Arm circles, neck stretch, Huggie bears, touch your toes, run in place,

Warm Up

Skip to my Lou across the parking lot, Abe Vigodas, Monkey Humpers, Side straddle hops.

The Thang

Mosey to pavillion. Alternating leg raises in pull up position, Mosey to swings in playground. Derkins with legs raised in swingseat, plank jacks, squats

  • jog around the circle back to swings in playground. Watch out for the big, fat stump. It’s dark out here!

With legs raised on swingseat tuck into pike position. lunges, pull ups at monkey bars (paired up to help your partner do more pull ups)

  • Jog around the circle again back to playground. Kept running into big stump by the playground.

Grabbed swingseat and leaned forward with arms raised then tucked the swingseat to abdomen for a core workout. Lunges

  • Jog around circle. Hello again stump.

Shoulder taps with legs rested on swingseat. We only did 6- these were really tough. Step ups at pavillion.

  • Jog around circle to pavillion.

Six minutes of Mary.

Announcement, prayer requests. Counterama, Name-arama. COT

If you’re reading this, take a picture at the end of the workout to post on the website.

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