Dogwood Festival Workout

Saturday May 18, 2019

Conditions :  58 degrees and partly cloudy, sun had just risen, big, red and beautiful in the sky.. Surrounded by the annual Dogwood Festival, which invades Reeves Park in Phoenixville once a year.  We had some interesting backdrops as we worked out – plenty of rides, hot dog stands, sausage carts, funnel cakes and the smells that go along with any large fairs like hay and leftover french fries!  While the rides weren’t running and the stalls weren’t selling, the PAX was surely moving!

Plenty of walkers with their pets came by and saw us working out, and we had the chance to converse with a few of them.  YHC met a guy when we were first arriving doing pull-ups, but I couldn’t convince him to stay for the workout. Maybe next time!  Gotta work on my EH’ing skills.

The ground was still a bit damp from the morning dew, and the rain shower we had the day before, but a beautiful morning and place for a workout!


YHC was having trouble this morning with all sorts of things – remembering nicknames, mis-counting during the workout, forgot to count-a-rama (thanks Boyant for the reminder), and other mis-steps along the way.  But the PAX didn’t complain (much) and the workout proceeded as planned.


Pre-Ruck :  3 PAX showed for a few mile warm-up pre-ruck (5:30-6:30a)

Beatdown  :9 PAX posted for a bootcamp workout led by Spike. (6:30-7:30a)

DISCLAIMER :  F3 : Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

Mission Reminder : Plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to invigorate male Community Leadership.

FROM (Free, Rotational, Outdoor, Men Only) – volunteer, peer-led, NOT a professional.  

Each person understands the responsibilities of their own fitness, MODIFY AS NEEDED.


Warmup : 

  1. 10x arm circles – IC
  2. 10x circle arms – IC
  3. 10x Abe Vigodas  – IC
  4. 20x Imperial Walkers  – IC
  5. 15x Daisy Pickers – IC
  6. 10x Sprinklers – IC
  7. MOTIVATORS – countdown from 5 – IC  (YHC kind of / sort of / totally mis-counted this)

Mosey to bandstand area (about 0.3 mile).


The Thang :

Team up :

One PAX performed exercises while other ran around Mr. Reeves statue.  

Return and tag your partner, switch running/exercises.

Total your exercises until completed, then move onto next exercise.

  • 100 inclined Merkins / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 200 air squats / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 300 LBCs / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 200 lunges / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 100 derkins (declined Merkins) / run around Mr. Reeves
  • 50 box jumps OYO
  • 50 Hip Slappers OYO


Instead of a weak mosey back to the flag, the PAX carried each other in a rotating partner carry back to flag.  Carry your partner for 10 seconds, switch.  10 seconds, switch, until we all arrived back at the flag with plenty of time for some ab work.


6MOM / Mary / Abs / Core :

  1. 30x Flutter kicks – in cadence
  2. 30 second Superman hold – in cadence
  3. 10x American Hammers – in cadence
  4. 10x V-Ups – in cadence
  5. 10x windshield wipers – IC
  6. 5x X’s and O’s – IC
  7. Tunnel of love


Count-o-rama : 9


Name FNGs  :0

Announcements :  Convergence coming up in May for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  Mark the date : 05/25/2019 Saturday. Guest Q’s will be here!  Woohoo!


Words of Wisdom from : 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Here are three lessons God is teaching us in his response to Paul:

  1. Talk to God when you are hurting.
  2. God may allow us to hurt so that we can remain humble.
  3. God can use your physical weakness to show off His power.

God’s glory and message is infinitely more important than our comfort.


Circle of Trust / Ball of Man

PAX : Boyant, Burgundy, Chowdah, Gandalf, Hanger, Retail, Sharkbait, Spike, Winklevoss

Closing Prayer

2019-05-18-F3-VF-Dogwood3-1.JPG 2019-05-18-F3-VF-Bootcamp-1-0.JPG

Tooth Fairy + Balls to the Wall = Gloomy Morning^2

7 PAX strong including 1 FNG (welcomeFrank&Beans) ventured into Reeves Park for a throwdown of sorts — 2 for pre-ruck.

In the pre-setup eve of Phoenixville May Fest (I think that it was it is called) — we enjoyed a beautiful morning full of good chatter, new and old friends, and some fun reminders of workouts past!

Warmup – several usual suspects

  • Lap around the park
  • Mountain Climbers – extra stretch at the end
  • Circle Arms / Arm Circles
  • Pretzel stretches
  • Floyd Mayweathers
  • SSH

Thang 1

  • Mosey to the steps near Boyant Hill
  • 1 at a time – each taking a turn at ascending merkins up the stairs (reaching 13)
  • While other PAX merkining, the remaining 6 alternated between (A) Balls to the wall / pencil jumps and (b) air chairs / squat jumps

Thang 2

  • Mosey to Bluebird
    • 50 dips
    • 25 box jumps
    • 10 burpees

Mosey back to the park for 6MOM

  • Flutters
  • Plank – rotating counts (both, left / right up)
  • Hello Dolly
  • 10 LBCs

Circle o’ Trust – welcome FNG (Frank&Bean) & Announcements

Number of FNGs: 1

One more charge up Boyant Hill….

4 PAX for the 3 mile Pre-Ruck around Phoenixville

Conditions: Humid, 54 F, Cloudy


Warm Up:
-Abe Vigodas IC x15
-Parker Peters IC x25
-IW’s IC x25
-SSH’s IC x20

-Mosey to Boyant Hill
-Jacob’s Ladder up the hill for increasing Jump Squats x7 (Total distance ~1.5 miles)…planking for the 6
-Mosey to Bridge Street for some Route 66 – increasing merkins (we had the street to ourselves while the cops set up for the Food Truck fest!)…Balboa’s while waiting for the 6
-Mosey to Blue Bird Distillery for some 6MOM:
-Box Cutters IC x15
-American Hammers IC x20
-Mosey to the American Legion parking lot for 10 of the 21 burpees in honor of Riley Howell who tackled the UNC Charlotte gunman this week
-Mosey to the AO to finish off the 21 burpee salute to Riley for his sacrifice
-Hello Dollies IC x15
-Flutter Kicks IC x20
-In all, the PAX did just under 3.5 miles with the beatdown!


-Hops read Psalm 46:1-3 and reminded the PAX about the Lord’s providence and steadfast refuge and shelter in times of trouble and when climbing the mountains
-Praise for Winklevoss’ niece and nephew returning home safely from the NICU
-Prayer for all those affected by the Charlotte and CA shootings recently


Tabata time!

Reeves Park, Phoenixville, PA, USA

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Conditions: Sunny, a bit windy


13 PAX including 2 FNGs


–        Mosey around the park

–        In cadence: imperial stormtroopers, hillbillies, arm circles, circle arms, mountain climbers, SSH

The Thang:

Winklevoss introduced most of the group to the Tabata, a brutally efficient routine brought to you straight from Japan (think Toyota Production System for exercise): 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 times, keel over. Billed as a way to get an hour’s worth of exercise benefit into 4 minutes (or something like that). More fun activities were inserted into the “rest” between 4-minute bouts.

–        Squat jumps: 20sec on/10 sec off x 8

–        Merkins for half the group, inverted rows for half the group (using playground equipment and dog leashes): 3 sets of 10-11 reps, in cadence, with isometric hold at bottom of merkin/top of inverted row

–        Bonnie Blairs (alternating jump lunges): 20sec on/10sec off x 8

–        Squats: 3 x 10-11 reps, in cadence, with isometric hold at bottom of squat (thighs parallel to ground)

–        Burpees: 20sec on/10 sec off x 8

–        Repeat Merkins/inverted rows as in #2, with PAX switching to perform whichever they missed out on the first go ‘round

–        Sprints between base lines on baseball diamond (with lines freshly marked with some pink spray paint): 20sec on (sprint)/10sec off (walk) x 8

–        Lunges: 4 x 8 reps, in cadence, with isometric hold at bottom of lunge (back knee an inch from ground)


–        Planks on elbows until we couldn’t any more

–        Flutter kicks, in cadence

–        Dollies, in cadence

–        Rosalitas, in cadence

–        Freddie Mercuries, in cadence

–        Planks on elbows again, including count-o-rama in plank position to finish, but which took several tries to do because PAX forgot how to count, starting from 1 after each error


Hops, Boyant, Spike, Frizzle, Burgundy, Feeney, Flipper, Tuck, Spoke, Dial Up, Winklevoss

Plus 2 FNGs: welcome Huffy and Shark Bait!

Special shout-out to the 3 HIM out for their second F3 workout (Spoke, Burgundy, Frizzle)

This concluded our month-long battle with Ma’ne (F3 Philly) to see who could pull the most FNGs. Unfortunately, he ended up besting us 8 to 7, but that’s 15 new guys in a month proving that they are HIM. #PArising indeed


Convergence Saturday May 25, 2019 to celebrate one-year anniversary of F3 Valley Forge! Details to come, will include secret guest Q

Reminders to all of Wednesday a.m. AOs in Villanova and Pottstown


Number of FNGs: 2

Powerful Partnerships through Pain

Conditions : It was a lovely 60 degrees as we gathered around the flag on Saturday morning.  Warm, but still drizzling on and off. We escaped most of the rain, but the ground was still wet from the rainstorms we got the day before, and it continued to drizzle throughout the morning.  The cool raindrops on your face as you look up towards the sky became refreshing near the end of the workout!

Pre-Ruck :   2 PAX showed for a few mile warm-up pre-ruck (5:30-6:30a)
Beatdown : 12 PAX posted for a bootcamp workout led by Pebbles, with Warmup/6MOM/COT by Spike. (6:30-7:30a)

DISCLAIMER :  F3 : Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

Mission Reminder : Our goal is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to invigorate male Community Leadership.
FROM (Free, Rotational, Outdoor, Men Only) – we are volunteer, peer-led, I am NOT a professional.
Each person understands the responsibilities of their own fitness, MODIFY EXERCISES AS NEEDED.

Warmup : (in cadence)

  1. 10x arm circles
  2. 10x circle arms
  3. 10x Abe Vigodas
  4. 20x Side Straddle Hops
  5. >15x Imperial Walkers
  6. 15x Monkey Humpers
  7. 15x Mountain Climbers
  8. 15x Daisy Pickers
  9. 10x Sprinklers

YHC has a thing for keeping the PAX on their toes by not stopping at 10, 15, or 20 exactly, so those above numbers were slightly off by some random number.

Mosey to baseball diamond (1/8 mile)

The Thang :
The Thang today was brought to you by Pebbles, which included multiple partner exercises in and around the baseball diamond of Reeves Park at the the following stations:

  1. Started with 4x running log relays (one partner sprints with the log from 3rd base over to 1rst base, and hands log off to partner, then switch.)
  2. Power Sleds with ~110lbs (3x37lbs). (cinder blocks on good old snow sleds, pulled forwards and backwards!)
  3. Squatting rainbows with logs (tap the log on one side of your body on the ground, over above your head, and then tap on other side, like a rainbow, then hand off to partner)
  4. Alternating 1 arm Tug of War
  5. Heavy bag throw (I think it was 50 lbs of sand inside)
  6. 2 handed front and back Tug of War
  7. Log rolls (rolling log with your hands along the pathway, then back)
  8. Extended arm side Tug of War
  9. 3x running log relays

Each event was timed for 40 seconds on and 20 seconds rest in between.  It drifted more to 30 seconds rest by the end. Total emphasis on partners pushing, supporting each other, and the constant exertion of partner isometric exercises inspired by wrestling.  We ended up doing each station at least twice, and some stations three times.

Lots of good mumble chatter about how creative the exercises were.

6 Minutes of Mary / Abs / Core :

  1. 20x Flutter kicks – in cadence
  2. 20x Superman Swims – in cadence
  3. 10x American Hammers – in cadence
  4. 10x V-Ups – in cadence
  5. 10x windshield wipers – IC

Count-o-rama : 12
Name FNGs : 2 new FNGs

Announcements :
Convergence coming up in May for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at Valley Forge!  Mark the date : 05/25/2019 Saturday

Circle of Trust / Ball of Man
Discussed the story of Jepthah (from Judges chapters and 11 and 12).

  • Be careful when we make a vow (promise) to anyone, family, neighbors, co-workers, whoever.
  • We need to stand by that promise and be men of integrity.  Follow through what you say you’re going to do.

PAX : Bambam, Boyant, Flipper, Gandolf, Hanger, Hershey, Pebbles, Spike, Tuck, Vinkelvoss

Welcome 2 FNGs now known as : Frizzle and Spoke

Closing Prayer

2019-04-13 - F3 VF Bootcamp.jpg

Number of FNGs: 2

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Burpees….in Westfield?

F3 VF celebrated opening day of America’s pastime with a somewhat baseball themed workout at Reeves Park.  10 Pax strong – I believe this marks a month straight of double digit Pax in attendance, well done — completed the co-led workout by Winklevoss and Boyant.  Activities included:

Warmup – SSH, Daisy Pickers, Peter Parkers, Wife Pleasers, a Winklevoss original…Winklevoss what are we going to call it?, wrapping with a few more SSH.

Thang 1 – Mosey to the RP baseball field and partner up…Pax 1 complete exercise until Pax 2 finishes move (beginning a pitcher’s mound) Pax 2 complete movement around the bases, switch it up

  • Burpees (x20) – due to Hershey’s calling of left and right field “East and Westfield”, which certainly wasn’t forgotten by the Pax
  • Pitcher’s Mound – Exercise: Burpees Move: Sprint
  • Catcher – Exercise: Chair Site Move: Lunge Walk
  • 1st Base – Exercise: Carolina Dry Docks Move: Bear Crawl
  • 2nd Base – Exercise: Squat Jumps Move: High Knees
  • Shortstop – Exercise: Merkins Move: Buttkickers
  • 3rd Base – Exercise: Crab Cakes Move: Bernie Sanders
  • Mosey to Eastfield aka Leftfield where cinder blocks were waiting
    • Left field- Exercise: OH press cinder blocks Move: Carioca (sp?) from left to right
    • Centerfield (we stayed in left) – Exercise: Kettle Bells Move: Crawl Bear left to right
    • Right field (we stayed in left) – Exercise: Curls Move: Sprint

6 MOM – Dead cockroaches, plank count, flutter kicks, LBCs, and a few others that I am struggling to recollect!


Blast off!

Running Vines Through Phoenixville

PAX of 3 for the 3 mile PreRuck around Phoenixville at 05:30

12 PAX for the beatdown:


Warm Up:
-Grass Grabbers x11 IC
-Parker Peters x15 IC
-Parker Peters x15 IC
-Imperial Walkers x20 IC

-Hop Vine Run (black snake run) from the AO to the Gay Street Bridge (~1 mile)
-“Bridge over the Nest” over the Gay Street Bridge (0.2 miles):
-PAX divided into pairs
-Partner 1 did 10 merkins, 10 squats, and 20 LBCs while Partner 2 started to bear crawl the bridge
-Partner 1 ran the length of the bridge and back to Partner 2
-Partners switched until the team made it across the bridge
-Run back to the base of the bridge while the PAX did planks and Al Gores waiting for the 6
-“Paula Abdul’s”: PAX ran forward 2 light posts, back 1 and did 10 merkins. Repeat till the PAX reached halfway across the bridge
-Hop Vine Run back to the AO (~1 mile)

-James Bonds IC
-Hello Dollies x15 IC
-Flutter Kicks x15 IC
-American Hammers x20 IC

-Read John 15: 1-17 about Christ being the “true vine” and reminded the PAX about bearing good fruit in our lives
-Prayers for BamBam’s father-in-law, Pebble’s children with the passing of their cat, and for Vinklevoss’ premature nieces recovery
-Welcome FNG Gandalf! Respect at 64!!

Bear Crawling the bridge 3-3.jpg Bear Crawling the bridge 1-2.jpg 3-23 VF 1-0.jpg Bear Crawling the bridge 2-1.jpg

Number of FNGs: 1

Seeing and Saluting RED

3 PAX for a Pre-ruck and 1 for a pre-walk, then a Blast Furnace record surfaced for a RED themed beatdown inspired by Hawgcycle of F3 New Orleans.  No one remembered their firearms for the 21 gun salute so we resorted to burpee salutes at each corner of Reeves Park.

Peter Parkers x 20 (IC)
Parker Peters x 10 (IC)
Crabjacks x 10 (IC)
Crabcakes 15 (IC)
Low Slow Squats x 20 (IC)
Windmills x 15 (IC)

The Thang
2 Groups slip at diagonal sides of the park and moving in opposite directions to complete a downward ladder of exercises OYO at each corner
Corner #1:
Burpees x 21
Floyd Mayweathers-Imperial Squat Walkers-Freddie Mercurys (where 2 = 1 for each) alternating from 20 to 3 repetitions
Burpees x 2 and x 1

Corner #2:
Burpees x 21
Merkins-Squats-Crunchy Frogs alternating from 20 to 3 repetitions
Burpees x 2 and x 1

Corner #3:
Burpees x 21
Peter Parkers-Bonnie Blairs-American Hammers (where 2 = 1 for each) alternating from 20 to 3 repetitions
Burpees x 2 and x 1

Corner #4:
Burpees x 21
Crossfit Merkins-Monkey Humpers (to attract the attention of traffic at the busiest corner)-Leg Raise & Lift alternating from 20 to 3 repetitions
Burpees x 2 and x 1

Mosey to the flag
Burpees x 10 (OYO) to each a nice round total of 106 burpees

Special Intentions – Side Effects will be praying for the group to continue to group and expand impact in the community
Pebbles father-in-law health after an episode this week


Coming to a court near you, ‘Basketball on Ice’


2 PAX for pre-ruck — pace was faster than normal without Hops present to slow us down.  Overnight snow and ice didn’t deter



9 PAX  from arriving bright, early, and full of energy for an ice bath of sorts.  Warmup on the Reeves Park (RP) stage introduced the group to a Circle Burp (burpees with cadence rotating around PAX) before moseying through the ice and snow to the park Flipper dubbed “Da Club” during a prior workout.  On the basketball court, we did about every suicide/exercise combination known to mankind…including bear craws, lunge walks, Bobby Hurleys, ascending squat jumps, ascending burpees, ascending merkins, and another new one… the Pacman chase.  We returned back to the stage at RP for 6MOM in the ice — exercises included flutters, snow angels, superman swims, to name a few.  COT at the flag – thoughts from Hershey around that fact one never really knows the impact that he/she is having on others and while during tough times, “Why did this happen FOR me” rather than “Why did this happen TO me”, keeping in mind others are learning from how you respond and the resilience you display.  Prayers and praise – Tuck 2.0 arrived on Wednesday, happy and healthy, Spike’s mom on the mend after a fall, and Flipper for a bounce back of health this week.



Number of FNGs: 1

Ice Ice Baby

4 PAX including a first-timer @ Valley Forge, Winklevoss, showed up for the pre-ruck which consisted of a 4 mile recon mission and a few sets of bleachers and stairs. 
The workout began at 630 sharp – with a warmup and mosey to the parking deck at Phoenixville Hospital for a little Ice Ice Baby pain fest.  The workout Q’d by SFx and Boyant was part move and part thang.
Move 1 – choosing your baby (cinder block) and holding her real tight.  We moved from the lowest level of the deck to the top level (which was full of black ice) and did every stairway we stumbled upon from top to bottom. 
Thang 1 – Jack Webbs (merkin / air press routine to 9 or 10 and Dr. W (8 step ab routine to 8 or 9).  Flat out brutal.
Move 2 – we walked our babies back down the deck and did ascending squat jumps at each light pole (210 total)
Mosey back to Reeves Park for mary, sudden change (burpees), and COT. 
COT messages –
  • Discussion of love and prioritization of one’s loving intent – thank you Flipper for the impromptu sharing
  • Royalty Race (see F3 lexicon)  – the challenge we all face in managing our King (physical training), Queen (diet / what we put in our body), and Jester (what get’s in the way when things get tough); if you want to learn more on King/Queen – CSPAN’s podcast on 2/8 had some good discussion, one item that stood out to me – Your king can’t trump your queen …

Brothers in Pain

Temperature : 35 degrees and dry

Conditions : After the 2-3” of snow we had earlier in the week, YHC was concerned that our workout area would still be covered, but the warmer temperatures the past few days really cleared the spot nicely. It was a little squishy, but most of the squish was still frozen.  Specifically after some complaints about last week’s situps being a bit rough on the backside (since we did them on a tennis court), YHC wanted to ensure that everyone had a nice soft (frozen) spot on the ground to cushion them.

Pre-Ruck : 4 PAX showed at 0530 for a nice walk around Phoenixville.

Bootcamp : 9 PAX posted for a “Partner” workout led by YHC (Spike).

DISCLAIMER , Mission, FROM (Free, Rotational, Outdoor, Men Only)

Warmup : (numbers varied slightly as YHC attempted to keep the PAX guessing, but the count was at least 10)

  1. 10x arm circles IC
  2. 10x circle arms IC
  3. 10x Abe Vigodas  IC
  4. 10x Side Straddle Hops IC
  5. 10x Imperial Walkers IC
  6. 10x Monkey Humpers IC
  7. 10x Mountain Climbers  IC
  8. 10x Heel raises IC

Mosey to ball diamond (approximately 0.3 miles)

The Thang : 

Count off : 1 and 2 (which seemed to confuse some, but YHC intended it to be a way to switch partners easier, but not all ideas pan out).

Those not carrying or dragging or leaping over their fellow PAX got to carry two 40 pound jugs of water (80 pounds total) from one cone to the other (around 20 yards for each travel below).   8 rounds of back and forth, exercising at each and and travelling with partner :

  1. 20x high five Merkins, then Travel : Partner Carry and another 20x high five Merkins before carrying partner back.  Then switch partners.
  2. 20x Partner V-ups (1 standing, 1 holding partner’s ankle’s), then Travel : Partner wheelbarrow (20 yards) and switch V-ups. Then switch partners.
  3. 20x bicep curls (with partner). Travel : Partner leapfrog.  Then switch partners.
  4. 20x Partner Derkins (elevated merkin, with legs on partner planking). Travel : Weekend at Bernies (One partner behind the other, dragging across the area). Then switch partners.
  5. 20x Big-Big Boy stand-up situps (with partner holding feet).  (YHC reminded the one holding to keep your head down).   Travel : Partner Carry.  Then switch partners.  (Some mumble-chatter about the difficulty level in attempting to complete the “stand-up” part).
  6. 20x Pattycake Merkins (facing each other.  On up movement, partners touch right hands in the middle. Repeat merkin and switch hands).  Travel : Weekend at Bernies. Then switch partners.
  7. 20x Power Merkin (put your feet on planking partner’s back and perform Merkins).  Travel : Partner Carry. Then switch partners.
  8. 10x Clerkin (Merkin with a clap), In Cadence.  Travel : Weekend at Bernies
  9. Tunnel of Love!

For those counting, thats around 170 Merkins.   Definitely some shaky arms near the end, and some mumble about how YHC was trying to make it difficult so he wouldn’t be asked to Q again.

Mosey back to Flag

6 Minutes of Mary :

  1. 20x Flutter kicks IC
  2. 20x Superman Swims IC
  3. 20x American Hammers IC
  4. 10x Boxcutters IC
  5. 10x Wife Pleasers IC

Count-o-rama : 9.   Name-o-rama.  Name FNGs : 0

Announcements : There is an upcoming ruck in Valley Forge in March.  More details will be sent out.

Circle of Trust (these were shared throughout workout to remind the PAX about the FELLOWSHIP portion of F3 ):

    • “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10).
    • “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17)
    • “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. (John 15:13)

Closing Prayer

2019-02-16 - F3 VF Bootcamp.jpg

It was too windy to play tennis, so we just did a ba-gillion exercises

After a cold workout last week, 8 PAX regrouped for a balmy day at the Blast Furnace.  Following a warmup in Reeves Park, the group moseyed to the park near Carson St.  Hoping for a little tennis, the conditions turned out to be too windy, so we opted for a ba-gillion exercises instead.  Dial Up on Q proving #Rifty is the new #Rorty.


  • Exercise: 100 SSH (IC) – Move: Sprint across 4 tennis courts
  • Exercise: 90 Flutter Kicks (IC) – Move: Backwards run (aka Bernie Sanders) across 4 tennis courts
  • Exercise: 80 Imperial Walkers (IC) – Move: Carioca acrous 4 tennis courts
  • Exercise: 70 Knee to elbow crunches (35 per side) (IC) – Move: Sprint
  • Exercise: 60 Supermans (IC) – Move: Backwards run
  • Exercise: 50 Transitions (up-down merkins) (OYO) – Move: Carioca
  • Exercise: 40 Big Boy Sit Ups (OYO) – Move: Sprint
  • Exercise: 30 Merkins – Move: Backwards run
  • Exercise: 20 Burpees – Move: Carioca
  • Exercise: 10 Bear Crawl Dips – Move: Sprint
  • Mosey to wall for 10 more walk out merkins
  • Mosey back to Reeves Park for COT

COT – Spike

  • Gratitude expressed for SF’x leadership and decision to plant F3 VF last Memorial Day weekend
  • Spike on being the man that brings people together and seeking to find positives in all relationships
  • SFx – send off 2/9 (tonight) @ Root Down Brewing in P-ville 6 PM


IMG_1127 (3).JPG

Hanging in the park…

8 PAX turned ice to water in the Blast Furnace on Saturday AM.  What started out cold had the group begging for ice by the end of the beat down.  Tandem Q by Hotwire (F3 Charleston) and Boyant consisted of the following fun activities:


1/2 mile warmup lap
High Knees (IC)
Arm Circles / Circle Arms (IC)
Toy Soldiers (IC)
Hip Slappers (IC)

Thang 1 “Valet Service”
Mosey to Veteran’s Parking Lot – partner up
200 per pair – Exercise: LBCs /Move: broad jump
150 per pair – mtn climbers / lunge walk
100 per pair – merkins / Bernie Sanders
50 per pair – burpees / bear crawl (punishment administered for Flipper’s smack talk)

Thang 2 “Showtime”
Mosey to Reeves Park stage
Collection of 10 count exercises including (but not limited to!)
– Rocky squats, Derkins, Hello Dollies, Rosalitas, dips, crunchy frogs, flutter kicks, toe taps, RB surf jacks, dancing crabs,
plank x3 (with multilingual counting), Peter Parkers, ….

Nam-o-rama, Circle of Trust


It felt like a warm 20 degrees…

3 PAX posted for a 3-ish mile ruck through downtown Phoenixville – brisk pace, crisp air, and beautiful start to the morning.  Given the cool temperatures…rounding up to 20 degrees would be generous…we hypothesized a small, but mighty showing for the beatdown…


…but we were wrong.  11 PAX strong including 1 FNG (welcome Abacas) dominated the Blast Furnace.  Good chatter around the feature article about Dial-Up in Schuykill Living Magazine and his attempt to meaningfully increase the average age of our PAX.  I (Boyant) on the Q with Hops sharing the story of Picasso (F3 Summerville, and close out from Spike.

Disclaimer w/ PAX count

Warmup – mosey to statue
High Knees (x20 IC)
Daisy Pickers (x15 IC)
Arm Circles (x10 IC)
Circle Arms (x10 IC)
SSH (x15 IC)

Thang 1 – Hot Stepping
Mosey to clock pole
Increasing ladder of lunge walks, merkins, squat jumps… starting at 1…
…ending at the “Speed Hump” sign which led to of course…
Monkey Humpers (x10 or 15 IC)

Thang 2 – Burpees would be more fun…
Mosey to Church St
Rd 1 – sprint to the top of the hill and back down
Rd 2 – Bernie Sanders to the top of the hill and run back down

Thang 3 – Spirited Circuit
Mosey to parking lot of Bluebird Distillery
Derkins (x10 IC)
Dips (x10 IC)
Carolina DD (x10 IC)
Burpees (x10 OYO)

Mosey back to the Flag for Mary
Flutter Kicks (x10 IC)
Leg Lifts (x10 IC)
Superman (x10 IC)
Plank (x21 IC)

Prayers & Praise – good news abound… Bam Bam (pain-free), Hershey (wife’s job), Hops (wife’s health), Dial-Up (brother’s surgery), SF’x (daughters ear surgery)
Prayer (Spike)

SantaBomb for the Furnace


PAX:  Buoyant, Flipper, Ma’ne, Spike, Easy Rider, Hersh, Side Effects, Dial Up, Hops, Wild Thing, FNG Barney, FNG Dan&Dan, Dunphy

Q:  Dunphy

Shortly after blowing into town on Friday night, YHC took up the Q at the now legendary Blast Furnace at F3 Valley Forge.  It was as promised.  Buoyant and Spike showed me the AO on a early run, 2 got some EC rucking in, and a record 13 PAX and 2 FNGs showed up for a SANTABOMB.

Here’s how it went:

Warm Up:  Lap around the park and finish on the stage  (PAX insisted on disclaimer before circle up, YHC acquiesces…must be some lawyers in this group).  SSH x50 IC, 5 Burpees OYO, Imperial Walkers x20 IC, 5 Burpees OYO, Willie Mays Hayes x10 IC, 5 Burpees OYO, Mountain Climbers x20 IC, 5 Burpees OYO

SANTABOMB:  Pair up, one man performs exercise, one travels, switch and repeat until you hit the cumulative total.

Squat Jumps 50, run to street and back.

Alternating Touch Merkins 50, run around monument and back.

Nut Touch Squats (Box Squats) 100, lunge walk around monument and back

Tour with blocks (interlude), each pair has 2 cinder block, one man travels with coupons along the sidewalk, other man performs 5 burpees (or 10 merkins alternating) and chases down traveler.  Switch and repeat until full 1/2 mile lap complete.

American Hammers 200 double count, bear crawl to monument and run back

Burpees 50, run around monument and back

Overhead claps 100 double count, crawl bear around seats to monument and run back.

Merkins 150 hand release, run to street and back.

Big Boy Situps, Everest (lunge, lunge, squat) around monument and back.

Run to SF.

Recover, recover.



TAP for Digits, her family and friends and FiA Lexington.

Great mumblechatter from this group.  Buoyant said it was the holiday spirit and on our Tour w/ Blocks lap, Side Effects tried to tell me it was a quiet crew, but you couldn’t tell this morning.  I thoroughly enjoyed Flipper’s running commentary.  FNG Barney (did I let that one through?) had some dry one liners too if you were listening.  After he forgives Ma’ne, he’ll be back for more.  FNG Dan&Dan did not seem to notice we were working out and smiled for the entire hour.  Watch out for that one fellas, I’ve seen that look before and it preceded weekly beatdown Qs.

Great to see F3 going strong close to home.

A pleasure and an honor to lead fellas.

Throw Back and Throw Up on PHS Football Field

2 PAX for a pre-ruck and 10 (ish) PAX showed for an infamous Boyant Beatdown in the Blast Furnace on 12/1/18.  The temperatures were quite cold but it took no time to feel quite warm.


Run to PHS High School Football Field (.8 miles)
Side Straddle Hops (IC)
Hillbillies (IC)
Daisy Pickers (IC)

The Thang – A ladder plus on the football field
20 yard Broad Jump out and back (OYO)
20 Burpees (OYO)
40 yard bear crawl out and back (OYO)
40 Hip Slappers (OYO)
60 yard lunge walk out and back (OYO)
60 Monkey Humpers (OYO)
80 yard backward run out and back (OYO)
80 merkins (OYO)
100 yard sprint out and back (OYO) – many comments here about Mr Feeny’s gazelle like gait
100 air presses

Run back to Reeves Park (.8 miles) where we found Dos Equis doing a solo workout, because as he knows, we start on time.

Mary – planned but did we execute?
Flutter kicks (IC)
Leg lifts (IC)


CSAUP followed at Side Effects, Swedish pancakes for all HIMs, Ms, and 2.0s.  7 PAX joined, including Matt Foley and his 2.0.  Nice to see him after a few months.

4 Corners of Pain in the Furnace

7 PAX on 11/24/2018 included :

Mr. Feeney gave us a great workout by using the 4 corners of Reeves Park for “The Thang,” which consisted of (at each corner) :
Lap 1 : 40 pushups, 30 pushups, 20 pushups, 10 pushups
Lap 2 : 40 squats, 30 squats, 20 squats, 10 squats
Lap 3 : 40 mountain climbers, 30 mountain climbers, 20, then 10

After that 1.5 mile excursion around Reeves Park (during which I was of course, at the ever-present “six position” for all 3 laps), we ended with two rounds of upper body work at the jungle gym equipment,  including 7 stations :
1. pull-ups
2. dips
3. sit-ups
4. suspended leg raises
5. raised merkins
6. hip slappers
7. one other exercise I forgot.

We ended with a good amount of core exercises.

Route 66 Bridge to a Zen Deck

3 PAX for a pre-ruck around Phoenixville and the main event with 7 PAX for a beatdown in the snow (well more accurately surrounded by snow as YHC steered clear of burpees and crossfit merkins in the snow/mud).

The Disclaimer

Mosey to the VFW
Abe Vigotas (IC) x 24
Sprinklers (IC) x 30
Peter Parkers (IC) x 25
Parker Peters (IC) x 16
Imperial Squat Walkers (IC) x 16

Mosey to the foot of Bridge Street
Route 66 – 1 squat and 2 lunges at each light post to 11 and 22

Mosey to the Kiwanis Kids Benches (by Zen Village)
Deck of Death – Clubs – Merkins, Diamonds – Dips, Hearts – Plank Jacks x2, Spades – Air Presses x 2, Joker – 75 yard sprint up the hill (dodging traffic, because if you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball, next time YHC will bring wrenches)

Mosey out to next light post
Route 66 back down Bridge with Hip Slappers (numerous comments about catching the attention of traffic by slapping our you know whats while people looked on)

Mosey back to the Flag
Al Gore for the 6 at the VFW
Plank for the 6 at the Flag
Crunchy Frogs (IC) x 20
Hello Dolly (IC) x 40
100’s (IC) x 30

Namerama – Welcome DeVito from F3Alpha

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Q

5 PAX gathered in the ever chiller Gloom waiting expectantly for a legendary Flipper beatdown.  At go :30 the PAX were taught what to do with no Q, mosey to warm-up.  2 PAX had enjoyed a pre-ruck to the Phoenixville High School Football Stadium where they rucked the stadium steps and a mile around the track.


Mosey to surround a light pole
Windmills x 25 (IC)
Imperial Squat Walker x 15 (IC)
Carolina Wine Mixer x 10 (IC)

Mosey to the Fitness Bars
Round 1- Rotations on:
Bar Kicks

Round 2 – Rotations on:
Side step-ups
Hip Slappers
Low Rows
Bar Kicks
During which we welcomed an apologetic Q who took quick leadership

Mosey to a random spot in the park
3 sets of: 10-12 reps on V situps and Curtsey Squats

Mosey several blocks to Pedi Park – Yes, pedi stands for what you think it does, Flipper gave the PAX a quick education on his childhood and it being his favorite park despite some unseemly things happening there.
Combo of Jump Squats, inch worm to merkins, inch worm up to air presses
Jump Squat reps increased by 2 to 20, merkins climbed from 1 to 10, air presses from 2 to 20

Mosey back to the safe confines of Reeves Park
6MOM which YHC missed but it was surely epic

Welcome FNG Sport, great to have you and glad that you recovered from this workout quickly

Blocked from the elements undercover

5 brave PAX entered the cool, wet gloom not knowing what to expect (3 especially brave PAX rucked for an hour in advance).  YHC made the conscious decision to keep them dry and protected under the Reeves Park bandstand.

Disclaimer while moseying (thanks Spike for keeping YHC straight)

Sprinklers (IC) x 30
Abe Vigodas (IC) x 20
Mountain Climbers (IC) x 40
Imperial Walkers (IC) x 20

The Thang
Pair up for sets of 100 reps with coupons (cinder blocks) while partner AMRAPs a core exercise
100 Man makers and 100 skull crushers while partner does 100’s
100 Goblet squats and 100 curls while partner holds Boat
100 Kettlebell swings and 100 push presses while partner holds Eagle (as in spread eagle or the out position of crunchy frog)
100 Side lunges and 100 bentover rows while partner holds Homer

Mosey to the Flag
Namarama – Welcome FNG Chowdah