Snowed in workout

The matutinal Tuesday workout at The Swamp was canceled due to a storm that dumped over a foot of snow on the region. With the PAX off from work but snowed in, there was still a desire for some f3 camaraderie and exercise. The Swamp site Q, Neon, improvised with a virtual workout via Slack. Around 8 am the disclosure was given and the PAX were assigned to complete three specific tasks on their own by the end the day (in no particular order):

The Thang:
– Do 200 pushups
– Shovel snow
– Spend quality family time

By 8 pm the objectives were completed, an announcement was given and a closing prayer was sent out (COT).

It was not the standard F3 workout, but given the circumstances, the virtual workout offered camaraderie, physical and purposeful activity that encourages the leadership fundamentals that F3 espouses.