Tabata for Breakfast

We were privileged to have Uptown Girl bring his Tabala and Coupon to Q the workout this morning, especially since a few of us did not have a clue what that was. Be that as it may, we hit it up at 5:30 sharp, no longer in the gloom at that hour. 63 degrees and clear, an awesome way to start the weekend.

Warmorama – (IC) SSH, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Workers, Spidermans, Monkey Humpers, Prom Dates, Quick Mosey

The Thang – Tabala & Coupons
ICYDK, a Tabala is a set of [insert your favorite exercise] for 20 seconds/rest for 10 seconds x 10 reps, and we did 4 different sets. UTG brought various coupons including a bucket of rocks and loaded dumb bells which were used for 2 of them. Also did bear crawls and crabwalks. It’s highly recommended and deceptively demanding.

Flutter Kicks, WWIs, LBCs, Head-Touch Merkins, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers, Alligator Merkins (not strictly an ab exercise but it includes them)

Finish with Prayer

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