climbers in cadence 15 Freddy Mercury’s and LBCs in cadence.   The THANG! Partnered up for Pull ups, Push ups and Big Boy sit ups  2 sets, one man doing 40 push-ups while his teammates did … Continue reading Saturday morning Bliss

Qing “Yours”

Qing "Yours" Nine men showed up for a post F3 Iron Pax workout. That madness is over and those who participated are better for it. Not to worry, this is not the last you will see from F3 Iron Pax! The F3 Iron Pax challenge showed me that I could push harder and farther than … Continue reading Qing “Yours”

Fartsack Conquest

To the surprise of the regular Swampers, two familiar faces emerged from the darkness hungry for an F3-style full body thrashing. One of the PAX mistook them for FNGs, but later learned that they were brothers who had succumbed to the fartsack for far too long. Rested and fresh they had conquered the fartsack on … Continue reading Fartsack Conquest


23-Jan-2018 The Swamp welcomed back its Site Q, Neon, in classic swamp-like fashion.  The rain was steady with occasional down-pours. Upon arrival, the 4 PAX scurried to the shelter of the pavilion across a sodden lawn.  A cursory disclaimer was given on the way to the pavilion as we dodged puddles.  Exercise instructions and cadence … Continue reading Swamped


Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018 It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…or it is laziness or expediency.  Regardless, YHC shamelessly copied the Frozen Hourglass workout…what works at the Pond should work at the Swamp. YHC arrived a minute late due to slower than usual traffic from the light snow that was falling.  A quick … Continue reading Copycat

December 28, 2017

Phil. 4:8 "Whatever is . . . think about such things." Oh, the weather outside was frightful, but the PAX were thinking about things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy, not the cold weather.  It was a mind over matter morning as the site Q was considering cancelling the workout … Continue reading December 28, 2017