Sunrise Finish

You know we’re getting closer to summer when we start in the gloom and finish at sunrise. A short-lived 55 degrees this morning, with clear skies in the gloom. Men at the ready, disclaimer agreed upon, we jumped on it at 5:33. Desktop made a drive-by appearance at about 5:40. Conditions: 55 degrees and clear, little wind

Warmorama – (OYO) Casey Kasums, Modified Neck Roll, Trunk Roll, Toe Touch, (IC) Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps, Peter Parkers, Mosey around the church

The Thang – Progressive Shuttle – longways across the south parking lot, shortened with each rep. PAX did a different exercise at each end, then immediately mosey’d to the far side. Burpees, Freddie Mercuries, Merkens, Squats, Abe Vigodas.

Wall Work – BTTW/Peoples Chair

Abs Over Easy – Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Dying Cockroaches, Reverse Crunches, Half Supermans

Block Party – (OYO) Block Merkens, Clean and Jerk w/blocks

Mary – Sciatica Stretch front and sides, Knee to chest lower back stretch



Prayer for those in need.