Get up and go

Warm up 3 laps around the parking lot ( jogging the length and sprinting the width., ran to the end of the parking lot and Bear crawled to the flagpole. SS Hops,  Abe Vagotas,  grass pickers,  murkins,  mountain climbers, LBCs,  all in cadence. Arm circles forward and backwards OYO ten count... mosey to the runway … Continue reading Get up and go

What happened to spring?

Drive-by disclaimer, literally. 1 Corinthians 16:13 - PAX had it memorized by the end of the workout. Warm up:  IC x 16- imperial walkers, toy soldiers, side lunge, Abe Vigodas, grass pickers, SSH. The Thang: partner Dora with 2, 15 LB. dumbbells: cumulative reps to 80, flapjack at 20.  Exercise 1:  Curls and mountain climbers.  … Continue reading What happened to spring?

Spontaneous V Q

Warm up, mosey “2 laps around the parking lot,  Bear crawl about 30 yards to the flagpole. SS hops, Grass pickers, Abe Vagotas, 10 each in cadence, Arm Circles 10 forward and backwards, Murkins, Mountain climbers 10 each in cadence..... Mosey to the strip. The “ Thang” Partnered up, wheel barreled 25 yards, switched wheel … Continue reading Spontaneous V Q

Hard Core II

Damp but warm, disclaimer mentioned. One lap mosey around church. During mosey, side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, skipping, karaoke, and mumble chatter. Warm up: OYO -neck rolls, trunk rolls, shoulder shrugs, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch.  IC - Abe Vigodas, imperial walkers, toy soldiers, side lunge, grass pickers, SSH, Merkins, Mayweathers, shoulder taps, … Continue reading Hard Core II

Lessons from Wine Tasting

There were no fools at this April 1 workout.  Although, X-man did share some exceptional pranks he and his ex-wife played on each other. Warm up: neck rolls, trunk rolls, arm circles, shoulder shrugs, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch.  IC - imperial walkers, toy soldiers, side lunge, SSH, grass pickers, abe Vigodas, and hamstring … Continue reading Lessons from Wine Tasting

Pulpit Rock

Saturday, 30-Mar-2019 In conjunction with The Grill's one-year anniversary, we planned to launch the first OCR training in preparation for a Spartan race.  Originally, Sensei was going to Q this event and planned to have us carry sandbags up the road to Pulpit Rock.  Unfortunately, he had suffered an injury, so we didn't follow through … Continue reading Pulpit Rock

Bear crawl through the swamp

The pax huddled around the shovel flag lamenting the unrelinquishing grip of winter. Warmorama: Mosey, side straddle hops, a circles, merkins, squats and calf raises. Mosey The Thang: Bear crawl repeats which include a set of an exercise, 50-yard bear crawl, jog back and repeat three times. Inperial squats, sprint-jog-sprint, bobby hurleys, donkey kicks, shoulder taps, … Continue reading Bear crawl through the swamp

Boo Boo’s LOF workout

Disclaimer and LOF conditions briefly explained and accepted. Theme - What makes a man? Warm up: IC - imperial walkers, Frankenstein, reverse Frankenstein, side lunge, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, SSH. OYO - neck rolls, trunk rolls, leg swings, quad stretch, calf stretch. The Thang 0.0: Obvious response to the theme question is man-makers.  So PAX … Continue reading Boo Boo’s LOF workout

8 Reasons To Go To Workout and Wellness Expo

It was a blustery Spring day in March!  (23rd to be exact).  The sun was shining and the excitement was booming inside Macungie Memorial Hall with lots of workout and wellness opportunities to learn and experience at the Workout and Wellness Expo. You probably would not be surprised to know it's about a 9:1 ratio … Continue reading 8 Reasons To Go To Workout and Wellness Expo

Head, shoulders, knees and toes 3/19/19

Tuesday 3/19/19 The Swamp We started with dealers choice stretches... warm up with a mosey The thang... 4 rounds of dealers choice... head shoulders knees and toes.  We started off with upper body and worked our way down with each round with a Mosey in between. Finished with count o Rama,  name o Rama prayers … Continue reading Head, shoulders, knees and toes 3/19/19

Looking for hope at Lone lane

We started with warmup, neckrolls,arm rolls,abe vigodas,grass pickers,side straddle hops,Peter Parker's,trunk rolls,leg stretches.We  moved onto the Thang.We used scripture readings of God's promises to reinforce our hope through a long winter and tilting at the same windmills,challenges.Gods word is absolute,our hope is unbreakable.We used chapter and verse to guide us in selection of exercises including … Continue reading Looking for hope at Lone lane

Solid Men

25• sunny slight breeze half moon. Just another amazing morning in the Gloom. Nine Solid pillars of our community came out to make the most of our morning! Warm up: Short Mosey, Neck rolls,arm circles, grass pickers, monkey humpers, quad and hammy stretch’s. Mosey to the flag, side straddle hops, merkins, Peter Parker’s, mountain climbers, … Continue reading Solid Men

The Rope

Disclaimer accepted by all. (I am still thinking about Beaker's challenge for a rhyming version.) Warm-up: OYO - neck rolls, trunk rolls, arm swings, huggy bears, leg swing, and quad stretch.  IC - SSH, Abe Vigodas, Grass pickers, side lunge, Merkins, Mayweathers, Peter Parkers, and calf stretch. Runners - six hill sprints, 20 dips, 10 … Continue reading The Rope

Dora and 0.0

Dec. 31, adjusted start time 6:30 Disclaimer accepted by all. WARM-UP: OYO -neck rolls, trunk rolls, Casey Kasem, leg swings, quad stretch.  IC - side lunge, imperial walkers, SSH, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, Morroccan sun gods, Merkins, Mayweathers, shoulder taps, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers, and calf stretch. Runners - 10 hill sprints, 20 dips, 10 … Continue reading Dora and 0.0

Twas the Tuesday Before Christmas

Verse of the day: Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength,  an ever present help in trouble. Round of: pick-your-favorite-stretch Recite verse Short Mosey Recite verse Warm-up: (20)Side Strattle hop's (20)Imperial walkers (20)plank Jacks (20)shoulder taps (20)squats Recite verse The Thang: 50ft side hops left, 50ft side hops right, 50ft bear crawl, 50ft backwards … Continue reading Twas the Tuesday Before Christmas